Gamers Paradise OMEN Unboxing + 30L Gaming PC Setup

31. juli. 2020
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Unboxing all of the new OMEN Gaming gear including the 30L Gaming PC!
▶OMEN 30l Gaming PC (store.hp):
27i Monitor (Best Buy):
27i Monitor (store.hp):
Outpost Mousepad (Best Buy):
Outpost Mousepad (store.hp):
Mindframe Headset (Best Buy):
Mindframe Headset (store.hp):
Transceptor Headset Case (store.hp):
Photon Mouse (Best Buy):
Photon Mouse (store.hp):
Sequencer Keyboard (Best Buy):
Sequencer Keyboard (store.hp):
0:24 Mouse
1:18 Mousepad
2:04 Keyboard
3:07 Headset
4:20 Monitor
5:49 PC
9:44 Gameplay
This video is sponsored by OMEN

  • 0:24 Mice 1:18 Mousepad 2:04 Keyboard 3:07 Headset 4:20 Monitor 5:49 PC 9:44 Gaming Benchmark

    iChewieiChewie3 måneder siden
    • ChillyFilly Gaming why so salty man?

      Not your mom.Not your mom.3 måneder siden
    • Tap on a clip to paste it in the text box.

      Shahwar KHANShahwar KHAN3 måneder siden
    • THX

      Leon PinchinLeon Pinchin3 måneder siden
    • The hero we needed, but not the one we deserved

      SushiSheepSushiSheep3 måneder siden
    • Thx

      Vibe FNVibe FN3 måneder siden
  • I want this setup so much.

    DOOBZDOOBZ2 timer siden
  • does the XXL Size SPACEBAR hinder gaming?

    Alok PawadiAlok PawadiDag siden
  • anyone knowing the price of the pc?

    deniz munzur polatdeniz munzur polat21 dag siden
  • Their logo looks like an upscaled version of the old Sony logo

    BasicRock123BasicRock123Måned siden
  • thats the pc i got well not really but its the same

    Hydra SquadHydra SquadMåned siden
  • Dude I wish

    Frankie HernandezFrankie HernandezMåned siden
  • I got the 30l just that mine does not have rgb in fan it has it in the whole motherboard and it lights the whole inside I got the amd Ryzen 5 with 8gb of ram

    RyZe FC.RyZe FC.Måned siden
  • I have the same Setup, except of the Mouse.

    Jasoart 755Jasoart 755Måned siden
  • Ngl the computer looks 🔥🔥🔥

    Alien Captive 147Alien Captive 147Måned siden
  • That’s the first time I saw a person Took the monitor out from the box like that xD

    K1NG Z0NEK1NG Z0NEMåned siden
  • I want to get a wrist rest for it Pls tell which wrist rest to buy with this keyboard.

    Yuvraj MadaanYuvraj MadaanMåned siden
  • do you think i can add a corsair ICUE H100i instead of just a H60 ? or it just too small?

    dat boidat boi2 måneder siden
  • and also am a indian

    Mohamad Zidane shariffMohamad Zidane shariff2 måneder siden
  • i cant buy the pc moniter mouse mouse pad and the keybourd because i am liveing in saudi arabia can somebody help me

    Mohamad Zidane shariffMohamad Zidane shariff2 måneder siden
  • Oh my god your a PRO

    DevlogerioDevlogerio2 måneder siden
  • Now enough talikng, Let's OMEN THIS UP

    nightblood60nightblood602 måneder siden
  • This is the worst high end build I have seen love the vids but like wow 8gbs of ram with a 3900 and a 2080 super

    DarkDark2 måneder siden
    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I have this computer, it’s 👌👌👌👌

      Fluffy Dog StudiosFluffy Dog StudiosMåned siden
  • Mine has 16gb

    Trunx 永遠Trunx 永遠2 måneder siden
  • I want it now lol

    Unbareable PlayzUnbareable Playz2 måneder siden
  • The worst thing is the pc tf ram.slot?

    Umer BestUmer Best2 måneder siden
  • Wow headset is really good price mine is 100 wow ima get it once my headset stops working

    ConsoleBreezyConsoleBreezy2 måneder siden
  • Lol that monitor is the size of my tv

    Kip HowlandKip Howland2 måneder siden
  • Is available shipping in the Philippines for HP PC Case please?how much the shipping fee to the Philippines if there shipping fee please?sorry.please understand.thank you🙂

    nivek tek26nivek tek262 måneder siden
  • انا عراقي اسمي محمد وانا معجب بقناتك المذهلة

    حمودي التركيحمودي التركي2 måneder siden
  • People are so self centered, this guy is talking about streaming and shit. Dude 99.9% of people do not stream, yeah you and your NOworld buddies do but people who expected a review do not. We just trying to get a good PC that can play games. Also the comment about a single fan, HP actually does air flow tests, real tests. They are on the hook for the warranty and they can put an extra fan for like $1. The reason they did not include it is because based on tests they concluded it is not needed.

    Larry LitmanenLarry Litmanen2 måneder siden
  • U forgot to say awww man

    QuakewrQuakewr2 måneder siden
  • so how good are you at talking trash when it comes to the point on an SND match

    ISleepISleep2 måneder siden
  • Boycott HP, they support a whole apartheid(Israel) that kills innocent people by spying on them.

    Vedad HodzicVedad Hodzic2 måneder siden
  • Wow ur lucky... Im a laptop user Im trying to save up for a budget pc😔 Love the vid tho!!!

    ZepxyIeZepxyIe2 måneder siden
  • Bruh if you would add additional 8gb of ram into that system it would boost the performance for like 30fps more, like 8gb for 2080 and a 3900x like bruh 😂

    Rozè :DRozè :D2 måneder siden
    • Gb

      Fluffy Dog StudiosFluffy Dog StudiosMåned siden
    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I bought this and got the 64 go of ram model (of course

      Fluffy Dog StudiosFluffy Dog StudiosMåned siden
  • Bro can you make a pc built under 50,000 ind rupees please bro

    Rahul P.SRahul P.S2 måneder siden
  • 00:00 DAYUMMM!!

    Khubaib FarhanKhubaib Farhan2 måneder siden
  • every time i watch ed i just imagine his high checking account balance

    GenosGenos2 måneder siden
  • You're lucky they give you all this for free 😗😗😗

    GOD AMVGOD AMV2 måneder siden
  • Wish i had all of that

    Pita_1oyPita_1oy2 måneder siden
  • We are disappointed in you ed, 8 gb of ram 🤕🤦‍♂️

    exoexo2 måneder siden
  • The material looks cheap

    Kane YangKane Yang2 måneder siden
  • You should have played some fortnite at the end

    BoomseyBoomsey2 måneder siden
  • youre the only person i know that shows gameplay on the computer, linus tech tips make a forty minute video and doesnt even show gameplay on it

    MarleyMcGeeMarleyMcGee3 måneder siden
  • also the cable management

    Mr. 2018 January MemeMr. 2018 January Meme3 måneder siden
  • 8gb lmfaooooo

    NeoGTNeoGT3 måneder siden
  • You know how many keyboards he’s opened he’s says “It has that new keyboard smell.”

    ItzYaBoiAdit - Art & GamesItzYaBoiAdit - Art & Games3 måneder siden
  • How do you bring up the screen that shows cpu temp and fps?

    Peter LioudisPeter Lioudis3 måneder siden
  • Ed looks soo excited like a little kid getting his Christmas present

    Freak GamerFreak Gamer3 måneder siden
  • He looked soo happy unboxing the pc 😂

    Arroyale 345Arroyale 3453 måneder siden
  • Im getting 65-75c while gaming and 50-60c at idle with ryzen 7 3700x, is that normal?

    Jethro RodriguezJethro Rodriguez3 måneder siden
  • Another faker spotted 💵💵💵

    Bad LandsBad Lands3 måneder siden
  • I was seeing the omen 30l and I found out that the amd version has 2 ram slots and the max is 32gb and the intel version has 4 ram slots and 64gb max

    RavePlayzRavePlayz3 måneder siden
  • Sorry Ed but the PC is just straight up trash for 1399$ and 16gb ram version is for 1639$ lmao. Only good thing in that PC is Ryzen 3900 and RTX 2080. Also look at that cheap ass motherboard, i doubt if you can overclock on that mobo if you decide to replace the CPU down the line. The temps are horrible as well. They should sell that PC case instead of whole PC, that case looks pretty good.

    Abhishek SatheAbhishek Sathe3 måneder siden
  • i am finaly getting a mechanical kkeryboard it is the omen keyboard 1100

    VertexVertex3 måneder siden
  • is it possible to add anymore fans...? i have this but with a 2080TI and my cpu is water cooled so a fan is at the top already

    Jay PennJay Penn3 måneder siden
  • I'm getting that pc tomorrow

    Floofy FilipinoFloofy Filipino3 måneder siden
  • hes acting like the people from mobile ads when they win

    xx123gamerxxxx123gamerxx3 måneder siden
  • Hey how can u take off the glass on it bc I wanna clean mine it’s the same pc

    Drazer FamDrazer Fam3 måneder siden
    • On the back there is a button called internal access

      RavePlayzRavePlayz3 måneder siden
  • i got the 2060 3700 version with 16 gb of ram for 1150

    vincent dvincent d3 måneder siden
  • This is sooo fake and the products look so bad and they look so gamery

    Ali AhmedAli Ahmed3 måneder siden
  • Be carefull Hp is updating Bios which isknown to corrupt MB and needs to RESET . Error mesages = Bios corrupt missing files. Recovery Bios has to be performed. And some times fails

    jorgew1123 . Wongjorgew1123 . Wong3 måneder siden
  • So is it worth buyin wit 16gb ram?

    cubanocubano3 måneder siden
  • selling a mech rx 5700 8gb for cheap if anyone is looking for one leave your email. Wanting $250. Also selling some other parts. Cheers

    Michael JonesMichael Jones3 måneder siden
  • I have the keyboard the old mouse the headphones and I used to have the old omen but Best Buy broke it and I made the replace it but they only had the omen 30L

    julian destroyerjulian destroyer3 måneder siden
  • Can you make a review on the LG UltraGear 24GL600F-B it's a 144HZ 1MS mointor for $180.

    1000 Subscribers Without Any Videos?1000 Subscribers Without Any Videos?3 måneder siden
  • 6:05 lol

  • Hey I'm a huge fan and your vids are so Interesting to watch and I wish I had a gaming pc but I can't. And I play on controller. But I'm better on pc 😞 Keep up the good work

    FaZe_MorgzFaZe_Morgz3 måneder siden
  • Where is the carrying case for the monitor and pc. Im dissapointed.

    Prahalad RPrahalad R3 måneder siden
  • is it just me or he looks like a child when we unboxes all of them. hes so happy like me =)

    GeroMZGeroMZ3 måneder siden
  • 8gb of ram with a 2080

    ScafellFNScafellFN3 måneder siden
  • They would make a lot of money off this if it was a bundle

    PainzoPainzo3 måneder siden
  • Man I wish I had the Money for all that man 🥺 this is rlly dope grind don’t stop tho can let wait till I get old enough for a job

    PainzoPainzo3 måneder siden
    • thom nomnom I’m not buy that I ain’t got a money for a good pc the best I can buy is 700

      PainzoPainzo2 måneder siden
    • pls don’t get that pc the only good part about it is the cpu and gpu combo

      thom nomnomthom nomnom2 måneder siden
  • Plz answer i got this pc a week ago and i have another monitor and dont know how you hook it up cause the hdmi port is more wide than the other

    TrexyTrexy3 måneder siden
  • I have one question why 8gb of ram because there is a lot of games that need 16gb support and this is a high hand pc too

    Garrett DavisGarrett Davis3 måneder siden
  • im so confused by the pc they sent you. the specs inside literally make no sense with one another. 2080 super with 8gb ram? and they offer a brand new resdesigned liquid cooler for the cpu on these computers too, idk why they wouldn't wanna show that off. really poor marketing on their part, i have the 30l that comes with 32gb and the 2080 ti. they should have sent something like this over instead. really poor choices all round by hp here.

    Lauren HarveyLauren Harvey3 måneder siden
  • What do you do with the setup

    JacobJacob3 måneder siden
  • Please anyone reply me what game is he playing

    shashank reddyshashank reddy3 måneder siden
  • Damn that’s like the price of my everything in my room combined

    ExplodeTheAvocadoExplodeTheAvocado3 måneder siden
  • 5:50 Lmao that is one happy boy 😂👍

    JoaKingJoaKing3 måneder siden
  • nice dude.. wish i could have one...

    Tweaks PHTweaks PH3 måneder siden
  • Hahahahaha a Ryzen 9, 2080, and 8 GB of ram 😂😂😂

    armaan sinhaarmaan sinha3 måneder siden
  • look at the cpu temp when playing, 85 degrees lol

    woodsfnwoodsfn3 måneder siden
  • Omg is incredible is beauty

    What SupWhat Sup3 måneder siden
  • I have a hp omen with a ryzen 7 3700x and a rtx 2060 and I am so grateful for it

    RISKIRISKI3 måneder siden
  • Rtx2080s with 8G of ram?!! Bruh

    Alpha ZanoAlpha Zano3 måneder siden
  • Pre built suck yet your treating that prebuilt like a custom built. You know when u r trying to secure a sponsorship.

    Thor GamingThor Gaming3 måneder siden
  • hot, all of it

    Cyclonicc YTCyclonicc YT3 måneder siden
  • Why isn’t it aio cooled it would make the thermals so much better and why is the 8gb single channel ram wth

    RohannRohann3 måneder siden
  • who else wants part two of his setup build

  • It’s like a 8 year old opening a BIG ASS present on Christmas 👌🤣🤣

    Jason ReyesJason Reyes3 måneder siden
  • what thing hides the pc cables please reply

    ViD FriendViD Friend3 måneder siden
  • So now everyone switching to amd

    cubanocubano3 måneder siden
  • Tech reviewers shouldn't be sellouts...

    LuikauttajaLuikauttaja3 måneder siden
  • I need a new gaming setup so bad I only have a regular 60hrz tv and my ps4 slim connected to it and no cable management and no pc

    Stephanie KoszaStephanie Kosza3 måneder siden
  • How much is the monitor

    sizzorzsizzorz3 måneder siden
  • i am saving up to buy the hp omen 30L i am 400 dollars away

    Shadow BeatsShadow Beats3 måneder siden
  • Watching your videos makes me more anxious of having a pc. I dreamt of having a gaming pc since like 5 yrs ago but still doesnt have one

    Amir AwaninAmir Awanin3 måneder siden
    • But still watching your videos makes me anxious and always dream of my ideal gaming pc and setup. It always makes me strive more in learning so I can buy one.

      Amir AwaninAmir Awanin3 måneder siden
  • Omen is one of the best brands available. Coming from a low mid class family it would be a dream come true if I had this set up. OMEN keep up the hype around ur products u guys are great

    Ayush MahajanAyush Mahajan3 måneder siden
  • i feel like some of their designs are something you could find on amazon for $10

    Drew SucksDrew Sucks3 måneder siden
    • Drew Sucks ok fortnite kid

      Alien Captive 147Alien Captive 147Måned siden
  • 8gb of ram 😐

    AdrielFoxAdrielFox3 måneder siden
  • Can I have this once you're done with it? hahahahaha

    Ivan GatmaitanIvan Gatmaitan3 måneder siden
  • overpriced set up

    DAACX3 PSYCHO!!DAACX3 PSYCHO!!3 måneder siden
  • my pc is a omen

    AmanYourGodAmanYourGod3 måneder siden