FULL MATCH - 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble Match: Royal Rumble 2020

31. jan.. 2021
24 189 589 Ganger

Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre, Edge and more throw down in one of the most stacked Royal Rumble Matches of all time: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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  • Aún me sigo emocionando por Keith lee vs Brock Lesnar y me enojo a la vez 😅

    Gaelocampo 00Gaelocampo 002 timer siden
  • الله اكبر

    حيدر كمينكحيدر كمينك3 timer siden
  • You came for 38:51 !!!!!!!!!!

  • 58:17 Roman psyching Seth Rollins, that’s tuff 🤣😭

    KoolAsianNinjaKoolAsianNinja4 timer siden
  • 38:54

    Timothy BrewerTimothy Brewer5 timer siden
  • 🏃‍♀️👯‍♂️🏃‍♀️👧😤😴😴😴😡😵🤥🤡🤠😰😰🤬🤒🤕🤢🤮🤧🤮🤡🤠🤥🤫🤭🤭😡👿👹💀😸😸😸☠️☠️👻👹👹😻😽😾🙈🙉👦👩‍⚕️

    vilma osoriovilma osorio5 timer siden
  • 47:34 me on my way back to class from the office

    AstroWorld CeddAstroWorld Cedd6 timer siden
  • I love catch

    Hawk ÉgoHawk Égo6 timer siden
  • I only realized now that most of the old wwe wrestlers now are getting old.

  • Brock Lesnar is a true monster !!

    R ValiyaR Valiya9 timer siden
  • brock leasner the best !!

    R ValiyaR Valiya9 timer siden
  • اكو عرب بل طيرا

    سليمان ابو محمدسليمان ابو محمد10 timer siden

    Harry DuttonHarry Dutton10 timer siden
    • @smoshpit

      Harry DuttonHarry Dutton10 timer siden
  • 2K games royal rumble on easy be like

    Johan ChavezJohan Chavez11 timer siden
  • DREW MCINTYRE❤👊☝🙏❤✌❤❤

    Matheus WilliamMatheus William11 timer siden
  • I'm face birthday 🎉 from junior

    Ricardo LealRicardo Leal11 timer siden
  • Roman Enigns is the Best😍😍

    Sakib KhanSakib Khan11 timer siden
  • Brock is a flipping beast

    Michael BohannonMichael Bohannon13 timer siden
  • Veri good stowman

    Salvatore RioloSalvatore Riolo14 timer siden
  • Amazing stow man

    Salvatore RioloSalvatore Riolo14 timer siden
  • My. /. //. Un gb

    Hassan RazaHassan Raza14 timer siden
  • My. /. //. Un gb

    Hassan RazaHassan Raza14 timer siden
  • dang rollings really need help

    caid2080 caid2080caid2080 caid208014 timer siden
  • Brock is like a Mary Sue he makes the match no fun anymore because we all know he would win or take out so much men it's just not fun and it makes him even more cocky

    Julius UzumakiJulius Uzumaki15 timer siden
  • wow

    Gharaniya milanGharaniya milan15 timer siden
  • The winner is drew

  • Brock Lesnar is my favorite

    Troy PeaseTroy Pease16 timer siden
  • 😎 😎

    Jack KillickJack Killick16 timer siden
  • Brock Lesnar pretty much dominated the first half of the royal rumble

    LoloPannotLoloPannot17 timer siden
  • 1º Brock Lesnar 2º Elias Brock Lesnar eliminated Elias 3º erick rowan Brock Lesnar eliminated erick rowan 4º Robert rodde Brock Lesnar eliminated bobby rodde 5º John morrison Brock Lesnar eliminated John morrison 6º Kofi Kingston 7º rey misterio 8º Big E Brock Lesnar eliminated rey misterio Brock Lesnar eliminated Big E Brock Lesnar eliminated Kofi Kingston 9º Cesaró Brock Lesnar eliminated cesaro 10º Shelton Benjamín Brock Lesnar eliminated Shelton Benjamin 11º shinshuke Nakamura 12º MVP Brock Lesnar eliminated MVP 13º Keith lee 14º braun strowan Brock Lesnar eliminated braun strowan and Keith lee 15º ricochet 16º Drew mcintyre Drew mcintyre eliminated Brock Lesnar Drew mcintyre eliminated ricochet 17º The miz Drew mcintyre eliminated The miz 18º AJ styles 19º dolph ziggler 20º Karl Anderson 21º Edge (OOOOMMMMGGGGGG) 22º King corbin Edge eliminated AJ styles 23º Matt Riddle King Corbin eliminated matt riddle 24º Luke Gallows Drew mcintyre eliminated King corbin 25º randy orton Edge eliminated Luke gallows Randy orton eliminated Karl Anderson 26º Román Reings Román Reings eliminated dolph ziggler 27º Kevin owens 28º aleister black 29º Samoa Joe 30º Seth rollings Seth rollings eliminated aleister black Akam and rezar eliminated Kevin owens DDP eliminated Samoa joe Drew mcintyre eliminated Seth rollings Edge eliminated randy orton 3 superstars Román Reings eliminated Edge Drew mcintyre elimianted Román Reings Drew mcintyre winner

    Marisol MarisolMarisol Marisol17 timer siden
  • Lesnar dancing makes me happy

    HeyItsNickHeyItsNick17 timer siden
  • براك لايستططيع التغلب علىدرومنكتاير

    Omar BanhamadOmar Banhamad17 timer siden
  • oscar goes to...

    james howlettjames howlett20 timer siden
  • 38:54 We do know you edge

    Bruv LegionBruv Legion21 time siden
  • #.

    Emir AyEmir Ay21 time siden
  • did anyone notice, after eliminating him, mcantire was coping everything brock lesner does. the german and regular suplex, holding their chest with both hands and throwing them to the corner, winning.

    Mani DhingraMani Dhingra21 time siden
  • Apakah di WWE ini semuanya hanyalah setinggan semat4?

    Panglima PolumPanglima Polum21 time siden
  • WWE

    A L 5 A L YTA L 5 A L YT22 timer siden
  • oh, a new thing Keith lee have a beard! :O xd

    FN_Mati_ FortniteFN_Mati_ Fortnite22 timer siden
  • The best royal rumble ever ❤️🔥

    Abanob RemonAbanob Remon23 timer siden
  • Lesnar still the Beast, has had that billing his whole career. Second coming of the Undertaker in terms of just heavyweight intimidation. Not near as charismatic, but definitely that level of threatening.

    Kyle CurtisKyle CurtisDag siden
  • It's too cool

    Mabelle PredovicMabelle PredovicDag siden
  • brock got claymored :(

    Salamat Murad PendalidaySalamat Murad PendalidayDag siden
  • 23:39 Lesnar's Pog

    Mar kusMar kusDag siden
  • Fake sport

    Bukit BarisanBukit BarisanDag siden
  • About dam time drew 🤘

    Richard F. Doss IIRichard F. Doss IIDag siden
  • best and amazing

    zimzamzimzamDag siden
  • Pakalan Teryy

    Yuliana CornejoYuliana CornejoDag siden
  • Soy el unico mexicano

    Yuliana CornejoYuliana CornejoDag siden
  • .

    Andrea GutiérrezAndrea GutiérrezDag siden
  • This is one of the best royal rumbles ever.

    ITMeCEITMeCEDag siden
  • Is it wrong to say I miss Lesnar? He added such entertainment to the shows.

    ITMeCEITMeCEDag siden
  • brock lesnar very overated rey Mysterio real legend

    Levi AckermanLevi AckermanDag siden
  • go to 0:45 and you can see that 2 people from smosh are watching wwe in the top right corner

    Weifeng XuWeifeng XuDag siden
    • I did not see that 😳 thanks for that tho 😀

  • The top Royal Rumble match in recent years!

    Pavi MarisPavi MarisDag siden
  • Super claymore by drew mcIntyre to lesnar perfect

    Hady BaskoroHady BaskoroDag siden
  • Why does lesnar’s F5 look like it doesn’t really hurt like I get it it’s mostly theatrics but it’s not like that looks badge

    Matt LipnickMatt LipnickDag siden
  • We miss punk and the legend jhon cena

    Mister FootMister FootDag siden
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    耿沐阳耿沐阳Dag siden
  • 59:07 you definitely feel a commercial coming haha. I know there are none but that lead up though..

    Rick JamesRick JamesDag siden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    ٩٠٠ مالك٩٠٠ مالكDag siden
  • start from your 3 point stance for more strength.

    Ethan ReynoldsEthan ReynoldsDag siden
  • Jesus loves all people no matter what. He will love all people forever. 2021 years ago he was risen from the grave.

    Ethan ReynoldsEthan ReynoldsDag siden
  • maybe Big Show will win

    Ethan ReynoldsEthan ReynoldsDag siden
  • who will win ?

    Ethan ReynoldsEthan ReynoldsDag siden
  • Jesus christ is the messiah and the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except by him

    road cardsroad cardsDag siden
  • Corey graves prediction was answer

    Shadowavenger567Shadowavenger567Dag siden
  • Here is the winner Drew Mcintyre ★★★

  • I wonder how many galons Lesnar sweated this match.

    LoknazLoknazDag siden
  • Edge vs. Roman Reigns is so Legendary... King of the Spear... even though it'll always be Edge

    Benji JaquezBenji JaquezDag siden
  • Broo lete

    Samuel Ventura HerediaSamuel Ventura HerediaDag siden
  • Edge is back

    Emil ƏhmədovEmil ƏhmədovDag siden
  • Drew Mcintyre is the perfect man to broke steve austins record

    • @ShleepyHeadd I think its the royal rumble record, Steve Austin has 3 wins

      That Car GuyThat Car Guy3 timer siden
    • Want record? I haven’t watched WWE since 2017

      ShleepyHeaddShleepyHeadd3 timer siden
  • Jonsena is back

    AgungAgungDag siden
  • this rumble was garbage let's be real

    T DubT DubDag siden
  • Watching all these wrestlers try to fight Lesner is like watching the avengers try and fight Thanos

    Tyler MattinglyTyler MattinglyDag siden
  • steroid effect can be seen on these wrestlers...

    himalya yetihimalya yetiDag siden
  • A UFC fighter cannot fight on WWE, he Can? I want to see it

    Gabrieloban_Gabrieloban_Dag siden
  • Roman reigns

    Krishna RanaKrishna Rana2 dager siden
  • Brock Lesnar 13 super star elimination

    mayank platformmayank platform2 dager siden
  • no way drew mcintyre win the 2020 royal rumbe match

    Nicole SmithNicole Smith2 dager siden
  • 31:30 adam uçmayı öğrendi

    Eren SubaşıEren Subaşı2 dager siden
  • 21:51blackVP😂

    Edft D tvrfEdft D tvrf2 dager siden
  • So happy brock was gone lol. I screamed at the tv when this happened

    NikkiLust💋NikkiLust💋2 dager siden
  • No I don't like Drew McIntyre I hate him Roman reigns I want to win

    Rahime MurrayRahime Murray2 dager siden
  • Men I would like to see brock being a Face

    Rechmond and BebenthRechmond and Bebenth2 dager siden
  • I miss Samoa Joe

    Simply GarbageSimply Garbage2 dager siden
  • MMooii ebiolae nj

  • Hey guys how did Hhh Win the Championship in Royal rumble???????but why did Drew didn't?

    Rechmond and BebenthRechmond and Bebenth2 dager siden
  • 2021

    Lynn BaileyLynn Bailey2 dager siden
  • The big dog. He s the strong one

    Devinder KaurDevinder Kaur2 dager siden
  • Am i the only one that hoped The Rock showed up

    Afghan BoyAfghan Boy2 dager siden
  • All I watch in this whole think is Drew’s Claymore to Brock I didn’t like Drew until after this performance

    J SayJ Say2 dager siden
  • Sebelum pandemi menyerang

    Sakti Ari WSakti Ari W2 dager siden
  • Thanks to the communist country that screw up EVERY one in the world.may God screw them up one day to the country

    Blyad GBlyad G2 dager siden
  • His theme song is just heat.

    Dopeyy’s VLOGSDopeyy’s VLOGS2 dager siden
    • Who theme song

      Parker RobersonParker Roberson20 timer siden
  • Just saying when I was going against aliester black he was litterally impossible to pin

    NoiceNoice2 dager siden
  • 2020 was a good year and a good start for drew mcintyre

    Paulo DuartePaulo Duarte2 dager siden
  • 45:00 Undertaker

    Sebastian MuñozSebastian Muñoz2 dager siden
  • Hello guys today is my birthday pls which me a happy birthday it will mean a lot to me and pls like my comment it will mean a lot to me

    Hayden ForbesHayden Forbes2 dager siden
    • Happy Deathday 😊

      MontanaBlackMontanaBlack2 dager siden