Fulham 1-2 Manchester United | LIVE Stream Watchalong

20. jan.. 2021
100 213 Ganger

Stephen Howson, Adam Mckola, Andy Tate, and Joe. are here for the live stream watchalong for Fulham v Manchester United in the Premier League, as United fight to regain top spot at Craven Cottage!
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    oiuet souiuoiuet souiuMåned siden
  • tbf to howson a couple of the points made about luke shaw came to light tonight.. stil been our best defender this season mind you

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiMåned siden
  • plus he played a lazy back pass to ddg luckily it was enough for david to get to it! It's a game of madness lol

    soiung toiuesoiung toiueMåned siden
  • Jermaine jenas never played for ipswich btw thankfully though I can’t stand him as a pundit

    Adam PeckAdam PeckMåned siden
  • Hate to be “that guy” but didn’t pogba score from outside the box with his left foot in the World Cup final? That 5 year stat I think is wrong. Maybe I’m mistaken.

    Sam HSam HMåned siden
    • GGMU 🔴

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiMåned siden
  • Don’t think Adam likes Andy you know

    Tee 01Tee 01Måned siden
  • Adam McKola AKA Troopz Kola

    Ajay JosephAjay JosephMåned siden
    • ??

      FlareDopeFlareDopeMåned siden
  • when andy starts screaming the F WORD HE SOUNDS LIKE A SCOUSER HOW COME ?

    Kevin McKieKevin McKieMåned siden
    • plus he played a lazy back pass to ddg luckily it was enough for david to get to it! It's a game of madness lol

      soiung toiuesoiung toiueMåned siden
  • Wan Bissaka wasn't brought up as a defender, and therefore he just doesn't possess the basics of reading the play, anticipation, and has no positional sense whatsoever.

    CroonerCroonerMåned siden
  • How many sets of headphones does Adam break per month?

    Ste RawlingsSte RawlingsMåned siden
  • "Double dinner" was an outrageous comeback.

    Ste RawlingsSte RawlingsMåned siden
  • That headphone drop was like mic drop. Loved it.

    Subhan QureshiSubhan QureshiMåned siden
  • tbf to howson a couple of the points made about luke shaw came to light tonight.. stil been our best defender this season mind you

    Grassroots FootballGrassroots FootballMåned siden
  • you know what irks me more than the Oleout mob (and noone will ever know just how much they annoy me) is the flip flops who are now suddenly Ole in.. if you were ever at any point in the Oleout camp but are now "behind him" ask yourself why is that? and the answer is because we are top of the table and haven't been beat in the league in months., and you are following the club for success and nothing more

    Grassroots FootballGrassroots FootballMåned siden
    • @Alex Ayres it was never that bad under Ole, okay we were struggling to win games first half of last season but it was obvious ole didn't have the missing pieces or in brunos case the piece.. if you had of took notice of what the payers were saying around that time you would have known that there will be an upturn in our fortunes.. were weren't as bad as you were making it out as you don't sign 1 player n suddenly become the most consistent side in the league over a 12 month period, them same players who were not good enough are still here n top of the table.. Ole didn't go and sign first team players bar bruno.. Ole was never bottom of the table either so I can't answer that hypothetical scenario mate. as you said you were just calling it as you see it, but you must accept you were not looking at the bigger picture and that was my point at manchester united it didn't matter to the oleout mob that he was going about his job from day 1 in the right manner and has reinvigorated the "manchester united way" into the club all you cared about was immediate results.. you don't create a winning machine overnight... similar to how fergie was never ever gonna be sacked had he lost the 90 fa cup final despite the myth.. the trojan work in the background from day 1 was seen by the people of the cub n the real fans.. I would have respect you more if you had of said you are on the Ole bandwagon now because of the mentality shift but no ultimately its all about just winning for you lot

      Grassroots FootballGrassroots FootballMåned siden
    • @Grassroots Football haha ok, I'll bite. Of course I considered things outside of Ole's control. However, a manager's bottom line is results on the pitch and there has to be a minimum level of performance expected despite whatever transitional period we are in. For example, if we were bottom of the league would you still be Ole In? I think not. At the time I felt Ole wasn't the right guy, we had just lost to Burnley. Since he became permanent manager, we were on a run of 11 wins from 32 games. If that record happens in a single season you are normally bottom half of the table with 6 games to go. That is clearly shit and I felt below the minimum standard our team was capable of. If that isn't at least close to your minimum standard then frankly you're just insane. Plenty of managers have been great for a few months and been exposed, Alan Pardew has made a career out of it, Roberto Di Matteo won the Champions League with Chelsea etc. I feared this was the case here. Your problem is you have adopted this AFTV mentality of tribal 'Manager Out' or 'Manager In'. I had a time when I seriously doubted him yes and frankly I think it was entirely reasonable to do so. I haven't been one of the morons calling for his head when we went out the CL for example or when we lost 6-1 to Spurs. I just call things as I see them, and that doesn't make me a flip flop.

      Alex AyresAlex AyresMåned siden
    • @Alex Ayres you have changed your opinion based on on-field success.. I am stating that if you are a real fan of this club you would have been aware of everything else going on around the cub to know during that difficult period to trust in Ole.. if you know this club and arent just supporting us to see us win the league you would never have entertained oleout let alone actually say it.. just accept you're a flip flop n move on mate

      Grassroots FootballGrassroots FootballMåned siden
    • @Grassroots Football I don't think I echo your point and actually think you've missed mine. Was I wrong to be 'Ole Out' at that time? Maybe, but that's a completely different discussion. My point is that changing your mind being simply because of glory hunting isn't true. People are allowed to simply recognise that they were wrong.

      Alex AyresAlex AyresMåned siden
    • @Alex Ayres there it is--you echo my point exactly.. you disregarded everything ole done off the pitch, the harmony he created within the dressing room the moment he came in the door.. the general mood around the cub instantly lifted. Dec 2019 I remember well, the Oleout mob were at the height of it and that is because yous wanted instant success. forgetting Ole had effectively went into the season without a recognized no.9 by selling lukaku so late and not replacing him, did Ole complain.. no. I remember Newcastle beat us 1-0 longstaff with the winner and thinking we actually controlled the game but had no cutting edge ..que bruno fernandes and we became the most consistent side in the league and broke records..this was an accumulation of the work Ole has done from the start... but you will never understand mate.. n btw you can't go back to being Oleout and we as a club are happy to have Ole at the helm for atleast another 3 seasons so enjoy him hah

      Grassroots FootballGrassroots FootballMåned siden
  • Ste ‘double-dinner’ Howson

    Tee 01Tee 01Måned siden
  • The fact you guys didn’t lose your head at the goal just shows the confidence in this team

    ZakZakMåned siden
  • Andy Tate is King.

    Paddy LastPaddy LastMåned siden
  • Pogba must seriously want a move out of united lol his last few performances

    MoeMoeMåned siden
    • Or maybe he wants to win and stay!

      EagleofHeavyMetalEagleofHeavyMetalMåned siden
    • That is also good instead of 50 Mill we can atleast ask 70 to 80 mill if he keeps balling like that.

      ritul sharmaritul sharmaMåned siden
    • 😂😂😂😂 Love that Take, cause I see it too hahaha

      Zainab ZahrZainab ZahrMåned siden
  • Man I love Adam he’s so funnyyyy

    Amaris NeizerAmaris NeizerMåned siden
  • GGMU 🔴

    Mohammed IslamMohammed IslamMåned siden
  • Cavani is a breath of fresh air! What a signing on a free aswell! Paul Pogbas stunner got me screaming! I thought bailey made a few good blocks, he almost scored a OG to plus he played a lazy back pass to ddg luckily it was enough for david to get to it! It's a game of madness lol

    DJ General Outlaw 2DJ General Outlaw 2Måned siden
  • Bruno. Good game

    Francisco MartinsFrancisco MartinsMåned siden
    • Lol

      EagleofHeavyMetalEagleofHeavyMetalMåned siden
  • Great result. Getting concerned about the increasing number of poor decisions against us since Kloops comments. A clear penalty not given today and only a week after a perfect goal being ruled out.

    p Champ ChamMåned siden
  • 💓🤘

  • 1:51:35 Best way of describing VAR 😂 Good stuff as usual lads keep it up

    Adam McCormackAdam McCormackMåned siden
    • couldn't of put it better myself hah

      Grassroots FootballGrassroots FootballMåned siden
  • 2:51:51 The Pogba screamer. Get in!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Matthew SniderMatthew SniderMåned siden
  • I like the way how ye don’t fake reactions and overplay everything like those clowns who support that mid table team

    Aidan LeahyAidan LeahyMåned siden
    • Imagine Joe saying “can I throw this chair” like DT did

      ZakZakMåned siden
    • literally AFTV😂😂

      Shazel ChaudryShazel ChaudryMåned siden
    • Bbbbbbanter

      Daniel BerryDaniel BerryMåned siden
  • What was it with the dodgy camera work from BT? Like watching from a balloon! Nervy last 5mins,needed subs earlier. Great goal fro. Pogba, great result

    Andrew HaywoodAndrew HaywoodMåned siden
    • Shit crowd noises too

      Avin SinghAvin SinghMåned siden
  • Fulham 1-0: 1:34:32 
United 1-1: 1:50:20 United 1-2: 2:51:48

    Reeyan MaknojiyaReeyan MaknojiyaMåned siden

    Daryl AwukuDaryl AwukuMåned siden

    Hector RicoHector RicoMåned siden
    • Lol, the dude appreciates when PP performs. If you have followed his take carefully and our games, it is clear he doesn't have an agenda against him and rightly points out the issues with PP's consistency and too much of noise by his entourage. Obviously, Ste knows PP's quality and time and time again has said he'd keep PP in this side but is prepared to move on simply coz United don't need to get dragged into the media by his agent unnecessarily. Simply put, no one is bigger than the club.

      Akshay KothandaramAkshay KothandaramMåned siden
    • Legend...

      HaseebHaseebMåned siden
  • 1:34:30 Lookman ⚽️ (Fulham) 1-0 1:50:20 Cavani ⚽️ (Man Utd) 1-1 2:51:51 POGBOOM ⚽️🔥 (Man Utd) 1-2 Bruno hits the post: 1:50:06 🙅⚽️

    Zach MoritzZach MoritzMåned siden
    • Hero

      Stuart GaskellStuart GaskellMåned siden
    • ❤️🙏🏿

      Jackpot WinnerJackpot WinnerMåned siden
    • 🐐

      IamKingIamKingMåned siden
    • 3:20:21 Mitrovic header

      Well hello thereWell hello thereMåned siden
    • Legend 🐐

      Shyaka AndrewShyaka AndrewMåned siden