FPL Watchlist Double Gameweek 27 (players to target) | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2020/21

2. mars. 2021
48 785 Ganger

In this video I update my FPL Watchlist with players I'm looking to potentially bring into my FPL squad for Double Gameweek 27.
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  • Who's on your Watchlist for Gameweek 27?

    Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPLMåned siden
    • saka already have brought him in.

      Ayushmaan JhaAyushmaan JhaMåned siden
    • @Alexander Peschka Liverpool 4m cb who is starting because of Injuries

      Mr BrownMr BrownMåned siden
    • @Mr Brown which phillips?

      Alexander PeschkaAlexander PeschkaMåned siden
    • I am thinking abt Replace salah with KDB.. and then replace barnes with Son in GW 28..

      Marschel VincentiusMarschel VincentiusMåned siden
    • Bamford back in and salah bruno out and richarlson

      Liverpool YNWALiverpool YNWAMåned siden
  • Is it worth to use wc for this week?

    Mingyu WMingyu WMåned siden
  • Triple captain mahrez, stupid or not? Want to finally use it on a dgw

    William RowleyWilliam RowleyMåned siden
  • Sterling or KDB for capitain?

    manutd 1995manutd 1995Måned siden
  • I. Don't trust you.

    Chhan ChhanaChhan ChhanaMåned siden
  • Jose said bale won’t start every game because he can get injures easily, he probably only can start once per week,

    laim430laim430Måned siden
  • Sell Cancelo when he is od price rise?

    Una SanaUna SanaMåned siden
  • Luckily got Bale for the 19 points with my triple captain on him

    Omar MostafaOmar MostafaMåned siden
  • Needs to be Gundogan Captain after being rested last night! You should do a video on Barnes replacements its one of the hardest decisions of the season for me

    Nikolas MavNikolas MavMåned siden
  • do i triple captain de bruyne for the double gw 27

    TSS.02TSS.02Måned siden
  • Feels crazy to say this but I actually prefer how city were playing without KDB. It feels like he slows them down

    E UE UMåned siden
    • Completely agree. He is the best player in the league but they do look less of a threat with kdb

      jspl109jspl109Måned siden
    • @Let's Talk FPL lol i hear your point, but from watching the game the goals didnt come easy, 1 own goal and 1 mistake from the keeper, on top of that he didn't really play a role in the lead up to any of the goals, not saying he didnt create any chances. like i said it feels crazy to say cos he's the best player in the league in my opinion but the west ham game wasn't an easy win either. They still control games but i just feel like since his return so far they won easier in harder games like against spurs, liverpool and everton without him

      E UE UMåned siden
    • Aye, just the 4 goals yesterday 😀

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPLMåned siden
  • I think semedo is a good differential because he’s is classed as a defender in fpl but just play CAM against City so more likely for attacking returns

    Ben RichardsonBen RichardsonMåned siden
  • I’m surprised no ones mentioned Lucas Moura. Huge differential and if you watch Spurs play he is quite dangerous in the final third especially with his pace and dribbling - not sure if he’s a consistent starter tho

    Souaber ASouaber AMåned siden
    • Yeah, starts is probably the biggest issue.

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPLMåned siden
  • I'm thinking about Jota for Barnes. He was in the squad for Sheffield but got sick. Appears to be back soon and might even feature against Chelsea. Big differential if he gets games, which I totally expect him to

    Jonathan RieglerJonathan RieglerMåned siden
    • @Rey Thomas Klopp might play all 4 of them, like he did against City I believe. Anyways, for that price, I am willing to put him on the bench until he's back to speed

      Jonathan RieglerJonathan RieglerMåned siden
    • He'll be rotation. Just come back from a big injury and needs to get his fitness up to speed. Also who does klopp drop for him? Salah? Mane? Nope. He will be in rotation with firminho who has just scored last game

      Rey ThomasRey ThomasMåned siden
  • Who is more essential on the long run Son or Fernandes?

    Garry MooreGarry MooreMåned siden
    • Bruno is on pens and is the top scorer on the game. I'd say Bruno. But saying that, I'm getting rid of Bruno for a few weeks to get in de bruyne

      Rey ThomasRey ThomasMåned siden
    • suprs have much better fixtures until the end of the season then man utd

  • The big money boys are just so inconsistent right now!

    Andrew FrostAndrew FrostMåned siden
    • Yeah and some small players are clutch rn ha

      Brokefifaplayer HDBrokefifaplayer HDMåned siden
  • Gundo!!!!!!

    Johnny BoylondonJohnny BoylondonMåned siden
  • Is it time to finally transfer out Bamford ?

    Ruban papouraveRuban papouraveMåned siden
    • Nop. Check out gameweek 29

      Gonçalo MarumGonçalo MarumMåned siden
  • Thinking of doing Gundo and Salah to Saka and Auba in gw 29. Then wildcard gw 30. Thoughts?

    JarlenJarlenMåned siden
  • Took 12 points hit for Gundogan and DCL to step in. They both blank on first game and Gundogan is now on the bench.

    NonNon ButNonNon ButMåned siden
    • luckily gundo still got an assist

      E UE UMåned siden
  • audio sync issues again. Your video doesnt match your audio

    AzAzMåned siden
    • You should clap before speaking and use that to sync

      AzAzMåned siden
  • Triple spurs and city for the next few weeks should I do it ?????

    Eoghan MurphyEoghan MurphyMåned siden
    • Yes

      dummy clonedummy cloneMåned siden
  • Should I prioritise getting De Bruyne, Son or Bale for the next gameweek

    UnknownUnknownMåned siden
    • Son. He will start every game.

      Anthony 7Anthony 7Måned siden
  • You could also go for Tosin A

    Daniel D'CruzDaniel D'CruzMåned siden
  • "An absolute no no" haha

    KevTKevTMåned siden
  • What should we do about Barnes?

    Warren KoubehWarren KoubehMåned siden
  • Soucek, Lingard or Pepe? Let me now

    Danil MunirDanil MunirMåned siden
    • @bigB 242 ok thanks i have Gundo and Raphina

      Danil MunirDanil MunirMåned siden
    • @Danil Munir Not sure. Have you got Raph and Gundo? Soucek or Lookman are decent shouts

      bigB 242bigB 242Måned siden
    • @bigB 242 so Soucek? Or any other players?

      Danil MunirDanil MunirMåned siden
    • pepe rotation risk and JLingz blanks in 28

      bigB 242bigB 242Måned siden
  • Fancy doing a wildcard template for gw27?

    richard buttlerichard buttleMåned siden
    • As a couple teams are blanking soon and after the blanks I’ll play me wildcard

      Jack FinnianJack FinnianMåned siden
    • I’m playing a free hit

      Jack FinnianJack FinnianMåned siden
  • Am going bissaka to Michael keane

    Nasri HerreraNasri HerreraMåned siden
  • Torn between captaining kane son or gündogan

    Barry O'DonnellBarry O'DonnellMåned siden
  • I did Barnes to Mount actually considering fixtures lying ahead

    Nasri HerreraNasri HerreraMåned siden
    • @Nasri Herrera ya Chelsea are looking decent now too

      Dan BurkeDan BurkeMåned siden
    • @Dan Burke yeh and he's on penalty...that kid is determined surely

      Nasri HerreraNasri HerreraMåned siden
    • Dodgy but if it works it would be a great differential

      Dan BurkeDan BurkeMåned siden
  • Should I take a hit to take Salah and gundo out for de bruyne and lingard

    Games 123 123Games 123 123Måned siden
  • Stones the new Gundogan??

    Shane McGowanShane McGowanMåned siden
  • Toooo many ads

    WeGotæ RunnerWeGotæ RunnerMåned siden
  • I think it’s important to note that most of gundoguns returns came when kdb was out and he filled in for his attack output

    Darragh KellyDarragh KellyMåned siden
  • I am going De Bruyne in Bruno out and Stones out Regiliom in

    J B8J B8Måned siden
    • @J B8 Heheh - I'm a United fan! I'll also be wildcarding about the same time so agree that the change isn't forever but I'll lose 0.6m on Bruno and 0.2 on Salah. Salah is also worth more so I could make a defence change with the extra money. Think it will be Bruno that goes though...

      Robert AmsburyRobert AmsburyMåned siden
    • @Robert Amsbury I’m a Liverpool fan so I’ll never take out Salah. So I’d take out Bruno. Bruno will blank vs City and I’m wildcardibg in 30 or 31

      J B8J B8Måned siden
    • @J B8 I'm thinking of KDB and Reguilon too. I only have two City players but can't decide on whether to lose Bruno or Salah. Bruno has poor fixtures but is a points machine. Salah has great fixtures but I've lost faith in them

      Robert AmsburyRobert AmsburyMåned siden
    • @Robert Amsbury yeah

      J B8J B8Måned siden
    • @J B8 no easy option there! Reguilon looks great from wk 29 onwards. I guess if you need to ditch a City player it makes sense. Do you have Gundogan?

      Robert AmsburyRobert AmsburyMåned siden
  • Harry, Sonny and Gareth all season long for me now..

    Kristian LindströmKristian LindströmMåned siden
  • Targett a good option?

    Tommy TomTommy TomMåned siden
  • Should I transfer out Fernandes?

    Will MacFarlaneWill MacFarlaneMåned siden
    • Yes he is a fraud

      Jack FinnianJack FinnianMåned siden
  • Is Kane absolutely necessary?

    Will MacFarlaneWill MacFarlaneMåned siden
    • No I’d go for son personally as you can get the 1 for a clean sheet aswell

      Jack FinnianJack FinnianMåned siden
  • When would be the best time to Bench Boost in future GW's? And would you suggest FH 29 or FH 33?

    N MN MMåned siden
  • Replaced the injured Maddison with H Barnes who then gets stretched off

    Gary CassidyGary CassidyMåned siden
    • I can better that lol. I brought in grealish, then it was confirmed he was injured, then i got in maddison n he got injured so I sold him n brought in Barnes, then he got injured also!

      Rey ThomasRey ThomasMåned siden
  • Anyone think of any Newcastle midfielders? if so who?

    Infamous BVZInfamous BVZMåned siden
    • if you going that way. why not southampton ? got dgw and the best fixtures until gw32

    • If I had to, willock after that I'd choose shelvey

      E UE UMåned siden
  • I'm going triple Spurs until GW31 fixture swing.

    vasse felixvasse felixMåned siden
    • What players?

      byVartoxYTbyVartoxYTMåned siden
  • am i dumb for thinking auba

    j,hvljh vdssWj,hvljh vdssWMåned siden
  • Thinking of doing Cancelo to Azpi, Barnes to De Bruyne? (-4)

    FPL GeorgeFPL GeorgeMåned siden
    • @MK26 yes but cancelo will only play one of the fixtures anyways

      Jack FinnianJack FinnianMåned siden
    • @MK26 maybe he is switching to double attack

      akinakinMåned siden
    • Dont do cancelo yet city have dgw

      MK26MK26Måned siden
  • I've two transfer options this week, which would you go for: Take a -4, swap out Barnes and Salah for Bale and Son or Swap Barnes out for Raphinha (and only have Kane v Palace)

    Simon MSimon MMåned siden
  • Thinking Son & Bale in for Barnes & Bruno for -4 ...? (also own kane)

    smöffsmöffMåned siden
  • I brought Sterling in last week and he was benched.....before the deadline I was teetering between Bale, De Bruyne and Son .....bruh 🙃 hopefully Sterling has a worldie!

    PreshhdPreshhdMåned siden
    • @Aboo-Bakr Butt mate I feel for you 😭

      PreshhdPreshhdMåned siden
    • @Cokob Oukbay I didn’t see the game but I read that he was tackled and it wasn’t a pass.

      Matt HenleyMatt HenleyMåned siden
    • @Matt Henley how did sterling not get the assist for the mahrez goal

      Cokob OukbayCokob OukbayMåned siden
    • @Alex Bruneau how is my lucky capped mahrez initially then changed to Sterling last min

      Aboo-Bakr ButtAboo-Bakr ButtMåned siden
    • @Aboo-Bakr Butt L

      Alex BruneauAlex BruneauMåned siden
  • Bruno + saka out, Son + a 6.5 mil mid. Who should i go for, thats about 7.0 mil?

    JamesJamesMåned siden
    • Not sure I’d sell Saka right now tbh. Plays Burnley next, plays in 29, plus has some decent fixtures against the bottom 6 after that.

      MoloMoloMåned siden
    • @Nathan Valdez i was thinking mount aswell. Is Jesses lingard a good option maybe, for 29?

      JamesJamesMåned siden
    • I would say mount. Or saint maximan- if u dont hv a chip in 29

      Nathan ValdezNathan ValdezMåned siden
  • Do you think it’s worth bringing in kdb for Sterling ?

    Mr BrownMr BrownMåned siden
    • @Omar sheta for a hit ?

      Mr BrownMr BrownMåned siden
    • Yes

      Omar shetaOmar shetaMåned siden
  • ty

    CallumJBCallumJBMåned siden
  • bale? ha!

    Dirty KurtyDirty KurtyMåned siden
  • I think that by the volume of goals a team like City score, even there defenders will pick up attacking returns. Chelsea are very different and your virtually guaranteed to pick up bonys when that happens

    Mat WardMat WardMåned siden
  • Would you bring in jota? 6.6m on his way back

    Cam FosterCam FosterMåned siden
    • @Cam Foster I'd look at grealish again, good fixtures

      Siddhant BanerjeeSiddhant BanerjeeMåned siden
    • @Siddhant Banerjee true need to get Barnes out, maybe I’ll go for lingard

      Cam FosterCam FosterMåned siden
    • Would wait to see him play and see his fitness

      Siddhant BanerjeeSiddhant BanerjeeMåned siden
  • Reguilon a good differential with those fixtures and playing left wing at times

    James WilsonJames WilsonMåned siden
    • Yup that's very good, known him from LA Liga always attacking LB, I got him for - 4 (I don't take hits), I get from the biggest gain in the Gw

      Hassan AbdelazimHassan AbdelazimMåned siden
    • Yh I’ve got him

      Mamc_ 10Mamc_ 10Måned siden
  • If any of liverpool's centre backs recover quicker then expected, trent would be a really good option

    Naveed HasnainNaveed HasnainMåned siden
  • Mid fifa stream

    Aayush ShresthaAayush ShresthaMåned siden
  • Thoughts on Philips in for shaw. Free hitting 29. Seems cheap and good chance of Liverpool clean sheet

    Mr BrownMr BrownMåned siden
    • @Aditya Arya fair point I was mainly asking Andy. And I was just thinking it was a good choice was just seeing If anyone had a reason he wouldn’t start or wouldn’t do well. Just arguing why I think he’s great value. Shouldn’t have said thought rlly if I was gonna argue why

      Mr BrownMr BrownMåned siden
    • @Mr Brown first of all. You asked for thoughts. The guy said his thoughts by saying "No" and then your getting mad why he said it. How ironic. It's his preference. What's all this with the "HOw CAN yOU sAY NO"

      Aditya AryaAditya AryaMåned siden
    • @Mr Brown if that's true, then yeah seems incredible value

      Max HoleMax HoleMåned siden
    • @Ross how can you say nah when he’s the same price as striujk and Mitchell tho. I’m just talking about a budget defender who starts . Also when they play teams like Sheffield Fulham should be a guaranteed 6 points for only 4 mil

      Mr BrownMr BrownMåned siden
    • Nah

      RossRossMåned siden
  • we've all got our watchlist ;)

    Saad KhanSaad KhanMåned siden
  • I really need a replacement for Barnes. But don't know who, City is not possible, salah not affordable. I don't really see good options in the 7-10 mln. range. could bring in Rashford, but I already have Fernandes, so big doubt. hope grealish id fit soon, then he can come back in. I was finally satisfied with my team, and then fresh bought Barnes gets injured. It sucks more for him then me of course, but I'm not happy either. Mitfield is now Son, Fernandes, Gündogan, Raphinha and Barnes.

    Jan VisserJan VisserMåned siden
    • in similar position to you. grealish is who i want if fit, failing that I am looking at Saka Lingard and Jota

      Number 1 JokerNumber 1 JokerMåned siden
    • @Siddhant Banerjee true, they play in GW29 though and he's easily benched.

      Simon MSimon MMåned siden
    • @Simon M their fixtures aren't that great

      Siddhant BanerjeeSiddhant BanerjeeMåned siden
    • Soucek?

      Simon MSimon MMåned siden
    • Grealish maybe good or you can always get a better striker or defender and play a 4 man midfield

      Siddhant BanerjeeSiddhant BanerjeeMåned siden
  • I’m a Chelsea fan, just letting u kno that Rudiger isn’t a garunteed starter, Thiago Silva in the next week or so, Christensen or Rudiger will be dropped and Christensen has been brilliant in the last couple of matches

    Aidan HobdayAidan HobdayMåned siden
    • @Rey Thomas I get that but Christensen has pace and his recent performances means he shld get a chance when Silva’s back

      Aidan HobdayAidan HobdayMåned siden
    • Christensen will get dropped. Rudiger plays on the left side of the back 3. Thiago plays in the centre as does Christensen. Also rudiger is the only 1 in the back 3 who has pace. Azpi and Thiago are slow but experienced defenders. Rudiger will start 9 out of 10 games

      Rey ThomasRey ThomasMåned siden
  • Bales Already i saw Son was more tempted to pass to him

    Prediction CountyPrediction CountyMåned siden
    • Noticed that too, Son seemed to be looking for Bale first.

      Simon MSimon MMåned siden
  • Andy have u looked at Konsa instead of Rüdiger ? Just till gw29 he looks a lot better then maybe switch to rudiger

    janaigner77janaigner77Måned siden
    • @Siddhant Banerjee that’s true but potentially 2 more games until gw30 for konsa over rudiger with maybe dgw in 28 and ofc 29

      janaigner77janaigner77Måned siden
    • Think Chelsea has had a better defensive record recently plus I think Matty cash in injured

      Siddhant BanerjeeSiddhant BanerjeeMåned siden
  • I think I’d actually like to see kdb rested tonight to bring him in , because if he’s not rested can’t see him playing Sou and also Fulham in 28

    janaigner77janaigner77Måned siden
    • He will play all games henceforth

      Nasri HerreraNasri HerreraMåned siden
    • I reckon he plays all them games

      El PoundoEl PoundoMåned siden
    • @Darragh Kelly he is coming back from injury that can occur again if player is pushed hard right after coming back (dcl, kwp being best examples)

      Aleksa MilosevicAleksa MilosevicMåned siden
    • Can’t see him being rested considering he was already out for a while

      Darragh KellyDarragh KellyMåned siden
  • Insight on the KDB issue.... Bruno has to go for a few weeks

    RelicReturnsRelicReturnsMåned siden
    • @xoBurms I do watch the games

      Yasser Ben • 28 years agoYasser Ben • 28 years agoMåned siden
    • @Yasser Ben • 28 years ago it would help if you actually watched the games before spreading false information

      xoBurmsxoBurmsMåned siden
    • @Yasser Ben • 28 years ago No he wasn't. Can you reveal the game in which gundo took a penalty while KDB was still on the pitch?

      drybonesdrybonesMåned siden
    • @Yasser Ben • 28 years ago was he?

      RelicReturnsRelicReturnsMåned siden
    • @El Poundo I’m not because Gundogan was taking penalties even when KDB was playing...

      Yasser Ben • 28 years agoYasser Ben • 28 years agoMåned siden
  • Catch me if you can

    Rett i lommaRett i lommaMåned siden
    • 1st in fpl. Congrats. But don't get complacent

      Lee KingLee KingMåned siden
    • your 1st in fpl don init

      Aboo-Bakr ButtAboo-Bakr ButtMåned siden
  • Rudiger could get dropped when Tiago Silva comes back from injury.

    DaPookumsDaPookumsMåned siden
    • Rudiger plays left of 3 centre backs,silva plays center hence when injured, christensen & zouma have played there

      Cyril KavanaghCyril KavanaghMåned siden
    • will probably be christensen to make way

      Ritchie PeteRitchie PeteMåned siden
  • Why does Andy live in Ireland?

    cannningcannningMåned siden
    • Why not?

      Simon MSimon MMåned siden
    • @cannning Work

      FLVFLVMåned siden
    • @harry simpson Yeah but why

      cannningcannningMåned siden
    • he moved there

      harry simpsonharry simpsonMåned siden
  • Hey Andy! Any thoughts on selling Salah and Barnes for KDB and Lingard? I'm not bothered by the fact that Lingard doesn't play in GW28

    Razvan CiobanuRazvan CiobanuMåned siden
    • @Razvan Ciobanu yea fair up to you on bruno or salah but id defo take kdb over both right now

      Ritchie PeteRitchie PeteMåned siden
    • @Ritchie Pete yeah but Bruno's fixtures are worse than Mo's...if I'd sell Bruno and Barnes I could still afford Lingard

      Razvan CiobanuRazvan CiobanuMåned siden
    • Id go with that, would much rather kdb over salah right now

      Ritchie PeteRitchie PeteMåned siden
  • wan bissaka and barnes out Stones and Lingard in

    Esteban PerezEsteban PerezMåned siden
    • Stones isn’t fully nailed on

      Sena EmhoffSena EmhoffMåned siden
    • @harry simpson very good point cheers for that

      Mr BrownMr BrownMåned siden
    • Lingard can’t play in 28 against united, parent club

      harry simpsonharry simpsonMåned siden
  • Anyone thoughts on Bale/Mount in for Barnes and Salah/Bruno out for KDB?

    Kingdom FCKingdom FCMåned siden
  • Are u thinking of bringing in Forster.It’s been confirmed that McCarthy has been dropped he didn’t start last night against everton

    Asad AliAsad AliMåned siden
    • @Rey Thomas how did he not have a good game? Apart from the goal, he stopped it from being more than 1-0 to everton, Southampton struggled to create and struggled to defend

      E UE UMåned siden
    • He didnt have the best of games. He could easily be back on the bench next game

      Rey ThomasRey ThomasMåned siden
    • @Tom Johnson cos he didn’t start last night

      Asad AliAsad AliMåned siden
    • Where’s it been confirmed?

      Tom JohnsonTom JohnsonMåned siden
  • The only player I’ll probably bring in from that list is rudiger

    Owned By MOwned By MMåned siden
    • @Cameron Middleton harsh to drop him after this liverpool game

      Saad KhanSaad KhanMåned siden
    • @Saad Khan I would have to agree but christensen has been playing well.

      Cameron MiddletonCameron MiddletonMåned siden
    • @Cameron Middleton christensen will get dropped for Thiago imo. Rudiger and Azpi look confirmed in those CB positions

      Saad KhanSaad KhanMåned siden
    • I actually think despite tuchel's apparent adoration for rudiger when thiago silva is back rudiger is under rotation risk.

      Cameron MiddletonCameron MiddletonMåned siden
  • love to see an Andy video at 3pm. should I bring in soucek to attack the Leeds fixture and gw29?

    Max HoleMax HoleMåned siden
    • I'd go Lingard...but Soucek is a good option if you don't have the money for Lingard

      Razvan CiobanuRazvan CiobanuMåned siden
    • Surely Lingard offers better value? Soucek hasn't returned lately...

      KOH CHUNG WEI MoeKOH CHUNG WEI MoeMåned siden
  • Gareth Bale is so tempting. I can take money off my bench to bring him in. Johnstone and Barnes out Forster and Bale in.

    Ryan HutchingsRyan HutchingsMåned siden
    • Bale in for injured Barnes GW 27 for me

      Kristian LindströmKristian LindströmMåned siden
    • @Nils Falk I've 1mil invested in Bruno hence why I'd rather keep him and not Salah, plus Salah has looked awful in games even though TAA is firing again.

      Simon MSimon MMåned siden
    • Simon M Salah is quite the risk with good fixtures ahead I’d say. I’d prefer Fernandes out til GW30 or something

      Nils FalkNils FalkMåned siden
    • @Simon M I'm thinking the same but bruno out instead of salah, dunno if I trust spurs' shitty basket to carry all my eggs tho

      smöffsmöffMåned siden
    • @Craig Glassford yeah you’re right, I usually wait as late as possible, don’t want to look silly if he’s not got the fitness for all the games

      Ryan HutchingsRyan HutchingsMåned siden
  • First comment! Used TC on Sterling with Son vice. Begging for Pep not to play Sterling again tonight 😂

    Billy WalshBilly WalshMåned siden
    • @Craig Glassford Hattrick against Wolves seems unlikely...I hope Gundogan scores or a least assists :))

      Razvan CiobanuRazvan CiobanuMåned siden
    • @Craig Glassford will take that also 😂 overdue a few goals!

      Billy WalshBilly WalshMåned siden
    • Or Sterling could just score a hat trick tonight 😂

      Craig GlassfordCraig GlassfordMåned siden
  • brought in lingard

    Kyle MuckianKyle MuckianMåned siden
    • @j Don't be rude, especially when you're wrong. Made yourself look a right mug, a rude one too

      bigB 242bigB 242Måned siden
    • I guess for barnes?but I reckon mount would be a good choie

      Nasri HerreraNasri HerreraMåned siden
    • @Mr Brown correct - Lingard cannot play against Man Utd.

      Jimi GammonJimi GammonMåned siden
    • @j not being stupid. Swear cos he on loan he can’t play against man United. Might be wrong but usually how it is

      Mr BrownMr BrownMåned siden
    • Won’t play gw28 cos parent club.

      Mr BrownMr BrownMåned siden
  • Goat

    Finley ButlerFinley ButlerMåned siden