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  • FS-L200 ➜ Starter Kit ➜ Toyan Engines ➜ Toyan Parts ➜ Use RCTNT a checkout for 10% off ➜

    RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/74 måneder siden
    • Cool,just dream for me

      Bhod HisniBhod Hisni15 dager siden
    • Hey can i have one for philipines rc beacuse i wish have rc

      ceasar ryan AYONANceasar ryan AYONANMåned siden
    • Now the truck needs some subwoofers

      DababyDababyMåned siden
    • beware of this site, i bought an engine + metal base, they sent me only the engine, after 1 month of arguing and anger, they finally sent a damaged base

      BiloHazardBiloHazard3 måneder siden
    • Always wondered if a nitro engine would run on diesel this would be cool to try it on

      El Camino gamingEl Camino gaming3 måneder siden
  • Your car is used in am ticktock ad for a stubid car.

    ShrekShrekDag siden
    • Yeah seen it, thanks

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/720 timer siden
  • I wish I could get you to build me one, not going to lie I would love to have that. I got a few battery ones. I almost ordered that same truck the other day but I like the gas version. The one I was about to order was electric

    Makin SenseMakin Sense5 dager siden
  • Bro what happened to the suspension

    Justin RiegoJustin Riego5 dager siden
  • I wonder how much this costs ? Looks the price of a decent truck 😂

    Favian ReyesFavian Reyes5 dager siden
    • Around 1.5k

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/74 dager siden
  • U should start selling trucks like that

    Spxm ExposeTeamSpxm ExposeTeam6 dager siden
    • @RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7 i think people would I no for sure I would buy it

      Spxm ExposeTeamSpxm ExposeTeam4 dager siden
    • They take heaps of time and I don't think people would spend the money

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/74 dager siden
  • I buy in 5000milion

    goutam dasgoutam das7 dager siden
  • Brutal

    Maynör David Guëta ChirinosMaynör David Guëta Chirinos8 dager siden
  • A electric engine replace a gas engine 🤟

    xXBam BamXxxXBam BamXx10 dager siden
  • Holy crap man, that thing is so awesome.

    Richard PalmerRichard Palmer10 dager siden
  • Mate someone is advertising your truck on Facebook for sale for 40 odd bucks. It's a scam website

    Jimbo's RC'sJimbo's RC's12 dager siden
    • Yeah i made a scam video about that

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/710 dager siden
  • So them rc cars are like an actual car but smaller and some stuff missing

    Jeffrey MoralesJeffrey Morales13 dager siden
  • Do they sell this .like this? ..just put gas and drive

    joeljoel14 dager siden
  • you need to put a intake on it brother

    RC Muddin 98RC Muddin 9814 dager siden
  • put this in a jdm rc haha

    NJP MotoNJP Moto15 dager siden
    • looks like a DOC motor

      NJP MotoNJP Moto15 dager siden
  • your gearing is all wrong high revs yet hardly moving you need a better gear set

    twitch Usertwitch User15 dager siden
  • I think it’s perfect I won’t even touch it

    Chip HeydenChip Heyden16 dager siden
  • That's pretty damn cool

    Marcos SalinasMarcos Salinas16 dager siden
  • Amazing build. Interested in selling?

    • Perhaps but it would be pick up only

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/716 dager siden
  • wish they sold them like this

    Ezekiel MendozaEzekiel Mendoza16 dager siden

    Stand AloneStand Alone16 dager siden
  • Nice,

    Popalong RCPopalong RC16 dager siden
  • Good brother

    Thea-RaThea-Ra17 dager siden
  • Excellent build mate!

    Kalan StarKalan Star17 dager siden
  • Would look more cooler if you added lights

    katie taitkatie tait17 dager siden
  • Friggin awesome

    Nathan SamsNathan Sams18 dager siden
    • Cheers

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/716 dager siden
  • Is there anyway u can do a tire upgrade maybe just a touch bigger and still retain the duels out back? It would most likely be able to do off road a bit better... Regardless it's great! I'd buy one in a heart beat

    No Luck, Pure SkillNo Luck, Pure Skill18 dager siden
  • Why is no one using these for factory builds?

    No Luck, Pure SkillNo Luck, Pure Skill18 dager siden
    • @RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7 makes sense, majority of ppl wouldn't want to or be able to pay for the price hike with such a bad ass expensive set up. And dang that's shitty to hear. Do u see a day where there isn't anymore nitro on the market?

      No Luck, Pure SkillNo Luck, Pure Skill18 dager siden
    • Probably too expensive and nitro is kinda on the way out unfortunately

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/718 dager siden
  • One of the coolest rc's I've ever seen

    No Luck, Pure SkillNo Luck, Pure Skill18 dager siden
    • Thanks bro

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/718 dager siden
  • Can I buy this? Built? Lol

    Randy CastilloRandy Castillo19 dager siden
  • Wow,thats an amazing build. Very nice! KEEP ON BASHING, OR SPEEDING! FROM BARRIE ONTARIO CANADA

    Pete Kobra OutdoorsPete Kobra Outdoors19 dager siden
  • Where I can buy this rc with engine🧐🥺

    Dave vlogsDave vlogs20 dager siden
  • Where I can this rc with engine🧐🥺

    Dave vlogsDave vlogs20 dager siden
  • Where I can this rc with engine🧐🥺

    Dave vlogsDave vlogs20 dager siden
  • 450 are mofo jealous dckheads.......

    Samuel WongSamuel Wong20 dager siden
  • Toyota engine in a Ford truck....smdh

    RCKN-RNDL West Virginia RCRCKN-RNDL West Virginia RC20 dager siden
  • Pretty damn cool 😆😊👍

    R. G.R. G.21 dag siden
  • I've seen some cool builds but I love this truck the cut out hood makes it look so much meaner.

    420 fishing420 fishing22 dager siden
  • Dude, I want to buy this off of you...

    Roy HerreraRoy Herrera22 dager siden
  • This is so fn sweet I love it

    steve jsteve j23 dager siden
  • Cool 😎

    Dinh NguyenDinh Nguyen23 dager siden
  • So cute, how much one?

    ma dyma dy23 dager siden

  • Hello Friend. I'm from Brazil and congratulations on the work. regardless of whether it is sold or not, how much is a job like this worth in dollars? Thanks.

    JAMES DE SÁJAMES DE SÁ26 dager siden
    • Depends, around 1.5k usd

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/725 dager siden
  • Sweet build, nice work.

    Ben ParsonsBen Parsons27 dager siden
    • Thanks!

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/726 dager siden
  • Next level great truck that's the true hobbyist motivation

    rodneyhendrix93rodneyhendrix9327 dager siden
  • But do they have v8?

    AndrewAndrew27 dager siden
    • Yeah but hella expensive

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/727 dager siden
  • Fantastic job And yes, It’s pretty damn cool👍👍

    Shaun BitzShaun Bitz28 dager siden
    • Thank you 😊

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/728 dager siden
  • ow, incrivel o briquedo, passaria horas só folgando e apertando o mesmo parafuso. rssss brasil é impossivel se ter, fica muito caro!

    Yuri RoccoYuri Rocco29 dager siden
  • We need more of these types of RC vehicles! With engines

    Cameron ReynoldsCameron Reynolds29 dager siden
  • That is awesome!!!

    BU:FPVBU:FPV29 dager siden
  • Wwowww.

  • Pretty cool man, where's the front bumper? One hit in the front probably wipe out the fan and belt

    TheJeremy BTheJeremy BMåned siden
  • Wow, that is an awesome build. Really nice, and I absolutely luv the stacks. I'd love to see that do 50mph,lol, might be stretching it, but ya never know unless you, UPGRADE $$$$,LOL

    Pete Kobra OutdoorsPete Kobra OutdoorsMåned siden
  • That thing don’t have enough power to walk the the grass

    deshawndariusdeshawndariusMåned siden
  • Where can I buy one of these

    THAT_STACKED_F-350THAT_STACKED_F-350Måned siden
    • Damn I wish I knew how to

      THAT_STACKED_F-350THAT_STACKED_F-35024 dager siden
    • You can't, you have to make it yourself

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7Måned siden
  • Very nice RC cars have come a long way at least customised ones

    Robert YbarraRobert YbarraMåned siden
    • Yes I agree

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7Måned siden
  • YES

    Andrew HollywoodAndrew HollywoodMåned siden
  • Thats chuffin awesome 👌

    SupercarlsundaySupercarlsundayMåned siden
  • Is it gas powerd

    Carson GarciaCarson GarciaMåned siden
  • Amazing off-roading capabilities! No grassy lawn can stop this beast!

    Andrei GonzalesAndrei GonzalesMåned siden
  • I’d love to have a 1/7 C10 RC like this 🤤😍

    Zac PeachZac PeachMåned siden
  • I’m not a FORD man but by golly that’s really cool I love it m VERY IMPRESSED!

    Anthony McCoyAnthony McCoyMåned siden
  • 1 tank : 1 vid lol

    After_Tech_IndustriesAfter_Tech_IndustriesMåned siden
  • Very cool!

    • Cheers

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7Måned siden
  • 😀😀👍👍🎈🎈🌹

    Ron CasaRon CasaMåned siden
  • Very cool!

    Papadoc FpvPapadoc FpvMåned siden
  • Quema llanta 🙃😁

    Cesar GómezCesar GómezMåned siden
  • This is the coolest thing I've ever seen!!! The Stacks are Amazing!!!

    MotorCityGAMINGMotorCityGAMINGMåned siden
  • It looks like texas

    Nick HuntNick HuntMåned siden
  • Varoom varoom LoL

    B . SavageB . SavageMåned siden
  • Cool

  • 😄😄Yeah it’s burning rubber

    Chevy ChevelleChevy ChevelleMåned siden
  • 😏😏Pretty Damn cool!!!!!!

    Chevy ChevelleChevy ChevelleMåned siden
  • How much were can i get one fully equipped

    Santos HernandezSantos HernandezMåned siden
  • EPIC

    Street InfluencedStreet InfluencedMåned siden
  • 👍😉💪

    Ganteng MubazirGanteng MubazirMåned siden
  • เจ๋งมากเลยคับ ชอบเลย

    Naem ชาวไร่Naem ชาวไร่Måned siden
  • Just a thought, have you considered running your excess oil line into the splitter underneath the stacks? May give a little more rolling coal effect as the system heats up and would save emptying the pot every 6 runs

    Michael WilcockMichael WilcockMåned siden
  • Do they make dodge ones

    Countrydeermullet CountryCountrydeermullet CountryMåned siden
    • Not yet

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7Måned siden
  • But still nice ahh truck/built

    Rogelio LopezRogelio LopezMåned siden
  • Not me clicking it just because I thought it was a real f450?!

    Rogelio LopezRogelio LopezMåned siden
  • Nice, you should cut a hole in the front for cooling the motor

    Davide MarchioriDavide MarchioriMåned siden
  • Wait thats illegal

    Andrew CappinAndrew CappinMåned siden
    • @RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7 its just a funny word for people that wants business 🤣

      Andrew CappinAndrew CappinMåned siden
    • ?

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7Måned siden
  • How mauch is that?

    Valentino SamsonValentino SamsonMåned siden
  • “Electric motors aren’t as cool as this” i agree 100%

    BullseyeBullseyeMåned siden
  • Yup runs just like a Ford. Getting stuck and stalling out.

    Sage Lake OutdoorsSage Lake OutdoorsMåned siden
  • Nice build love it

    Denny McCartDenny McCartMåned siden
  • So cool😍😍😍I hope a have that one

    Chester DacilloChester DacilloMåned siden
    • Cheers

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7Måned siden
  • Wow... absolutely awesome build!!

    Marc ToscaniniMarc ToscaniniMåned siden
  • This thing is sick! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 never seen anything like this in my life... soo sick is all I can say🤦🏽‍♂️🤯 How much would something like this cost to build? Will you be willing to build for people?

    TheSavage174TheSavage174Måned siden
    • @RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7 sheeeesh... over 2k id have to have a seat built on it so I can actually drive it🤣🤣 man this is sick though good job. Wish I can afford to build one of my own

      TheSavage174TheSavage174Måned siden
    • Over 2k to build for everything. Unfortunately I have no time to build them

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7Måned siden
  • No baffles in the tank probably make it suck air sometimes and then also may make it choke out.

    Truth Never LiesTruth Never LiesMåned siden
    • Interesting, thanks 😊

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7Måned siden
  • cool build just needs a trailer

    Chad ThornbergChad ThornbergMåned siden
  • That’s so awesome! I feel like if I had one I’d never stop playing with it.

    Brandon WeedBrandon WeedMåned siden
  • oh my god what a perfect truck congratulations, greetings from Punto Fijo - Venezuela.

    Carlos Eduardo RojasCarlos Eduardo RojasMåned siden

    şarkı adamışarkı adamıMåned siden
  • Do you use oil for that machine?

    Rudy GunawanRudy GunawanMåned siden
  • How you build real enggine for rc

  • faz uma pra mim te amo Brow por favor brow

    Caua ViniciusCaua ViniciusMåned siden
  • That's a awesome super duty! It would be cool to hook up a little trailer and tow a rock crawler behind it. That would be a site to see. Good build, thanks for sharing the video

    JoshJoshMåned siden
    • No worries brother and glad to hear that you like the content 👍

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7Måned siden
    • @RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7 The video of you running that super duty for the first time on camera was the first and only video I have seen. I'm looking forward to watching more tonight once I'm home from work. I also subscribed after just a few minutes of watching for my first time. Its cool you do the videos. My son is 10yrs old and he can drive RC's better than I can so he lloves anything that's RC and anything that has a engine. I have 3 fullsize ford trucks so he's a ford boy since birth. He loves your dually. Thanks for the entertainment and your reply.

      JoshJoshMåned siden
    • I have done exactly that in my latest video

      RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7Måned siden