Fluffy Goes To India | Gabriel Iglesias

14. nov.. 2019
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Happy throwback Thursday from 2014!

  • He nailed that India accent.

    richard ramfirerichard ramfire21 minutt siden
  • 13:41 thank me later

    Dennis GutzmanDennis Gutzman42 minutter siden
  • Dude I’m german and I tell you We understand jokes Just go ahead and make fun of us we get it Just go ahead

    Matorix 003Matorix 00357 minutter siden
  • Really liked joke about Poland.

    Паша ПашаПаша ПашаTime siden
  • I m indian...😍😍

    Ashish kumar sinhaAshish kumar sinhaTime siden
  • As indian this make to a whole new level

    man bocman bocTime siden
  • I don't know how he made up so many false stories but the comedy was great....btw cow is holy coz it nourishes and farms in India, Fanta is not at all a favourite in india, everyone honks at the cows and slap its belly to clear the road and we don't move our head so much wildly 😂😂🤣

    vikas samalvikas samal3 timer siden
  • India is adventurours country with lots of joy and happiness believe that

    Mandy SinghMandy Singh3 timer siden
  • Exceptionally Accurate lol

    XmyianXmyian4 timer siden
  • Fluffy: Martin And I just went to India Lady in the back: Hehehehehe 😂

    Prem SharmaPrem Sharma5 timer siden
  • Now parasites are everywhere, go places Gabi with mask... easily available in America

    rajeev tpmrajeev tpm5 timer siden
  • This is the first time any stand up comedy actually made me laugh

    Ekanshi RastogiEkanshi Rastogi6 timer siden
  • National pride never wears off.

    hey manhey man6 timer siden
  • Germans have no sense of humor! I once met one and when he spoke German I said, I do NOT know what you said BUT it sounds like plans to invade Poland!" HE WAS NOT AMUSED!!!!!!!!

    Capohanf1Capohanf17 timer siden
  • We never move our head from side side typically while talking!!

    Tannistha BanerjeeTannistha Banerjee7 timer siden
  • at first, I thought this might have been a clickbait video with a picture but no audio... but then I was relived when the video started playing

    --7 timer siden
  • 8:25 that point is wrong every one stops and do nothing just standing and making videos

    anuj tanwaranuj tanwar10 timer siden
  • Who has invented Fanta? You know it! It was the Germans!

    Blach boxBlach box10 timer siden
  • Extra 100 points for his Mallu English Accent

    Aryan ArveeAryan Arvee10 timer siden
  • Wow well prepared. Im not indian but this is really funny

    Bagas Dwi AgsartoBagas Dwi Agsarto12 timer siden
  • I love how Fluffy is being so nice

    Shaurya MalhotraShaurya Malhotra15 timer siden
  • That was awesome, love fluffy 👍

    Linda KinsmanLinda Kinsman16 timer siden
  • thumbs up. informative but, so not funny.

    H BahramiH Bahrami16 timer siden
  • 22:44 He’s glitching

    Kai PhanKai Phan17 timer siden
  • That accent at 3:34.. That's South India bro

    Waterproof BiscuitWaterproof Biscuit20 timer siden
  • Fanta was invented in NAZI Germany

    Carter CollinsCarter Collins20 timer siden
  • Many freeway dolphin noises

    Mr SchneiderMr Schneider21 time siden
  • The dislikers are ones who can't handle the truth.

    Ranveer MakkarRanveer Makkar21 time siden
  • the german thing,fanta thing, dead on road....all are utter lie

    Manish ChoudharyManish Choudhary22 timer siden
  • dont know which india he has visited

    Manish ChoudharyManish Choudhary22 timer siden
  • Onnu poodoo oolee

    Nanda GopanNanda Gopan22 timer siden
  • He is funny grinch dollaz

    Carlton WatsomCarlton WatsomDag siden
  • His Indian accent is actually a little south indian .

    Pragya OjhaPragya OjhaDag siden
  • I am german. If i would've heard the "blood of jews" I probably would've died from a laughter induced heartattack _On The Spot_

    Krypto Kn8Krypto Kn8Dag siden
  • I think it's the same for any American who has been to a third world country or seen how they live or have spoken to ones from those countries.so he is speaking the truth

    Richard AndersonRichard AndersonDag siden
  • I have been getting this in recommended for past 2 weeks And I have watched today Worth it

  • Yes I disliked it . 😂 Please indians do that and stop the stereotypes of ur country 😁.

    Pawin 2003Pawin 2003Dag siden
  • Only in cities u can see that traffic , not everywhere in india .

    Pawin 2003Pawin 2003Dag siden
  • Guys every thing he said is totally wrong 😡😠😠🖕🖕🖕🖕 , he is creating a bad impression about india . Stop the stereotypes they are totally not true . Be a human .

    Pawin 2003Pawin 2003Dag siden
  • It's funny because Fanta is a German brand haha

    Philipp ÄndernPhilipp ÄndernDag siden
  • 17:47 I think now in 2020 you don't need to give explanation regarding bats XD

  • is it just me or his voice is funnier than his jokes

    Harshwardhan PatilHarshwardhan PatilDag siden
  • Cows 9:41 😂.... It's super true. Cows are busy at their works and undead before indians 😂😂😂😂... cows meat is tasty actually.😁😁

    Achio KhiamAchio KhiamDag siden
  • Everything was true

    Devansh SinghDevansh SinghDag siden
  • Dumbass is pulling facts out his ass, could make a career as a Disney script-writer though

    ad_astroturfad_astroturfDag siden
  • Gabriel Iglesias sounds like king Julia, when he tries india accent

    mohan smohan sDag siden
  • Nice one, First time i didn't get offended. Thumbsup for this performance.

    shailesh parabshailesh parabDag siden
  • the cow😆😆😆😆

    londaa barbaad huaaalondaa barbaad huaaaDag siden
  • Binod😂

    Tisha AnantsTisha AnantsDag siden
  • the problem is that you cannot stereotype india from a state, literally every single state has whole new another experience. U go to UP, u see cows , big prayers, crowds, traditions . U go to gujarat, you get welcomed with heat and vibrance. U go to maharashtra, u see whole new level of festivities, u go to rajasthan, u see the culture and the colours of the state. U go to south, u see a place where the tech giants have their operations-bangalore, u go too eastern states, u see one of THE most green places and beautiful rivers. This doesnt even end here. The imperial rule and the other invasions tend to leave u scarred. Still, we outshine many people from the " developed" countries. We may still be behind on poverty tackling and women safety but we are making progress. So to all of the stereotypical, thinkers. Dont think we aren't civilized.

    Sigma StudiosSigma StudiosDag siden
  • As an indian hindu I totally dont agree with the cow thing he said .. kisi ne chutiya kata hain mote ka😂

    Sen PaÌSen PaÌDag siden
  • 10:59 ye kuch zyada hi ho gaya bhai😂

    H PH PDag siden
  • bruh you Fat and You Suck !

    NAMANNAMANDag siden
  • is he from mexico

    Harshwardhan PatilHarshwardhan PatilDag siden
  • i didnt know people have a image of that in their head when they talk about india damn its safe alright

    Harshwardhan PatilHarshwardhan PatilDag siden
  • You know shit got real when the Indians get quiet

    Astuti SinhaAstuti SinhaDag siden
  • Hello guys. SUBSCRIBE

    Neel ShahNeel ShahDag siden
  • “I felt like Poland” I lost it 😂😂😂

    Astuti SinhaAstuti SinhaDag siden
  • When he said things went crazy in Delhi, as a North Indian, I shuddered and went “Oh shit, what did he see...”

    Astuti SinhaAstuti SinhaDag siden
  • I stay in India from 14 years but I also didn't know so much about India

    Ansh GadaAnsh GadaDag siden
  • U stuffed chicken.. U dnt evn have neck

    jitesh arorajitesh aroraDag siden
    • LOL

      Michael JarekMichael JarekDag siden
  • We malayali 's never saw just cow things in kerala.

    Aysha VkAysha VkDag siden
  • Its kinda crazy how much we keep a tab on the worlds unfunniest person

    YalcnahteYalcnahteDag siden
  • From INDIA👏👏👏

    DMI Bro'sDMI Bro'sDag siden
  • I tried to keep my passwords on Apple, it was a bust. Moved to Google, now under fire. Who can we trust on the internet, NO ONE!! Apple is employed by one CEO, but that CEO is empowered by the Democratic Party. I spoke with a tec through chat that helped promote a 3rd party (not authorized by Apple). He Authorized me to use a 3rd party app. This tech knew I was being spied on, my computer does weird things every time I get on. It happens every single time.

    Jason TylerJason TylerDag siden
  • I don't know why But when he mentioned those germans "teaching him a lesson" I just got mental images of a gang of humpty dumptyes ganking on him

    Lewd PeaceKeeperLewd PeaceKeeperDag siden
  • He is doing over action about Indian life style but it is wrong this is not the actual life style u fool🤨🤨

    Madhu ShanmukaMadhu ShanmukaDag siden
  • Germans drink beer

    Rand ArcherRand ArcherDag siden
  • The polish joke I’m dying My last name

    Nicholas KonczakowskiNicholas KonczakowskiDag siden
  • Black peoples accent is Funny no offense, just like it

    Alexandra ZapataAlexandra ZapataDag siden
  • I love cows I want to be a cow when I die

    rwar rwarrwar rwarDag siden
  • We miss you. Please plan a Holiday Pay per View. We need the laughs.

    Jenny GonzalezJenny GonzalezDag siden
  • We miss you. Please plan a Holiday Pay per View. We need you and the laughs.

    Jenny GonzalezJenny GonzalezDag siden
  • I lost it at Poland! 😂😂😂

    Mr.t HydraMr.t HydraDag siden
  • Got reccommended to me a thousand timess thought it was time I finally saw it

    GOgeta SSJ9KGOgeta SSJ9KDag siden
  • That part on 4:08 😂😂

    Aderlouston LucAderlouston LucDag siden
  • You used to have to wait in the sky for cows to get off of the runways. Now they have fences. If you hit a cow with your vehicle you will be pulled out of your vehicle and be beaten

    jesu cristojesu cristoDag siden
  • Bruh this guy's Indian accent sounds like he was born in India

    Adriano TeixeiraAdriano TeixeiraDag siden
  • Talking about the traffic may thinking about the traffic in Cameroon it being the exact same thing

    Jolie NjikeJolie NjikeDag siden
  • Fanta originated as a Coca-Cola substitute during the American trade embargo of Nazi Germany lmao this why i think this is funny

    livingroom livingroomlivingroom livingroomDag siden
  • Literally not 1 thing he comprehended was true 🤦

    Aditya PratapAditya PratapDag siden
  • #ayushbarua

  • South India has more in common with the rest of Asia and Africa too. We eat mostly rice and vegetable curries. Also it’s a fact that south India is the more developed part and more literate so you’ll get by with English better. And you don’t need to worry about safety really its pretty safe. The street food may not always be the best but it’s usually really good and the water in most areas is ok. Also about the cows the thing about them being reincarnations of people is definetely not true I’ve never heard that before

    Big BeanBig BeanDag siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/pXOwbpx4w6fIl7s.html

    James GitimuJames GitimuDag siden
  • Alright but a big reason indians speak English isn’t because of American culture it’s because of the British and the education system 😂

    Big BeanBig BeanDag siden
  • When people going to realise that English didn't even originate in America

    Azriel GAzriel GDag siden
    • Christopher Columbus came to America looking for India 🤣

      gurjinder singhgurjinder singh9 timer siden
    • But the chili peppers did

      Jose GonzalezJose Gonzalez12 timer siden
  • Indians are not like Americans they help people and they are not the way like fluffy said.

    Parent of Ananya KhaitanParent of Ananya KhaitanDag siden
  • I would pay to go watch this bloke live if I was in the US , an American that's funny ! Although I do like Reginald D hunter

    Jason HartleyJason Hartley2 dager siden
  • All the jokes were fake and I am a Indian. Not a single Indian shakes their head like the one you were doing . 😂 LOL 😝

    Parent of Ananya KhaitanParent of Ananya Khaitan2 dager siden
  • Gabrial, i might be drunk and high right now but i really appreciate this.

    Bogdan BogdanBogdan Bogdan2 dager siden
  • GTA India is a great idea.

  • To all the Indians getting hurt coz of the stereotypical BS, Let them. We were wealthy once, 1000 years of Islamic jihadi rule and 200 years of British exploitation would leave you poor, but somehow we survived. But we are far from failure. We ain't a "banana republic", in just 70 years we are the fastest growing economy and a nuclear power. We are set to overtake USA economy by 2050. So just work hard and make your country proud. The next century belongs to Indians. Jai Hind. #ProudTobeIndian .

    The Great GatsbyThe Great Gatsby2 dager siden
  • I can bet you visited another India..those facts you said i have ever heard even as a Indian

    Abhijit GoraiAbhijit Gorai2 dager siden
  • Hahaha this is funny haha

    Amber RiosAmber Rios2 dager siden
  • When sun go down 🌅 YOU GO DOWN 🔪

    Aman BhargavaAman Bhargava2 dager siden
  • 14:45 me too......

    kartik baiskartik bais2 dager siden
  • Anyone here an Indian??

    Sucheta JadhaoSucheta Jadhao2 dager siden
  • I love the way Indian people think more people should Do whatever it takes to make it

    Matt KennedyMatt Kennedy2 dager siden
  • This is great but the undisputed most popular drink in India is definitely thumsup

    Budugu VBudugu V2 dager siden
  • Most popular drink in india is no "FANTHA"it's beer🙄😂

    Aswin SudarsanAswin Sudarsan2 dager siden