FIRST TIME PLAYING WORLD OF PETS (our game) w/ The Norris Nuts

7. april. 2021
771 884 Ganger

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  • Rate it 5 Stars on the App store - we'll be replying to your reviews :) Download WOP here APP Store iOS here

    Norris Nuts GamingNorris Nuts Gaming10 dager siden
    • mini games in a shop and they get Rewards

      movie manmovie man7 dager siden
    • I wanted to give 5 stars so bad but it is not there on the Android :(

    • please tried and make this better on the mac please

      Diya KaurDiya Kaur10 dager siden
    • Could u add the game into google playcuz then for phones it would be much easier cuz i dont know how to download it Editor:omg im soo sorry i just noticed that it says coming for android soon im soooo sorry

      r or o10 dager siden
    • Never mind love you and catch me necklace

      peach the breederpeach the breeder10 dager siden
  • Hi Norris nuts legends

    Cameron MarashianCameron Marashian53 minutter siden
  • Norris nuts can you please make world of pets work on laptop please

    Girls Game OnGirls Game OnTime siden
  • 5 games it is

    fluerashelperfluerashelperTime siden
  • I know i might get attacked by this but im wondering if u guys could add a non-bianary option for the game and its a issue that most apps only have a "girl-boy" option and no other alternative. This is also for legends that are non-bianary. Lots of kids now are figuring out who they are at a young age like me and i want them to express themselves more. This is not hate but a statement and hate on me or whatever idc

    claire -.-claire -.-2 timer siden

    Rachael KeeleyRachael Keeley3 timer siden
  • I got the game

    Katy ReyesKaty Reyes3 timer siden
  • I love Norris nuts gaming

    Sanjai D KeraiSanjai D Kerai3 timer siden
  • you guys are #1 on the adventure chart

    Candice HillCandice Hill4 timer siden
  • I am on a iPad so I can’t play and I am sad 😢😢😢😢

    Poppybaere WhitehousePoppybaere Whitehouse5 timer siden
  • You should make a cook book for the cooking that shows all the things you can cook and how to cook them

    Jason PerskyJason Persky5 timer siden
  • Idk but it doesnt show up in playstore.your game. Why isnt it in playstore?

    Mazher BeeMazher Bee6 timer siden
  • Congrats guys I had no idea this was a game u guys had created this is amazing! Just downloaded it onto the computer. Can't wait till its out also on android.

    Nehama WNehama W6 timer siden
  • I’m try to download it

    Maitha AlmansooriMaitha Almansoori6 timer siden
  • For my pet

  • How do I buy toys

  • Why wouldn’t I give the Norris nuts 5 stars

    Antonella VeraAntonella Vera7 timer siden
  • Norris nuts when I download this game I will definitely give you 5 stars. Iam a really big fan I watch you everyday! Bellexxx

    James TaylorJames Taylor7 timer siden
  • I really wish I would be able to play this but I can't because it's not on Android 😭😭 Norris nuts please add it to android for the rest of the Legends!❤

    iiartsy_apricxtiiartsy_apricxt7 timer siden
  • I did and I downloaded world of pets

    Tana ClarkTana Clark7 timer siden
  • I just have a lillllllll problem in world of pets.. wellllll- the game sometimes crashes when I’m playing.. and even when I’m trading, like that I can lose a amazing trade.. but- I always glitch a lot to...but I think that’s not such a big problem :D *still gives “5 stars” cuz why not The NN are my idol!!!*

    16Vxbersii16Vxbersii7 timer siden
  • u guys made this game wow its so cool

    Its Just JojoIts Just Jojo8 timer siden
  • I know your probably already gonna do this but defiantly add a map

    sydneys channelsydneys channel9 timer siden
  • you guys have ad véhicles baffle truc sabbre car shrimp mobile bunny car and finaly custemizable car and rénameble

    olivier gingrasolivier gingras9 timer siden
  • i can't play i don't have pc or any of those :(

    Stephanie KniselyStephanie Knisely12 timer siden
  • Hi Norris Nutssss! I love you guys so muchhhh! I just wanted to say that I downloaded WORLD OF PETSSS but The game does not seem to load and it just seems to take me straight back to my home page! I am on a phone - is it best if I were to be on my computer? Byeeeee! Love u all so muchhhh!

    Georgia CollingwoodGeorgia Collingwood12 timer siden
    • Also I rated it 5 starssss even tho I have not had a chance to play yet! So excited to try it!

      Georgia CollingwoodGeorgia Collingwood12 timer siden
  • When will it be on android? It looks so good and I'm super excited to play but I don't have apple...

    had khad k13 timer siden
  • I love how they say its and honour for them to play with us!

    EmmaAnimated99EmmaAnimated9913 timer siden
  • How about you add Norris nuts fashion to world of pets

    Cutie builds ytCutie builds yt13 timer siden
  • Could you guys make World of Pets available for Android?(Please)

    Filippa GasparFilippa Gaspar13 timer siden
  • Nn i have a qeustion!Is something gonna happen when i enter my email password

    Hana NicevicHana Nicevic14 timer siden
  • Omg guys I love your game sooooo much thanks you guys for making this game for the legends!!!!

    Ragan WardRagan Ward14 timer siden
  • Your game doesn't download mate and I am a legend.

    Melissa HampsonMelissa Hampson14 timer siden
  • OMG i just downloaded its si cool

    Nikolay RobottiNikolay Robotti14 timer siden
  • This is the best game ever I play it everyday

    kenzie. ckenzie. c15 timer siden
  • World of pets is the best!!!! I have played it a load!!!

    Ruby HurstRuby Hurst15 timer siden
  • Dinosaur egg

    Florence BensonFlorence Benson15 timer siden
  • For “wop” make it when certain pets age up u can ride them

    Joe HenryJoe Henry16 timer siden
  • It’s really sad because my iPad is too old for world of pets😭😭😭😭

    Millie MarshmallowMillie Marshmallow16 timer siden
  • i need help 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 when i go on to the world of pets website it said HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY? PC DOWNLOAD NOW MAC DOWNLOAD NOW (Big Sur Coming Soon) MOBILE DOWNLOAD NOW (Android Coming Soon) but when is Android coming out i

    andrew mcdadeandrew mcdade16 timer siden
  • Can you pls put world of pets on all devices I dont have any of the stuff you listed

    Neilĺi SpillaneNeilĺi Spillane16 timer siden
  • U could add ages for the players like adopt me so like parent or baby! And u could add houses and build mode!

    Lucy’s ReabornsLucy’s Reaborns16 timer siden
  • I rated it 5 stars for u guys !

    Lucy’s ReabornsLucy’s Reaborns16 timer siden
  • I am getting it and no one is changing my mind I love the Norris nuts

    Things With WingsThings With Wings16 timer siden
  • hi norris nuts i need the code for world of pest plz tell me as soon as possible i will give you five stars on the rating thing plz tell me

    Journey MarshallJourney Marshall17 timer siden
  • oh so thats the clue WOP

    Sarah ChamaSarah Chama17 timer siden
  • yay now i can download it

    Sarah ChamaSarah Chama17 timer siden
  • I looked up world of pets but it's not on my app store

    Will FreemanWill Freeman18 timer siden
  • Pls add to android

    Getzlucky89Getzlucky8918 timer siden
  • Can you release it in android i really wanna play

    cutishenra vlogscutishenra vlogs18 timer siden
  • ALSO ADD a youtube studio and make us film plz btw love the aciei bowl waffles idera

    Lindell DeanLindell Dean18 timer siden
  • omg im totally giving 5 stars thanks for making the game we appreciate it A LOT

    Lindell DeanLindell Dean18 timer siden
  • I told my class about it!!!!!

    Legend NorrisLegend Norris19 timer siden
  • (A update idea) In the game you should put a teleporter that leads you to a place where you will have your own house that you can upgrade and decorate! But sadly lots of legands cant play because its not on android yet but i know it will come soon because you guys are so nice and hark working :) from keira :)

    lewis nononelewis nonone19 timer siden
  • I can't play world of pets even it's out 😢😢 I don't have a iOS device🥺

    Shao Heng HiShao Heng Hi19 timer siden
  • Can u pls put it on android to cause I want to play it to 😊😊

    JJJ CHANNELJJJ CHANNEL19 timer siden
  • I can't play world of pets it does not work on my PC 😭

    Josh DeaconJosh Deacon19 timer siden
  • I cant join the game it doesn't work

    deema salahdeema salah19 timer siden
  • Wuttt can you download the Game in android bc for me I can't download in Android

    Fong Kai RuiFong Kai Rui19 timer siden
  • You could do legendary pets I am a super big legend

    AJC79AJC7920 timer siden
  • When I first join world of pets, it tells me to do an email and a password, I tried putting mine in but it would not work or do I have to put in a certain email???

    Ava McMullinAva McMullin20 timer siden
  • Hi norris nuts i see it on google i try it to search and its only available on ios but its says android coming soon i cant wait to download it on my phone but when i see on the link its 1.2 GB its so big so please norris nuts if you seeing this comment if you realease this on android plsss lower the MB and let me know if it is offline game Cath me knuckles!!

    Reina De CastroReina De Castro20 timer siden
  • I will give 5 stars and here is stuff u should add 1.holidays (u should update when there is a holiday) 2.all apps (u should make it come on all devices) 3.adopt me or? (Add a scam system bc people could get scammed) 4.emoticonz (this is optional but i think u should add animations for when u eat, drink etc) 5. Builds (u should make houses for the ppl to sleep in and just for roleplayers)

    Lexi UchihaLexi Uchiha21 time siden
  • can you guys pleasssseeeee let this game be available for Android please because here are many Android legends that want to support you

    Lela Sidhom 38Lela Sidhom 3822 timer siden
  • My pet levelled up to level two but it still says it’s level one and it won’t let me do anymore quests I couldn’t even finish the quest I was on it keeps glitching for me Norris nuts please help me

    Ali PlayzAli Playz22 timer siden
  • this game is so cool! i wish i could get it but i only have the i phone 5 😭but in a few months when i’m 13 i can get a better phone and the first thing i will do is get WORLD OF PETS!

    It's Just AvaIt's Just Ava23 timer siden
  • Maybe you can add something so we can go in all the buildings but I don’t know just an idea

    E l l a A n d e r s o nE l l a A n d e r s o n23 timer siden
  • Can you put it on Android (samsung)

    Siennah BarlowSiennah BarlowDag siden
  • Will it come on android

    Siennah BarlowSiennah BarlowDag siden
  • im so excited i might get it on the weekends but i have to talk to my parents first even if its free

    Lindey Jane BrodyLindey Jane BrodyDag siden
  • I cant get it on my android tab 😢

    Sarah AsheSarah AsheDag siden
  • i'm downloading world of pet's now 😁😁😁😁

    Frances CollinsonFrances CollinsonDag siden

    Sameydi De leonSameydi De leonDag siden
  • Make an acai wafels and make a sabare tiktok house

    Sameydi De leonSameydi De leonDag siden

    jacklyn jayjacklyn jayDag siden
  • Please add teleporting for the game for new update

    LeynaPlayzLeynaPlayzDag siden
  • For an idea maybe you could make an outfit design contest? Like you design a new shirt or something? Or there could be a shop for players clothing. Like they would design a piece of clothing and they could sell it?

    •L1NDS3Y••L1NDS3Y•Dag siden
  • Hey Norris Nuts and fellow legends! This app looks AMAZING! One idea I have is maybe if you could make it available for Android. Thank you so much for making this game for the legends, it means a lot ❤

    Nutella_PlayzNutella_PlayzDag siden
  • hi! i have an iphone 6 and my sister has a iphone seven! she could download it but i couldnt. i was wondering if you guys could make it 13.0 ios and under because i was so upset when i couldnt download it ! i love you guys !!!

    NoodlesNoodlesDag siden

    Scott BuckleyScott BuckleyDag siden
  • My sister helped me play your game I think it’s really cool thank you for making it Norris nuts I’m watching you right now thank you so much

    Mikayla WolczeckiMikayla WolczeckiDag siden
  • Yes I will give u a five stars😊🥰😍

    Larissa CoderreLarissa CoderreDag siden
  • u should make it so you could trad

    Aoife LoughreyAoife LoughreyDag siden
  • Is it coming on android 🥰

    Kiki. QKiki. QDag siden
  • Make a create your own donut shop and a shrimp squad centre

    Ariana GamesAriana GamesDag siden
  • my storage is dead now

    Expired BagelsExpired BagelsDag siden
  • Hi norris nuts if you see this please respond. I just downloaded world of pets and I'm so exited to play but when I got to the part where I have to put my name in it won't let me do you know why? you guys are the best you tubers respond if you can, byeeee

    Olivia ConstanzerOlivia ConstanzerDag siden
  • When I completed the first task from the mayor my game froze and I was about to rate it a 5 star rating but I couldn’t send it.Hopefully this helped! (Btw I named my pet GetNazAGinueaPig)

    BeyzilayziBeyzilayziDag siden
  • Its so close too number 1 in a adventure!!! #14 is such a big step congrats!!!

    xXIts_A&MXxxXIts_A&MXxDag siden

    BeyzilayziBeyzilayziDag siden
  • Can we all just appreciate there hard work and this amazing game

    Noella M LachanceNoella M LachanceDag siden
  • Anyone else want to see their mama and papa play world of pets with them

    Lydia TLydia TDag siden
  • I just played your game and it’s stupid it kept asking for my email and it’s not letting me put my name in which is emery soooo I suggest you delete that old dumb dump and yeah I am a super legend it’s just that your game has a bug or glitch in it because it’s not letting me put my name in

    Maria SolisMaria SolisDag siden
  • EmmaBallet tried scamming me with her dragon

    NicckelThePicckelNicckelThePicckelDag siden
  • YOU INSPIRED ME TO MAKE MY OWN YT CHANNEL thanks to all the Norris nuts love from inaya Syed from uk England

    Inaya SyedInaya SyedDag siden
  • Idk if u already have this on world of pets but a map

    Piper. HeavenPiper. HeavenDag siden

    Inaya SyedInaya SyedDag siden
  • I love ur game it would mean so much if u answers u guys literally make my day better! Love u guys

    Piper. HeavenPiper. HeavenDag siden
  • Yas I am lplaying it rn I love it it’s awesome!!!!

    Mrs ThompsonMrs ThompsonDag siden
  • Ahh

    Mia KoseckaMia KoseckaDag siden