first day in the oval office

19. nov.. 2020
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  • Typical USG propaganda. I'm a glad citizen of the United States of Bitch.

    StupetinStupetinTime siden
  • United States of Gay ❤️

    TheMonsterGroovyTheMonsterGroovyTime siden
  • "As the 46 president of the United States of... _G A Y_ " lmao

    BNSFGUY7777BNSFGUY77773 timer siden
  • berd makes impressive speech and audience claps by twerking

    FadeFade3 timer siden
  • Love him

    NBredBEANS _NBredBEANS _4 timer siden
  • It's about time

    Purple ArkPurple Ark5 timer siden
  • Wooow best president of all time

    John ChavezJohn Chavez5 timer siden

    RLE ProductionsRLE Productions5 timer siden
  • Why are there dislikes on this

    Mohamed OsamaMohamed Osama6 timer siden
  • Berd

    Abdulrahman alSabahAbdulrahman alSabah6 timer siden

    Tragger The dragonTragger The dragon7 timer siden
  • Finally! I voted. Best president

    Mind if I SlytherinMind if I Slytherin7 timer siden
  • I wish he was elected insted of Trump or Biden

    CupcakeUwU 's ArtCupcakeUwU 's Art7 timer siden
  • “United States of gay “ noice

    GamerBoisGamerBois8 timer siden
  • why, just why bob w h y t h e f i c c i n g h e l l

    Mac CheezMac Cheez8 timer siden
  • Bad President. Only killing the wasps. He needs to put his head where is really matters Scorpions and snakes.

    Expert ArcherExpert Archer8 timer siden
  • #FuckTheWasps

    Tmh GamingTmh Gaming9 timer siden
  • now THIS is what i subed for

    Dynomite08Dynomite089 timer siden
  • Not a patron, but I have an idea. You are berd's little pogchamp Y e s U smell bad U were not supposed to see that Noooooooo

    No HaccNo Hacc10 timer siden
  • Here in the UK "WASP" stands for "White Anglo-Saxon Protestants" who consider themselves a superior class. Maybe I'm reading too much into a Berd video.

    MatiMati10 timer siden
  • So... ✨ G A Y R I G H T S ✨

    Jessica CelisJessica Celis10 timer siden
  • (courtesy of subscribers sheer freaking will)

    North Florida Rail ProductionsNorth Florida Rail Productions11 timer siden
  • :O

    VICKIE ENGVICKIE ENG11 timer siden
  • How about make harambe alive

    Denis PerovanoDenis Perovano12 timer siden
  • I am proud to be living in the CUM lands Canada USA Mexico

    CCaffieCCaffie12 timer siden
  • It’s about time

    eNoff MusiceNoff Music12 timer siden
  • I thought I voted for kylo ren

    slurporgslurporg14 timer siden
  • I wonder where berd went?

    ShrekShrek14 timer siden
  • Im the president of transgender

    Yi Hang ChenYi Hang Chen15 timer siden
  • 0:11 That’s a ant not a wasp.

    Sean The FurcornSean The Furcorn15 timer siden
    • Thanks. Besides, that ant could be anyone.

      Sean The FurcornSean The Furcorn12 timer siden
    • Congratulations on missing the joke!

      SantiCheddarSantiCheddar12 timer siden
  • Berd

    Orange nekoOrange neko16 timer siden
  • Im so glad someone finally said somthing about the wasps

    Jackalope FreeJackalope Free16 timer siden
  • Long live the life of... whoever that is.

    FeverDreamFeverDream16 timer siden
  • If born was president crime rate 0 covid-19 gone life f#cking epic

    shadow lordshadow lord17 timer siden
  • Berd posts this while I'm walking past the white house lol

    Luke PetersLuke Peters17 timer siden
  • It’s about time

    Alyson The AlyAlyson The Aly18 timer siden
  • Why wasn't I notified reeeee *slaps NOworld*

    Ryoko HarukaRyoko Haruka18 timer siden
  • He got stung by a wasp that day.

    Mark OleshMark Olesh18 timer siden
  • berd should make a game

    Yk1llitr4lphxYk1llitr4lphx18 timer siden
  • A lot better than Biden.

    ReaDiEraze II.ReaDiEraze II.18 timer siden
  • Just build a great wall against the wasps

    CabbageGamingCabbageGaming18 timer siden
  • Berd should play minecraft vr again

    Maritza NavarroMaritza Navarro19 timer siden
  • Trump be like: “𝑻𝒉𝒆𝒚 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒕 𝒕𝒐 𝒕𝒂𝒌𝒆 𝒂𝒘𝒂𝒚 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒊𝒏𝒔𝒆𝒄𝒕𝒔!!” Trump supporters be like: “𝑩𝒖𝒕 𝒘𝒆 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒆𝒔𝒕!"

    MrJag408MrJag40819 timer siden
  • We can now confirm that berd records his videos WITHOUT scripts and that he just comes up with things in his big berd brain.

    bocoy noiubocoy noiu19 timer siden
  • “It’s about time”

    Andrew DeckerAndrew Decker20 timer siden
  • He even sounds like Biden lol

    Kate W.Kate W.20 timer siden
  • I am bred

    bred Boibred Boi20 timer siden
  • This guy's voice is so adorable until I hear him swear then I'm slapped back to reality

    unity orbelmunity orbelm21 time siden
    • Berd is obviously gonna be tje president for the next 68.5 years

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu19 timer siden
  • President berd gets vice presiberd?

    SomethingSomething21 time siden
  • Also... Read More

    master Zabuzamaster Zabuza22 timer siden
  • 50 United States of gay is the best type This is a joke honestly I don't support being gay but you do you

    master Zabuzamaster Zabuza22 timer siden
  • United states of gay had me laughing way harder than it should've

    C0mpl3x1tyC0mpl3x1tyDag siden
  • Yeee berd hell ye wasps suck

    Mr KritMr KritDag siden
  • Other nations can only wish they had a president like the president of United States of Gay

    What Would Be A Good Name For My ChannelWhat Would Be A Good Name For My ChannelDag siden
  • Berd 2020

    SoliidSkullfaceSoliidSkullfaceDag siden
  • Nobody is perfect ... Im *nobody*

    xXstickXx IxXstickXx IDag siden
  • White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

    M SM SDag siden
  • it aint much but its honest work

    AcholiteAcholiteDag siden
  • Ok but genuinely I would love a president that would order the extinction of all wasps

    InkSplatter!-ChanInkSplatter!-ChanDag siden
  • Everyone else be jealous cuz they're not a part of The United States Of Gai

    I_hart_ camoI_hart_ camoDag siden
  • 2020: absoloute terror In an alternate universe:

    Butter SockButter SockDag siden
  • Berd is obviously gonna be tje president for the next 68.5 years

    •mooshie bloom••mooshie bloom•Dag siden
  • Politics to Poligay

    mpadak api502mpadak api502Dag siden
  • Yeah f*ck the wasps

    Retro Bit 11, unpopular internet userRetro Bit 11, unpopular internet userDag siden
  • I love it how all of your “berds” are god tear but the one in your pfp is so god damn cancer 😂😂😂

    BEARINGbearingBEARINGbearingDag siden
  • less wasps, more *B E E S*

    4008892240088922Dag siden
  • oval

    epicgiraffe 170epicgiraffe 170Dag siden
  • imagine berd giving berth to philbert

    Yk1llitr4lphxYk1llitr4lphxDag siden
  • The United States of gay lmao

    Zozo WafflesZozo WafflesDag siden
  • I have never agreed more than I do right now

    TheSpiderKindomTheSpiderKindomDag siden
  • can someone tell me what animation software berd use-

  • Ah finally they had a talk about the birds and the wasps...

    Rohan SewdienRohan SewdienDag siden
  • Topical

    Caleb CohanCaleb CohanDag siden
  • Finally about time

    Glamrock LoganGlamrock LoganDag siden
  • I love this guy

    myliemylieDag siden
  • The last time I saw one of your videos was with my ex-boyfriend :'( and i feel nostalgic now everytime I see you posted a new one

    Jaimealberto ParraaguadoJaimealberto ParraaguadoDag siden
  • The best president we've ever elected!

    S DS DDag siden
  • _Barry B. Benson has entered the chat_

    Rhombidodecahedron Arc-en-cielRhombidodecahedron Arc-en-cielDag siden
  • I hate wasps. THANK YOU

    Okuyasu NijimuraOkuyasu NijimuraDag siden

  • "Mister pres, now that the wasps are extinct what will yo-" "FUCK YOU HORNETS YOUR NEXT!"

    Overlord VeraOverlord VeraDag siden
  • this president needs to get his priorities straight.... we obviously need to get rid of the mosquitoes first. fuck them.

    I'm Just A GirlI'm Just A GirlDag siden
  • NO, mosquitoes first

    That_Blonde DorkThat_Blonde DorkDag siden
  • ok be funny next time

    gkgkDag siden
  • Mosquitos too

    Jakub WrukJakub WrukDag siden
  • When u arrive so early that the comments are still borken Im four parallel universe ahead of you

    Finlay McIntoshFinlay McIntoshDag siden
  • Im moving to the United states of gay

    Wiled man 24Wiled man 24Dag siden
  • where is jhon whick? hes lighting a wick you frick

    Luke BrimmLuke BrimmDag siden
  • That's pretty much exactly how our new president stutters for real lol

    Tony CarricoTony CarricoDag siden
  • To be honest making wasps go extinct isn't such a bad idea

    Mr Long TeethMr Long TeethDag siden
  • Elect this man now.

    Terilkin FlamewoodTerilkin FlamewoodDag siden
  • Berden Hare-is? 🐦+🐇 Berden 2020

    Hoverfish :DHoverfish :DDag siden
  • Yes FUK WASPS!,

    _ NEGAN __ NEGAN _Dag siden
  • Best president ever

    Goldboss456 memesGoldboss456 memesDag siden
  • Let's be honest biden's so senile he might start saying the Green lantern oath when he sworn into office.

    hotthornshotthornsDag siden
  • oH mY goD tHe woRd gAy is oFfEnsive

    PossumPossumDag siden
  • Best president ever

    John MarstonJohn MarstonDag siden
  • Yeah fuck the wasps

    David GalvanDavid GalvanDag siden

    IndianaCoomerIndianaCoomerDag siden
  • "In the.. United States Of.. _gay_ ." Lmao

    FestiveRabbitFestiveRabbitDag siden