First 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

29. sep.. 2020
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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the first 2020 presidential debate in Cleveland, OH.

  • If I were that did giving questions I threw a shoe at trump for interrupting like almost every time BIDEN 2020

    Kendall CampaKendall Campa2 timer siden
  • Trump proved how rotten he is by not signing the dtimulous order as promised. His usual lying bully self. Vote him out. Pelosi is ready for the ol folks home and Trump for prison for tax evasion m

    Michael PondoMichael Pondo2 timer siden
  • Everyone knows that Biden won the election and Trump lost

    amir aliamir ali2 timer siden
  • If Biden will win this campaign shame on you America... He is much more a Father to you than Biden shame on you

    junjay velascojunjay velasco2 timer siden
  • In few points each one has a little idea how making things work. Lacking of ideas, disqualifications and sarcastic smiles show me that even noone deserves to be an USA president, one of this two average man will. Time for serious or inteligent debates has gone by. Now we have what the time has pushed us to have: Two clowns fighting as humans trying to get a seat to run a country. If only they knew what it takes. And Trump is already sitted there !

    aldo belmaraldo belmar2 timer siden
  • Depart Ivanka from Trump.

    Save AmericaSave America2 timer siden
  • Im not from USA but i think trump is just fucking dumb.He just acted like some High school bully by not letting biden speak

    Holy BoiHoly Boi3 timer siden
  • Trump 2020 more years

    Jessie BrownJessie Brown3 timer siden
  • Joe Biden is a dumbass

    Jessie BrownJessie Brown3 timer siden
  • Always evading the real questions and blaming other for he’s incompetence.

    Maria PantojaMaria Pantoja3 timer siden
  • Both of them is terrible omg 😂

    Ruby TotoRuby Toto3 timer siden
  • This so called president is a train wreck...what an embarrassment to the nation...God help us.

    Maria PantojaMaria Pantoja3 timer siden
  • 1:10:20 he’s gonna raise taxes

    Nassaiah HillsNassaiah Hills3 timer siden
  • Mr Trump is best 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤️

    Shaina ZaherShaina Zaher3 timer siden
  • Hang in there Mr. President : (

    Gwendolyn JohnsonGwendolyn Johnson4 timer siden
  • Does anyone listen to the president when he speaks? It is unbelievably disrespectful not to listen to the president talk. I know the president is MADDD as hell right now.

    Gwendolyn JohnsonGwendolyn Johnson4 timer siden
  • I really do agree with providing mask for children going to school during this time; at least until March 2021

    Gwendolyn JohnsonGwendolyn Johnson4 timer siden
  • Captain America VS Bucky

    池袋ジュン苦労池袋ジュン苦労4 timer siden
  • In the end times they will be great amount of the deceit how many Chinese in the US do you see what is factual what's the flight to the moon real in the make-believe world for the most high they say all will be known and all will be seen and all quiet and silent shall be through your cell phone that they will be a generation with knowledge that's never been known yeah I spit find my flow television program programming who say whatever it's all on the control when more and more are starting to know

    Eddie FigueroaEddie Figueroa4 timer siden
    • Conspiracy theory

      Eddie FigueroaEddie Figueroa2 timer siden
    • So vote

      Eddie FigueroaEddie Figueroa3 timer siden
    • Coming near theater near you reality based on truth when lies and deceit what's up we know

      Eddie FigueroaEddie Figueroa4 timer siden
    • Principality here

      Eddie FigueroaEddie Figueroa4 timer siden
    • There must be a reason why I'm here when yeshua is the only one I Fear................. Spiritual war near physical war here

      Eddie FigueroaEddie Figueroa4 timer siden
  • Really joe... A dog ur an idiot

    Brad ChapmanBrad Chapman4 timer siden
  • Hey hey hey trump is hilarious he should do stand up comedy but hes just saying what he thinks they dont like it its all corupted and America has lost its morals its coming down to just surviving and thats not life eny wayz let Donald trump take us out the next 4 years and ill take it from there trump is a hussler he will always get wat hes going for..we need him the next 4 years the other guy dont have the heart for it like trump does .

    Brooke D BowserBrooke D Bowser4 timer siden
  • Besides Andrew Jackson yeah trump is the WORST pres we have ever had

    Raid roach ROACH GANGRaid roach ROACH GANG4 timer siden
  • Sorry you have to deal with that idiot Mr Trump, keep up the excellent work👍

    Harry MorleyHarry Morley5 timer siden
  • 54:45-55:25 has me rollin 🤣🤣🤣

    Nigerian PrincessNigerian Princess5 timer siden
  • Biden looks like a bible salesman

    Misha AnderMisha Ander5 timer siden
  • nous nous

    Soulaymane ElebrahimiSoulaymane Elebrahimi5 timer siden
  • Its such a shame for two ppl that are suppose to be leading the country. One cannot allow the other to speak smh

    Foreverbless FerronForeverbless Ferron5 timer siden
  • The covid numbers are lies!!!! Less than 6% of people that they claim have it actually have it!!! Covid is bad shit and these people that nothing happens to that supposedly have it don't actually. Lies

    Brad ChapmanBrad Chapman5 timer siden
  • Joe you're a Democrat and a damn lying pawn

    Brad ChapmanBrad Chapman5 timer siden
  • Trump debating 2 people not one

    Brad ChapmanBrad Chapman5 timer siden
  • They should slap the shit out of Chris

    Brad ChapmanBrad Chapman5 timer siden
  • They are campaigning not debating

    Brad ChapmanBrad Chapman5 timer siden
  • Covid claims is bullshit by biden!!! What a dumbass

    Brad ChapmanBrad Chapman5 timer siden
  • Political knife fight. Im voting Trump but this debate was awful. Biden stop using Bo for a sympathy vote

    Cobra SixCobra Six6 timer siden
  • From au watching and jesus this is a joke

    Kelvin TranKelvin Tran6 timer siden
  • Then why Biden did not do his 8 years in office . This is stupid

    Justify bmoreJustify bmore6 timer siden
  • If they make his a series on Netflix I would totally subscribe to Netflix

    Steven ChanSteven Chan6 timer siden

    Save AmericaSave America6 timer siden
  • le moderateur ,un espèce de salaud qui passe son temps à interrompre Trump is this a debate between Trump and Biden or Between Biden and the ''moderator''

    R. PR. P6 timer siden
  • Plain and simple Joe is weak. Trump 2020

    Cobra SixCobra Six6 timer siden
  • People panic about everything. You dems blamed bush for not paniking over 9/11

    Cobra SixCobra Six6 timer siden
  • Noone is to blame for the. China virius except China. PERIOD

    Cobra SixCobra Six6 timer siden
  • He wont answer about court packing.

    Cobra SixCobra Six6 timer siden

    Cobra SixCobra Six6 timer siden
  • Joe stop giggling this is serious.

    Cobra SixCobra Six7 timer siden
  • Joe keep giggling

    Cobra SixCobra Six7 timer siden
  • Biden laughing at Trumps accomplishments talking about health care is satanic and scary.

    acousticlullabiesacousticlullabies7 timer siden
  • ( qrwrqwrwrqw) Bewarnd of Joe-Bidden (Creepy Joe)... He is the SPY's of CHINA...omg...!! Collect $$$ from CCP...omg... ( Joe-Bidden is too Creepy..omg ) ( Creepy Joe want to Destory our Freedom & turn us all into a China Slavery/ A Machine..omg..! ) "Not happy come Asian & find us hahaha.. Die Die must Vote for Trump.., Now..Hurry..!!

    C-3PTx TxC-3PTx Tx7 timer siden
  • Joe says the american people have the right to know about who's gonna be be elected but says the American people have no right about how he feels about court packing. Hmmmm

    Cobra SixCobra Six7 timer siden
  • Joe might think hes running for senate.

    Cobra SixCobra Six7 timer siden
  • Wallace is so bias

    Cobra SixCobra Six7 timer siden
  • No one is gonna be making a great musical about these fools in 100 years ... it’s more like a comedy

    BeckyCantflyyyBeckyCantflyyy7 timer siden
  • When the guy asked Biden how he is going to fix systemic racism. All he does is talking about how bad of a job trump does. No strategies no nothing on how to fix the issue. hopeless leader please don't vote him

    maka3230maka32307 timer siden
  • Trump 2020! God bless the USA 🇺🇸

    Mai TarMai Tar7 timer siden
  • Looking back after seeing the second debate Chris sucked.

    Just SaiyajinJust Saiyajin7 timer siden
  • Can anyone else see this is a 2 on 1... against Trump? Am I the only 1 who sees the Moderater is anti-trump?

    1365 Jay1365 Jay7 timer siden
  • 40. God is He who created you, then provides for you, then makes you die, then brings you back to life. Can any of your idols do any of that? Glorified is He, and Exalted above what they associate. 41. Corruption has appeared on land and sea, because of what people’s hands have earned, in order to make them taste some of what they have done, so that they might return. 42. Say, “Roam the earth, and observe the fate of those who came before. Most of them were idolaters.” 43. So devote yourself to the upright religion, before there comes from God a Day that cannot be averted. On that Day, they will be shocked. 44. Whoever disbelieves, upon him falls his disbelief. And whoever acts righteously-they are preparing for themselves. 45. So that He may reward those who have believed and done the righteous deeds out of His bounty. Indeed, He does not love the ungrateful. 46. And of His signs is that He sends the winds bearing good news, to give you a taste of His mercy, and so that the ships may sail by His command, and so that you may seek of His bounty, and so that you may give thanks. Chapter 30, The Romans

    Abu MuhammadAbu Muhammad7 timer siden
  • TRUMP 2020

    TEAM REMIXTEAM REMIX8 timer siden
  • Love Trump my fav great debate ✨

    nightcrawlernightcrawler8 timer siden
  • Who would you wote fir after listening to this

    Iqra AsifIqra Asif8 timer siden
  • Ngày Mai Sẽ Có Người Thua Cuộc và Ai Sẽ Cưng Vietnam ?

    KHỔNG MINHKHỔNG MINH8 timer siden
    • 2 người này ai cưng vietnam

      KHỔNG MINHKHỔNG MINH8 timer siden
  • Donald Trump is a disgrace, Nationally and Internationally. He is only good to his Masters, the Zionist Israeli government, the murderers of innocent Palestinian people.

    Abu MuhammadAbu Muhammad8 timer siden
    • @Oozly Joe Biden was so right to call DT Putin's Puppy 🦮 😂😂😂😂

      Abu MuhammadAbu Muhammad7 timer siden
    • disinformation

      OozlyOozly8 timer siden
  • At 10:20 did he thank the Pentagram before the debate!?!?

    Tehl BurchettTehl Burchett9 timer siden
  • My friends and I wanted to speak out about the issues surrounding our society. I created a short video on my channel about BLM and it would be awesome if you guys could check it out!

    felix winfelix win9 timer siden
  • 💩

    Kyrstin WestKyrstin West9 timer siden
  • #fuckyoutrump

    Nikos safaridisNikos safaridis9 timer siden
  • "You're lying" "no, you're lying"

    Rayhan AhmadRayhan Ahmad9 timer siden
  • Bdmf comercial! 😂 government meeds a few rounds lol

    hflipshflips9 timer siden
  • Question: Why are their 2 old white men who are out of their time running this country? And number 2: who wrote these questions they are some terrible questions which is inciting argument on both sides and not addressing issues

    John MoniJohn Moni9 timer siden
  • So basically joe bidens plan is put kids in cages, plus do exactly what Trump has been doing with coronavirus for 7 months wash hands and wear masks. Exactly what we've been doing. Same plan we had on h1and1 in 2009

    Brendan ManwaringBrendan Manwaring9 timer siden
  • Biden if you give 20 billion dólar to sur America so they can take care of te forest they will blow up the money and won’t do ( sorry ) shit. Honestly. Global warming is a teoría not a fact. Hunger is real not a teoría.

    Magdala D’marttinoMagdala D’marttino9 timer siden
  • 1:40:00 sounds like fairytales Biden

    Magdala D’marttinoMagdala D’marttino10 timer siden
  • Help us all.

    WAC EruptionzWAC Eruptionz10 timer siden
  • Why should I vote for you? Trump : because I did this this and that. Biden: because trump is not good and my son . .... So what should I vote for you Biden ?

    Magdala D’marttinoMagdala D’marttino10 timer siden
  • Things I do go extra credit in a class💔🤦‍♀️

    Nina ZapataNina Zapata10 timer siden
  • So because coronavirus kill African Americans Trump is a racist? Hahah

    Magdala D’marttinoMagdala D’marttino10 timer siden
  • Canada here I come 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Mia BalthazarMia Balthazar10 timer siden
  • Like to kids it is fighting

    James PercellJames Percell10 timer siden
  • To old ego people to me that won't do nothing four know one

    James PercellJames Percell10 timer siden
  • 1:00:00 Biden you are not really talking about the economy. Your are talking about fear and really about stay at home “safe” doing what?, and this statistic about mask , says who? It’s pretty obvious that you are trying to get the votes from poor people ignorant people , easy vote . I seen it before in my own country . Don’t buy it .

    Magdala D’marttinoMagdala D’marttino10 timer siden
  • Mask up boys 😷 🇺🇸 🎶

    ChristopherChristopher10 timer siden
  • 57:00 that is so true.

    Magdala D’marttinoMagdala D’marttino10 timer siden
  • whos a aussie

    warriorfnwarriorfn10 timer siden
  • Poor president TRUMP! He has been fighting for the US for the recent 4 years and still doing this job by himself. He has to REMIND Americans of Dems' CORRUPTION AND TREASON just because all the fake news owners are SENCORING HIM AND THE AMERICAN PATRIOTS. WAKE UP AMERICA! WAKE UP!

    Saayeh FaridiSaayeh Faridi11 timer siden
  • Idgaf who wins but idve love to see change in some form good or bad prefer bad

    Benjamin ItzolBenjamin Itzol11 timer siden
  • Of course #Trump2020

    Saayeh FaridiSaayeh Faridi11 timer siden
  • If he wanted to take Obama care he would’ve done it a long time ago.

    Magdala D’marttinoMagdala D’marttino11 timer siden
  • 40:25 so everything stays the same ??? Mmm.

    Magdala D’marttinoMagdala D’marttino11 timer siden
  • 56:39 Idk who worse him or Kanye 🤷🏾‍♂️

    AaronAaron11 timer siden
  • This is so funny

    Mx TamedfrostMx Tamedfrost11 timer siden
  • The lack of critical thinking in the comments section and America in general is very scary to me. I've grown up here all my life and all I ever see are people regurgitating misinformation and hate that they are fed by prominent figures/organizations such as CNN and Fox news. It seems as though people can't understand that no matter which side you're on Democrat or Republican, we vote because we believe that it's best for the country, not because of some radicalized ideals that people accentuate. And don't give me crap by saying, "But the Democrats/radical left" or "But the Republicans/Trump cult." That kind of talk only creates division and hate.

    Diego DíazDiego Díaz11 timer siden
  • "Okay Mr. Penguin. I’m gonna take you to the zoo where you’ll meet some nice people, they’ll treat you real respectable like." Billy Madison

    From 0 2 100From 0 2 10011 timer siden
  • Go trump. Hes doing things right and im mexican. If he wouldn't of closed entry into the country temporarily wearing mask in public, would be forreal right now.

    luis Ramirezluis Ramirez11 timer siden
  • Go trump man

    luis Ramirezluis Ramirez11 timer siden
  • Uhhhhhh what did I just watch

    Lauren DallasLauren Dallas11 timer siden
  • They can easily turn the presidential debate into a television sitcom. The ratings would be extremely high.

    Iron PhysiqueIron Physique11 timer siden
  • Derka derka derka! XD

    From 0 2 100From 0 2 10011 timer siden
  • this first debate is totally a mess

    George VanblimGeorge Vanblim11 timer siden
  • Saw a news caption regarding people being stressed about the election, after watching this debate, now I can see why!!!

    Rose StemkowskiRose Stemkowski11 timer siden
  • I was dying when Joe said "Will you shut up man" lmao

    Ariana GeorgeAriana George11 timer siden