Finding Out Who Slept With The Most People...

29. mars. 2021
207 860 Ganger

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  • That intro cracked me up. Well done lad 🙌

    SpirituxlSpirituxl7 dager siden
  • Dude Claire looks like Lucy from despicable Me

    Kayla FugnittoKayla Fugnitto14 dager siden
  • anyone got the last girls @?? asking for a friend that is not me

    SebaSeba15 dager siden
  • S

    -Mr S--Mr S-15 dager siden
  • A lot of emotionally unstable people!!

    Dan CockramDan Cockram18 dager siden
  • You're actually fun and entertaining to watch, dont stop ill always drop a like and im sure others will

    My Rabbit Is EpicMy Rabbit Is Epic18 dager siden
  • why do people keep counting their body count after 10 or so, i can't imagine someone asks you what is your body count and you would reply with something like 87 or else, like why you even bothering count that or you really take notes after every person you had sex with :D

    myname ismartinmyname ismartin19 dager siden
  • Great content again, yasss 👌

    Н ДН Д19 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂the dudes hair and the guy with 1,500 nooo way

    _Emmaxx9_Emmaxx920 dager siden
  • Cal pls do more reacting to the obese people videos

    WilmottOntheGoWilmottOntheGo20 dager siden
  • Oooo

    William MoffatWilliam Moffat20 dager siden
  • I love these vids man

    Orph MetOrph Met21 dag siden
  • Big dude with the dirag carried that video hardd

    DMWDMW21 dag siden
  • 🔥 video!!

    Oz zyOz zy22 dager siden
  • Another good vid lad

    amy husbandamy husband22 dager siden
  • Cal u have me addicted to these videos

    Crispy Chicken NuggetsCrispy Chicken Nuggets22 dager siden
  • I’m not trying to be rude because I really like the channel but why is it called Cals clips when you post the full videos

    Cakee QueeyCakee Queey22 dager siden
  • Cals clips most underrated channel out there

    dmw.dillondmw.dillon22 dager siden
  • What were their bodycounts tff

    Muhammad TalatyMuhammad Talaty22 dager siden

    Harvey AggHarvey Agg22 dager siden
    • That Episode would be hilarious

      Harvey AggHarvey Agg22 dager siden
  • no disrespect, i dont know why i never liked calfreezy at first but mate you're fucking hilarious and i subscribed to this channel ever since keep doing these vids ! 🙏🏼

    josey.josey.23 dager siden
  • 3:26 lets just hope his wife don’t find the vid 😂😂😂

    OwenWarrior7870OwenWarrior787023 dager siden
  • I just love his reactions videos

    jesse lemajesse lema23 dager siden
  • This man is a legend, has me in bits

    Jay MorganJay Morgan23 dager siden
  • That's a nice new accessory in the back ground

    sizzle firesizzle fire23 dager siden
  • this did make my day better! thanks, Cal!

    A PA P23 dager siden
  • Love your videos man fr ❤️❤️

    ShenoiShenoi23 dager siden
  • i wish cal knew he was the reason i have made it through lockdown

    jen macmillerjen macmiller23 dager siden
  • Cal is too jokes 😂😂

    Abdullah PelwanAbdullah Pelwan23 dager siden
  • Just recently started watching the channel and its so good and funny! 😄

    NyahNyah23 dager siden
  • Some of these people are out to just plough

    alexarch3rralexarch3rr23 dager siden
  • “These Americans are built different” had me dying😂😂😂

    ChampChamp23 dager siden
  • Cal what happened between you and weller can we have a bit of context because you and him used to be besties

    Ft CoolersFt Coolers23 dager siden
  • If I were to guess Calfreezy's body count I would say 25!! 🤣🤣 Am I right Freezy?? 🤔

    Khaylan LallaKhaylan Lalla23 dager siden
  • man's slept with 1500 dudes fmd that's absolutely disgusting and disappointing🤮🤮 whatta disgrace to his family

    AlekzyGheeAlekzyGhee23 dager siden
  • look I think reacting videos are stupid but for some reason Cal is so funny in this channel man I love it

    Ace 80Ace 8023 dager siden
  • Freezy. U need to make your videos about 17 minutes long. Its unfair for me to watch a 11 minutes video, when I watch at 1,5x in speed. Fix it fam.

    Erick NsabimbonaErick Nsabimbona23 dager siden
  • Notifications are definitely gonna be turned on for this guy, too many bangers🙌

    Geo salterGeo salter23 dager siden
  • yo i only pressed on this because i thought it was simons vid

    Calming RelaxationCalming Relaxation23 dager siden
  • I like this channel just as much as I like the Sidemenreacts channel 👏🏼

    Jennie MathersJennie Mathers23 dager siden
  • Other youtubers: hope you're having a good day Freezy: if you're not having a fantastic day well that's your problem 😂😂😂🤣

    _ok_ema__ok_ema_23 dager siden
  • I like your videos mate, keep it up 🙏🏻

    faisal Akilanfaisal Akilan23 dager siden
  • 1500 people, then says that’s the number of sexual activity’s he’s had.. its not how many activity’s you’ve had..

    OllieOllie23 dager siden
  • Not my problem that your reacting to this

    Haishra JulesHaishra Jules24 dager siden
  • I love cal but I cant stop thinking about a tik tok comment I saw saying how cal just basically ditched joe for jj I mean I know they were freinds but joe and cal had wheezy just saying

    Jim ScottJim Scott24 dager siden
  • The "genius" guy gave the 19 yr old girl 1500, knowing the fact that she only had about 365 nights since she turned an adult, If u what I'm sayin' :')

    Aditya BandyopadhyayAditya Bandyopadhyay24 dager siden
  • These quessing lads were on smoke

    Tuukka SaarniTuukka Saarni24 dager siden
  • No offense but the 1.500+ guy kinda looks like the weird collector guy from toy story

    JebboJebbo24 dager siden
  • How can 1 man reacting to a single video make me crease so hard

    Samuel HillsSamuel Hills24 dager siden
  • I think this channel is amazing and I love wut ur doing cal

    Barnes MetcalfeBarnes Metcalfe24 dager siden
  • The Cut crew also love that dude, you should check out all of his other Cut videos. He has some sick ones with his brother and mother lol

    Bryce GossinkBryce Gossink24 dager siden
  • Ok! What is the song title for Cal's outro-music?! I always dance to it at the end of his videos.

    tewa kptewa kp24 dager siden
  • 9:45 man said the more youre having it the happier youre. that is just straight up bollocks

    edik bazaaredik bazaar24 dager siden
  • The 1,500+ 🤢

    bbhbbh24 dager siden
  • Fat boi is capping

    skrrt skrrtskrrt skrrt24 dager siden
  • Jesus is coming back be ready people's

    alez dandyalez dandy24 dager siden
  • love your channel cal

    HelloHello24 dager siden
  • Never knew I needed your reaction videos till now keep them coming please 🙏

    haans fungaleihaans fungalei24 dager siden
  • I feel like everyones number 100% made sense once you hear them all talk about sex & put all the pieces together... Really cool episode

    ZillTheGOATZillTheGOAT24 dager siden
  • sombody give me that number 60 number

    Little Junior69Little Junior6924 dager siden
  • Loving cals clips !! Xx

    lisa mercerlisa mercer24 dager siden
  • Best channel like this is class

    Jamie CoughlanJamie Coughlan24 dager siden
  • The 22 year old is giving me MADDD Vikkstar vibes

    Megan MertaMegan Merta24 dager siden
  • Cal the guy you like with the crazy anal bead hairs name is Duranged Pitt. You should react to more vids with him in it cause they funny as hell

    Stumpy 11Stumpy 1124 dager siden
  • caveman cal

    L 1L 124 dager siden
  • I’m Finna splooge

    ClartaholicClartaholic24 dager siden
  • Absolutely the best intro ever!

    Alfie TSWIAlfie TSWI24 dager siden
  • cals clips > sidemen reacts

    Dami IDami I24 dager siden
  • The only reaction channel I actually look forward to

    JessJess24 dager siden
  • This guy is carrying this lockdown

    legge_0legge_024 dager siden
  • If you're not having a great day that's your problem not mine 😃 BUT!!! Hopefully this video helps...... nice save freezy😆

    FanarFanar24 dager siden
  • Think cals is 24

    Turtle beach24Turtle beach2424 dager siden
    • @Laura T. you think

      Turtle beach24Turtle beach2423 dager siden
    • 26

      Laura T.Laura T.23 dager siden
  • Your videos make me laugh so much so thank you

    Demi LeighDemi Leigh24 dager siden
  • I rate Cal but reaction videos aren't it. You're literally just stealing content and making money off of it.

    M'aiq TysonM'aiq Tyson24 dager siden
  • his vids genuinely make my day

    Dede ADede A24 dager siden
    • Same

      HelloHello24 dager siden
  • I watch calls clips more than sidemen reacts

    MrQuicko StreamsMrQuicko Streams24 dager siden
  • Yo react to men's rights vs feminists lol gets hella heated

    PvexiaPvexia24 dager siden
  • dont stop cal love the content

    Áron RődelÁron Rődel24 dager siden
  • Petition to watch more What Would You Do

    ChiefASCChiefASC24 dager siden
  • ❤️

    Shunpiking wockeezShunpiking wockeez24 dager siden
  • That G with the Hawk Gang t-shirt on seems like the life of the party and that hair is dope

    Pete RPete R24 dager siden
  • Reactions to sidemen vids are still the GOAT

    JonasMJonasM24 dager siden
  • I just got a Smart Bed and, *as jokes*, I named it, (because you have to name it), Calfreezy. I knew I'd be funny but I didn't know HOW funny it would be. Now I get updates saying things like, "Calfreezy is recommending you to lie on your back.", 😂😂😂😂! It is hysterical. At least to me!

    Jaclyn JaxJaclyn Jax24 dager siden
    • Wait smart bed omg imma go find this

      Beth PrincessBeth Princess24 dager siden
  • Guess my body count. I'm 18 5ft 3 Female Long Auburn hair I'm a waitress I am at college I love comfy clothes and a messy bun I'm currently single Any guesses? X

    Jesy RJesy R24 dager siden
    • @Jesy R can make it 3 if you want?? Nah, nah just kidding..

      Himanshu X-FHimanshu X-F22 dager siden
    • @Himanshu X-F yeh lol

      Jesy RJesy R22 dager siden
    • @Jesy R is it 2?

      Himanshu X-FHimanshu X-F22 dager siden
    • @Himanshu X-F hahaha not 7 either haha x

      Jesy RJesy R22 dager siden
    • 7? I can make it 8 if you want (just kidding)

      Himanshu X-FHimanshu X-F22 dager siden
  • I got 4 right😅.the 0,1500,3 and 30. I’m proud😂

    Rahma IbrahimRahma Ibrahim24 dager siden
  • The guy he said he likes ive seen him so many times in those types of vids. React to more of these

    Wiktor BlachowiczWiktor Blachowicz24 dager siden
  • Cals Clips is the best channel in my opinion better than the main channel

    GamingPlays16GamingPlays1624 dager siden
  • 🤣 funny fact.. i always hear simon and cal look alike. ok yea a lil but never to confuse them.. well i just click on a what i tought was a simon video and its cal... lmao ok now i cant say no anymore 🤣

    Youtube CartierYoutube Cartier24 dager siden
  • love it cal x

    Ruby LemanRuby Leman24 dager siden
  • Absolutely love these videos don’t really like reacting videos normally but this channel is on a different and make my days a lot better ❤️

    Darcie squiresDarcie squires24 dager siden
  • I honestly appreciate the consistency!✨👑

    Aondo Mark-israelAondo Mark-israel24 dager siden
  • We need this on sidemen reacts

    Manqoba KuneneManqoba Kunene24 dager siden
  • ngl theese vids are getting me through lockdown you know

    Storm LerhardStorm Lerhard24 dager siden
  • You and your lot should recreate this video with the sidemen. It'd be a laugh.

    Chilli-Ice Olive-AbodeChilli-Ice Olive-Abode24 dager siden
  • I second that

    Michael MoritzMichael Moritz24 dager siden
  • Geez lowkey looking like ice cube

    TheMashupTheMashup24 dager siden
  • Love channel btw

    khamaNKkhamaNK24 dager siden
  • Yo keep up the good work cal I’ve recently started watching you and you vids are just very entertaining so yeah keep up the good work!

    Oculus0 4Oculus0 424 dager siden
  • bro the ginger girl is actually a sex therapist that was a spot on guess lmao

    JacksonJackson24 dager siden
  • Why is he not verified

    Mohamed AliMohamed Ali24 dager siden