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  • we all know that bryce hall is gonna get clapped

    xThePimpfxThePimpf55 minutter siden
  • Just upload FIFA content again please I don't give a shit about your boxing

    lewis smithlewis smith7 timer siden
  • Don't go for slim, i want to see deji beat slim. Fight adam saleh

    kenjiro vitokenjiro vito10 timer siden
  • The way people know you is... Ksi's friend and The guy who got smoked by jake paul

    lift_a_brushlift_a_brush11 timer siden
  • Fight Bambino Becky. Would probably lose but gotta get that bag.

    Matthew CouchmanMatthew Couchman19 timer siden
  • Why do you even try anymore bro? You lost to someone who had way less capabilities than you. Just admit you're doing this for clout and leave 🙄🙄🙄

    Doodoo DooodooDoodoo DooodooDag siden
  • Fight Alex Wassabi on Jakes Undercard

    Jason rodriguezJason rodriguezDag siden
  • I just want gib to fight

    Isaac WoodsIsaac WoodsDag siden
  • Bryce would knock you out. I’m a huge fan but I’m sorry gib, you can’t fight bro.

    Aaron SanchezAaron Sanchez2 dager siden
  • Fight slim

  • The intro was sick

    Hook Flix67Hook Flix672 dager siden
  • This nicca so funny bro 😭😭🤣🤣🤣there gonna call me 3 figger gibber 😭😭

    deen khandeen khan2 dager siden
  • I lost respect for gib, slim calling him out and he saying no because he doesn’t have as much clout. Even tho he was in the same position that him and Jake were in when Jake says he didn’t have clout but making some one else go threw that. You can’t just lose to Jake and think your gonna fight someone that has clout. Prove your self against slim. Gib you will never have a big event if you don’t climb up the latter again

    Isaac VegaIsaac Vega2 dager siden
  • Slim Vs Gib is the fight we want

    Brick CityBrick City3 dager siden

    cnr shadcnr shad3 dager siden
  • This kid on my life

    General KenobiGeneral Kenobi5 dager siden
  • I don’t know why your spar with Alex Wassabi didn’t happen but fight Slim to get back up there in the NOworld boxing game

    RHC3nRHC3n5 dager siden
  • Gib why don’t u fight slim he will break your face your just scared of slim 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ahmed HassanAhmed Hassan5 dager siden
  • Looks like it never happened

    Strix_exeStrix_exe6 dager siden
  • Matthew 3:2 .

    WavyyWavyy6 dager siden
  • Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon .

    WavyyWavyy6 dager siden
  • I’m down for you not to give up and keep boxing but stop making every video about calling someone new out

    fubofubo6 dager siden
  • Slims got more fans that gib

    Fat BoyFat Boy7 dager siden
  • Fight slim

    Fat BoyFat Boy7 dager siden
  • Make more vids bro

    aaryan gamer786aaryan gamer7868 dager siden
  • How do ya feel to lose to Jake Paul 😂 I’m sorry but you talked so much shit and got fucked up

    Kya BurgeKya Burge8 dager siden
    • Fr

      Edgar TorresEdgar Torres7 dager siden
  • You gotta work on your balance 🤣🤣🤣

    TheUnknown PersonTheUnknown Person8 dager siden
  • Just fight slim and then go for bigger fights jeez

    King FreezeKing Freeze9 dager siden
  • Make a serio sos Berry oooh

    David CarranzaventuraDavid Carranzaventura9 dager siden
  • Gib is a clown

    Emir 65Emir 659 dager siden
  • Man loses to jake paul and now wants to fight Bryce hall whats next? ksi? Alex wassabi? Austin mcbroom

    MR money playsMR money plays9 dager siden
  • Upload fifa not fucking boxing

    Gaming BroGaming Bro10 dager siden
  • Crab went silent after he got made a mug of by Jake Paul 😂

    Lemons44Lemons4410 dager siden
  • Crab

    ᐯ I ᗷ ᗴ ᘔᐯ I ᗷ ᗴ ᘔ10 dager siden
  • This dude failed on his time to shine and is struggling to get over it

    Gap_nationGap_nation11 dager siden
  • gib will win he will not give up

    I eat ratsI eat rats11 dager siden
    • He unfortunately gave up against Jake before the fight even started😞

      Theprogamer 123Theprogamer 12311 dager siden
  • Make another vid big gibber and get in the wring that is where you belong you lost cause you had a stinker that you trained 20 times harder than jake

    HxH ClanHxH Clan11 dager siden
  • Can u post

    robert fogelbachrobert fogelbach11 dager siden
  • What are you gonna do a bout king kenny

    CTNCTN12 dager siden
  • 'he makes lifestyle vids but his life is boring' LMAO

    HyperHeadlinesHyperHeadlines12 dager siden
  • You’re not worth pay per view money lol go train kid

    anditgoesindigoanditgoesindigo12 dager siden
  • Funny how even tho Adam is way lighter than Gib he can still K.O him easily.

    YS_ AwareveningYS_ Awarevening12 dager siden
  • Rather you like it or not slim is your only option make it happen

    Keno KenoKeno Keno12 dager siden
  • fight kenny from beta squad he called you out

    Charlie QuintonCharlie Quinton13 dager siden
  • U know @kingkennytv has called u out mate

    James JohnJames John13 dager siden
  • Wait after that ridiculous fight style you had against Jake you really gonna show yourself up again... ERM OKAY!

    Stand On ScriptureStand On Scripture13 dager siden
  • Damn Jake really ruined Gib's carreer

    Bence NagyBence Nagy13 dager siden
    • Spain with out the s

      christian robinsonchristian robinson7 dager siden
  • The "biggest cheese" you ever got and you'll ever get was the Jake Paul fight and you only got that fight because of slim just fight him man

    Hadeel MohammedHadeel Mohammed13 dager siden
  • The biggest cheese as you say is slim and Adam so stop dodging the fight

    Hadeel MohammedHadeel Mohammed13 dager siden
  • Stop using the number of subscribers as a excuse to not fight we know your scared

    Hadeel MohammedHadeel Mohammed13 dager siden
  • Its rlly not funny to make fun of his financial statements because when push comes to shove you got to do what you need to for your family to thrive

    Hadeel MohammedHadeel Mohammed13 dager siden
  • Gib why do you keep calling out people you never end up actually boxing. You cant get these big fights, you need to start at the bottom again

    ClementineClementine14 dager siden
  • Why did he use The Last Dance Michael Jordan documentary intro music

    Andrew JuarezAndrew Juarez14 dager siden
  • Bruh don’t box ever again

    Jj JjJj Jj14 dager siden
  • bro you’re just wet now lowe all the talk you lost all your ratings slim would wrap you

    AbzAbz14 dager siden
  • Let’s face it,gib is probably never going to have another fight,he’s been pussyfooting around for a year now and this whole thing just seems so unrealistic,even if he does have a fight I don’t think people would care too much at this point,

    Platty LadPlatty Lad14 dager siden
    • He can't fight at the end of the day and tbf I wouldn't pay to see him fight again and doubt any1 else will

      christian robinsonchristian robinson7 dager siden
  • Gib vs tgf best Freind

    Simon PierreSimon Pierre15 dager siden
  • I gave you a like because I pity you

    Chris BrothertonChris Brotherton15 dager siden
  • Fight slim stop calling people out if u want to fight some one fight slim cuz he said he’s ready

    Xd SPLITZYXd SPLITZY15 dager siden
  • Me gib looks like Patrick Mahomes

    Cameron GuyCameron Guy15 dager siden
  • this dude drops a fight video than dips for like 7 months,than does another fight video and dips.That was weird af what he did to adam saleh dis boi a creep

    CristianCristian15 dager siden
  • Why have you stop uploading

    Burhan JanjuaBurhan Janjua16 dager siden
    • Because Jake spanked his ass

      Baboon 123Baboon 12314 dager siden
  • I love how there are no positive comments (apart from verified people) in the comments section lol

    CherryTomatoVEVOCherryTomatoVEVO16 dager siden
  • I mean if u so desperately want a fight, fight those people who challenging you and if you win the game everyone would fight you and challenge u

    Hamza PolatHamza Polat16 dager siden
  • Let's wait for other 6 months for gib to post

    TRGTRG16 dager siden
  • Kinda hypocritical of you to not face someone who actually wants the fight mate. Face Slim

    James JohnsonJames Johnson16 dager siden
  • Ethier fight Slim or Adam 😂😂

  • 5:53 dude abouta break his lens

    Ivan RamosIvan Ramos16 dager siden
  • Mr crab

    Your BossYour Boss16 dager siden
  • He turn delusional now

    Habel RumapeaHabel Rumapea17 dager siden
  • 🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🦚🦚🦚

    cheddar bag Medinacheddar bag Medina17 dager siden
  • That exposing type stuff is on some little kid type stuff

    cheddar bag Medinacheddar bag Medina17 dager siden

    cheddar bag Medinacheddar bag Medina17 dager siden
  • I don’t think u will be getting on any big shows after you kept trying to sit down during a fight .

    russellrussell17 dager siden
  • So u gonna fight slim?

    AFGHAN_GAMER_458AFGHAN_GAMER_45817 dager siden
  • fight slim your scared bro

    Sammeh ShahzadSammeh Shahzad17 dager siden
  • Well that was fucking lie

    TheDudaTheDuda17 dager siden
  • You should fight josh brueckner he’s 1-0 on NOworld boxing and he’s in your wait class and he’s a professional MMA fighter as well

    Jake RomanJake Roman17 dager siden
  • Yu don't have enough clout fir bryce hall

    sinner mansinner man17 dager siden
  • U can’t fight I’m sorry

    CloudzyFNCloudzyFN17 dager siden
  • if you fight bryce hall you would win

    Jenna MartinJenna Martin17 dager siden
  • Fight slim bruh

    Isaac ParkIsaac Park17 dager siden
  • Slim is better

    n and j officialn and j official17 dager siden
  • I'm sorry but your just pussying out of the fight with Slim you know you will get knocked out again

    Neel DattaniNeel Dattani17 dager siden
  • Fight slim if you’re really about boxing and can walk through him. Sound like a Puccy for dodging him and Adam

    jeffwhisperinthewindjeffwhisperinthewind17 dager siden
  • Edie said u cant fight I don't think your gonna have any pro fights go back to amateur so u dont get hurt

    Bhino HDBhino HD18 dager siden
  • Adam saleh and slim take notes from their boxing coach and u take ur notes from a crab judging from ur stance🦀🦀

    Aleyaan YounisAleyaan Younis18 dager siden
  • Eddie said it... YOU CANT FIGHT GIB! just stop...

    Relic CMRelic CM18 dager siden
  • Fight Adam if you taking shi!

    ShreeeShreee18 dager siden

    raheem aslamraheem aslam18 dager siden
  • I beg you Gib quit boxing your actually shit your just desperate for moneh

    DigBick •DigBick •18 dager siden
    • @DigBick • Yeah maybe he is doing it for money but there is a difference between being desperate and doing something purely for money, if he was desperate he would upload more and he would have had a fight by now

      Theprogamer 123Theprogamer 12311 dager siden
    • @Theprogamer 123 Bruh Gib is just doing it for moneh

      DigBick •DigBick •11 dager siden
    • If he was desperate for money he would upload more

      Theprogamer 123Theprogamer 12311 dager siden
  • Make a comeback, I miss you

    BEAST123tjBEAST123tj18 dager siden
  • Damn this shits just sad haha

    Tarron NezTarron Nez18 dager siden
  • should have taken the L like logan paul, carry on producing content and laugh about what happened. now he fighting mayweather. u took the joe weller route who doesnt seem like he ever really recovered after his defeat when he ghosted for a year.

    Black MagikBlack Magik18 dager siden
  • Go back to fifa

    Dr. Travis Scott burgerDr. Travis Scott burger19 dager siden
  • I will fight you big gibber if you’re down?

    Random VideosRandom Videos19 dager siden
  • @AdamSaleh

    Brandon SanchezBrandon Sanchez19 dager siden
  • You can just call out rackaracka

    Darkskullz0.1_YTDarkskullz0.1_YT19 dager siden
  • Gib. Comon man it’s been long enough. Time to come back, please.

    m jm j19 dager siden
  • I still love gib, but even though on paper he had nothing to lose, it was wrong. He can’t get a mil views, and it seems that the lose to jake affected him.

    Jonathan AlvarezJonathan Alvarez19 dager siden