Feeding a City in Need

5. april. 2021
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THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER! Thank you so much for watching this channel and allowing us to grow this charity! :)
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  • You said that you would post every week where is the new video

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  • Mr. beast isn’t just a beast he’s the best beast

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  • What go around come around .that what I hope any way .no I never got any thing from mr Beast I am in Stephens city va .

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  • This old man want to buy one dollar house from mr Beast .well it got to be in Stephens city va .best be said.

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  • You want find any better guy than mr Beast

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  • What can I say .mr Beast does a lot for every body .

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  • Mr Beast is one of a kind guy .he help every body out. Like food cars money and cars. Houses and gold bars

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  • those ritz cheese things keep me alive

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  • Love this channel because you help the poor in need. Thanks a lot this made my day

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  • Amazing Video!

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  • Yesss

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  • Mrbeast tell the mr beast channel to sub and watch this channel

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  • Wow this is beautiful and you actually upload new vids to your many channels 🎉

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  • Best channel

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  • We have binged all your videos but truly love the philanthropy. Y’all rock, blessings guys!

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  • cool

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  • How does he not have 100 million :T

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  • Just awesome

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  • Amazing work Mr. Beast!!!!!!!

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  • When is there another video of you doing the same thing weekly?

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  • good man

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  • Who would dislike this?

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  • Comment ing

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  • He is doing so good the tens digit is going faster than the ones digit

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  • Why did somany people dis like

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  • Las cajas que da el gobierno jaja

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  • What does philanthropy mean

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  • AMAZING!!!!!

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  • A

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  • I really want to eat this mud noworld.info/video/video/pXq6r9ecw8-WwrM.html

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  • I liked subscribed and turned on post notifications and I want to be in a Minecraft challenge on mr beast gaming. It is okay if I am, not but I have wished for 2 years now. You are my FAVORITE youtuber.

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  • Me- has ad blocker for youtube Me when I watch mrbeast- no ad block today

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  • I like this channel

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  • Why hello bill lol

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  • Need money 💸💸

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  • Awesome work Mr Beast❤️

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  • Best youtuber

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  • I wonder how this video got 1.7 dislikes

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  • I'm new subscriber from Australia

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  • Casually commenting to get more people to be able to watch it and watching all the adds

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  • I want to do this here in San Diego. If you ever operate a warehouse for similar reasons here be sure to let me know. I want to help the homeless here more than just giving them a few dollars or a sandwich (which now we cannot do anymore, of course). ( I am commenting this from my 3 channels in the hope it gets seen :)

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  • I want to do this here in San Diego. If you ever operate a warehouse for similar reasons here be sure to let me know. I want to help the homeless here more than just giving them a few dollars or a sandwich (which now we cannot do anymore, of course).

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  • I truly mean this when I say, Mr Beast is the BEST NOworldR

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  • Is this a new channel or do I not go on NOworld enough?

    Anna HaAnna Ha7 timer siden
    • A channel dedicated to helping those in need. Dont skip any ads because all of the money is to help others!!

      i live for musici live for music7 timer siden
  • 2070:today me and the bois will make are own country

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  • Comment to help vid

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  • I want gaming pc buttt! I have no 🤑💰

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  • It turned out very well. Good luck.

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  • upload faster so we can help you donate more money

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  • mrbeast is the best he doesnt waste his money on big houses and nice cars he helps people in need

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  • I come from Thailand but i stay in Mallorca and i like your guy vdos

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  • So you have 2 videos and almost 3 mil subscribers? Wtf

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  • i love you, thank you jimmy

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  • This guy has too manny channels

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  • This guy is a good guy

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  • I have 3 channels so I subbed trying to get you to 3m

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  • I've subscribed to every Mr beast channel

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  • To the people who disliked this, I wish you a bad day

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  • This is a 4th channel vid What a guy

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  • I think your making a big difference for all of those familys.

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  • Ello

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  • 3000000TH SUBSCRIBER

  • 😇

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  • I’ve subscribed to all of his channels now, I didn’t realise he has so many

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  • Mr Beast you are an amazing guy. You do so much good for so many people. Now can you help a brother out? We have been sitting here for a week without food so please send some food to us! MrYeetMan, 5101 Coastal Highway Unit # 30, Ocean City Maryland 21842

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  • Ur da best Mr.Beast

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  • Not mr.beast it’s mr.bill

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  • You are SO nice, it's stupid.

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    • @What I mean he is too nice to be human. The amount of money he spends on other people is stupid

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    • Wtf you mean. srry:/

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  • A living legend

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  • Can we just allapresiat how Jimmy is a good NOworld z😫😍😍😍

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  • Good job May God bless you more 😘

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  • this man is insane

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  • But, Im international fan.

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  • 1 dollar = 31.4 baht

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  • I’m from Philippines 🇵🇭 but I’m in Thailand 🇹🇭

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  • LOLLLLL- when i showed my mom this video she was like, “finally a youtube person who dont waste their money on supreme or like a new lambo” 😭😭😭

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    • I'm curious what is it?

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    • Yo i see bunch of people use that youtuber banner.

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  • This is fantastic, I hope that you will keep at it.

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  • Get Jimmy to 3 million subscribers😀

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  • Mr Beast Your AMAZING!!!

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  • episkt

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  • This makes me so happy, when’s he becoming president?

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  • 2

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  • 1

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  • This is why we love this guy

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  • NIICe

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  • NICE GUY ...

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  • This channel got subs so fast

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  • I don't know why people disliked this video...may be they still read newspapers

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  • Am I the only one wondering how food is a problem for people with nice cars? Not dissing the effort. But doubt homeless people and truly poor people will show up in fancy cars? Just wondering

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  • His mom would be so proud

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  • alright imma bout to turn my notifications to all

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  • you have reached unfathomable levels of respect :) THANK YOU

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  • reach 3 milion plz

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