EXCLUSIVE: New Michigan Voter Data I Stumbled Across! | Good Morning #MugClub

19. nov.. 2020
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Steven reviews Senator Mazie Hirono's insane takes on Big Tech censorship, then turns to review some data from Michigan that doesn't add up. Then Steven and the team review the latest video from The Cut, "What Are White People Superior At?"
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  • What do you think of what is going on in Michigan? And does this warrant looking into further?

    StevenCrowderStevenCrowder6 dager siden
    • @josh dombrowski In many states YES. Is there a National Registry? NO. You'll have to check out your State's Election Board website and see if they have a way to search your name. If you suspect fraud, check out: *"TheDonald (dot) win"* to see who you would contact to report it. If you are in Key states, there are lawyers who want *Your Story.*

      This GuyThis Guy19 timer siden
    • So what if you just don’t vote or haven’t ever registered to vote is there away to check those voters logs? especially with all these technically NEW voters.!.! also was just wondering what about the over 30+million Dreamers are their votes legal?

      josh dombrowskijosh dombrowski20 timer siden
    • Biden is playing HIDE 'N' SNIFF!

      THUNDERBIRD!!THUNDERBIRD!!5 dager siden
    • @StevenCrowder Hey Steven, Will *us* scumbag freeloaders get a *Free Friday Morning Mug Show* today???

      This GuyThis Guy5 dager siden
    • I'm sure that governor whitmer who took every opportunity possible since March to publicize Joe Biden and say that Donald Trump wasn't doing anything for her state and continues to say the federal government needs to provide financial assistance for all of the business she just closed would make sure that the election was "Fair". Don't trust her or the rest of her leadership team.

      ronald bentleyronald bentley5 dager siden
  • Another failfest produced by the Crowder team :)

    A Hope FiendA Hope Fiend10 minutter siden
  • Wow Steven, if the fake news, scrap that, the media wing of the DNC did 1/1,000,000 of what you did tonight, we'd see Biden lost everything but Ca, Ny, Jersey, Taxsachusetts & one or 2 other communist run states like Hawaii. Beyond belief what fraud they will do with a straight face, wink, wink us & say try and prove it. Imagine what Washington, Adams, & Hamilton, would be thinking, what Payne & Franklin would be writing about this style of tyranny.

    Ever ForwardEver Forward21 minutt siden
  • Hello. Yesterday I discovered your channel thanks to JRE. Your videos are too entertaining and people debating you are so ridiculous. What you do is important and great to watch from relativly sane place of central Europe. Thank you for your work guys.

    Gomler GomlerovicGomler GomlerovicTime siden
  • I'm white and I HATE tuna. I didn't even know people made it into a casserole but that sounds disgusting

    Pete KooshianPete KooshianTime siden
  • Dictator get a emmy

    Dirk Van WykDirk Van Wyk3 timer siden
  • Exhausting amount of tiresome high volume flippancy

    Dan PollardDan Pollard3 timer siden
  • Nothing is going on other than black folks are tired of Trump's ineptitude.

    DJ Robby RobDJ Robby Rob3 timer siden
  • 100% chance of Biden presidency because he actually won. 😀

    DJ Robby RobDJ Robby Rob3 timer siden
  • Michigan went to Biden. I’m sorry, but y’all crazy. Biden will be the president come January. Let’s focus on the Georgia run off elections.

    Whi teWhi te5 timer siden
  • Looks like joe CAN win an election out of his basement after all!

    Brook K!Brook K!5 timer siden
  • lol, like your audience knows what a preposition is....

    JudgeJudiJudgeJudi5 timer siden
  • There’s no voter fraud get over it

    Matt DonlonMatt Donlon6 timer siden
  • If UN election observers in a 3rd world nation saw 150K votes are brought in the middle of the night all declared from nameless unregistered voters and all for the candidate whose party "controls & counts" the votes, the UN & the World would without hesitation declare fraud, ballot box stuffing & rigged election. But cause its a woke democRAT and fake news they act like a 3 yr old with a face covered in Chocolate swearing they didn't eat all the candy.

    Ever ForwardEver Forward7 timer siden
  • Where are thinking of moving? I can't figure out WHERE I want to go because the ENTIRE u.s. is BATSHIT CRAZY!!! Can ANYONE recommend a place of SANITY that doesn't cost an arm and leg?! PLEASE and THANK YOU! :)

    jammingalwaysjammingalways7 timer siden
  • SIDEBAR... This is the first time I'm listening to your music intro! lol Odd but catchy! :)

    jammingalwaysjammingalways7 timer siden
  • This is Great! I had some good laughs out loud

    Beau AlexanderBeau Alexander8 timer siden
  • The truth is that if it wasn't for car accidents and heart attacks there wouldn't be any deaths from covid-19.. covid is actually a benign virus that couldn't kill a caterpillar which is the reason for the necessity of incorrectly listing all deaths with a positive covid test as the death being caused by the virus. This action is virtually eliminating the data of deaths and their actual cause.. Heart attack, disease, cancer, and all other death rate numbers will be down to almost nil from March of 2020 onward.. compared to last year what are the listed numbers of the causes of deaths for various reasons today? Farm equipment accidents, drink driving, diabetes, obesity, aids, cancer, ect... all those numbers should be really down this year if it's true the deaths are being blamed on covid, unless those deaths are being listed twice, or if each death is being put onto both lists.. other death rates are going to be way down this year in all Catagories and in all countries around the world because they are being blamed on covid-19..

    17seventySIX17seventySIX8 timer siden
    • @Connor Nielsen what are you talking about? If you look at the list of deaths you soulful find that people that died in car accidents were on the list of covid deaths because the tested positive for the virus. even though the virus did not Kill them they are on the list of People that died from the virus. Heart attacks, obesity, diabetes ect.. it doesn't take long to find out the truth.. look before you speak..

      17seventySIX17seventySIX4 timer siden
    • might want to take off the tin foil hat there bud, you aint foolin anyone

      Connor NielsenConnor Nielsen5 timer siden
  • It wouldn't be surprising if California went red without the fraudulent activities of the criminal democratic party freaks..

    17seventySIX17seventySIX9 timer siden
  • Hey Cuomo - it’s not a law only legislative bodies make laws - despite your illusion of grandeur - these are executive orders. Every citizen needs to start rebelling against every executive order issued -

    LD CliftonLD Clifton9 timer siden
  • Would love to give this video a thumbs up. But it is on youtube. And no more comments on youtube either. And... there goes my subscription. Got you on bitchute.

    Ron PageRon Page9 timer siden
  • Shoutout to fellow Michiganders

    yung malariayung malaria10 timer siden
  • 6:40 Excellent Bill Burr imitation of Fredo imitating Bill Burr. Send it to Bill.

    Ever ForwardEver Forward12 timer siden
  • Do you have a job and this doesn't count

    HNSNSN ::HNSNSN ::12 timer siden
  • 👨‍❤‍👨If the looks like election corruption, smells like election corruption and you have evidence of election corruption you can damn well bet it is election CORRUPTION. CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT TRUMP YOU WON THIS ELECTION!👩‍👩‍👦‍👦

    PeeweePeewee14 timer siden
  • You lost. Get over it, snowflake.

    Mak CarolinMak Carolin14 timer siden
  • Why do people bury their heads in the sand. Watch from 27 min mark then make an informed comment. Most don't even bother to watch. They don't care as long as their side won. Seriously this is going to rock the foundation of this country if they allow voter fraud to go unchallenged. Prepare for a civil war, these cheaters have divided the country its only a matter of time. These democrats are playing Russian roulette with this countries future.

    Gold FishymanGold Fishyman15 timer siden
  • 11/25/20 The truth that the election was stolen has at last been proven and will be overturned. Our country will be saves from very evil globalists.

    Jet CampbellJet Campbell18 timer siden
  • @StevenCrowder So what if you just don’t vote or haven’t ever registered to vote is there away to check those voters logs? especially with all these technically NEW voters.!.! also was just wondering what about the over 30+million Dreamers are their votes legal?

    josh dombrowskijosh dombrowski20 timer siden
  • crime.

    seeni gztyseeni gzty20 timer siden
  • This election was my first election that I voted in same as my husband.. We both voted for Trump..

    Erica M. FloresErica M. Flores20 timer siden
    • I’m sorry

      CriscoCrisco20 timer siden
  • I want to see this show on Rumble

    David SafewrightDavid Safewright21 time siden
    • 173000% questionable

      seeni gztyseeni gzty20 timer siden
  • Bro you look like Charlie from it's always sunny in philadelphia in that episode where he has that spider diagram in his apartment and he's trying to prove a conspiracy in that thumbnail

    jakejake21 time siden
  • test

    The SprawlThe Sprawl21 time siden
  • I do not understand why Sidney Powell would say she has a "fire hose" of evidence for a nothing burger?? Why would somebody willfully destroy their career? Makes zero sense.

    Melly BMelly B21 time siden
  • I was arguing with my girlfriend about this same issue and she brought up a good point. Do you think the reason there’s 0 on registered voters on the ACVB is because they’re not tied to a specific county when they’re sent in? Because when you send a ACVB it’s not sent to your polling place? Can anyone help me out with this?

    Daniel AguileraDaniel Aguilera21 time siden
  • I wish you would just cut to the chase. I like you but don't have time to listen to a 1.5 hour show filled with jokes and guy talk. Could you make notes of where the important stuff is?

    shannon santschishannon santschi22 timer siden
  • As I showed my family the charts they went oh someone typed it in wrong and it all turned to 0s. And as I continued to explain it they persisted without logic and I’m genuinely FUCKING pissed ah

    ReignReign22 timer siden
  • They must be aware that this whole voter fraud narrative is falling apart it’s like in 2016 when democrats claimed Russia hacked election

    ChorusDropxoff YTChorusDropxoff YT23 timer siden
  • 30.20 can anyone tell me the source of the listings Crowder is talking about. He mentions it but I can't make it out, he should have listed it in the info for this video.

    Luke BLuke B23 timer siden
  • Get to the bottom of those Black Rifle donations

    Manorscape GardeningManorscape GardeningDag siden
  • Stop recounting, throw it all out and revote completely!

    DinatuurlijkDinatuurlijkDag siden
  • It's a safety feature, 😶 😂👥🙅💣🤦‍♀️👀🤷‍♂️👥🤣

    TripwireTripwireDag siden
  • You were the one who presented that algorithm of numbers to me other than Charlie Kirk. On voter fraud that they use to get money launders. And now you're acting like you never presented it first time I'm like why are you acting fake

    Alvaro Vargas bang-wutangAlvaro Vargas bang-wutangDag siden
  • Dave Smith Legion of skanks get them on your show

    Alvaro Vargas bang-wutangAlvaro Vargas bang-wutangDag siden
  • If your county can't do this being transparent and have checks and balances in your process then the vote in those county need thrown out. But this should be done in every state especially those with cases of whistleblowers on handling or any form of alteration along with missing data. Personally we need a voting system that instantly validates your ballot and gives you a duplicate copy ask you to verify ensuring that it accounted your vote correctly then within a week after the election the vote that's considered registered under your voter ID is mailed to you will you then again compare that to that original document to see if there was any alterations made by poll counters then giving you appropriate time to report any deviations. This is what we call a check and balance system

    Adam HontsAdam HontsDag siden
  • 173000% questionable

    Adam HontsAdam HontsDag siden
  • Trying so hard to be funny. Hard to watch

    Dan BriggsDan BriggsDag siden
  • WTF? This is L.A. Homeless here shit on the sidewalk in broad daylight with people watching and laughing! Tell me where is this strange land where they arrest people for pissing in public???

    Gary GrahamGary GrahamDag siden
  • This is such a moronic conspiracy theory

    Hei SannHei SannDag siden
  • With that sudden spike in Wayne county was it even physically possible for them to process that many votes in that amount of time?

    Marianne DeeringMarianne DeeringDag siden
  • Democrats force through a "hate speech" law... Normies: "Will there be a grandfather clause? If it were protected speech one day, and illegal the next, you are going to find some serious road blocks..." Democrats: "No grandfather clause, hate speech is violence!!" Normies: "You do realize that means most Democrats in office will be jailed for their statements in the past, correct?" Democrats: "There will be a grandfather clause!!!"

    matt herrickmatt herrickDag siden
  • Just take the L bruh

    ColesVideos2121ColesVideos2121Dag siden
    • Well ,..show us the names of these voters then ,..

      stev stevhoovstev stevhoovDag siden
  • I think that the election was rigged for biden, and I live in Australia. If you live in America and you can't see that, then you are brain dead.

    Adam TaylorAdam TaylorDag siden
    • i think youre braindead if you think the election was rigged lmao, quit coping

      Connor NielsenConnor Nielsen5 timer siden
    • nah ,..its just that we have a lotta libs here clustered around,..

      stev stevhoovstev stevhoovDag siden
  • Doesn’t the Godfather at the end say something about he who wines or cries the loudest is the guilty one

    K GeorgeK GeorgeDag siden
  • Great show this one, sometimes it is not coherent.

  • I thought the liberals were supposed to be the softy babies. Watching republicans lose their minds, like when Hillary lost 4 years ago, is fucking golden. You couldn't script it any better.

    KymosabeTSLKymosabeTSLDag siden
  • I've always thought that if Trump's lawyers could get access to verify the votes in just one county of all these swing states they could prove how many fraudulent votes there are and that would be enough to show America the election did have massive fraud. However, when I saw that Republican controlled Georgia wasn't going to verify the votes, but do a sham recount, which wouldn't catch any illegal votes, I had a horribly sinking feeling modern Americans were getting their first taste of true tyranny. The main problem I see is that Trump supporters aren't prepared to really do anything about it. Until they find the courage to step away from their daily routine's and actually join a group that fights back, we will never see anything change.

    Ryan BRyan BDag siden
    • A lot of Trump people are unemployed now and they ain't got nuttin better to do ,... We will see Rudy at supreme court soon !! and he will prove all this

      stev stevhoovstev stevhoovDag siden
  • Black Rifle Coffee Company donated to ActBlue, shouldn’t be a sponsor

    philip scalionephilip scalioneDag siden
  • This is a high caliber show.

    Gary DeabelGary DeabelDag siden
  • Thank you.

    Jesse SowellJesse SowellDag siden
  • There is about 900 Tabulators in Wayne County,all of those ballots were entered in 68 seconds. It takes approximately a full second for the Tabulator to read and register ONE ballot. The number of votes entered in the time allotment with the Tabulators available is NOT physically Possible.

    3029dz3029dzDag siden
    • New votes aren't reported as they are counted, they are reported in bulk at whatever time is appropriate. Although any new report should report all votes for all candidates counted in the interval since the last report was compiled, it is not unheard of for votes for different candidates counted in the same interval to be reported in different reports. This is all very much a case of interacting with the media, and has no relation to official results.

      QuintinohthreeQuintinohthree37 minutter siden
  • The extent they went to cheat almost makes me think they did it on purpose just to show what they could get away with.

    Non,Player, AdeptusNon,Player, AdeptusDag siden
    • Damn. That’s actually a good point. Hey! If we can get away with that what else can we get away with?

      Justin JustinJustin Justin3 timer siden
  • where can I find that Picard song!!!!!??? I must have

    James NoodleJames NoodleDag siden
  • THEY really think 💭 you are STUPID... [They] believe YOU do not understand "Projection"... United WE are Strong 💪 Divided WE are Weak... curious how [They] "Label" EVERYONE, coincidence, duh 🙄

    Tim BurtonTim BurtonDag siden
  • There needs to be a complete revote! No mail in ballots. In-person, election-day votes only.

    John DoeJohn DoeDag siden
    • And that's what Rudy will force through in the Us Supreme court too

      stev stevhoovstev stevhoovDag siden
    • That’s how a lot of Democrats voted tho seems pretty unfair

      Leo GonzlaezLeo GonzlaezDag siden
  • People vote for these democrat liars.

    p m lp m lDag siden
  • Why isn't the legal team just asking for a total recount and audit of the mail in ballots, this is where the problems are, and there is enough evidence to show cause to scrutinize them closely

    Enchanted WarriorEnchanted WarriorDag siden
  • A president senator governor or mayor are nothing without the people and the people are nothing without them. The both need each other.

    Stephen BlankenshipStephen BlankenshipDag siden
  • Wait. City of Detroit precinct 1 Registered voters 752, Votes cast 114, Turnout 14%. Then we get to AVCB part of the spreadsheet. So we think were finished with Detroit and it pops up again at the end of the spreadsheet. City of Detroit AVCP 1. Absentee Votes case 1506! WHAT? Impossible. There are only 752 registered voters in precinct 1. OK. Lets look at precinct 2. 1140 registered voters.. AVCP 2; 2011 votes. This is impossible. And its this way the entire rest of the spreadsheet for all 100+ precincts in Detroit. And guess what. Turns out that 97% of these AVCP votes are for Biden. How is this not suspect? Something isn't right here.

    valpro99valpro99Dag siden
  • I think the Dems cheated... and I think they're gonna get away with it. I hoped Sidney Powell would expose all this, but look at her now. NOBODY wants to have anything to do with her... but four days ago I was hoping they'd ditch Rudy and put her in charge. I don't know what to think anymore. This is either the biggest scandal in US history, or millions of people have been taken to Batshitcrazyville.

    SWogSWogDag siden
  • Has anyone else noticed all of the liberal feeds suddenly showing up in our NOworld feeds? Things that make you go, hmm....

    Nick HawkinsNick HawkinsDag siden
  • I just received a survey from our senator. Wanting to know what issues was most important to me. No where on it does it list voters fraud, or term limits. I told him there is no issue more important than voters fraud or term limits. I also conveyed that if he can't fix these 2 things then he can't do anything for we the people . If corrupt career politicians can't fix what we need then we don't need them in office of power. No other issue need be addressed until these 2 issues R fixed . People R out there talking about an armed response to this . So in the face of civil war . What other issues can there be . Fix the broken corrupt government U political hacks !

    Michael AsburyMichael AsburyDag siden
  • How does someone get an absentee ballot without being registered? Seriously dosent make sence ...a absentee ballot needs a name and address!!

  • No matter hoe much the MSM says there is no evidence of fraud..m doesnt make it true! Also 4 dem senators are pressing NOworld to censor people which is a clear violation of the 1st amendment! They should all be charged and thrown in jail for treason!

    Talkn TrashTalkn TrashDag siden
  • Hey Crowder love the sarcastic sardonic humor. A good match with the Aussie humor. For the benefit of those from other countries looking in with total astonishment could you please do a quick how to guide to electoral fraud so we understand better? (you could have fun with that anyway). What the hell! 173,000 unregistered voters or 173,000 manufactured votes or some combo. How can this be accepted and certified? A quick count of the number of registered voters before and after the election would quickly show if 173,000 unregistered voters registered on the day in the precincts with zero registered voters. I guess the simple answer is if you have people criminally forging votes and vote counters criminally failing to apply checks then you could stuff as many votes in as you want. I just don't understand why Biden didn't win by more. Why aren't the envelopes with signature and name/address kept for checking? Inconvenient evidence I suppose.

    ric techowric techowDag siden
  • Hey Crowder love the sarcastic sardonic humor. A good match with the Aussie humor. For the benefit of those from other countries looking in with total astonishment could you please do a quick how to guide to electoral fraud so we understand better? (you could have fun with that anyway). What the hell! 173,000 unregistered voters or 173,000 manufactured votes or some combo. How can this be accepted and certified? A quick count of the number of registered voters before and after the election would quickly show if 173,000 unregistered voters registered on the day in the precincts with zero registered voters. I guess the simple answer is if you have people criminally forging votes and vote counters criminally failing to apply checks then you could stuff as many votes in as you want. I just don't understand why Biden didn't win by more. Why aren't the envelopes with signature and name/address kept for checking? Inconvenient evidence I suppose.

    ric techowric techowDag siden
  • All the MSM even fox is claiming there is "no evidence of fraud".... yet there clearly is evidence. They think that whatever they say makes them the arbiters of truth. I'm sick of them! Now they are claiming trump is anti black and they have sued him for violating the voters rights act for challenging the clear fraud that took place. They have just proven that most of America will comply even when a clear fraud took place in front of their eyes. They also are touting "america first" is gone.... which is weird for the upcoming leader of the country to openly say he is going to prioritize other countries over his own.... I dont understand how people can be okay with this crap!

    Talkn TrashTalkn TrashDag siden
  • "Robust safeguards help ensure the integrity of elections and results." Democrats: Lets just board up the windows, only allow our people in the room to "count" the votes, and call anyone who questions the result a rayyyyyycist.

    RobertRobertDag siden
  • Why don't we just re vote

    Mark NormanMark NormanDag siden
  • Did they compare the total registered voters in the primaries to the number of votes cast to biden in the general election?

    whipivywhipivyDag siden
  • Just accept the results lol, you're wasting your time trying to find evidence that doesn't exist.

    FreeedléoFreeedléoDag siden
    • @Falc072 unless there are 30 or so faithless electors, Biden wins

      FreeedléoFreeedléoDag siden
    • The results aren’t final yet and this is less than “Russia Gate”

      Falc072Falc072Dag siden
  • MI final vote total is 5,536,892 at 100%. That is ~230,000 votes greater than the 59% reported in early AM of Nov 4. Early AM total at 59% was 3,129,343 votes which is 59% of 5,303,971. 230,000 reflects 4.3% more than 5,303,971. Where did the 230K votes come from?

    tbonezactbonezacDag siden
  • I think that cut video was done with actors. That could not be real. WOW

    Daniel TademyDaniel TademyDag siden
  • I forgot this is just a channel of bashing and making fun of fellow americans. Got enough of this watching trump talk over the passed 5 years.

    S PS PDag siden
    • Quislings do not qualify as fellow Americans. They chose it for themselves. Respect their lifestyle choice by treating them as their lifestyle requires.

      Happy DeeHappy Dee16 timer siden
  • We will all be under quarantine forever.

    Michele JayMichele JayDag siden
  • Where's the coverage on Eric Coomer and Dominion?? ERIC COOMER. ERIC COOMER> ERIC COOMER

    !mrdunn brucvald!mrdunn brucvaldDag siden
  • This passed 4 years has been hilarious for the rest of us to watch. Even better coming to an end. I cant wat for the comedy show made from.this passed term

    S PS PDag siden
  • Type in the whistleblowers name Eric C. (iaramella) on Facebook and watch it come down in less than five seconds.

    The Hessmo ShowThe Hessmo ShowDag siden
  • Hands down the best Dane Cook impression I've ever heard and seen. You need to have a new segment called "Data with Dane" where you bring up unrelated/irrelevant data, I would laugh my ass off from start to finish.

    Sean D.Sean D.Dag siden
  • As a Canadian I had to rewatch the Detroit/Wayne county data 3 times to make sure I understood it. HOW DO 173,000 VOTES FROM 0 REGISTERED VOTERS THAT APPEARED AT 2AM NOT CAUSE EVERYONE IN THE USA TO THROW A FIT???? THIS IS INSANITY!!!

    Kel lyKel lyDag siden
  • Theres always SOME conspiracy with the votes... every 4 years... or am I the only one to notice?

    Steve WilsonSteve WilsonDag siden
  • Song in the beginning?

    NoahNoahDag siden
    • Wait I found it. Its Pogo Data and Picard Remix

      NoahNoahDag siden
  • hahaha you guys are still crying about this... haha

    Michael AtkinsonMichael AtkinsonDag siden
    • @Falc072 “Presidential Joe Biden”

      Michael AtkinsonMichael AtkinsonDag siden
    • “Russia Gate”

      Falc072Falc072Dag siden
  • The more racist they got, the whiter they got.

    John wockJohn wockDag siden
  • Well this video didn't age well. Steve why do you pander to such an idiotic segment of the population? How do you look yourself in the mirror knowing your livelihood is about taking advantage of dumb people?

    Gee SchwagGee SchwagDag siden
    • Wdym it didn’t age well?

      Falc072Falc072Dag siden
    • Well because he loves to give them the turd they want.

      salil paisalil paiDag siden
  • New Crowder Video Comments Disabled . . . Is this because your sponsor is getting dragged for being Anti American , Anti 2nd Amendment Shit stains that are bowing to the woke mob on twitter instead of standing with Kyle Rittenhouse.

    Drogyn TuralyonDrogyn TuralyonDag siden
  • Didn't trump lose the vote in 2016, but win through the electoral college? This year, didn't Biden win the electoral college? Do votes even matter in your country? Even if you prove that Trump won the vote, Biden still won the electoral college... So even IF Trumps party is able to prove they won the vote, Biden still wins, the same way Trump did...

    DeepFried OreoDeepFried OreoDag siden
  • People who fight wars are patriots, not Trump supporters. You guys just vote for Trump and take the meaning of Patriot away from our veterans. You should be ashamed.

    Jesse MichaelJesse MichaelDag siden
  • I love watching the privileged laughing at social issues regarding privilege 😅🤣🤣🤣