Everything Wrong With Horrible Bosses In 17 Minutes Or Less

7. jan.. 2021
524 992 Ganger

Horrible Bosses was a surprise hit at the box office, enough to spawn a sequel that some believe is even funnier than the original. Regardless... this thing has sins like crazy! So we counted them.
Next week: Sins of a beloved childhood book turned movie and sins of a sexy action flick.
No movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    CinemaSinsCinemaSinsMåned siden
    • Do everything wrong with Oliver and company

      Collene WheatCollene Wheat28 dager siden
    • Destroy yourself sinning fools NO MOVIES ARE WRONG YOU ARE WRONG

      Pyrixthepython OronionPyrixthepython OronionMåned siden
    • POTATO

      Prairie GamingPrairie GamingMåned siden
    • Have you ever done the devil’s advocate?

      Marlon HernandezMarlon HernandezMåned siden
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      SkonailSkonailMåned siden
  • I am not sure if you’ve done the movie yet, but “The Cell” with Jennifer Lopez.. I would love to hear you tear that one apart.

    Zak EdwardsZak Edwards15 timer siden
  • As long as women can ask women if they’re pregnant or call Gaz fat. Then men have the right to ask the woman’s weight and or ask if she’s pregnant!!

    Zach SheffeeZach Sheffee16 timer siden
  • Everything about this movie is funny. The end. Lol

    Tough TopicsTough Topics2 dager siden
  • Is it just me, or is Cinemasins becoming uncomfortably PC? This is a COMEDY.

    Andres MolinaAndres Molina5 dager siden
  • I miss the days where people can make jokes and it not get political.

    B. MariaB. Maria7 dager siden
  • You thought 2011 would better than gay jokes, but acknowledge it wasn't progressive? What makes this worse is your past and sense of humor.

    Kye DysarthriaKye Dysarthria10 dager siden
  • 1:42 not to different from how you normally sin.

    Kye DysarthriaKye Dysarthria10 dager siden
  • Hall pass cinemasins next...

    Justin CampbellJustin Campbell11 dager siden
  • Should’ve taken off a sin for bend her over a barrel and show her the 50 states 😂

    vcarter0723vcarter072311 dager siden
  • so you sin the movie everytime the horrible bosses are being horrible??

    Free BeeFree Bee12 dager siden
  • Canadian Canadian and Korean version of this film is it really different. I’m seeing at least a few minutes of extra clips or scenes that I’ve never seen before.

    Sabrina HillSabrina Hill13 dager siden
  • Kevin spacey thought collin Ferrell was boning his wife. Thats why he went to kill him

    Lauren AllenLauren Allen14 dager siden
  • Said finding a hacker would be easier to find than an assassin ... Me : not where I’m from , they’ll take your life for a gucci belt lol

    Vante MackVante Mack18 dager siden
  • Daytime funerals during work hours aren't all THAT uncommon. I've been to several funerals during a weekday afternoon.

    William NicksWilliam Nicks21 dag siden
  • Yesssssss yeesssss you listened YESSSSSSSSSSSSS

    aixs destroyeraixs destroyer21 dag siden
  • I use to watch this channel all the time and I started to take a break and I came back today for this video and I kinda remember why now this channel isn’t as good anymore

    peytonbrown2000peytonbrown200021 dag siden
  • Does anyone know what the theem song for the movie like the instrumental just wondering

    Dalton CactusDalton Cactus24 dager siden
  • One sin you missed. You can't fuck the nymphomania out of someone! That's like giving an alcoholic a twelve pack and saying "you're cured"!

    Gary Koeppe JrGary Koeppe Jr24 dager siden
  • I love this movie!

    Lilli FostärLilli Fostär24 dager siden
  • Did you really say this movie made in 2011 ripped off office Christmas party made in 2016? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    Karthik RajKarthik Raj25 dager siden
  • What’s with the sins for being a massive SJW? What a noble person you are, I think everyone is very impressed with your virtues. Which we wouldn’t know about unless you signaled them to curry favor with other SJW’s. There’s a name for that, it’s called being an uncle. As opposed to being a man.

  • We get it, CinemaSins, you are "progressive". There is no need to remind us 4 times in the first 5 minutes.

    SpartiuS94SpartiuS9427 dager siden
  • "... and you guest it 2nd narrator" = COMEDY GOLD

    SebaJasterSebaJaster28 dager siden
  • Cinema sin: 2020

    Eavy EavyEavy Eavy28 dager siden
  • 6:40 wait a minute That’s Mr. Fantastic

    T MacT Mac28 dager siden
  • I think Dale should get a sin for the fucking his boss

    T MacT Mac28 dager siden
  • Yes, people can make jokes about gays just like people make jokes about...every other demographic out there. Get over it. Your oversensitive, hypocritical SJW comments have gotten beyond ridiculous.

    SgtSupamanSgtSupaman29 dager siden
  • Yeah this video doesn't make Cinema sins look good. You can't rag on inappropriate jokes in the film to then make the EXACT SAME JOKES for laughs on your narration

    Joe WatkinsJoe Watkins29 dager siden
  • Please do the sequel

    Isaiah BurnsIsaiah Burns29 dager siden
  • I never thought I’d hear Jennifer Aniston talk like that

    Angelo MordiniAngelo MordiniMåned siden
  • That's because being sexist, racist, and homophobic IS hilarious.

    84ever Fan84ever FanMåned siden
  • We genuinely need a review of 6 Underground

    Karim AbadaKarim AbadaMåned siden
  • Thats not how you run a company. Thats not how you run a company at all, sir.

    Jason WoodJason WoodMåned siden
  • I think it’s weird sinning comedy for not being ‘woke’

    James JarvisJames JarvisMåned siden
  • I have a friend that's on the sex offender list for the same reason.... He honestly had one of the best lawyers in Houston, he literally spent his life savings on that lawyer..... I honestly don't think it's something that should be so easily dismissed. Also, I was there the night it happened.... 3am... No kids around..... The judge didn't care, just convicted! The guy just had to frikkin pee and the gas station we were closest wouldn't let him use the bathroom........ Not happy about that critique!

    Sara DurisseauSara DurisseauMåned siden
  • what's with the crappy music

    Michael DallyMichael DallyMåned siden
  • Fale News this moive is perfect!

    Dr PhotDr PhotMåned siden
  • I feel like this movie was just a copy of the Hangover. Like one of those change it up a bit so no one knows.

    Kim NottinghamKim NottinghamMåned siden
  • Everything Wrong With Homefront in Meth Murder Minutes

    Aguy JesusAguy JesusMåned siden
  • “Everything wrong with Horrible Bosses” Well its in the name..

    Clear ConscienceClear ConscienceMåned siden
  • I don't remember this channel being this woke.

    AlienRendersAlienRendersMåned siden
    • It's gone downhill pretty fast.

      LucianoLucianoMåned siden
  • Finding an assassin is 1000000x easier than finding a hacker. I speak from experience.

    Julien ScoffieldJulien ScoffieldMåned siden
  • When did this guy become such a woke snowflake?

    Calibros1Calibros1Måned siden
  • Why are you sinning the bosses for saying horrible things? The film is literally called horrible bosses... DING

    AkumaAkumaMåned siden
  • Sinning dark jokes is some soft cringe shit

    muzzymuzzyMåned siden
  • 1:20 "actual sexual harrassment" Really?

  • Just sitting here wondering how Jones thinks suicide is an accident...

    SarahJ67SarahJ67Måned siden
  • This movie seems so bad that I can’t even watch the rest of this video.

    Morty C137aMorty C137aMåned siden
  • CinemaSins is surprisingly PC.

    CenoCenoMåned siden
  • Great I only NOW find out, that thee title of this movie, isn't actually as spoilery, as I was led to believe. In my country the title of this movie is "Kill the Boss", and that's not the translation. Yep, in Germany this American movie, got another english title, not a german title.

    Matty0311Matty0311Måned siden
  • The sin for this whole movie could be "Well this hasn't aged well"

    CMDHacker_CMDHacker_Måned siden
  • A jelous guy that thinks his wife is fucking everyone, finds a guy's phone at his house would be logical that he would go shoot him.

    jrb9191jrb9191Måned siden
  • Movie was so, so, so, so, so , so , so , so bad.

    Mike DMike DMåned siden
  • Thank you for removing a sin for Jason Bateman, he truly is an American treasure and I love him so so much.

    Ashley JamesAshley JamesMåned siden
  • 15:30 Hence...ACTING president.

    David MacNeilDavid MacNeilMåned siden
  • The sinning in you’re movies have gone bad. You are way to Politically correct and over analysing jokes for sins. Its sad to see how much these have changed

    JeffJeffMåned siden
  • anyone getting a feeling of mandela effects from seeing many of these?

    jode boydjode boydMåned siden
  • I’d have to saw on the 7th sin I’d probably go along with the shrimp part

    OG _AllexOG _AllexMåned siden
  • Everything wrong with chernobyl diaries

    MsBright EyezMsBright EyezMåned siden
  • I mean... you realize it’s a silly/dumb comedy and not The Godfather or There Will Be Blood, right...?

    dinkyvisiondinkyvisionMåned siden
  • Please do The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Sleepy Hollow, GI Joe (the second one), and Shutter Island. Please I would greatly ³¾%appreciate it! Thank u!!

    Summer BabySummer BabyMåned siden
  • Please do Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen cinemasins.

    Ira SoniawatiIra SoniawatiMåned siden
  • Also, Kenny might be great at handies...

    Anthony JacksonAnthony JacksonMåned siden
  • If you get caught exposing yourself at a playground, you get charged as a sex offender...even if no kids are there. It may vary by state, but definitely happens.

    Anthony JacksonAnthony JacksonMåned siden
  • Do “Run Hide Fight”

    Jason BerryJason BerryMåned siden
  • Skyline is sinful

    Aaron DeMorayAaron DeMorayMåned siden
  • im glad i can block channels :)

    alex digitalalex digitalMåned siden
  • Theres a youtuber copying these kind of videos named Arcade Assassin, and then acting like 60 % of their videos arent copied off of a more popular youtuber.

    David PolancoDavid PolancoMåned siden
  • Hangover 2

    Ryan RowlattRyan RowlattMåned siden
  • This movie is gold when you can't find any job for months. Why? Because being unemployed is better than having any these people for a boss and that lifts the depression a bit.

    Jan MouchaJan MouchaMåned siden
  • Love hove Cinemasins totally t

    Raheem GilliamRaheem GilliamMåned siden
  • Man i remember thinking this movie was so hilarious when i first watched it in middle school. Now revisiting it 10 years later its crazy how much my opinion changed

    Nyah CatNyah CatMåned siden
  • God I hate Charlie Day. I hate his high pitch voice. He's so annoying and not funny.

    Johnny PantsJohnny PantsMåned siden
  • Yes no shit offensive things are funny, what the fuck is wrong with him? He didn't used to be SUCH a SJW.

    Youtube OnlyYoutube OnlyMåned siden
  • You call it ex machina but most modern cars record post accident so they could have gone with that instead of stupid gregory joke they used

    Nicely PutNicely PutMåned siden
  • We could do a seperate channel VirtueSignallingSins. In the first ten minutes of this we have enough for a partnership account!

    Nicely PutNicely PutMåned siden
  • Dales voice is as annoying as Joe Pasquales

    Nicely PutNicely PutMåned siden
  • Mate can you maybe retire the narration thing. We get you hate it. Personally its not that much of an issue but you sin it all the time and its really not tghat bad! Also same with article text. Do you really expect them to make an entire newspaper page of factual, accurate, and edited articles for a half second flash! Come on. Sin the sins man. Like you used to

    Nicely PutNicely PutMåned siden

  • It’s Seinfeld-level coincidences.

    smartbunnysmartbunnyMåned siden
  • 11:04 "the comedy just floowwwsss" hahaha I'm dying

    Kid WoodKid WoodMåned siden
  • Cinemasins needs to do a video about the Netflix movie “Outside The Wire” and it would forsure need a bonus round solely for how many times “I won’t be needing this anymore.” Would he said throughout, please notice this and make it happen in the future. Up with the sins, down with the sinners.

    Grant AshbaughGrant AshbaughMåned siden
  • There's only 10 candles actually lit in the bathtub scene...

    Taj FluddTaj FluddMåned siden
  • Why is cinema sins slowly turning into a blue haired gender studies college student?

    Darryl KempDarryl KempMåned siden
  • Is the cinemasins kid gay or why does he feel so attacked by every gay joke?

    BZgABZgAMåned siden
  • lolol what's with the left pc culture propaganda, this channel is pathetic now

    ZelmerlowZelmerlowMåned siden
  • I sin the fact that this is sinning the director’s cut version that only you have ever seen.

    Matthew TorresMatthew TorresMåned siden
  • You need to Sin yourself for asking how she could drug him! She a clearly has the tools to knock him out! The only questionable part is strength to lift him into that position to take the photo!

    luv2bevlluv2bevlMåned siden
    • @luv2bevl the unconscious part was already mentioned in that sentence. So, we know what he's talking about

      Bria wattsBria wattsMåned siden
    • @Bria watts "position" could be implied about his unconscious state as well.

      luv2bevlluv2bevlMåned siden
    • He literally sinned the fact that she wouldn't be ableto lift him into that position. Not the drugging part. So... Sin yourself. 5:32

      Bria wattsBria wattsMåned siden
  • It was visually explained in the movie that one of the main characters (Jason Sudeikes's chsrscter [sp?]) stole Colon Ferrell's character's phone during a stakeout and them unwittingly dropped it at Kevin Spacey's character's house. Kevin Spacey's character is EXTREMELY paranoid about his wife cheating on him and, when he finds Colin Ferrell's phone, he becomes enraged, tracks him down and kills him. That's why Kevin Spacey's character committed that murder. I understand that you possibly could have missed this plot point if you blinked and held your eyes closed for two minutes, but it's your job to not make these sorts of mistakes if you're going to take it upon yourself to ruin every single movie with your deliberately warped version of "facts and logic." Try harder.

    Shannyn Raleigh MartinShannyn Raleigh MartinMåned siden
  • The car company can't filter areas by murders but can by car jackings ... who would have thought

    DcLoki12DcLoki12Måned siden
  • Wet work is a real thing. My brother works in an ER. He has some stories about this sort of thing.

    G-Unit1111G-Unit1111Måned siden
  • *SEXUAL HARASSMENT IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT* I really shouldn't have to say this.. but you know.

    Tiger LilyTiger LilyMåned siden
  • I mean yea there are issues cause 2020 lens but comedies are funny because they are not adhering to social norms. Complaining how bad this behavior is is gonna make future comedies censor stuff because they dont wanna be canceled. I do agree that it shouldn't perpetuate certain issues as good things like sexual harassment but still.

    Pookiesation RuizPookiesation RuizMåned siden
  • Jesus, this channel has turned in to a pc, liberal dumpster fest.

    CloseProximityCloseProximityMåned siden
    • YEs! Virtue signalling Sins. Also could be Narration and lamps sins. Bloke hates narrating for some weird reason

      Nicely PutNicely PutMåned siden
  • Someone help me by explaining the Brett Ratner part at the end before the adthing?

    Jeff KJeff KMåned siden
  • 7:04 BECAUSE IT IS!

    Hunter O' TailsHunter O' TailsMåned siden
  • Gosh, these guys are so damn sensitive and offended. This channel used to be funny before their progressive touchiness took over 🙄

    Hunter O' TailsHunter O' TailsMåned siden
  • “Actual sexual harassment” is telling a girl she’s too pretty to be manual labor but overt sexual harassment you give the half pass on? Cmon now cinema sins.. Whatever the reality of acceptance would actually be, don’t call it unevenly to the point there’s a double standard.

    Tyler RussinTyler RussinMåned siden
  • -White character says 'my man' to a black bartender Cinemasins: 'tHiS fiLm Is RaCiSt!!!'

    Ben FaulknerBen FaulknerMåned siden