Ep. 54 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Tim Dillon

2. nov.. 2020
893 209 Ganger

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Bert Kreischer is out for this episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave, but Tim Dillon joins Tom Segura in his place. They discuss plus-sixed clothes, Tim's experience as a mortgage broker, Tom's time selling Cutco knives, the upcoming election, Tim's upbringing, the California fires, and more!

  • Maybe get in another add next time

    ryan jacobyryan jacoby15 timer siden
  • Bert is 48, omg, I thought he was 60, wow.

    R. C.R. C.16 timer siden
  • Tim Dillon: "R.i.p Bert to Corona" (The beer, Not the Virus)

    Flex PiperFlex PiperDag siden
  • So many ads

    googbotrotgoogbotrotDag siden
  • Tim is comic royalty, dude is a fkn god

    Jasen GlennJasen GlennDag siden
  • Did Tim say "WASPs" own the Country 🤣🤣🤣. Get real bro lol

    David RotherDavid RotherDag siden
  • I just love you guys! Honestly.

    Misty Brooke MartinMisty Brooke Martin2 dager siden
  • ❤❤❤

    Misty Brooke MartinMisty Brooke Martin2 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/qKixareco5yWm8k.html tom show bert Ed asner first time 😅

    Frankie CuellarFrankie Cuellar3 dager siden
  • Having Tim instead of Bert is like replacing Mind of Mencia with Chapelle Show reruns. Much better in every way.

    John StoneJohn Stone3 dager siden
  • Tim is always an amazing guest.

    Say it How it is!Say it How it is!3 dager siden
  • Omg, me and Tim would have a crazy convo because I literally was doing the same thing at the same time with the mortgages in 08’ lmfao!

    Say it How it is!Say it How it is!3 dager siden
  • 1:01:35 - You are welcome.

    GeorgeGeorge4 dager siden
  • Hey Tom how do you feel about the next couple months coming hahahahah fuck man that statement aged terrible

    N BN B6 dager siden
  • Tim Dillon is the result of mixing Bill Hicks with Donald trump

    bada bingbada bing7 dager siden
  • Tom is annoying when he starts talking about Trump like he's not a liberal simp and we all know it

    Hernandez MarkieHernandez Markie7 dager siden
  • I skipped all the parts with bert

    NerdSweeperNerdSweeper8 dager siden
  • Nihilist Tim Dillon

    END TIMES PraiseJesusEND TIMES PraiseJesus8 dager siden
  • Nein Tim. Bitte verlieren Sie Gewicht und schweigen Sie über Hugo Boss. Du bist der beste Komiker der Welt. I'm saying, please don't talk shit on Hugo Boss. Yes, you are fat, but they are suits made for men that are in shape 🙃 You are by far the best Comedian in America.

    Zachariah HuntZachariah Hunt10 dager siden
  • Tim Dillon

    Dylon smithDylon smith10 dager siden
  • kinda sick of Bert at the moment, so I preciate you, video

    Derek KeenanDerek Keenan11 dager siden
  • Damn you got enough ads?

    Hernandez MarkieHernandez Markie11 dager siden
  • Tom: Welcome t Tim: Albino wizards are attacking the people who believe that the Washington Redskins were made out of day old pudding (1hr 30min) Tom: Thanks for listening a Tim: Let's rehydrate raisins!

    Dayz LineDayz Line11 dager siden
  • my two favorite comedians

    AndyAndy12 dager siden
  • If Tom or Bert ever succumb to their lifestyle Tim is the only choice to replace either on the show

    David TidwellDavid Tidwell12 dager siden
  • I would watch 2 Bears way more often if this was the duo...hands down

    Adam BrownAdam Brown12 dager siden
  • The absolute worst part of this podcast is the Bert ads. I actually will not watch this because Bert is in it.... However, anytime you have Tim Dillon on I shall watch. Tom - your a dunk champ

    nic connettnic connett13 dager siden

    Ryan EversRyan Evers14 dager siden
  • Good lord the amount of adds is getting to be a bit much

    reddredd15 dager siden
  • So many ads Jesus christ

    mokultramokultra15 dager siden
  • Tim was in rarefied air for this one. Damn, what a podcast.

    John JacobJohn Jacob16 dager siden
  • Tim Dillion is the best.

    Adrian LopezAdrian Lopez16 dager siden
  • Ok, you need to remake your ads...it’s really creepy and unnerving seeing Bert, when he’s GONE now.

    Maria E. LabbeMaria E. Labbe16 dager siden
  • I mean is their better than comedy than Bert reading?

    Michael GebhartMichael Gebhart16 dager siden
  • tim dillon has never been remotely funny

    Kieth StoneKieth Stone16 dager siden
    • hes the funniest comic working right now but ok dipshit lolol

      BubzBubz8 dager siden
  • Tom and Tim > Tom and Bert. Bert is fucking awful at being funny.

    spridlespridle16 dager siden
  • If Tim wasn’t making good money he wouldn’t be behind this bullshit. Once enough people die he won’t be making as much.

  • yall run aton of ads, which it is what it is, but man, take a lesson from Tim, he at least makes his sponsers hilarious

    The God of Hentai - Guy FieriThe God of Hentai - Guy Fieri17 dager siden
  • Does tom still steal Raplhie Mays jokes?

    jeff edwardsjeff edwards17 dager siden
  • Tim Dillon lowkey slept

    Steven ColonSteven Colon19 dager siden
  • Does Tom know that the term bear is a gay term for a bigger hairy gay man? Is that the joke of the podcast name?

    JSJS19 dager siden
  • Biden and Kamala, or any other politician are going to sell us out to China. Pro America will cease to exist. Trump is not perfect but at least he tries to get fair trade deals and doesn't want to give in to communist countries. Freedoms of the constitution will be eroded as much as possible under anyone else. The swamp so to speak, does not care about you. That is why they can play with the covid relief bill for months at the expense of livelihoods. Whoever is funding them controls them. Its also party before the people. And in an ever globalized world it's only gonna get worse.

    JSJS19 dager siden
    • Yeah...good thing Trump took away healthcare...promised the future would be in coal...and literally thousands of American's died due to his inept response to Covid...he sure did MAGA (Made American Graves Abundant). Trumptards are hilarious 😂😂😂

      yew 2oobyew 2oob19 dager siden
  • Holy shit first time watching this specific podcast for Tim. This podcast has more ads than Sam Tripoli.

    Vincent 47Vincent 4719 dager siden
  • its so addicting listening to him

    Aaron EllisAaron Ellis20 dager siden
  • I wasn’t alive during the Carlin era- but from what I’ve seen Tim Dillon reminds me of what George Carlin would be if podcasts were a thing in his time.

    PudgTVPudgTV20 dager siden
  • Tim Dillon is a modern day Nostradamus

    Shawn ColarussoShawn Colarusso20 dager siden
  • Yes what the free world needs right now is another dictator...good call

    Just Gameplay No CommentaryJust Gameplay No Commentary20 dager siden
  • 1:08:56 tim has serious perspectives along with his comedian skills wow 👏 😳 truth spoken

    Nora's sonNora's son21 dag siden
  • i love tim

    Jakeair777Jakeair77721 dag siden
  • It should always be these two

    Joyelle’s JourneysJoyelle’s Journeys21 dag siden
  • Tim describing a dystopian technocracy is EXACTLY what a video of the flemish government described as a possible futuristic scenario where they describe that: -we only move when it's really needed -we stay comfortable inside our own bubble because of technologic developments we can more easily be in contact with our close ones -the biggest techonology companies will control our daily lives -we will GLADLY give away our personal information so it's tailored to our own personal needs -biological food will be printed and sent at our doorstep EVERYTHING Tim said is what a video here in Flanders (part of Belgium) described, paid in full by tax payer money

    jon didriksonjon didrikson22 dager siden
  • 0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.

    Tra HuyTra Huy22 dager siden
  • Two bears one cave kinda has a different meaning when you have a gay guy on

    Josh LockieJosh Lockie22 dager siden
  • Tim dillon seriously might be the funniest man alive. This guy is amazing

    LL23 dager siden
  • I wonder how many times Tom and Tim said "Right" and "Yeah" someone do a super cut

  • This wosn't a podcast, this was a brilliant monologue.

    Dino S. DominicDino S. Dominic24 dager siden
  • Tim Dillon is insanely accurate about everything

    YoutuberYoutuber24 dager siden
    • Tim describing a dystopian technocracy is EXACTLY what a video of the flemish government described as a possible futuristic scenario where they describe that: -we only move when it's really needed -we stay comfortable inside our own bubble because of technologic developments we can more easily be in contact with our close ones -the biggest techonology companies will control our daily lives -we will GLADLY give away our personal information so it's tailored to our own personal needs -biological food will be printed and sent at our doorstep EVERYTHING Tim said is what a video here in Flanders (part of Belgium) described, paid in full by tax payer money

      jon didriksonjon didrikson22 dager siden
  • Funny thing is the mother was the reason that girl got a rap career after the girl corrected her behavior. Irony

    Robb TaylorRobb Taylor24 dager siden
  • I do not know how people think bert kriescher is funny

    Ian BalbasIan Balbas24 dager siden
  • I could listen to Tim talk shit all day lmao he’s hilarious.

    Sterlingarcher22Sterlingarcher2224 dager siden
    • His podcast is amazing.

      Limor GLimor G24 dager siden
  • The blue-eyed paper causally calculate because sunshine italy please pro a rhetorical salt. enthusiastic, hurt psychiatrist

    Jason GraysonJason Grayson25 dager siden
  • My moms named Tammy and my dads named Timmy

    Zach VaughanZach Vaughan25 dager siden
  • Tim “the subslime mortgage no verification of check stubs prequalification champ” Dillon

    Mystic of Pioneers ParkMystic of Pioneers Park25 dager siden
  • With socialist stealing the country crap is gonna tank

    Mike StumpgrindingMike Stumpgrinding25 dager siden
  • Mega Bus! It’s not Luckystar! Abso.....lutely. Aka Homeless man limousines

    Mystic of Pioneers ParkMystic of Pioneers Park25 dager siden
  • Tim is actually the bastard of Alex Jones

    Hunter Bear-ianHunter Bear-ian25 dager siden
  • 1:09:50 and here we are after the vote. No truer words spoken. Great episode!

    AMAM25 dager siden
  • Fiiiinally no Bert. Tim Dillon rules.

    Dean ShafferDean Shaffer26 dager siden
  • calm tf down with the Ads... i get this is how you live, but damn

    marcos casasmarcos casas27 dager siden
  • Is establishedtitles.com legit? I'm seeing articles saying that it's not

    clockmaster300clockmaster30028 dager siden
  • I was in tears please bring him back!!!

    BWheezy09BWheezy09Måned siden
  • Tim Dillon's experiences as a coked-out mortgage broker in Long Island have to be made into a TV show.

    Justin ElliottJustin ElliottMåned siden
  • Tom Dillon & Tim Segura are the best!!!

    Sean ChrisSean ChrisMåned siden
  • Finally a comedian on the show.

    Rayborn WhitesRayborn WhitesMåned siden
  • tom reads these ads like the interdimensional cable ads from rick and morty. bert reads them like the success stories section on the hooked on phonics website

    Will JonesWill JonesMåned siden
  • His rant about being a tour guide is one of those where you laugh a little but you recognize how truly hilarious his brain is

  • 2 oinkers! Cool

    Jake IlardiJake IlardiMåned siden
  • tom didn't quite appreciate or acknowledge how well Tim improvised and killed all the hilarious jokes he told off the cuff, he is so good though that he's almost too fast and drops dimes in less than a second and it puts you into comedic shock

    Captain FalconCaptain FalconMåned siden
  • Tim Dillon is a national treasure. Yes or yes? #lifeinthebigcity

    Renee BRenee BMåned siden
  • Versitality

    Actor Michael B. PatrickActor Michael B. PatrickMåned siden
  • Tim Dillon, next Fed Chairman

    Marco MMarco MMåned siden
  • Thx for the ads

    K CK CMåned siden
  • Man watching this episode a month after the election and you guys are spot on man lmao

    Tyler CTyler CMåned siden
  • Tim Dillon is a blast!

    Mary CallahanMary CallahanMåned siden
  • "clean the police up, its a little much" lol i love this dude

    Connor NyhanConnor NyhanMåned siden
  • I hate to say this but Tim is demoralized

    Benjamin PattonBenjamin PattonMåned siden
  • He got a million not a hundred million. His father was self made and trump took his success and made it greater. Most sons today would drop the ball.

    Gillpocalypse VidsGillpocalypse VidsMåned siden
  • 39:00 lol

    Danny PenaDanny PenaMåned siden
  • Love these two

    J JayJ JayMåned siden
  • Tim makes it sound fun but he's not wrong on the existential horror coming our way. Trump will not save us. We all need to stand up. Black white brown the ball is in our court.

    Thickok 45Thickok 45Måned siden
    • There’s no ball dude.

      HugoHugoMåned siden
  • Um, it's not really thee right causing all these problems? its the left blaming them and making up a bunch of shit to make everyone hate them and make everyone think they're the problem

    Kody MoanKody MoanMåned siden
  • I love Tim, however, his pessimistic attitude about our country really turns me off

    KertieboyKertieboyMåned siden
  • Tim Dillion is a top tier guest

    Agent HarrisAgent HarrisMåned siden
  • its hilarious to me hat megabus is by far cheaper than greyhound and yet, its only on greyhound where I had to worry about being stabbed for snoring to loud. megabus does not give a fuck, but those fuckers in new hampshire wanted to murder me when i was on the greyhound.

    governor sweatyhandsgovernor sweatyhandsMåned siden
  • Lets do some oxis

    P TP TMåned siden
  • The government learned that you can fight a 20 year war if you just distract the leftists with race shit. Shit that the government doesn't aid, and actually makes worse on purpose, so we are all Yaaaaas Queeeening instead of doing what matters.

    New RussiaNew RussiaMåned siden
  • Oh cool burts gone I can stand this show now😂

    Thedudeabides803Thedudeabides803Måned siden
  • Tim Dillon has a tiny head.

    Scott WalkerScott WalkerMåned siden
  • If Tim Dillon is getting inside jeans I would call them Unlucky, not Lucky.

    Denton VisualDenton VisualMåned siden
  • Tim was hilarious on this one...sometimes hes not on point but this day he killed it

    Jarred TJarred TMåned siden