Eating dessert from EVERY FAST FOOD RESTAURANT!! *5,000 CALORIES*

2. mai. 2021
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Eating dessert from EVERY FAST FOOD RESTAURANT!! *5,000 CALORIES*

  • Big up ashford

    Brandon LockettBrandon Lockett8 timer siden
  • The fact that I got a diabetes advert next to this video XD

    Kenzie BrownKenzie Brown9 timer siden
  • 7:50 Ben’s Cookies are the best! Find a branch….. go there ….. & film your eating reaction. You’re welcome!

    DanieI JosephDanieI JosephDag siden
  • Chefs: Use a specific temperature for cooking each dish Matt: Why don't we cook at the temperature that we eat the food?

    Daniil KahandawaDaniil KahandawaDag siden
  • How about you try fasting for 24 hours, the complete opposite of this!

    Aldo Roemer van OpdorpAldo Roemer van Opdorp2 dager siden
  • is it just me or matts voice seems a lot deeper than usual

    Hooping with HamezHooping with Hamez4 dager siden
  • What happened to the Luca intros 😪

    Just That GuyJust That Guy4 dager siden
  • Your running out of content. All you do is food videos.

    Shane’s Asap PoiselShane’s Asap Poisel4 dager siden
  • ‘ If I die, I’ve got you on camera telling me to eat this ‘ 🤣🤣🤣

    OTiS - LiFTSOTiS - LiFTS4 dager siden
  • I used to do triple jump with u

    f1ix auf1ix au4 dager siden
  • Sounds like your mouth on steroids lol

    Aidan BoylinAidan Boylin4 dager siden
  • Your idea of a dessert and mine are totally different

    gravelbags 247gravelbags 2475 dager siden
  • When i think that i was here when matt had like sub 20k subs is crazy

    haledcho elashryhaledcho elashry5 dager siden
  • Ummm Where's the Luca intro? Also I feel like I'd be so confused if this clearly jacked guy came in asking about the highest protein content in the desserts of a fast food store, like surely he'd know this isn't the best option for that 😆

    Amy JAmy J5 dager siden
  • I see Luca's fees are too high you should wait and see if you could star Malro 😂

    Brutal Gamer972Brutal Gamer9726 dager siden
  • Watching this as a coeliac and realising you will never get to eat that much gluten in your entire life again let alone in one day......

    Samantha WaltersSamantha Walters6 dager siden
  • Love the video. Btw can sairs drive?

    Hasty ModzHasty Modz6 dager siden
  • you started to go on steroids because you probaly won't take kids anymore?? your voice is deeper than the mariana trench

    Florian vriezenFlorian vriezen6 dager siden
  • Bei mir hagelt es gerade 🤭😭🤯🤬 im Mai... warum?... Folgt mir doch mal auf Instagram 😋🤗 @flo_tine17

    Flo nemandiFlo nemandi6 dager siden
  • Loving the new transitions!

    Maria Jose O.Maria Jose O.6 dager siden
  • I know you probably get messages like this every day but I have to say thank you so much and keep doing what you are doing!! You have changed so many peoples lifes and LITERALLY saved mine. I’ve lost almost 100lbs, avoided diabetes, and I am no longer in danger of having a heart attack. I’m only 30 and already have been at the lowest point of my life... Then one random day your video popped up on my home page and because of the way you approach your videos it felt you really believe in us, ordinary people. In the process I took diet from a website called Dietarize to further improve my meal planning... You are amazing, please don’t ever stop you are an inspiration to everyone who watches you, and keep the positive vibes coming!!!

    River AlvarezRiver Alvarez6 dager siden
    • @Franklin Carmelo Doesn't work lol

      Aidan BoylinAidan Boylin4 dager siden
  • Wait, the ice cream machine at McDonalds was working?... Thats wierd

    Thomas VickersThomas Vickers7 dager siden
  • Yesss!! Finally someone who loves apple pie as much as i do!🤗

    shefaligunnessshefaligunness7 dager siden
  • Andy smashed it !!!

    Lewis ThomasLewis Thomas7 dager siden
  • Can wait to see Luca on his own channel doing food challenges etc. Downing as many fruit shoots as he can in 60 seconds 😂 👍

    Graham CrossmanGraham Crossman7 dager siden
  • Not me just looking in the background to see if I could see my dad anywhere 😂 as he lives in Folkestone

    Alisha BoothAlisha Booth7 dager siden
  • I only watch food🤣

    pledis bosspledis boss7 dager siden
  • I love watching how much this channel has grown

    Edison GeulEdison Geul7 dager siden
  • No Luca intro, has me deeply upset😭😂

    Rohit KumarRohit Kumar7 dager siden
  • Me just realising that he is in folkstone

    Gemma InwoodGemma Inwood7 dager siden
  • Does Luca still eat Weetabix?????

    Cyfer gamerCyfer gamer7 dager siden
  • U could have shared your food with camera man

    zombie apocalypsezombie apocalypse7 dager siden
  • Mate u need range rover

    zombie apocalypsezombie apocalypse7 dager siden
  • The editing is on point

    petrolstation E.R.H.Cpetrolstation E.R.H.C7 dager siden
  • "Sat in outside pizza hut by myself" Andy 😐

    Tiffany WONGTiffany WONG7 dager siden
  • I’d be sick

    Joelene mayfieldJoelene mayfield7 dager siden
  • Thanks for the food video. My soul is appeased 😂

    Jez RJez R7 dager siden
  • HOW are you still INCREDIBLY handsome with a mask on ?

    Crisneysi MejiaCrisneysi Mejia7 dager siden
  • "Welcome back to another video it's me mattdoesshitness"

    Ayesha عائشة Qais قيسAyesha عائشة Qais قيس7 dager siden
  • a lil over produced but high quality nonetheless

    Media X MarketingMedia X Marketing7 dager siden
  • Me living in Folkestone from the beginning of the vid 🥲

    bodisimusbodisimus7 dager siden
  • Why am I watching a man eat? 😂

    joseph niesjoseph nies7 dager siden
  • no Luca no like

    Eliana CapstickEliana Capstick8 dager siden
  • I can’t understand why ppl want to watch fast food videos like this... I watch everything Matt makes because I want to support him but I have absolutely no desire to watch people eating unhealthy foods all day long; it makes me also feel sick alongside them. Matt if you really don’t want to eat this way, you definitely don’t have to do so in order for your audience to be entertained!

    IncompetentISUIncompetentISU8 dager siden
  • Idk why but I love your eating videos 😂 keep up the good work Matt :)

    Equate Hyp3rEquate Hyp3r8 dager siden
  • And you need to warm up the subway cookies in the oven for 20 seconds

    Louis von MalaiseLouis von Malaise8 dager siden
  • Mate it’s all about the rainbow cookie at subway 😢

    Louis von MalaiseLouis von Malaise8 dager siden
  • Should be illegal to have the a mcds apple pie and McFlurry separately 😭

    N HN H8 dager siden
  • 60k gang wya?

    Anony MouseAnony Mouse8 dager siden
  • Duff info on the Xite Matt the code doesn’t work 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    HammersruleHammersrule8 dager siden
  • Where is Lucas in the intro.?

    Alfie SandlesAlfie Sandles8 dager siden
  • I live so close to Folkeston!!

    K editsssK editsss8 dager siden
  • Edits are quality

    J CJ C8 dager siden
  • I have to watch this Cuz i can't do this Enjoy it man

    Dd NnDd Nn8 dager siden
  • Too many unnecessary edit cuts make it hard to watch, like there’s no need to cut like 3 frames out for the sake of it

    KateLoveLoveKateLoveLove8 dager siden
  • Your voice has changed bruh

    Alfa 123Alfa 1238 dager siden
  • What happened to his voice?

    Opti ChainOpti Chain8 dager siden
  • No body: Absolutely nobody: Joe for some reason: Macdonals

    XxTalosxXXxTalosxX8 dager siden
  • Bangin quality

    Lofi WurldLofi Wurld8 dager siden
  • The "everyone in folkestone" meme 🤣 (lives in folkestone haha) ... wheres Lucas intros these days x

    Jenni HodgeJenni Hodge8 dager siden
  • Bra

    chris thompsonchris thompson8 dager siden
  • What an utterly pointless video ..

    Stewart MeadStewart Mead8 dager siden

    WrackzedWrackzed8 dager siden
  • 5000 cal is alot bro. U re crazy man.

    yosef semereyosef semere8 dager siden
  • Where u come from Scot... Irish..or England.

    yosef semereyosef semere8 dager siden
  • Did Matt hit puberty again, his voice somehow sounds deeper 😂

    Vazzy MVazzy M8 dager siden
  • That moment you learn your favorite fitness NOworldr is a fake natty I always had my suspicions though

    Josh AltringerJosh Altringer8 dager siden
  • I feel bloated watching this video 😭

    Whippsy93 !Whippsy93 !8 dager siden
  • matt: what desert would you recommend? employee: i'd recommend x and y matt: ok i'll take z employee: 😡

    rachrach8 dager siden
  • Getting a bit fat

    Sly FoxSly Fox9 dager siden
  • Folkestone beach is banging better then dover lol 😆

    Carrie MitchellCarrie Mitchell9 dager siden
  • New video idea, only eating baby food for 24 hours. It’s only right after having a new baby! Love your videos btw 😊

    Daisy MedwayDaisy Medway9 dager siden
  • i liked the video because you ate the apple pie

    Tiktok ComplimationsTiktok Complimations9 dager siden
  • If you make food at a cool temperature people would complain about there food being cold

    bananabanana9 dager siden
  • Bon appetite

    Benjamin MensahBenjamin Mensah9 dager siden
  • Fatty

    The White InfernoThe White Inferno9 dager siden
  • Me sitting here with my pathetic cheese and onion feeling so bad

    Martind AndyMartind Andy9 dager siden
  • Hi to matts new editor 😊

    Brighton BonnieBrighton Bonnie9 dager siden
  • You need to mix your apple pie and McFlurry together. Next level🤤

    Easy EEasy E9 dager siden
  • Why are you eating everything upside down ..?

    Anthony HarperAnthony Harper9 dager siden
  • Matt's steering wheel is on the wrong side.

    Desaz MusicDesaz Music9 dager siden
  • You should do a video were you try tiktok food hacks were you mix food together and staff

    Dimitris NicolaouDimitris Nicolaou9 dager siden
  • loving the camera dude

    Taco2kTaco2k9 dager siden
  • We need a collab with Bradley Martyn

    Aaron AllenAaron Allen9 dager siden
  • Editing was amazing

    Fain AadiFain Aadi9 dager siden
  • shoutout to all the original food pervs out there

    Tom VonTom Von9 dager siden
  • Anyone know what the song called when Matt was driving to Mac Donalds???

    Nick ChenNick Chen9 dager siden
  • Video idea : try Ramadan (fasting) for a few days no cheating

    Elite SMElite SM9 dager siden
  • So sweet you gave your cameraman a bite of the brownie! The waiter in Pizza Hut should have bought out two spoons as well as two glasses 😂😂

    A SharmaA Sharma9 dager siden
  • I love how matt hearts all of his comments on his video, and replies to them :D

    GingyGamingGingyGaming9 dager siden
  • We need Luca in the intro

    Bányai BoglárkaBányai Boglárka9 dager siden
  • Hey matt does fitness what did u teach when u were a teacher

    mikey macmikey mac9 dager siden
  • Speaking from experience with Crohn's Disease and training... My stomach is doing backflips at the thought of this much sugar

    Rhys GuyRhys Guy9 dager siden
  • Quite have to say matt has up'ed hes video quality luv it

    czy 313czy 3139 dager siden
  • Matt: i'm sitting at pizza hut outside on my own Andy: 😢

    Lucie SaltLucie Salt9 dager siden
  • 'if I die I have you on camera telling me to get this" hahahhahahahahhaha love how you talk to random people its hilarious

    Matty HMatty H9 dager siden
  • New level of vlogging there with Andy! 🔥Gret job boiiiiizzzzz. Also, felt sick just watching you eating that Chicken-chocolate-sunday thing... Your stomach is a beast

    KRonik DancerKRonik Dancer9 dager siden
  • Should have gone for fries and milkshake :)

    John DJohn D9 dager siden
  • Matt ice cream is one of the worlds easiest foods to eat what the heck you talking about 😭💀

    max cockremmax cockrem9 dager siden
  • Ask for double toppings from Mc ds!!

    Karl IzodKarl Izod9 dager siden