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Why did Aladdin have to get all creepy while singing "A Whole New World?" What exactly was he planning on doing if Jasmine closed her eyes? Disney movies are weird, man.
(The actress is my girlfriend and does not want to be credited by name so please leave me alone, comment section.)

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    ShadeZ 4 LyfeShadeZ 4 Lyfe2 år siden
    • Id say ok

      Lando Lastname:Lando Lastname:Time siden
    • Oh you're approaching me

      Artreus 7Artreus 76 dager siden
    • I did it lol

      TizzyRoseTizzyRose10 dager siden
    • Are you threatening me?

      SPESSSPESS14 dager siden
    • Well ok then

      PicklrPicklr14 dager siden
  • Jafar had the right idea. Why wish for momentary thing? Wish for something that lasts. My wish would be invulnerability, absolute healing factor (that means immortality + eternal youth), and most powerful wizardry. No, I wouldn't want to be Genie, even without the slave thing -- everything would be so so boring. At least with powerful wizard, I'd have limits for me to test and actually enjoy (I don't want to be omnipotent). And yes, I'm aware that being the most powerful wizard at the time means that someone else may indeed surpass me at some point in the future, and I'm okay with that. Limit and unknown future is what allows individuals to enjoy life.

    Michael SongMichael Song8 timer siden
  • This is what I hear every time I listen to the song XD

    Gamercraft The GamerGamercraft The GamerDag siden
  • who is this lady Ryan, did you kidnap her? Where is your clones?

    《NotAnAnimator》《NotAnAnimator》Dag siden
  • Jasmine had a very inconsistent accent I think that chick has brain damage

    Tecumseh CristeroTecumseh Cristero2 dager siden
  • Dating 2020*** . I thank god everyday that I found my wife before kids stopped learning how to form interpersonal relationships and started ranking each other based on texts and trivial, substance lacking interactions. Still sad though, kid friend groups just arent as close anymore over actual convos like this that ive witnessed (teacher)

    Jackson OrladyJackson Orlady2 dager siden
  • Jasmine - "Did you just say 'don't you dare'? That's creepy!" Alladin - "My back doesn't have any safety rails so you might want to get off it right now!" Jasmine - "I see water down there so I think I'm out!" Alladin - "See. Getting rid of a bad date is super easy, barely an inconvenience."

    Dave SunhammerDave Sunhammer3 dager siden
  • This reminds me of the implication from IASIP

    Asbjørn SkovAsbjørn Skov3 dager siden
  • don't u dare close ur eyes cause ur gonna die

    KingUman30KingUman303 dager siden
  • Don't you Dare not not not hit the like button 😅

    Ogunyemi DavidOgunyemi David3 dager siden
  • I’d think he was more trustworthy because he didn’t just wish for her to love him like Jafar would’ve.

    parodysamparodysam4 dager siden
  • That actress is your girlfriend? Damn. Congrats on all the sex.

    Lostmymind1Lostmymind15 dager siden
  • my mother dearest's old college teacher animated this part in Aladin.

    CallMeJoeCallMeJoe5 dager siden
  • Is it wrong to say I'd rather see 3 Ryans in this skit and not 2 Ryans and a chick?

    David MayDavid May5 dager siden
  • Is this the girl from the Jubilee dating thing?

    Naiad BakshNaiad Baksh5 dager siden
  • Honestly this whole video gives me Twisted vibes right?

    AshAsh6 dager siden
  • Cant believe how she turned into an ant after jumping off the carpet

    AntiadamAntiadam8 dager siden
  • THANK you! This has bothered me since 1992.

    Lost Scrolls SketchbookLost Scrolls Sketchbook8 dager siden
  • bri'ish

    SkyOnOsuSkyOnOsu8 dager siden
  • "If you buy the album you can sing it." -Bert Kreischer

    Liz Real Girl BeautyLiz Real Girl Beauty9 dager siden
  • I expected exactly what jasmine expected when I clicked on this video. Threats.

    Drow ArcherDrow Archer9 dager siden
  • NOworld recommending this video after 2 years is tight.

    Nishant DevNishant Dev9 dager siden
  • Perfectly acted princess. Pretty too! Facials are spot on!

    Henk van PeerHenk van Peer9 dager siden
  • She is great too! Does she has a channel?

    MarianMarian9 dager siden
  • Dating in 2020 be like:

    Dante BanducciDante Banducci10 dager siden
  • Her sass was on point

    James SailorJames Sailor10 dager siden
  • I'm going to sing all my threats now. it will be cute lol

    chrisspray666chrisspray66611 dager siden
  • This video felt like NOworld comments threads. I appreciate the humor and the effort but I hate it for how real it is. I'm sure this exact discussion happened under a lyric video somewhere. This is more a documentation than a parody to me and it makes me mentally unwell.

    JayLeeBeanzJayLeeBeanz12 dager siden
  • Is that outfit lilac I can't remember what that colour is ?

    Bullet AnarchyBullet Anarchy13 dager siden
  • Don't you dare close your eyes...because of the implication.

    TheMobyNickTheMobyNick13 dager siden
  • If he was going to try something, wouldn't he want to tell her to close her eyes?

    Trekkie from New ZealandTrekkie from New Zealand13 dager siden
  • re

    Cheryl MaheswaranCheryl Maheswaran14 dager siden
  • You know, becoming a prince is super easy, barely an inconvenience!

    Joshua AbramovJoshua Abramov14 dager siden
  • And then they kept that line in the live action one. I laughed so hard when I heard it too

    Kid ChikoKid Chiko15 dager siden
  • He's better off

    RatmanRatman16 dager siden
  • ou man i hate her already

    PaulePaule16 dager siden
  • dont u dare - miss the beauty it will be a regret that i dont want you to have

    XaraiXarai16 dager siden
  • So that means there are like 99% men in your universe.

    San droSan dro17 dager siden
  • " Its threatening "

    JennieJennie17 dager siden
  • Chill guys, this video is clearly not in the ryan georgeverse, so it is lore friendly to have another person.

    Pedro TalonsPedro Talons18 dager siden
  • !

    Amish abdussalamAmish abdussalam18 dager siden
  • your not even wrong

    DynamicHeatwaveDynamicHeatwave18 dager siden
  • but if you close your eyes…

    AlscaldesAlscaldes18 dager siden
  • *Mr.Howard Ashman is rolling over in his grave*

    warren byrnewarren byrne19 dager siden
  • Ryan as Princess Feminist was almost impossible to pull of, but he did it!

    Atlas GamingAtlas Gaming19 dager siden
  • Uhhhh Ryan shouldve played Jasmine

    Vince SCVince SC19 dager siden
  • Dating a feminist

    prakash pandeyprakash pandey20 dager siden
  • “Girlfriend”? Yeah sure buddy.

    King StarscreamKing Starscream21 dag siden
  • Title:DON'T DARE YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES ME:*closes eyes*:)

    April playsApril plays21 dag siden
  • good thing they didnt bring up the age thing.

    Benny GrauBenny Grau23 dager siden
  • Thanks for ruining a beautiful moment in Aladdin 🙄

    lightheart5lightheart524 dager siden
  • Hi

    TIMMEHTIMMEH26 dager siden
  • I've heard it so many times but The "oh my god" at the end always gets me

    Axel EdongoAxel Edongo26 dager siden
  • She can’t close her eyes, because of the implication.

    Har-v WfHar-v Wf26 dager siden
    • Hahaha would love to see Dennis Reynolds in a disney setting!

      Christian OlsenChristian OlsenDag siden
  • The animation of her jumping off the carpet is awesome

    WatchersWatchers27 dager siden
  • 2021 now be weird

    Ape BoiApe Boi27 dager siden
  • 🤫

    Desmond MurrayDesmond Murray27 dager siden
  • Shut up

    Desmond MurrayDesmond Murray27 dager siden
  • This reminds me of the grease dilemma

    Gard Helgeland-RossavikGard Helgeland-Rossavik28 dager siden
  • Hi

    Mena NakhlaMena Nakhla28 dager siden
  • It's 4:40am, and I have no idea how I got here.....

    jdzspace33jdzspace3328 dager siden
  • Ok but, what colour are his eyes?? They look blue sometimes and green sometimes but usually... purple?

    Elliot BerghElliot Bergh29 dager siden
  • "Don't you dare put my name out there!" - Jasmine irl 🙃

    Scarico OleosoScarico OleosoMåned siden
  • Ok

    Krishna Don’t animateKrishna Don’t animateMåned siden
  • who's this person that doesn't look like Ryan George? that doesn't belong there..

    TheABCD3912TheABCD3912Måned siden
  • Ooh, being passive-aggressive to a woman is TIGHT

    Maximum MattMaximum MattMåned siden
  • 2 years ago: but she would definitely recognize the boat captain is the same person she escaped from in different clothes Now: yea that will probably work

    Bar GrossBar GrossMåned siden
  • you could just wish to be irresistible to all women....but that's creepy too. SHIT!!!!

    Michael LochlannMichael LochlannMåned siden
  • She is clearly a Minecraft player.

    Talene RiveraTalene RiveraMåned siden
  • I always had a problem with that line too.

    weckarweckarMåned siden
    • @ryan smith I am not joking.

      weckarweckar18 dager siden
    • Please tell me you're joking

      ryan smithryan smith18 dager siden
  • Ain’t THAT the truth

    Jager1726Jager1726Måned siden
  • isn't a rickroll i swear

    Bwkool PlayzBwkool PlayzMåned siden

    fourniermanfourniermanMåned siden
  • "and that's how I met your mother".

    Mahmood mahrooqiMahmood mahrooqiMåned siden
  • Don’t you hate it when guys...

    Inira EyesabellInira EyesabellMåned siden
  • I'm no detective but I think jasmine is Ryan's girlfriend.

    Lahrach AyoubLahrach AyoubMåned siden
  • By 1:09 I would have kicked her off the carpet.

    David JettDavid JettMåned siden
  • Aaa

    HaydenHaydenMåned siden
  • Jasmine: What do you mean by don't *choo* dare though?

    Ricky AndreouRicky AndreouMåned siden
  • In real life, ryan :I've a famous show on youtube. Gf: and you don't own that channel?? Ryan : i want you to get off my back

    pkpkMåned siden
  • Actually....."don't you dare" CAN be cute. When a girl is all giggly and flirting with someone and is like "don't you dare". like it happens. movies, tv shows, books, real life. It CAN be cute. But when a dude says it, yeah, I guess it's creepy and aggressive now. ANYTHING is aggressive if the tone matches. "HAVE A NICE DAY!" but like with a mean-sounding tone.

    R.S.R.S.Måned siden
  • To imagine all he had to say was "or you might fall off the carpet because of the wind resistance and not knowing where to grab"

    Eter PuralisEter PuralisMåned siden
  • A song is a dick in sheep's clothing

    Anna JelsbakAnna JelsbakMåned siden
    • @Afonso de Portugal starkid is my religion and twisted is my Bible... So yea

      Anna JelsbakAnna JelsbakMåned siden
    • Are you implying that Bach, Mozart and Beethoven were massive dicks?

      Afonso de PortugalAfonso de PortugalMåned siden
  • She's not wrong... Yeah...she is

    Christopher SmithChristopher SmithMåned siden
  • The funny part is that in Arabic version they don't say don't you dare😂

    Haya syrianHaya syrianMåned siden
    • What do they say?

      Afonso de PortugalAfonso de PortugalMåned siden
  • Coming in at 999,999 views lol

    KantarrelKantarrel2 måneder siden
    • Don't you dare watch again!

      Afonso de PortugalAfonso de PortugalMåned siden
  • Every Snowflake in 2020

    Shane ThrelfallShane Threlfall2 måneder siden
  • Aladdin is sexist and racist and it's teaching our children to be that way. #cancelaladdin

    CodyCody2 måneder siden
    • Ok got proof or something?

      Kyle VuKyle Vu26 dager siden
  • úüûùū įíîïīì œòôöóõøō ł ñń

    Bacon boyBacon boy2 måneder siden
  • Do, Baby It's Cold Outside next...

    California KevmanCalifornia Kevman2 måneder siden
  • So what hyperbole and dark magic arnt allowed any more?!

    Genaveive the bimmerGenaveive the bimmer2 måneder siden
  • Aladdin was TIGHT

    Maximum MattMaximum Matt2 måneder siden
    • Yeah yeah yeah

      Maximum MattMaximum MattMåned siden
    • But Jasmine was tighter!

      Afonso de PortugalAfonso de PortugalMåned siden
  • "Don't you dare jump off the carpet...." ...ah dang, another one!

    Richard MahnRichard Mahn2 måneder siden
  • Just glad Ryan didn't play Jasmine as well....

    Richard MahnRichard Mahn2 måneder siden
    • He did. He just did a better job than usual.

      Afonso de PortugalAfonso de PortugalMåned siden
  • Don’t you dare close your eyes out of misplaced fear and miss all the beautiful things in front of you because I will make sure you’re safe and no physical harm will come to you, a whole new wooooorrrllld. Yeah that goes with the beat.

    alightenedalightened2 måneder siden
  • Wait? So she is alive after she threw herself into the water or ocean? Did she survived the impact???

    rickonamirickonami2 måneder siden
  • It's the implication

    Gen4JohnGen4John2 måneder siden
  • I could watch her talk all day lol. Mesmerizing!

    Jam JamJam Jam2 måneder siden
  • I think you are misunderstanding something, I mean the implication...

    ] ginock [] ginock [2 måneder siden
  • E

    Oscar PlaysOscar Plays2 måneder siden