Animals Stupidity Compilation 2020 | Funniest Animals | FailArmy

19. mai. 2020
2 415 680 Ganger

They may be your best friend, but that doesn't mean they're smart! This week we put together a collection of the dumbest pets we could find!
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  • Girl: “kitty it’s Valentine’s Day” Cat: *growls* Girl: “she loves valentines d-“ Cat: *bites her face”

    Avary HancockAvary Hancock11 måneder siden
    • @James Levi sure they can, but why such question? I was referring to the literal description what happened on one part of the video. It was not even a comment, describing a joyness

      Kazik PalecKazik Palec18 dager siden
    • @James Levi woooooooooosh

      ㅤㅤㅤㅤ23 dager siden
    • @Kazik Palec so are people just not allowed to talk about things they enjoyed around you

      James LeviJames Levi24 dager siden
    • Avary Hancock Girl: * surprised pikachu face *

      Vendy RVendy R11 måneder siden
    • thanks, in that part I was blind

      Kazik PalecKazik Palec11 måneder siden
  • I'm pretty sure there's alligators in that pond cause of the no swimming sign, so he did the right thing to his dog to save him. Every pond that has signs like that in Florida is because of alligators and it probably said alligators below the No swimming part

    Jason SharpJason Sharp2 dager siden
  • Matilda gives two f**ks!🤣

    Amanda LouAmanda Lou2 dager siden
  • The man and the alligator was no where in this lied and cheated me...I will never watch another FAIL ARMY video again.

    Rodney DRodney D4 dager siden
  • 1:05 oh that's a bummer he has to work all over again. :( I feel so bad for him a working man. :(

    Jessica CorneaJessica Cornea7 dager siden
  • The only stupid lifeform on this planet is the human..

    M & J M & JM & J M & J7 dager siden
  • the pug in the window literally made my day-

    Ellie MillerEllie Miller7 dager siden
  • También había dueños estúpidos !!😂😂😂😂

    Un comentario mas :'vUn comentario mas :'v9 dager siden
  • Never mind me I just didn't like 999 comments so I made it 1000

    Nick MiouNick Miou11 dager siden
  • That dude with the frenchie though 😂😂😂😂

    BaconQueenBaconQueen12 dager siden
  • 😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍

    Margit WolfMargit Wolf12 dager siden
  • This shuff ain't funny man It's cruelty to your pet . Making them fall, tricking them, put a cone on your head and get you to catch a toy

    Mr GreenMr Green12 dager siden
  • Um, yeah...I USED to have a dog named Stella. Let's go kids. Time to go dog shopping.

  • Animal owners are the worlds dumbest people.

    Private Citizen GuyPrivate Citizen Guy13 dager siden
  • Stella no no HAHAHHA

    kleber Lirakleber Lira15 dager siden
  • 5:08 😳🥺😱

    Viola FusViola Fus16 dager siden
  • Stella said when she get in the water he can't catch her so she went for it and failed

    Automatic PressureAutomatic Pressure17 dager siden
  • I was looking for the "funny" - i have not found.

    Erika MautererErika Mauterer18 dager siden
  • yet another demonstration of why people need to pass a test to own animals and to have a child.

    Mallet ReidMallet Reid18 dager siden
  • most of these are not funny. some humans are not meant to be owners. dog wants his toy and owner teases it while it's wearing a cone? wtf over?

    josh cjosh c19 dager siden
  • 3:50 the dog is overheated you dumb asses

    Discovery Outdoors / Matt-N-AbraDiscovery Outdoors / Matt-N-Abra19 dager siden
  • Does anyone know where I can find the original video for 1:27?

    TheophilosPorterTheophilosPorter20 dager siden
  • It’s turning into a Pug world. They are freaking everywhere. I patrol an apartment block & theres 11 Pugs in the building.

    Titus CatoTitus Cato20 dager siden
  • 0:48 sounds like a dying mouse! Lol

    Lucas KnightLucas Knight20 dager siden
  • 1:47 lawd have mercy

    kev vickev vic21 dag siden
  • Who is stupid here animals or owners

    Rajeswary MuniandyRajeswary Muniandy21 dag siden
  • You call it animal stupidity but I guarantee you human stupidity is above all

    Nick PastNick Past21 dag siden
  • I see only stupid people's

    Ohavná ŠupinaOhavná Šupina21 dag siden
  • Why he yeet the dog like that though ahahaha

    King Borris 5150King Borris 515021 dag siden
    • Theres a sign that says danger no swimming. Which usually indicates some danger of being in the water. He took the sign seriously.

      george bartongeorge barton21 dag siden
  • The only stupid animal is the HUMAN owner !!!

    Nomadic WandererNomadic Wanderer22 dager siden
  • What I see are bad dog owners who do not train their pets

    BakerOneBakerOne22 dager siden
  • 5:08 why her croach is covered?

    Mario BrosMario Bros22 dager siden
  • 1st guy tosses dog like a grenade 😆😭🐶

    lexlovedavillelexlovedaville22 dager siden
  • Uhh.. where's the dude swimming with the alligator??

    Bryan MilnerBryan Milner23 dager siden
  • First video isnt about animal stupidity. ITs about owner stupidity!

    srksiisrksii23 dager siden
  • Stella is a Frenchie ...nuf said

    Francisco SantiagoFrancisco Santiago23 dager siden
  • 1st dude was best total selfless whats up

    c pc p24 dager siden
  • He got got mad and threw the dog. Could have just walked out with him.

    straferstrafer24 dager siden
  • 1:43 that's human stupidity level 100

    Hitmaniak17Hitmaniak1724 dager siden
  • There was no reason for that first guy to throw that dog like that.

    Scott BoydScott Boyd25 dager siden
    • Umm......alligators?

      steven wilsonsteven wilson23 dager siden
  • Stella's a bad dog.

    Robot HunterRobot Hunter25 dager siden
  • Animals are not stupid. Glad I didn't subscribe.

    UK MedicFRCSUK MedicFRCS25 dager siden
  • 3:11 Delivered!

    Paula HildebrandtPaula Hildebrandt25 dager siden
  • I clicked because of the alligator.... Not one alligator clip -_-

    Shane's AegisShane's Aegis27 dager siden
    • Not even on the sign that alot people are saying the sign says danger no swimming with a picture of an alligator. It literally just says danger no swimming. There is no picture of an alligator lol

      george bartongeorge barton21 dag siden
  • What would we do without animals ,there so much fun loving

    Aquatic MulletAquatic Mullet27 dager siden
  • All the cat ones are deserved for having vermin in your house.

    MrAbletospeakMrAbletospeak28 dager siden
  • 90% of animal cruelty is filmed, posted online for everyone to laugh at, keep up the good work. the dog with the neck brace trying to get the orange ball perfect example

    Sacha DSacha D28 dager siden
    • Dude, that thing is a cone. Pets get them after an operation to keep them from licking/nibbling the stitches so the wound can heal.

      EisengrindtEisengrindt21 dag siden
  • The first vid reminds me of my dog the first time he saw had a layer of pollen on it so it looked just like grass. He goes running down the boat ramp and flies into the water thinking it was land. He had good instinct though and immediately started swimming back to the bank so I didnt have to dive in....that time lol.

    Eric ShpuntEric Shpunt28 dager siden
  • first clip is rather people stupidity ;)

    mpsmps29 dager siden
  • Crowley was a baaaad boy 🤣

    StarScream 777StarScream 777Måned siden
  • Concrete dog Looooooooooooooolllllllllllllllll. Good job crowley

    Kyle GallantKyle GallantMåned siden
  • Заходим хотя бы 1 раз в 3 дня иначе удалю и не потому что я злая, а потому что когда участники редко заходят, то активность альянса NEMESIS падает и все мы получаем меньше призов ...

    Eva SvensénEva SvensénMåned siden
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    Terry HudsonTerry HudsonMåned siden
  • The first guy. Respect dude

    Im_That_MonkIm_That_MonkMåned siden
  • The first dude deserves an award he loves his puppy lol

    jay burgettjay burgettMåned siden
  • 0:21 rainbow xD

    RIGUXRIGUXMåned siden
  • "We should get a second designer breed dog known for its respiratory/sinus issues." -new pug owner

    Censoring Free Speech -YouTubeCensoring Free Speech -YouTubeMåned siden
    • My parents have decided to become pug breeders with no experience at all in breeding dogs, and I am totally against the idea. Glad I am no longer living near them.

      Tamara JTamara J9 dager siden
  • Anyone who throws, smacks, punches or walks an animal into heatstroke is a fucking asshole and they shouldn’t have pets in the first place. Even if it is an accident, not making sure their pet is okay afterwards and consoling them to let them know it was an accident, is unacceptable.

    CinnamonToastKittenCinnamonToastKittenMåned siden
  • 2:27 taken from: "Cats that look like Hitler"

    HeinrichErnst1HeinrichErnst1Måned siden
  • i don't think they are dumb. just funny. also some of the ppl r the stupid ones

    Adster LeeAdster LeeMåned siden
  • 2:11 dont fucking let him go in he will kill you

    Czech GuardiaNCzech GuardiaNMåned siden
  • Tilly gave no f's.

    Lorelei KahananuiLorelei KahananuiMåned siden
  • The first one made me laugh a lot.

    T1 ProductionsT1 ProductionsMåned siden
  • 4.45 deserves an oscar 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Tom NjengaTom NjengaMåned siden
  • That first guy is total love. Amazing human

    robert owensrobert owensMåned siden
  • Half of these are just fucking animal cruelty. Jfc, people suck.

    Patsy BaileyPatsy BaileyMåned siden
  • Try a leash, you dolt

    Grammar GestapoGrammar GestapoMåned siden
  • I’m proud to say that my dog listens to me when I tell him to stay but my other dog only sometimes listens to me sometimes lol

    Noah GilbertNoah GilbertMåned siden
  • 3:52 u do realise that dog passed out

    LinksBlue ShortsLinksBlue Shorts2 måneder siden

    Chris}Lor} At}Chris}Lor} At}2 måneder siden
  • Cats are DESTRUCTIVE no joke

    Rose RamirezRose Ramirez2 måneder siden
  • Some videos = example as an animal abuse!🤮

    rockodlakrockodlak2 måneder siden
  • He threw the French Bulldog to save its life... French Bulldogs cannot swim. Dumb dog tried to drown itself 😂

    Milli WMilli W2 måneder siden
  • mi chiedo come mai la metà degli animali stupidi erano quei fucking carlini

    jack1003871jack10038712 måneder siden
  • Ooh Matilda

    Fontaine PakehoFontaine Pakeho2 måneder siden
  • Stella!!!

    marisabia63marisabia632 måneder siden
  • Man that pretty cement job 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 lawdy

    Tamara ShineTamara Shine2 måneder siden
  • I hollered😂 when he threw the dog back on to land😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Tamara ShineTamara Shine2 måneder siden
  • First guy loves his dog. I couldn't see what the danger sign said, but he jumped anyway. Sacrificing his shoes and probably his phone and wallet too. Good man.

    William CarmanWilliam Carman2 måneder siden
    • Crocs or snakes most likely.

      Tamara JTamara J9 dager siden
  • 5:12 that poor dog's like "Owwww, moooom...What'd I dooooooo?"

    Rubinelle Mah'RahnRubinelle Mah'Rahn2 måneder siden
  • 4:54 lmao 🤣🤣🤣

    Danielle KingDanielle King2 måneder siden

    Joana SousaJoana Sousa2 måneder siden
  • Some of these videos should be titled, stupid pet owners.

    B. T.B. T.2 måneder siden
  • The animals aren't the ones being stupid.

    Rabeth CooperRabeth Cooper2 måneder siden

    freak0ricofreak0rico2 måneder siden
  • The 2 clips starting at 1.44 to 2.05 these people need to be reported for animal cruelty and abuse.

    Pradi S' atan BechetaPradi S' atan Becheta2 måneder siden
  • Anyone else notice half the video was cats being jerks?

    Tater FarmerTater Farmer2 måneder siden

    AntonioErnestoAntonioErnesto2 måneder siden
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    kyle graykyle gray2 måneder siden
  • 2:34 cats are not spiders even though they sometimes think they are! Lol!

    michael paulissenmichael paulissen2 måneder siden
  • i love how he just yeets the dog out of the water and the dog is like "da fu"

    SiverkerSiverker2 måneder siden
    • Cause there's alligators in the pond. At 3 seconds, you'll see the no swimming sign

      Jason SharpJason Sharp25 dager siden
  • Dog would NOT have drowned, but MAY have broken its legs through being thrown. Idiot.

    NickNick2 måneder siden
  • Σας γαμαη αααααα αααααα αααααα ααααααααχ αααχααχ αααχ

    Christin MihalaChristin Mihala2 måneder siden
  • Einfach zum Totlachen!🤣🤣🤣

    Lustiges and ActionLustiges and Action2 måneder siden
  • 2:56 boy boy boy

    Maxim EngströmMaxim Engström2 måneder siden
  • the kitty at 2:02 is my spirit animal

    Lonely GrandsoulsLonely Grandsouls2 måneder siden
  • 1st guy! It's called A collar and A leash!!!

    backwoodsbullybackwoodsbully2 måneder siden
  • i like how the guy in the first clip jumps in the water with almost no hesitation and then just yeets the dog

  • Wehre is the croco?

    vagrant 91vagrant 912 måneder siden
  • 3:18 💀

    chrmchrm2 måneder siden