DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY? | Ep 4 | Don't Try This At Home

30. april. 2021
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Directed by NERF
Produced by Nev
Filmed by Oscar Alva & Kyle Carper
Edited by Eugene Weis & Oscar Alva

  • God bless you Jeff

    Tia HyreTia Hyre18 minutter siden
  • Honestly I hadn’t heard of any of this. I am so sorry. If the situation was vice versa I believe David would not have be as tolerant. Yes it was an accident. But there are precautions that could have been taken to prevent this. David should not have been going so fast for content. But I do believe everything happens for a reason. This accident saved ur life in my opinion. Maybe tending to urself and being more safe is the best. Maybe it’s a warning maybe it’s not. But ur right, no one is in ur shoes they can’t understand the trams physically or mentally. And for David to just push it off as an accident....take accountability dude. He got risky for content he probably thought u would get hurt, but not to the extent of what happened. And the fact that he got reckless with heavy machinery....fucking ignorant

    Marly PriceMarly Price35 minutter siden
    • *trauma not trams

      Marly PriceMarly Price35 minutter siden
  • Didn’t David already skydive with Liza ?? Wtf

    valerie lopezvalerie lopez40 minutter siden
  • David is such an idiot

    valerie lopezvalerie lopez43 minutter siden
  • I don't know how can David can be soo chill after almost destroying ones life & Jeff being so calm I would have never want to see his face again in my life

    Sibtain RazaSibtain RazaTime siden
  • I saw a clip of the accident on instagram, I was never a fan of David dobrick but now this is truly an insightful series and I’m truly praying for good results on everyone’s end

    Elliot SprinkxElliot SprinkxTime siden
  • Dude ditch David. Forgiveness is necessary for growth but he's clearly a toxic friend. Why would you put a friend through that?

    Sophie JohnstonSophie JohnstonTime siden
  • 6:43 when he punch him then an ad lmao dead💀💀💀

    Kat LaucksKat LaucksTime siden
  • Well mate, play stupid games and win stupid prizes. It is BOTH of their faults for being IDIOTS.

    DavidDavidTime siden
  • That outro is a bop 🤚🏽😂

    KappaKappaTime siden
  • Jeff is a grown ass man that makes his own choices. Why blame David if he’s the one that made the decision to participate.

    Wallard SolisWallard Solis2 timer siden
    • Cause David was the one that made it go too fast.

      PuggoPuggo22 minutter siden
  • Jeff really wants to forgive him but unfortunately I think he never will and it will prolly just get worse..

    Lebron JamesLebron James2 timer siden
  • Forgiveness is a process and it's okay to be angry now doing stupid things like that after having Money ain't no blessing

    A B C Of LifeA B C Of Life2 timer siden
  • Whoever edits this I hope gets a job at MTV

    Ian SherwoodIan Sherwood2 timer siden
  • If I would be David I would say that if his surgery on his eye fails I would donate my eye to him

    Miro. TVMiro. TV2 timer siden
  • 10:37 I think Jeff is trying to tell something

    Osama MasOsama Mas2 timer siden
  • Someone shot my eye with a bb gun and I couldn’t see from one of my eyes

    Sk8_infinity RrSk8_infinity Rr2 timer siden
    • You can now? It was shot up close? Simple curiosity on my part.

      João Pedro SousaJoão Pedro Sousa30 minutter siden
  • hurry up and post

    Sped NibbaSped Nibba2 timer siden
  • In my eyes Jeff Is a child

    Joshua LoveJoshua Love3 timer siden
  • All these guys are fucking annoying even jeff

    Viva La PalestineViva La Palestine3 timer siden
  • Pain demands to be felt. It’s okay to be angry as long as the anger doesn’t overcome you. I don’t appreciate anyone who says anger is wrong or a sin or something like that. Forgiveness is important to free yourself but it’s not a thing to be rushed. You’re amazing Jeff and thank you for sharing your story. It wasn’t fair for you to be dealing with this by yourself. Hiding the truth is never fun. Sharing the truth and becoming vulnerable is the bravest thing you’ve done. :)

    Hi, I'm MirageHi, I'm Mirage3 timer siden
  • I wonder what Liza thinks about all this

    Eden WeaverEden Weaver3 timer siden
  • Is part 4 the last episode?

    John MarinoJohn Marino3 timer siden
  • How can you still be friends with him… who cares that YOU got on the thing, David shouldn’t have gone so crazy. Idk how you’re friends with him.

    Shy BlackShy Black3 timer siden
  • I have one question Did he ever apologize ? As in an actual I'm sorry I'm the reason for all of your problems and I don't know how to help you ?!

    ShrubsShrubs3 timer siden
  • I see a group of individuals that don’t have the emotional experience nor the empathy at all to handle this situation and it’s entertaining af.

    Turb1neTurb1ne4 timer siden
  • Damn just really shows how much of a whiny bitch and how much everything revolves around him, he seems to think...

    Cole CopeCole Cope4 timer siden
  • Dude staying using David for views

    Jay MancillaJay Mancilla4 timer siden
  • David is a douse bag period.

    Moaath MASMoaath MAS4 timer siden
  • Jeff if I was you I would never forgive stupid david idiot dobrik I would neverrrrrrr but you did but it's okay as long as you are fine with it

    deku's wifedeku's wife5 timer siden
  • “Although I’m going to be a lot more careful with what happens this time.” was the sentence that spoke so many words.... so because it’s David’s life at stake he’s going to take it more seriously..... unbelievable. David, you truly deserve to be cancelled. Jeff I pray your eye sight comes back and you make a full recovery. You don’t NEED toxic friends like that in your life. Please heal from not just the wound, but also from the mental experience overall.

    Vivi La VinciVivi La Vinci5 timer siden
  • Plot twist: Jeff plans to emotionally torture David for years and then press charges the day before the statute of limitations is up.

    AnnaAnna5 timer siden
  • Low key hating David more and more every day

    Ya like jazz?Ya like jazz?5 timer siden
  • David is such a horrible person. The most fucked up things that have happened to the people who have been and are in the blog squad are all of his fault.

    Jasmine MoreauJasmine Moreau5 timer siden
  • I actually got shot in the eye with a paint ball with co2 in it and almost lost my eye if I did not blink when it shot

    iamfleyz -iamfleyz -5 timer siden
  • Jeff did wanted him to be there but david’s words...david is making it worse by avoiding this situation. Sorry but the BIGGEST thing he needs to be accountable. But Jeff, I do hope you’re taking time to heal and move away from people like David

    Alexandra DumoAlexandra Dumo5 timer siden
  • You know what, I’m glad ur doing good now, u forgave david, u guys worked it out, and as long as ur doing good now that’s all that matters. Get better Jeff we love you

    Shiny UmbreonShiny Umbreon5 timer siden
  • Please let David make amends

    Romy CowanRomy Cowan6 timer siden
  • jeff is the pinnacle of human evolution

    KucciKucci6 timer siden
  • David is a terrible friend and Jeff literally has no idea how to forgive people lol.

    DrawkcabDrawkcab6 timer siden
  • Wait ur russo from punisher

    remmspohrremmspohr6 timer siden
  • Happy Mother’s Day everyone. Hopefully it goes well for you and your family.

    Mike ElzingaMike Elzinga7 timer siden
  • Damn that’s fucking crazy dead ass made me feel like I lost my eye

    Ethan 300Ethan 3007 timer siden
  • I fell so bad

  • When’s episode 5?

    Seth RogenSeth Rogen7 timer siden
  • I think David should just move in with Shane Dawson and call it quits

    Spencer RichmondSpencer Richmond7 timer siden
  • I have a hard time listening to David. At this point It’s hard to think he’s being genuine.

    Spencer RichmondSpencer Richmond7 timer siden
  • What about you become a pirate! Get an eyepatch maybe if the surgery goes wrong or it doesnt look too nice

    Soup KingYTSoup KingYT8 timer siden
  • It's your own fault stupid!

    GamerCWPGamerCWP8 timer siden
    • Lmao

      BeyondMeAwesome LIVEBeyondMeAwesome LIVE8 timer siden
  • I know your story is real and I know you went through some real shit. I have just seen other comments saying similar things and I was speculating. I have no discontent for you as a creator or person I just don't know how I feel about David after all that shit he did a few weeks ago and all that shit that came up from his past. Your stuff is real af. Sorry to make you feel that way and sorry for your lifelong injuries I wouldn't wish any of that pain or suffering upon any other human being.

    XOsammyXOsammy8 timer siden
  • Dude Jeff is such a little bitch about this entire situation. It was an accident....

    Donald ScharnDonald Scharn8 timer siden
  • new episode pls

    Tatjana Day-SolisTatjana Day-Solis9 timer siden
  • David has to do more

    Thunder CardinalThunder Cardinal9 timer siden
  • David should buy Jeff shit expensive pair of glasses

    S P A R KS P A R K10 timer siden
  • I used to like David but after seeing this. not so much anymore.

    Ashton ChauAshton Chau11 timer siden
  • mans shouldve sued david. this is fucking crazy how he still haves him in his life. toxic relationship at its finest

    gooreumgooreum11 timer siden
  • what the fuck, he has to cut the stitches out himself?? HUH???!

    illusbylizillusbyliz11 timer siden
  • I got shot in the eye with a pellet gun in a street fight and went to jail. Life went down hill after that. Was blind for like a month but it gets better. Going thru it alone just made me more aware and stronger as a person.

    Jcash AmoneyVJcash AmoneyV11 timer siden
  • Omg you become guts

    RzRz11 timer siden
  • david is the ellen of youtube!

    Florin AlexaFlorin Alexa11 timer siden
  • Not once did David say sorry. NARCISSIST

    Vader LynnVader Lynn11 timer siden
  • For David to get mad is wrong he needs to just sit there and take it

    Adonna RoweAdonna Rowe12 timer siden
  • Jeff is cute as hell hes way cuter then David David looks like a dork

    Adonna RoweAdonna Rowe12 timer siden
  • Why aren’t y’all dragging David this is fucked up

    Island GyalIsland Gyal12 timer siden
  • “ and you never wanna see your friend sad or hurt in any way” David: and i took that personally

    KoxivfxKoxivfx12 timer siden
  • Omg this is so terrible, I can’t imagine the pain, I’m literally chilling and having anxiety of his eye... this is terrifying!

    why youwhy you13 timer siden
  • Jeff really wants revenge LOL

    why youwhy you13 timer siden

    Cut LossCut Loss13 timer siden
  • Shit happens making this too big of a deal

    Ryan AlvarezRyan Alvarez13 timer siden
    • He could of diedd

      Video CentralVideo Central12 timer siden
  • David DORKBIK

    Kouki明るいKouki明るい14 timer siden
  • POV: You are David. You have a choice to continue making $ or make sure your "friend" is ok right after a horrific accident. Answer: You are DD and blame him bc he is a strong person.

    Emeth CherebEmeth Chereb14 timer siden
  • David's house is fucking nuts

    DaeDae14 timer siden
  • I'm sorry your going threw all this Jeff. Please keep us updated on how your doing. I send all my prayers

    Sarah MalloneeSarah Mallonee14 timer siden
  • Why are you protecting david? You should state it how it is. No amount of money could affect my sobriety or take my vision.

    Emeth CherebEmeth Chereb14 timer siden
  • I hope you hold David financially responsible because he has forever changed your life and it seems like it's just content and a joke to him. He knew not to go fast but he did it anyway cause all he cares about is videos. Your gonna have pain, headaches and Lord only knows what all other effects are to come during your life and you don't know what kind of medical bills you could have in the future. Please at least talk to an attorney and the doctor about the future. Good luck sweetie, and I send my prayers and please don't ever get involved in anything David is in charge of for your own safety.

    Sarah MalloneeSarah Mallonee14 timer siden
  • This must have been a lot for you to deal with but shows your determination on never giving up on yourself you are handsome funny strong physically & mentally now We get to see different side of you usually your always the tough guy but showed your vulnerable & emotional side too attractive quality in a man just keep being you Jeff 👌🏼🙏🏼❤️💪🏼

    paula hillpaula hill15 timer siden
  • Why’s everyone blame David? Like he was the one who forced all of them to do it.

    Jimmy DuplessisJimmy Duplessis15 timer siden
  • Send david to prison. Trend this shit.

    Ankit SharmaAnkit Sharma16 timer siden
  • Your milking this pretty badly trying to get rich and making a documentary from the situation. Quit being a bitch and man up.

    David VladoDavid Vlado16 timer siden
  • Jeff, I am so sorry and I wish you an abundance of healing, happiness and success, especially after everything you've gone through to achieve your dreams. And David, you need some serious, serious, serious help, like maybe prison will straighten you out. Because this is a pattern with you- you constantly taking things too far, putting all your friends in harm''s way. Yes, they still chose to do it but you're the one that orchestrated it.

    J BlueJ Blue16 timer siden
  • David should get banned from NOworld.

    jf_space nativejf_space native16 timer siden
  • “i dont know if thats the right idea, i dont think anyone should be jumping out of a fucking plane after what happened to you” stfu david the accident wasnt even because of a plane. shut up i mean honestly you put your “friends” in danger while youre home playing cod. thats not a good friend

    keiji akaashikeiji akaashi16 timer siden
  • Unpopular opinion: Jeff is an adult and if he dosent want to spin on a crane he should say no, not trying to be mean, hope he recover, pls respond if u disagree

    16 Hours Ago16 Hours Ago17 timer siden
  • So y’all giving David a platform again? 🤨

    ArminArmin17 timer siden
  • I don’t know why but it really pisses me off that David is still laughing and joking about it. Even joking that their friend should’ve been the one to be in the accident

    Theresa MassaquoiTheresa Massaquoi17 timer siden
  • Why is everybody commenting like this happened last week? This happened at least 8 months ago.

    A vonA von17 timer siden
    • @Caleb DiPietro yah. It’s hilarious how it was a documentary about “what happened over the last 12-16 months, how I got through it, and now I’m back” and then people started reacting to it, like it is a daily, present day vlog, and Jeff just started plying along. “My head is killing me today, don’t know how we are going to finish this series (don’t mind the boxing match I have scheduled in three weeks)” lol

      A vonA von45 minutter siden
    • kinda weird to think this was all going on soo long ago

      Caleb DiPietroCaleb DiPietro17 timer siden
    • true lmao

      Caleb DiPietroCaleb DiPietro17 timer siden
  • This just goes to show that actions really do have consequences regardless of your social status, class or anything else

    YD SnxYD Snx17 timer siden
  • Went through about same experience twice in my life, 1st as 8yr old 2nd @ 19. I felt traumatized when I could see out of one. I feel ur pain 💙

    Bros RebuildsBros Rebuilds17 timer siden
  • No offense but dam they really milking this for content and I’m a clown for getting addicted to this series

    Charlie VuCharlie Vu17 timer siden
  • I can't believe these people go back to a loser like David Dobrik just for some likes and subscribers.

    Aditi TyagiAditi Tyagi17 timer siden
  • Fuck all that Jeff don’t be a dam fool give him a false parachute

    Filiberto MorenoFiliberto Moreno18 timer siden

      clown asfclown asf11 timer siden

    GianCedric CañeteGianCedric Cañete18 timer siden
  • Well I'm still young so I don't understand manythings same with David he still 20+ years

    GianCedric CañeteGianCedric Cañete18 timer siden
  • Even though Jeff was joking and happy with David right after the accident doesn’t mean it was always alright. And people think about stuff over time. Jeff you can always be mad at David.

    Egg EggEgg Egg18 timer siden
  • Why isn’t David saying he’s sorry over and over from the start. He just jokes and avoids. I would cut him out of my life just from his reaction

    Andrea NicollAndrea Nicoll18 timer siden
  • I enjoy this series, but Jeff!!! It’s okay to feel that anger and sadness. Let yourself experience them.

    shekinah chandlershekinah chandler18 timer siden
  • I've never hated anyone more than i hate david rn

    Ifra BaburIfra Babur18 timer siden