Dash Cam Saves Citizen From Lying Trooper

29. mars. 2021
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    Audit the AuditAudit the Audit19 dager siden
    • Though, would not the implied intent, within the video, be an arguable defense of fifth? It's baffling , if " Justice " is so "Red taped." (THAT, Not ´If,´) Remember, this was a "speeding ticket stop" Which should have gone, "information ( Reason for stop) "No, we can hear eachother. Write a ticket, thank-you. Any other argument by a Leo is over legal power. (which sadly (Gladly) You find the fault)

      justinmarko80justinmarko80Dag siden
    • @Bradley Shipman done:)

      Georgia Constitution MediaGeorgia Constitution Media2 dager siden
    • @Georgia Constitution Media l

      Bradley ShipmanBradley Shipman3 dager siden
    • @Martin Wagoner no

      Conscientious ObserverConscientious Observer5 dager siden
    • @Eshootzi Scrs the only right in the bill that say will not be infringed is the 2nd addmendment.

      Conscientious ObserverConscientious Observer5 dager siden
  • that trooper must have had some serious girlfriend training (annoying and won't drop the silliest little detil)

    George WashingtonGeorge Washington2 minutter siden
  • I'm sorry but in today's time he should have rolled down the window completely and had his hands on the dash. The last time I was pulled over I did all these things and laughed when the police officer ask me if I was speeding, my reply was depends on if I was driving or flying. He laughed also. I got a warning and had a great rest of my day.

    Sioux H.Sioux H.59 minutter siden
  • The pigs always are very crude and really really bad they are on the side of bad people they only harass the good people and arrest the good people because if there are no criminals outside there would be no need for pigs.

    joe lewisjoe lewisTime siden
  • Cops are legally allowed to lie just remember that

    James DoakesJames DoakesTime siden
  • Kinda weird how people in the comments don't consider he wanted the window all the way down to see better into the car, maybe to look out for hidden weapons, contraband etc. Yea he was well within his rights to do what he did but personally it makes someone seem really suspicious when they don't do the little things like ID themselves or the window thing, other than simply not wanting to I don't see a valid reason not to make things go more smoothly and instead create an uneasy or 'uncooperative' interaction.

    wingedpaintswingedpaints2 timer siden
  • Bruh just roll down your window mister difficult

    RAVEN_SPRING_9000RAVEN_SPRING_90002 timer siden
  • Two hours later: Mr. Transparency was later arrested two miles down the road while attempting to dispose of the bodies he had hidden in his trunk in a local Wawa dumpster.

    PANWAREPANWARE2 timer siden
  • Just roll the fucking window now lmao

    Kevin JuanKevin Juan3 timer siden
  • So the courts reason that the 5th amendment isn't in place by default, that you must "claim" the fifth amendment before it's in place? The fuck, that's unconstitutional, and if the courts won't abide by the constitution then why should people abide by the law?

    shadowelite102shadowelite1023 timer siden
  • Citizen had the cop smiling.

    Mike RedmanMike Redman3 timer siden
  • White privilege Exhibit A.

    Jeremy PhillipsJeremy Phillips4 timer siden
  • People should just comply with officers on the side road and not argue take it court that's why we have a court system

    Unit_18Unit_184 timer siden
  • I agree Mr. Transparency did a good of being polite while standing up for his rights. Though frankly, I'm not sure if the half down window is worth the debate on the side of the road. Personally, I would not want to draw out an interaction with police any longer than legally necessary. Don't give them anything to work with or any justification to hold you further. Is the halfway window an ego check for the Trooper? Absolutely, but I'm not interested in playing "who is the bigger man" at a traffic stop. People get killed at traffic stops for ego checks and the cemetery is full of people who were in the right.

    Corey HampsonCorey Hampson4 timer siden
  • Didn't Violate any of is Rights. Right to freedom & privacy at the very least.

    StrawmanStrawman4 timer siden
  • Now that you've watched this, go and watch a video on a cop that saves someone's life. Need balance ❤ gotta admit though, most of these comments are pretty funny 🤣

    BeyondEchoBeyondEcho5 timer siden
  • What an ass hat. Just roll down your window princess

    Brandiwine2108Brandiwine21085 timer siden
  • Watched this before, but I do like how you found Court cases that back it up. Bravo.

    StrawmanStrawman5 timer siden
  • public corruption , identity theft, robbery, stalking, attempts on life, forced to sign plea deal under gun point and dur-rest , state of kansas and smith county kansas corruption , district attorney stolen deed and documents and funds for home i bought, replacement district attorney alter plea deal i wrote (UNDER DUR-REST BY GUN POINT) replacement district attorney blacken it out. judge placed a shoot to kill order on me for turning his step son the drug dealer in and judge on take of drug sales. sheriff officers members of cult group more public corruption and injustice.

    Meanold bonbonMeanold bonbon6 timer siden
  • The one guy is a total idiot the cop is power tripping

    John CreechJohn Creech6 timer siden
  • they actually seem like buddies joking lol.

    stanced Jakestanced Jake6 timer siden
  • I know the system isn't perfect, but we're very lucky to live in a society with the 5th amendment.

    Ben WBen W6 timer siden
  • From my own personal experience....it’s usually best to not be a jerk. I’ve gotten a ticket roughly 1 out of every 7 times I’ve been pulled over and that’s because I’ve been friendly and polite with the police. Even if the police is in the wrong, why be confrontational over something as simple and harmless as rolling down a window? The problem is that if they had a valid reason to give you a ticket, acting this way makes it less likely that they’ll let you go without a ticket. It’ll have the opposite effect. And you won’t have gained anything at all simply by keeping your window up.

    Hyper MatrixHyper Matrix6 timer siden
  • This gentleman is being toooo polite to the uniformed predator...I don't have to justify my refusal to obey! Don't discuss with blue hyenas it's above their tiny brain level

    PoetPoet7 timer siden
  • Play stupid games win stupid prizes 🤡

    MaGZ KaRmAMaGZ KaRmA7 timer siden
  • This is all about rolling down a window give me a break. This man is a child “your telling me I have to roll down my window” it’s petty man. If this guy ever needs a cop I hope the the cops says your telling me to pull my gun to save your life, I don’t really like pulling my gun I don’t really want to save your life you square head bastard.

    joe popekojoe popeko7 timer siden
  • Guy in the car is an idiot

    Tyler SiebertTyler Siebert7 timer siden
  • Good comment Luke

    Ron EdmondsonRon Edmondson7 timer siden
  • Mr. Transparency provoked the cop.

    Elexandria YeatsElexandria Yeats7 timer siden
  • Your not lying

    Ron EdmondsonRon Edmondson8 timer siden
  • I hate dudes like this that literally just try to piss cops off. If he rolled down the window all the way, he would’ve been let go like almost immediately

    Gage YostGage Yost8 timer siden
  • Ohya if you dont lick there boots your being hostile .

    Str8Wiskey1 Str8Wiskey1Str8Wiskey1 Str8Wiskey18 timer siden
  • His shirt of the founding fathers really ties this together

    Andy OdysseyAndy Odyssey8 timer siden
  • So you can't be silent if you want to excersise your right to remain silent?

    TheSuperlouloulouTheSuperlouloulou8 timer siden
  • lucky the driver wasn't black.

    Jason ByersJason Byers8 timer siden
  • I think “mr transparency” was being a little hard to get along with

    Bro MemesBro Memes9 timer siden
  • Audit, not sure if u are already but you would be a great judge

    Nightcore HubNightcore Hub9 timer siden
  • I've had an officer acuse me of speeding and went back and fourt arguing than was just given a warning

    Charles CrouchCharles Crouch9 timer siden
  • The trooper was just trying to do his job this guy was being difficult. Perfect example of a male Karen

    Jared LundmarkJared Lundmark9 timer siden
  • Bruh this dude says "im not going to answer that, im really not trying to be difficult with you" my guy if your not trying to be difficult over it and it aint a big deal then just answer the fucking question dumbass.

    Lvel 0Lvel 010 timer siden
  • That cop is just waiting for him to say something incriminating. The simple answer is he don't have to roll his window down. FTP Besides the ones that actually want to better the community and that's not alot. The only way you are a good cop is if u protect and serve even if it's against ur fellow gang members. Meaning if u see a cop breaking the law get them in trouble with a ticket arrest or even a detainment to show the police that nobody is above the law. If I was a cop I police the police and community.

    Xachary PrattXachary Pratt10 timer siden
  • This needs to be watched by every driver in the United States

    Joel PurryJoel Purry10 timer siden
  • He did invoke his 5th amendment rights after the warning and cop tried to get him to tell him how fast he was going.

    William GrantWilliam Grant10 timer siden
  • So cops want to make sure they protect themselves yet expect u to trust them... LMAO.. cause cops don't kill people..

    nunya businessnunya business10 timer siden
  • I'm curious, what dash cam is he using? I can see the brand in the corner, I'm just wondering which model because this looks like one I should invest in

    Danny ButhDanny Buth10 timer siden
  • He wants to have a better look inside

    William GrantWilliam Grant10 timer siden

    SherylSheryl10 timer siden
  • Am i the only one who kinda felt they were like the same person talking to themselves in the beginning lmao

    Kris GarzaKris Garza11 timer siden
  • “I just don’t”

    Crazy ZombieBOSCrazy ZombieBOS11 timer siden
  • Black people take notes 📝

    Temitope bamikoleTemitope bamikole12 timer siden
  • Well one thing here I would have put my window all the way down to make the Trooper feel safer Don't like troopers lying neither!!!!

    John MorellJohn Morell12 timer siden
  • The trooper might could have issued a ticket for the dash cam obstructing the driver's vision.

    Justin FloodJustin Flood12 timer siden
  • I would expect the simple explaination of fear of getting Covid-19 from an unmasked individual would have sufficed.

    Justin FloodJustin Flood12 timer siden
  • This driver is just a pain in the ass

    c Metsc Mets13 timer siden
  • These guys would make best bros.

    Miguel MartinezMiguel Martinez13 timer siden
  • How fast was he actually going though? He still could've been speeding even if not as fast as the officer said

    Trey McGovernTrey McGovern13 timer siden
  • The dude has tinted windows, roll down the window to make the cop feel safer whats the fucking problem... yeah the cop was in the wrong but thats just plain stupid way to start off an interaction with an officer if u ask me.

    WolfgangWolfgang14 timer siden
  • Cops lie all the time old news.

    David RodriguezDavid Rodriguez15 timer siden
  • Remaining silent even when asked leading questions by anyone other than friends.

    Bromptin OwnerBromptin Owner15 timer siden
  • It really doesn't matter I don't see why he couldn't roll down the window. Could just be a respect thing. I wouldn't like talking to someone with their window halfway down

    YDDIUQSYDDIUQS16 timer siden
  • Just watching half of this video gave me a slight USA mental disease. Sometimes I don't understand how people can be like this, on both sides.

    RangunaRanguna16 timer siden
  • This trooper be looking for a DEAL so bad.

    Rofhiwa TshikoneloRofhiwa Tshikonelo17 timer siden
  • Cop: roll window all way down Guy: I don't want it all way down Cop: walks away Guy: rolls ALL windows down

    Big BBig B18 timer siden
  • The officer seems to be a little too casual with his language and mannerisms....can this be fake ?

    YE YEYE YE18 timer siden
  • JUST ROLL YOUR WINDOW DOWN U WEIRDO, damn these people just make everything into problems

    Oh Yea yeaOh Yea yea20 timer siden
  • This driver is being purposely combative. I don't get it. This was for video views.

    Adrienne CrosbyAdrienne Crosby20 timer siden
  • OMG. Can these two guys not recognize a pissing contest when they are in one? Quien mas macho? Thats all this whole “roll down the window” thing is... a “make me” situation and the two guys are trying to logically reason their purpose for their stances on the matter. IT’S AN EFFING PISSING CONTEST! Roll down your window. I don’t want to. Why. Because. Why do you want me to? Because. Why don’t you want to? I don’t have to. LOL

    Lisa HumphriesLisa Humphries20 timer siden
  • I don't think this is a good legal analysis. James definitely would have been legally required to roll his window down all the way and to get out of the car if asked. The officer has a concern for his safety and he has a right to issue orders to protect himself. If he feels like he has a better view of the interior of the vehicle with the window down, that is sufficient for the order to be lawful. The officer was clearly perplexed. He should have either dropped the issue or forced it by ordering the suspect out of the vehicle. By nagging James about it, he surrendered control of the interaction.

    DunparrowDunparrow20 timer siden
  • I swear, i got annoyed by the driver...

    Soy Eloso73Soy Eloso7320 timer siden
  • Okay here’s my issue with this. Yes the cop was in the wrong for lying not saying he wasn’t, but tbf I probably would have gotten fucking heated if I had to deal with this driver. He was just being a pain in the ass for the sake of being a pain in the ass. Both people here were entitled brats

    AlphaneticAlphanetic20 timer siden
  • Dude narrator please talk and throw less papers in the video and just show the raw content. Much love though!

    Conor LynchConor Lynch21 time siden
  • "So, Trooper Little... you wanna hang out sometime? Maybe grab some lunch?"

    mreducto2mreducto221 time siden
  • The guy technically didn’t do anything wrong, but he definitely wanted to argue with the officer. Otherwise he would’ve just rolled the window down 😂

    zey OLIVETREEzey OLIVETREE21 time siden
  • Just two bros talking about the merits of the exact positioning of a window for ten minutes while a lawyer explains the situation to us

    Schmitty BacallSchmitty Bacall21 time siden
  • Given him a hard time

    MeltedGunMeltedGun21 time siden
  • i mean i understand he was in his legal limits but like he was just being a smart ass for no reason lol

    oldwaterbottleoldwaterbottle22 timer siden
  • Cop: “well not every cop is a bad cop” (3 minutes before) “I can tell you to do whatever I want”… uhhh maybe not every cop but you are. Fuckin joker.

    NivUltraNivUltra22 timer siden
  • Lets be real who gives af about their window being half ass open... just roll it all the way down it doesn’t matter

    SOOUnfairSOOUnfair22 timer siden
  • Oh I was wrong ok good shit.

    Kristopher WoodKristopher Wood23 timer siden
  • Not boy cop will pay him back under his law with a ticket for not being obedient and following every one of his gay commands because this is how they get off it's so gay.

    Kristopher WoodKristopher Wood23 timer siden
  • Because he pays the note each month not you cop.

    Kristopher WoodKristopher Wood23 timer siden
  • Full of BS. He didn’t give him a ticket bc the driver told him that his camera recording his speed. Policeman know he can’t lie since the camera record the speed. Bingo stupid policeman. I just can’t stand policemen!!!!!

    Lucy BelayLucy Belay23 timer siden
  • It is obvious this stupid policeman where boring doing nothing so he just chose to pull over this man and talking nonsense!! Too bad tax payer paid him to be and do nonsense!!!!ouch!!!!

    Lucy BelayLucy Belay23 timer siden
  • Cop looks like Tito Ortiz

    SubtleHustleSubtleHustle23 timer siden
  • I think they were both in the wrong here

    STEEZ YSTEEZ Y23 timer siden
  • 👮🏻

    Colton WebsterColton Webster23 timer siden
  • And of course I know this trooper and live in the same state

    Levi HolleyLevi HolleyDag siden
  • Absolutely ridiculous

    hiotsobohiotsoboDag siden
  • "Everyone's different. You like the window down. I dont." Holy shit I'm dying over here.

    Kaps ShortsKaps ShortsDag siden
  • Mannn this was soooo CRINGY to watch!!! Uggggh😩

    LeaveMeAlone333LeaveMeAlone333Dag siden
  • Thats illegal

    Dominic GoodenDominic GoodenDag siden
  • This is why I hate white people 😂

    rolexxrolexxDag siden
  • Seams to me that the officer was just trying to be human, but then again, I’m not from America..

    King YellowKing YellowDag siden
  • Just roll the window down man

    Angry AppleAngry AppleDag siden
  • Holy shit this trooper is obnoxious. Let it go bro. Control freak.

    Tyler BarrettTyler BarrettDag siden
  • Idk, but I don’t understand why some officers feel they should ask, “why are you being so defensive and argumentative” all that question is going to do is just make the person more argumentative and defensive. There is no serious way of protecting yourself from that argument. All it does is just make the situation worse.

    Rage RaptorRage RaptorDag siden
  • That's a lie every cop is a bad cop.. And you have proving that you're a bad cop because his window down is very irritating to you.

    James ChurchillJames ChurchillDag siden
  • You are out to hurt this man and that why you can't get past that he knows the law which states that he does not have to roll hids window down so that you can enter his vehicle. He's smarter than you cop. So leave this man the fuck alone fool.

    James ChurchillJames ChurchillDag siden
  • You cop should not try anyalizing what you think of this man. You cannot tell him anything that you want. That's a lie and a false police report.

    James ChurchillJames ChurchillDag siden
  • Trooper Little "I CAN TELL YOU TO DO WHATEVER I WANT." There you have it. If any of you blue line bootlickers want to come to his defense and say "He let him off with a warning when he couldve written a ticket." Did you hear Little Trooper say he couldnt find anything? Not a ticket? Not a warning? Squeaky clean. Sure Little Trooper couldve escalated but he knew extorting this guy wasn't worth the trouble. Come on police sycophants. Show me your blind stupidity and follow their command to Back The Blue! LoL

    Cory ColeCory ColeDag siden