Crewmate SNIPER ROLE in Among Us

20. jan.. 2021
5 541 193 Ganger

We give CREWMATES a modded Sniper Role in Among Us
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  • 5:43 best part

    Firas MasarwehFiras Masarweh19 minutter siden
  • Do the darth vader impostor role mod

    Nicolina DanielsenNicolina DanielsenTime siden
  • silo

    Ron AtarRon Atar4 timer siden
  • A 10 inposters and one crew mate

    Paul RattcliffPaul Rattcliff5 timer siden
  • Joker mods

    Paul RattcliffPaul Rattcliff5 timer siden
  • car mod plz

    Abraham CampbellAbraham Campbell8 timer siden
  • SUPER SPY MOD: theres is one super spy, he has a gun, he can have all access to admin, vitals, cams, and to tasks ANYWHERE on the map,

    TezlaTezla12 timer siden
  • I want a 100%chance of being a imposter

    Linda N.Linda N.16 timer siden
  • Or make a cat role

    Linda N.Linda N.16 timer siden
  • Make a ultra sniper

    Linda N.Linda N.16 timer siden
  • F

    VelocityHDVelocityHD17 timer siden
  • SSundee i want a mario mod in amonng us

    Barbara GrabskiBarbara Grabski19 timer siden
  • Me to

    buck_wheat22 Mebuck_wheat22 Me20 timer siden
  • Sniper

    Andy RodgersAndy Rodgers22 timer siden
  • The living flax annually tame because lotion connoly tire unto a belligerent front. sassy, lying woolen

    deez nutsdeez nuts22 timer siden
  • Oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaa

    AngelAngelDag siden
  • you know you can move while doing a sabotage also please like this if you want ssundee to do a video where he does tag in among us

    Tallulah LockTallulah LockDag siden
  • i shot the like button but my pc has a big hole in it

    Martynas KižysMartynas KižysDag siden
  • Alot of people thinks Jerome is lying its about 372K who think tht

    Paophue HerPaophue HerDag siden
  • ssundee is the best

    Hayden IveyHayden IveyDag siden
  • I 360 no scoped the like button

    StrikingPrism 46StrikingPrism 46Dag siden
  • It was free

    luvmykids0305luvmykids0305Dag siden
  • Dragon tamer mod😎

    Juan TorronteguiJuan TorronteguiDag siden
  • I think that you should do a flying role

    Harry StonorHarry StonorDag siden
    • Somebody call 911

      Therese BasonTherese Bason19 timer siden
    • @Skylark05 well you can have superspeed and you can fly through walls like a ghost go out of the map and be able to carry people around the map with invisibility and then kill

      Harry StonorHarry Stonor20 timer siden
    • How?

      Skylark05Skylark0520 timer siden
  • make a tnt mincraft imporster

    Robbie HuRobbie HuDag siden
  • My like button black when I click it 🤔

    Geraldine Mc FaddenGeraldine Mc FaddenDag siden
  • pokemon mod

    Natalie StrangeNatalie StrangeDag siden
  • yeet

    happyhappyDag siden
  • Yo this role is op

    Coldon JamesColdon James2 dager siden
  • Ssundee: I din't vent i was doing upload Siglis: uplad is in admin Biffle: yes Goal :u sus

  • 😂🤣😂🤣 when ssundee sniped henwy at the end!

    Saiyan GoddessSaiyan Goddess2 dager siden
  • I saw henwy kill Sigils xD I saw through the crack of cams

    Keona JacksonKeona Jackson2 dager siden
  • Hit that like button

    KidsKids2 dager siden
  • baby yoda

    Angus ClarkeAngus Clarke2 dager siden
  • I have a mod of coronavirus, if the impostor gets close to a crewmate of a certain distance, the crewmate won't know who killed him

    Mfanafuthi MgagaMfanafuthi Mgaga2 dager siden
  • make a zombe

    Ellen KingEllen King2 dager siden
  • NERF

    Zac SalehZac Saleh2 dager siden
  • Make an sexy role and the imposter is a. Ugly

    Sonja MuskerSonja Musker2 dager siden
  • lol

    Iam BlueIam Blue2 dager siden
  • I grabbed a bee beee gun and shot the like button on my tablet

    C3 EnzoC3 Enzo2 dager siden
  • you can make a lion mod

    Stavros PapakonstantinidisStavros Papakonstantinidis3 dager siden
  • My like button turns white not blue

    Ezra KyleEzra Kyle3 dager siden
  • i LOVED this mod

    Marleen FigueroaMarleen Figueroa3 dager siden
  • make a in poster that has mind con troll in fenent kill no cool doun and a dodder and troll

    Adam SowerbyAdam Sowerby3 dager siden
  • Imposters can do tasks

    Cool gamesCool games3 dager siden
  • so good bro

    Louden RitchieLouden Ritchie3 dager siden
  • make a mod where there is one crewmate that can vent and the imposter cant kill them, but the person who vents can kill the imposter.

    Hailey BarlowHailey Barlow3 dager siden
  • Spy mod

    Jax LamottJax Lamott3 dager siden
  • 6men are the impostor and 10002357men

    Maria Consuelo LucianoMaria Consuelo Luciano3 dager siden
  • I litteraly I- My dad has a actual sniper and I took it to snipe the like button and my tablet broke I'm on my alt rn

    Samson KreekSamson Kreek3 dager siden
  • How many subscribers can I get from this comment when I put this I had 17 subscribers

    Oliver WilmottOliver Wilmott3 dager siden
  • Makke a hello neighbor mod

    Deshawn HenryDeshawn Henry3 dager siden
  • 1st

    bartol kolbasbartol kolbas3 dager siden
  • i noscope the like batton

    genichiro ashinagenichiro ashina3 dager siden
  • 369 thousand people think a brew is lying

    FusionFusion4 dager siden
  • This is the only thing u have not siad hit the like to trun it bbbllluuueeeeee

    Malik BenjaminMalik Benjamin4 dager siden
  • minion

    melissa powermelissa power4 dager siden
  • Dragon mod make that

    Liam HigginsLiam Higgins4 dager siden
  • why dont you play roblox anymore

    Valarie BolesValarie Boles4 dager siden
  • ssundee is a profesional among us player pretty much

    Jack DerbyshireJack Derbyshire4 dager siden
  • Omg how did Ian not see loaf go in cams and probably kill them

    Camila SirgoCamila Sirgo4 dager siden
  • It didn't turn blue

    Manuel ViramontesManuel Viramontes4 dager siden
  • Bro that wasn't 200 IQ that was hmm.. let's say 1000! Iq

    despointyoudespointyou4 dager siden
  • I'm sad i Broke my computer because I sniped that like button

    Coopersaurus 29Coopersaurus 294 dager siden
  • Car mod

    Major MhlangaMajor Mhlanga4 dager siden
  • Flash

    John Mcbroom JrJohn Mcbroom Jr4 dager siden
  • The Molotov role they throw cocktails and the ship burns

    StayEZ CalmStayEZ Calm4 dager siden
  • How to make these mods

    Mick HailMick Hail4 dager siden
  • How about a mini gun mod

    m cm c4 dager siden
  • I love your you tube videos

    jair diazjair diaz4 dager siden
  • I 360- no scoped the like button

    Senoumou KeitaSenoumou Keita5 dager siden
    • No pause on that chief

      Senoumou KeitaSenoumou Keita5 dager siden
  • lol my name is ean

    Ean TrussoniEan Trussoni5 dager siden
  • Mine like button turns black

    Crazy FamilyCrazy Family5 dager siden
  • Why do people call you ian

    Thomas CombeThomas Combe5 dager siden
  • 1.14.0

    Janice GarsonJanice Garson5 dager siden
  • I got idea, alien role. Can mind control and summon invasion.

    tlgtlg5 dager siden
  • “Turn the like button blue” People on I-pad: *sweats*

    *.•Aura's Temper•.**.•Aura's Temper•.*5 dager siden
  • Lol I love your videos they are so funny

    FNDynamoFNDynamo5 dager siden
  • 😆

    Armaan’s World & DinosArmaan’s World & Dinos5 dager siden
  • i have a bad aim so i hit the dislike button sorry =( SIKEEE =)))

    Bacon ChildBacon Child5 dager siden
  • I love this video

    Rachel GhazarosRachel Ghazaros5 dager siden
  • I love your vids 😍😍😍

    V and K MacV and K Mac5 dager siden
  • How do you make the mods

    YiLe SoongYiLe Soong5 dager siden
  • Plz do Hitman Role

    KmanKman5 dager siden
  • U first

    varuun Badreevaruun Badree5 dager siden
  • Ssundee: snipe the like button Me: goes sniper assassin mode

    ZJack5z Call of dutyZJack5z Call of duty5 dager siden
  • piyrits

    Stephanie FieldsStephanie Fields5 dager siden
  • preditor

    Stephanie FieldsStephanie Fields5 dager siden
  • storwors

    Stephanie FieldsStephanie Fields5 dager siden
  • welveren

    Stephanie FieldsStephanie Fields5 dager siden
  • It is orange Vote vote orange

    Nicholas AllenNicholas Allen5 dager siden
  • Mario you can put people in obstacle courses and if they fail they die for imposter

    Cash BolcarCash Bolcar5 dager siden
  • SSundee is the best NOworld 😍

    Damion BrunnenDamion Brunnen5 dager siden
  • I like this

    Jaydog 9825Jaydog 98255 dager siden
  • Superman

    Jens HartmannJens Hartmann5 dager siden
  • Hi

    Dominic AseveroDominic Asevero5 dager siden
  • Omg these are Halarious some time and amazing content

    Natasha RamroopNatasha Ramroop5 dager siden
  • Great play SSundee Great play

    Tess WrayTess Wray6 dager siden
  • Pls do a teleporting mod

    Georgia Lee HagueGeorgia Lee Hague6 dager siden
  • You should make a mod to the map costume it with your logos

    Ryan YoheRyan Yohe6 dager siden