Crack the UNBREAKABLE Egg, Win $10,000 - Challenge

24. feb.. 2021
2 930 305 Ganger

I challenged my brother @Brawadis to see who can make their egg indestructible.. Winner got $10,000!
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  • Next time I'm gonna challenge a fan.. SUBSCRIBE FOR A CHANCE!

    FaZe RugFaZe RugMåned siden
    • I hope you can help me sir you are the only one who can change our lives I hope you notice this comment of mine frm phil🇵🇭🙏😭

      aejae delacruzaejae delacruzMåned siden
    • Faze up been watching when i was teo

      mandy Walsh7mandy Walsh7Måned siden
    • i'm ur subscriber since 2016 and i still like ur content.

      DennisDennisMåned siden
    • Mee

      ProGamerRADZProGamerRADZMåned siden
    • pick me pls

      NotLouis25NotLouis25Måned siden
  • Rug

    Dawn BrandtDawn Brandt10 timer siden
  • Bawadis

    Ryder KnightRyder KnightDag siden
  • Booker because of the berwadis dogs name

    veda vveda v2 dager siden
  • Faze rugs

    Zoie TondiniZoie Tondini2 dager siden
  • Brawdis

    Emerson StumpfEmerson Stumpf2 dager siden
  • fazerug

    Nasya Cooper-JohnsonNasya Cooper-Johnson2 dager siden
  • Hiii

    Salty AyaanSalty Ayaan3 dager siden
  • Rug

    becky huyardbecky huyard3 dager siden
  • If it's unbreakable how do you win 10,000$ if you cant break it

    TypicalkonnerTypicalkonner3 dager siden
  • Ago Brandon where my $1million

    Areumadlol.YesIAM. SeidiAreumadlol.YesIAM. Seidi5 dager siden
  • kinda sus 10:43

    zactwitchzactwitch5 dager siden
  • Brain lose

    Yared GebreyesusYared Gebreyesus5 dager siden
  • Rip the stuffed animal

    Adriang1224Adriang12246 dager siden
  • Brawadis

    Hayden ParlourHayden Parlour6 dager siden
  • I guesse ebooks lmao

    Hayden ParlourHayden Parlour6 dager siden
  • Rug

    Mr. TeddsMr. Tedds6 dager siden
  • Do you have chicken nuggies

    Oneway Environmental SolutionsOneway Environmental Solutions6 dager siden
  • yo

    Brielle KritzerBrielle Kritzer6 dager siden
  • CAN I GET 1M Lol

    Ayaan AliAyaan Ali6 dager siden
    • Man

      Ayaan AliAyaan Ali6 dager siden
    • Sjesjndsjjsjaksn

      Ayaan AliAyaan Ali6 dager siden
    • Hehe

      Ayaan AliAyaan Ali6 dager siden
  • Rugs

    martinmullimartinmulli6 dager siden
  • Rug will win I just saying I love faze clan

    Ballerkid1133 CBallerkid1133 C7 dager siden
  • k bro the chan soll not that good so i think faze one i swear i posed the vid befor commenting

    Rivonio IconRivonio Icon7 dager siden
  • i dont know i liked a commented xD

    Rivonio IconRivonio Icon7 dager siden
  • naw @brawadis

    flips on fireflips on fire7 dager siden
  • My guess which egg cracked first in 14:00 BOOKER

    MrBeast BankruptMrBeast Bankrupt7 dager siden
  • Rug

    Assiya AliAssiya Ali7 dager siden
  • brawadis

    Steven RohtojaSteven Rohtoja7 dager siden
  • Done Man

    Dei BeltranDei Beltran8 dager siden
  • Faze rug

    Liam FarahnikLiam Farahnik8 dager siden
  • 10:31 he looks like a piconia

    AaravBlazeGAMEZAaravBlazeGAMEZ8 dager siden
  • Rugs survived

    Jamey HoltJamey Holt8 dager siden
  • omg i guessed it

    Roblox_HumanAgent UnkownRoblox_HumanAgent Unkown8 dager siden
  • Hay rug

    Merry ThinghMerry Thingh8 dager siden
  • I think Brandon’s egg is alive

    ʂɱσσƚԋκ Ytʂɱσσƚԋκ Yt8 dager siden
  • Sorry rug I have to go with Brandon

    J brother SJ brother S9 dager siden
  • brandon lost i think

    CreeperGamingCreeperGaming9 dager siden
  • A

    Arman8565Arman85659 dager siden

    Infinity OofInfinity Oof9 dager siden
  • 0:48 brandon was loking at that truck

    earth is cool 1earth is cool 110 dager siden
  • Brandon

    Kache AdrianKache Adrian10 dager siden
  • I love the challenges

    ReplxyzReplxyz10 dager siden
  • Faze rug won

    Josh SharpJosh Sharp10 dager siden
  • Brandan

    Victoria LawrenceVictoria Lawrence11 dager siden
  • I guessed brooklin

    mario grudevmario grudev11 dager siden
  • Brawadis I'm sorry but faze rug was the favourite

    helena Geehelena Gee12 dager siden
  • Rug

    Sarah JoyceSarah Joyce12 dager siden
  • I think that non will win

    Car DealershipCar Dealership12 dager siden
  • I would have just bought a bunch of shirts and just stuffed it inside the shirts

    Crazy RonCrazy Ron12 dager siden
  • Browadis

    Steven FountainSteven Fountain12 dager siden
  • FaZe rug

    iker and Luna playsiker and Luna plays13 dager siden
  • Brian I hope you win fingers crossed

    Tia PeoplesTia Peoples13 dager siden
  • brawadis will win

    Dave KaushagenDave Kaushagen13 dager siden
  • i knew he would name it Booker

    Dave KaushagenDave Kaushagen13 dager siden
  • Neither

  • Team Brandon

    Alfredo RodriguezAlfredo Rodriguez13 dager siden
  • I stopped at 14:05 I think faze lost

    Kristian CurryKristian Curry13 dager siden
  • Rug will win

    ItsBayanu PlayzItsBayanu Playz13 dager siden
  • brian will win i think!!!!!!!!!!!

    crossbro playzcrossbro playz13 dager siden
  • Rug

    TheFrizzylizzyTheFrizzylizzy14 dager siden
  • I think is rug

    Brandon GuerraBrandon Guerra14 dager siden
  • Brawdis

    Damian OsegueraDamian Oseguera14 dager siden
  • Neither

    _realisaiahd_realisaiahd14 dager siden
  • Brawadis

    Daisie HortobDaisie Hortob14 dager siden
  • Brandon

    Liam Theyungthug streamsLiam Theyungthug streams14 dager siden
  • Brawadis is the goat you to rug its ok

    TTVyaboyTTVyaboy14 dager siden
  • Faze rug is Obviously going to win

    Our FamilyOur Family14 dager siden
  • I liked and. Just commented

    Amelia GainAmelia Gain14 dager siden
  • He threw the 8 ball I can’t🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Saif El-OkdiSaif El-Okdi14 dager siden
  • Ayy

    Saif El-OkdiSaif El-Okdi14 dager siden
  • Brawadis’s didn’t break and Faze’s

    Vicky AVicky A15 dager siden
    • Thanks for the spoiler u idiot

      Xau maxXau max13 dager siden
  • Brawadis is going to win

    welcome best YouTuberswelcome best YouTubers15 dager siden
  • Brandon

    Gabriel RiojasGabriel Riojas15 dager siden
  • * * *

    BNJ famBNJ fam15 dager siden
  • how can u pick us if u dont know who has subscribed

    Samantha WebbSamantha Webb15 dager siden
  • brandon

    CynixCynix15 dager siden
  • i tthink faze rug

    shadow gaming 464shadow gaming 46415 dager siden
  • i want me 1 mil

    Emmanouel KanellisEmmanouel Kanellis16 dager siden
  • Brandon

    Daniel TaylorDaniel Taylor16 dager siden
  • He wasn't supposed to say 1 for icarly

    PJDJ325PJDJ32516 dager siden
  • Did anyone notice Brandon’s head band is upside down

    PUNKIN YTPUNKIN YT16 dager siden
  • Faze rug will win because he is the best

    Charlie SabensCharlie Sabens16 dager siden
  • Brandon is going win but i have faith in u brian

    R2 eclipseR2 eclipse16 dager siden
  • Rug is going to win

    LeBron-Luke HarrisonLeBron-Luke Harrison16 dager siden
  • Tie

    Asia AbdiAsia Abdi16 dager siden
  • Brandon will win

    Antonio PaceAntonio Pace16 dager siden
  • Brawadis

    Ashley AvilaAshley Avila16 dager siden
  • F won

    Kerrin MercerKerrin Mercer17 dager siden
  • L

    vUimalvUimal17 dager siden
  • Wt

    Majida KassemMajida Kassem17 dager siden
  • Browanas was wering a roblox shirt

    lamborghini testslamborghini tests17 dager siden
  • Ayy can we get a like for little einsteins I grew up with that stuff and I'm 14 almost 15 in July and my favorite video was the one with all the robots it basically I robot if you know that movie

    Josph JadusinghJosph Jadusingh17 dager siden
  • @Brawadis won

    Mr. schwiftyyシMr. schwiftyyシ17 dager siden
  • Tbh I think Brandon's egg survived

    Shae SmithShae Smith17 dager siden
  • brandon look really sus

    Abdullah SultanAbdullah Sultan17 dager siden
  • faze rug

    NarutoNaruto18 dager siden
  • I’m commenting this at 6:40 but bruh I feel like Brandon’s glass will break now I’m at 10:15 I knew it 14:00 I think Brandon won

    AussieAussie18 dager siden
  • Rug

    Ofelia DamianOfelia Damian18 dager siden
  • I love you so much I watch all of your videos

    Cochran's Metal CreatuonsCochran's Metal Creatuons18 dager siden
  • I would keep the stuffed animal and put it in my room and just take the egg and put it inside the pillow

    Jowell De JesusJowell De Jesus18 dager siden