1. mai. 2021
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The Irish Guy takes a look at Barcelona's Philippe Coutinho about to anger Liverpool fans by reportedly signing for Everton.

  • Tbf a lot of Liverpool fans still like Coutinho and would take him back, myself included. He may have feigned injury to force a move, but once he came back he gave everything, helped us qualify for the UCL knockouts, and helped Bobby tap up Alisson. He's alright by me, as long as he doesn't sign for the blue shite.

    Robin YoungRobin Young4 dager siden
  • That's such a narrow minded view. If you had dreamed of playing for a club and you finally got the offer there's no way you're saying no...

    Lewis WingLewis Wing5 dager siden
  • Lukaku should come back to Everton. We love him here.

    Shane WrightShane Wright6 dager siden
  • Mate why is his voice so annoying

    Yoda Eats toesYoda Eats toes8 dager siden
  • Honestly, I still believe Coutinho leaving was the best thing for Liverpool. Big transfer fee allowed for the purchases of Allison, VVD, and Fabinho. I'd rather have them in the team than Coutinho. No way I'd want him back at Liverpool. He takes too long to release the ball and misses shots from distance regularly, wasting possession. Let him go to Everton and see how that goes! :D

    James TroryJames Trory9 dager siden
    • @No Commentary Gaming All I can say is, Coutinho's stats during his time at Liverpool were not that impressive in comparison to the stats generated by the likes of TAA, Robertson, Mane, Salah, and Firmino since Coutinho left and we won the UCL and EPL. For example, TAA and Robertson in those two seasons got a combined 48 assists, twice as many as Coutinho managed in his entire Liverpool career. He never got more than 7 in a season. Would he have if he'd stayed? Maybe. But maybe TAA and Robertson wouldn't have been as effective and caught the opposition by surprise like they did. Coutinho didn't tackle back, which is a problem if one of your main tactics is to win back possession high up the pitch. He also missed a lot of shots which is effectively like giving possession away. So not only was he losing possession, he was not trying to get it back. Right after Coutinho left we had that amazing game after Christmas against City, who were undefeated so far that season and people were talking about them having a perfect season. We beat them 4-3. It was electric, we were so good (ignoring the 3 goals conceded, which was fixed the following season by signing Allison, VVD and Fabinho). Ox stepped up and bossed that midfield and I remember thinking that it was the start of a new post-Coutinho era where we could push on and achieve things that I didn't think we could with Coutinho in the team. I actually think that losing Ox to his UCL semi-final injury against Roma that year was a bigger loss than losing Coutinho to Barca. We went on to the UCL final that year, lost it because Salah got mauled by Ramos, then went back the next year and killed Spurs, then won the EPL for the first time in 30 years by 18 points. There's nothing anyone could really say to me to convince me that this could have happened with Coutinho in the team. Now, could we use a creative CM next season to shake things up a bit and make us less predictable? Maybe. I think that was a problem this year, outside of injuries and Covid. Teams have figured us out. Is that creative CM Coutinho? Nope, not for me.

      James TroryJames Trory6 dager siden
    • @James Trory Actually in his last 1.5 years Coutinho became very adapted to the PL and could dribble through pressure very well when he played basically as a number 8. That kind of midfield brilliance I really haven't seen since. Henderson, Fabinho are brilliant in a different way, but in terms of dribbling, creativity, long shot goals Coutinho was perfect playmaking CM. Klopp did everything to keep Coutinho, who says Klopp doesn't want that. Keita was bought for same reason to be a creative CM who can dribble through pressure, but we all know he isn't qualified to tie Coutinho (liverpool version) boots. Van Dijk was going to be signed anyway, Liverpool was already tapping him up before Barca links. Alisson and Fabinho are from Coutinho money that's true. But what the likes of Suarez or Coutinho gives the team, that X factor, is not replacable. And to this day, I think it's a weakness for Liverpool not to have replaced these two properly.

      No Commentary GamingNo Commentary Gaming6 dager siden
    • @No Commentary Gaming Did they? Because they got to two UCL finals, one of which they could have won if Salah hadn't been mauled by Ramos, the other they won comfortably, then won the EPL by 18 points, all without Coutinho or a player like him, and Salah has been top scorer for 3 seasons. There seems to be a prevailing idea that Liverpool needs a playmaker and I don't agree with it. Klopp doesn't want that. He wants players who press high up the pitch, win the ball, and get it to the front 3 as fast as possible, which Coutinho was useless at. He was replaced by Fabinho who is one of the best in the EPL at pressing, winning the ball, and distributing it quickly, and we won trophies because of it.

      James TroryJames Trory6 dager siden
    • Prime Coutinho in that half-season was irreplacable and he got the best out of Salah. Even when Liverpool won UCL, they missed having a player like COutinho.

      No Commentary GamingNo Commentary Gaming6 dager siden
  • I'll be sad if he beats liverpool in a blue jersey

    nii nii nii niinii nii nii nii9 dager siden
  • As an Everton fan I would love Coutinho at our club! Liverpool Fans would understandably upset at this but at the end of the day he’s no longer a Liverpool player. He has been sidelined for a lot of his time at Barca, which led him to have to get a loan move to Bayern to get some playing time. If Everton offers him good money, to treat him well and give him the playing time he thinks he deserves why shouldn’t he go. If Liverpool doesn’t want him to join Everton they could bid for him too. But if they’re not offering for him I don’t see why the man shouldn’t do what’s best for his career and his family

    Jorge AndradeJorge Andrade9 dager siden
  • Am a liverool fan from the city not one bit assed if he joins everton we got a brilliant few seasons out of him sold him bought vvd an Alison became europien champions english champions and world champions 👏 free too sign where he wants

    nicky Blanchardnicky Blanchard10 dager siden
  • As a Liverpool supporter I'd laugh my arse off if continuo went to Everton. We've had an awful season. They've had a great season. We're still above them 😂👍

    Philly MPhilly M10 dager siden
  • If he does go to Everton, it will be a huge upgrade to the rubbish across the park

    Cork EvertonianCork Evertonian10 dager siden
  • ik he shouldnt have moved but are we just forgetting coutinho won a champions league with bayern munich?

    Sidney NorrisSidney Norris10 dager siden
  • Coutinho has won 2 league titles, 3 league cups and a Champions League, not a bad move for me

    Le CommissaireLe Commissaire12 dager siden
  • Yeet

    Hector !Hector !12 dager siden
  • de jong is what barca wished coutinho would have been im glad we are selling him even for 35mil

    marcel matanimarcel matani12 dager siden
  • this man just said lukaku was world-class kowalski status report asap

    Brendan LemieuxBrendan Lemieux12 dager siden
  • Chatting bollocks, whole way through aside from a few good points. Kevin Sheedy moved from Liverpool to Everton Peter Beardsley moved from Everton to Liverpool. It happens. Don’t start bashing clubs and making wild statements and assumptions. Proper mug

    Emki PittEmki Pitt12 dager siden
  • As a Barcelona fan i say sell him.. if he plays 7 more games we’ll have to pay 20m to liver we’re in financial crises and he isn’t even useful to us

    Taha SalahTaha Salah12 dager siden
  • Imo if Coutinho stayed in liverpool. They woot have never won the champoins league or permier league. the money his sale made. bought van dijk and Alisson. Wich here the one that made the differnse form liverpool being a top 6 team to a league winner

    FelzorfulFelzorful13 dager siden
  • Traitor

    Nick HarmoushNick Harmoush13 dager siden
  • Please let Phil go to Everton… It’s nothing more than he deserves. Please oh please that would make my year. I don’t care if we lose every game, but watching him sit on the bench and look at his future. That would truly be a spectacle to watch and enjoy 😂😂

    Adraingates123Adraingates12313 dager siden
  • Honestly....i am just amazed i got 4mins in to this video before turning it off, this guy is legitimately one of the most annoying people I've ever seen speak

    Tom AdamsTom Adams13 dager siden
  • You've done a lot of research for your view on Lukaku lad (which I agree with by the way) but it's just a shame you haven't give the 2 big Everton number 10s the same courtesy. Rodriguez:25 games, 6 goals, 8 assists. Sigurdsson:39 games, 8 goals, 9 assists. Compare those numbers to all our number 10's who played last season including Sigurdsson himself it's a significant improvement especially considering where we're gonna finish this season on the back of where we finished last season. And by the way before the Merseyside derby at Anfield the anti Everton kopight media played that "James Rodriguez isn't happy at Everton" card filling the story with shite about the weather and the cold and all sorts of other bollocks that shouldn't bother any footballer 1 iota but then right after the victory at Anfield he shat all over that story releasing a statement where he said "I've just set up a goal in a derby which we won why wouldn't I be happy" so get your facts straight mate James Rodriguez is happy at Everton. We're gonna have a large sum of money to spend in the summer now that Moshiri doubled our shares if Coutinho is 1 of the players we sign so be it a huge clear out will take place at Everton you wait and see because it won't stop at Coutinho there'll be more.

    Peter DugganPeter Duggan13 dager siden
  • Coutinho isn't washed up how dumb are you? Did you see him last season? Get a grip

    DaKid BiscuitDaKid Biscuit13 dager siden
    • Compared to his time at Liverpool , he is way out of his depth

      Sanjay SachdevaSanjay Sachdeva10 dager siden
  • Everton would be the admission that he peaked so early and is now nothing but the toffees version of chicarito (bonus points for the spelling lnfao)

    Ben PriceBen Price13 dager siden
  • Everton running a 4-2-2-2 next year 😂

    Sauce giddy GodSauce giddy God13 dager siden
  • Imagine this Liverpool and Everton fighting for a top 4 spot last game of the year at anfield and he bangs in a screamer that would be my dream

    Sauce giddy GodSauce giddy God13 dager siden
  • high pitch voice proves you are a young boy

    John McJohn Mc13 dager siden
  • Like the voice pitch

    Mizo ZialMizo Zial13 dager siden
  • Please don't trust the people in the comments that say sth about flixzone They are all bots

    Dushan TrpcheskiDushan Trpcheski13 dager siden
  • coutinho and wijnaldum should just switch simple solution

    edward george-peppleedward george-pepple14 dager siden
  • I didn’t dislike coutinho after his move to Barca it was his childhood dream after all but why would you go when they have the best number 10 in the world

    BOT ToTBOT ToT14 dager siden
  • Lukaku ain't leaving Inter. He has a great relationship with Conte and just won the league. He is staying for at least one season.

    atanas pandohovatanas pandohov14 dager siden
  • Keep him. We don't want him.

    Connor WilkinsConnor Wilkins14 dager siden
  • Scouse Liverpool fans don’t exist

    cn coybcn coyb14 dager siden
  • Loved him at Liverpool just a shame he didn't stay under klopp.

    djjen mallendjjen mallen14 dager siden
  • im a united fan but i'd love to see lukaku in the prem again

    jed 19jed 1914 dager siden
  • Lukaku is definately world class but you dont have to say it so many times, you said nothing about inters historic title win

    Jake Scott GamesJake Scott Games14 dager siden
  • Michael Owen flashbacks

    Jake Scott GamesJake Scott Games14 dager siden
  • As cule I don't like seeing him down. He needs to leave club as soon as possible, he need to bring his career back on track.

    [B]Parth Singh Jhala[B]Parth Singh Jhala14 dager siden
  • I don’t want Lukaku at Chelsea, he was awful when he was there and he wasn’t great at Man U. He’s a mid table sort of striker.

    James CookeJames Cooke14 dager siden
  • Lukaku don't need to come back to prem to prove something he already did it for years

    White StrakeWhite Strake14 dager siden
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    ThundyThundy14 dager siden
  • He left Liverpool, to be a Barca flop, and now he is going to Everton ? Jesus Christ, he could be much better at Liverpool

    ThundyThundy14 dager siden
  • Philli enjoyed a nice vacation in Munich let us not forget

    DenariHDDenariHD14 dager siden
  • I want Coutinho back at Bayern, he did quite okay at Allianz Arena, we missed him in some matches this season

    Lil VeackyLil Veacky14 dager siden
  • Coutinho can't move to Everton or manutd, anyone else

    don oysterdon oyster14 dager siden
  • As an everton fan I've always loved rom. Hope he comes back to the prem and proves everyone wrong

    dyldyl14 dager siden
  • Quote from James a couple weeks ago am happy. We all know it is a new stage for me. Almost 30 years old, I am fine. I am happy for every new thing that is added to my life. It all adds up.”

    Edge x ClanEdge x Clan14 dager siden
  • If Coutinho never left Alisson or VVD would’ve never signed

    Assist King Özil #ArsenalAssist King Özil #Arsenal14 dager siden
  • Would love if he came back to Liverpool tbh I don’t even care how he went out he was unplayable on his day. We haven’t had a proper creative midfielder since he left and a midfield of him, Fabinho, Henderson/Thiago would be so good omg

    ShaneShane14 dager siden
  • as a liverpool fan I really don’t care if coutinho joins everton. alisson and vvd happened because he left, then we won the champions league and the prem. I’d laugh but it’s just sad to see his career go downhill so fast

    blurblur14 dager siden
  • Actually James Rodriguez is happy at Everton thanks for asking

    John RileyJohn Riley14 dager siden
  • as a Liverpool fan its ironic that he left to go to better things but has done nothing other than warm the bench, and now he is going back to Liverpool to play for the second best team in Liverpool. its more funny than it is upsetting. As long as he gets game time I'm genuinely happy for him. hope he hits it off there

    tyler wilsontyler wilson14 dager siden
  • Coutinho is a snake and wouldnt surprise me if he went to the blue noses to sit on the bench! Past his best

    Alex The Maltese FalconAlex The Maltese Falcon14 dager siden
  • James Rodriguez has been good aswell as gylfi🤦‍♂️

    Daniel Collister1Daniel Collister114 dager siden
  • I just would feel pity for him really if he joined Everton..I'm not fucking mad or anything like that,i know he'll flop like James...I just want all the players he played alongside with from back in the day to not shake his hand, Henderson to spit in his face and VVD and Alisson to have a smirk in their face fully knowing that he boosted their transfers

    EdisonEdison14 dager siden
  • A front three of Coutinho, Calvert Lewin, Richarlison and a midfield three of Allan/Docoure, Gomes and Rodriguez

    Mas AMas A14 dager siden
  • you have the weirdest way of speaking I've ever heard. why can't you say R

    Kirito SaitamaKirito Saitama14 dager siden
  • he's spot on about lukaku tbf.

    I’mMiltonGarayI’mMiltonGaray14 dager siden
  • this whole video was calling coutinho shit because he might join everton then encouraging lukaku to join man city

    Jack WilliamsJack Williams15 dager siden
  • how is jamez washed up

    MrSbibMrSbib15 dager siden
  • I wish Haaland would join Leicester

    Roy ShemersonRoy Shemerson15 dager siden
  • Honestly if Coutinho went to Everton, I would lose any ounce of respect I potentially had left for him.

    Eden ReaEden Rea15 dager siden
  • 1:26 what was that with his lips?...

    George H.W BushGeorge H.W Bush15 dager siden
  • Coutinho won a league n ucl title with bayern

    Abhinav GuptaAbhinav Gupta15 dager siden
  • Funny when Newcastle we’re linked with Coutinho you were all acting as though he’ll be the signing of the season and now Everton are linked with him you’re acting as though he’s a washed up has been. Proper bitter you lad

    Ian HughesIan Hughes15 dager siden
  • Lukaku is more prolific than Drogba

    Tech EvolutionTech Evolution15 dager siden
  • Funny how everyone laughs at Coutinho saying he could've won UCL with Liverpool without realizing that selling him was the only way Liverpool were able to afford Van Dijk and Alisson

    Bryant NdongmoBryant Ndongmo15 dager siden
  • Irish Guy What do you think of Tammy Abraham

    Joshua AyodeleJoshua Ayodele15 dager siden
  • Better than moving to ManUnited

    Khanhi PowellKhanhi Powell15 dager siden
  • Lukaku is not moving from Inter, if he does I will set the city of Milan on fire

    Leonard JointappleLeonard Jointapple15 dager siden
  • If Lukaku ends up at City, then goes on and has a stellar final 5 years of his career, then its a bif F U to Chelsea and United for not seeing that man's worth

    Brendan WesslingBrendan Wessling15 dager siden
  • I have got a video suggestion for you, why don't you make a video on the list of ballon d'o'r winners and whether they deserved it or not and if they didnt who deserved it

    Bhavishy PoddarBhavishy Poddar15 dager siden
  • Think Inter sell Lautaro Martinez to Real and they cant sell both strikers no matter how broke they are.

    lochyeslochyes15 dager siden
  • It will be funny

    LIAMMAC1878LIAMMAC187815 dager siden
  • Lukaku and Coutinho to Everton and we are winning the league

    Jovan MaticJovan Matic15 dager siden
  • Lukaku is beast. Chelsea never should have sold him.

    AV BAV B15 dager siden
  • The Irish I’m going to say it guy

    Drake XDrake X15 dager siden
  • Barça was Phillipe's boyhood club tho tbf

    Gilsz WARRIORGilsz WARRIOR15 dager siden
  • What are you talking about? We Liverpool fans don’t like Coutinho, and couldn’t give a shit if he went to Everton. He’s useless, and he deserves a small club like Everton to bury his career.

    Philippe HuntPhilippe Hunt15 dager siden
  • Lukaku is not a better finisher then Drogba!!!!

  • Honestly as a Liverpool fan I couldn't care if he joined Everton or not - Yeah he was amazing during his time at Anfield but at the end of the day he wanted out of the club, he used Liverpool to get his opportunity to join a "bigger club" like Barcelona and we got a shit ton of money for him that went towards creating a League winning side.

    Soul ResonanceSoul Resonance15 dager siden
  • Didn't Liverpool use the money of his sale to get van dijk and Alison? I don't think if he stayed Liverpool would be as good as they are now without that extra money. So no guarantee he would have won anything really

    James MeredithJames Meredith15 dager siden

    FOOTY EDITZFOOTY EDITZ15 dager siden
  • If coutinho didnt leave Anfield, Van Dijk and Allisson would not have been signed. He wouldnt be a premier league or UCL winner

    shivesh maharajshivesh maharaj15 dager siden
  • Coutihno and if real Madrid sell them Isco I'm sure everton midfield would be good

    Jose De HaroJose De Haro15 dager siden
  • I'm a Liverpool fan. It'd be hilarious if he joins Everton, he's getting his karma joining those jokers.

    Mr CopesMr Copes15 dager siden
  • It’s one of the things Ole did that I couldn’t understand, he should never have sold Lukaku. Now we’re having to beg to keep a hold of Cavani🤦🏽‍♂️ World class CFs don’t come cheap

    William AidooWilliam Aidoo15 dager siden
  • Wtf is this shite

    Ben MartinBen Martin15 dager siden
  • He won’t go lmfaoooo

    Visca El BarçaVisca El Barça15 dager siden
  • I want coutinho to be back to his best He should go to Everton

    Ezra WilliamsEzra Williams15 dager siden
  • As a United fan I really didn't want to see him go. He had little to no service to really do anything with.

    zach suttonzach sutton15 dager siden
  • coutinho will never ................... i HOPE HE DOSENT

  • Here's that awkward moment to remind Michael that Lampard and Ballack played together at Chelsea... I think Gylfi is on his way out at Everton - they paid massively over the odds or him and Coutinho competing with James for a place could bring out the best in both players - Calvert-Lewin has been excellent this season so another goal provider behind him will likely push Everton to the next level. Ancelotti is a superb man-manager and I have no doubt Coutinho will respond positively to his coaching.

    Timothy HargreavesTimothy Hargreaves15 dager siden
  • Lukaku is the most overrated striker on the planet at the moment and No one can change my mind.

    JordanKnowsWellJordanKnowsWell15 dager siden
  • I'm a liverpool supporter and I promise you we will gladly line up to smack coutinho in the face with a crowbar if we see him lining up in the blue shirt of our biggest rivals in a Merseyside derby

    Dr DNADr DNA15 dager siden
  • Lukaku was a great striker for us just didn’t fit our system.

    J lingz The goatJ lingz The goat15 dager siden
  • What is wrong with coughing up blood in stoke ? As a local we blame the tap water not football style we play Shame we forgot how make the bear bit a tough place visit . Only team not manage do it on a wet an windy wednesday or saturday is stoke

    Ben BuckleyBen Buckley15 dager siden