Conley Factory Tour Model V8 Working 1/4 Scale Engine

3. nov.. 2011
3 556 782 Ganger

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Working 1/4 scale working V8 model engine. Tour of how it's made as well as some light maintenance on the engine.

Here is the latest in the Conley line of V-8 engines. It sports the Stinger 609 name badge (6.09 cubic inches or almost 100 cc) and is the culmination of almost 30 years of knowledge gained in the designing and construction of model engines. The new Stinger possesses no parts used in prior V-8 engines. The bore is 1.00, with a .970 stroke. It weighs about 11.25 pounds and measures approximately 14" long (from the front timing belt to the end of the transmission), 6" wide, and 8-1/4" tall. The supercharged version will be about 10" tall. Among the numerous innovative features like large oval shaped intake ports, "D" shaped exhaust ports, and investment cast parts, two bold attributes stand tall: the dry sump pressurized oiling system and a full ignition system. The engine even has a user replaceable oil filter. For those of you who lack familiarity with dry sump oiling, it simply means that oil resides in a holding tank, rather than a conventional oil pan, which circulates throughout the engine. The oil that does collect in the pan is simply pumped back to the holding tank. I have incorporated what is call a "three stage" oil pump to move all the oil. One stage is used to feed oil to the engine, whereas, the other two stages are used to remove all the accumulated oil from the pan. This is particularly important for high acceleration, cornering, or boat applications. An important side note, my test engine held about 20 lbs oil pressure at idle and 60 lbs oil pressure at 9,000 rpm. The dry sump oiling system not only adds more oil volume but aids in engine cooling and makes sure that there is plenty of oil during hard acceleration or sharp corners. The spark plugs have a 10-40 thread. As always, the new Stinger 609 V-8 will have an electric starter as standard equipment. No hand held electric motors here, or something that fits in a box below the engine, but rather a 12 volt electric motor that is an fundamental part of the engine. It can be activated manually or via the transmitter on your remote control. The centrifugal clutch is also included.

  • $8,200 for that engine WOW

    Adrian RoesAdrian Roes5 år siden
  • I Need a 1/2 scale one for Scarletts Cobra!

    scarlettsgarage1scarlettsgarage15 år siden
  • its cheaper to buy and run the full size one XD

    Ryan SmithRyan Smith5 år siden
  • I was going to say fantasic... but this really is incredible !!!!!

    Lars JönlidLars Jönlid5 år siden
  • Nice Work and shop.

    olmosm1olmosm15 år siden
  • i wanna put that on a scooter

    Derreck AdrianDerreck Adrian5 år siden
  • how do u buy this motor

    Charles The BoSSCharles The BoSS5 år siden
  • So, what do you do with these? do they go in RC cars/planes/boats?

    100py100py5 år siden
  • You, good sir, are a genius. I hope you realize that. Hopefully I'll be able to afford one of these engines one day. Also, any plans for a multi cylinder diesel engine, say, an old WWI U Boat diesel or a Detroit 6-71 out of a WWII landing craft? If it could be made into a prefab kit, I'd buy one in a heartbeat. I might have to sell a kidney on the black market to get the money for it, but I'd consider it. I have another working one, anyway. :-)

    Dagon NaxosDagon Naxos5 år siden
  • what type of oil do you use?

    Gordonseries385Gordonseries3855 år siden
  • Maybe my hearing is off but the engine sounds like a flat plane crank instead of a normal cross plane V8 with a rumbling sound...

    Noel MinternNoel Mintern5 år siden
  • This guy loves his job, great to see

    The Essex HunterThe Essex Hunter5 år siden
  • Same price as a real v8.... what is the point???

    Chartranos QcChartranos Qc5 år siden
  • How i can buy this engine miniature? Anyone?...

    Netto NenetNetto Nenet5 år siden
  • Wow. Dedication right there.

    pbaylis1pbaylis15 år siden
  • just WAW.

    Barrie WrightBarrie Wright5 år siden
  • $8295 WITHOUT the supercharger...thats and extra $1200..WOW! The stand to mount the motor to, if you dont build your own is a little over $1000..wth?

    TheCaskOf43TheCaskOf435 år siden
  • I want 2 of those on top of my head, runing my helipod. damn, 12hpx2 if 1 stop the other still make me land safe

    Andy CasboAndy Casbo5 år siden
  • Super Cool !

    candycabngflcandycabngfl5 år siden
  • This is incredible. And he looks like Walter White from the show Breaking Bad.

    Aaron RankinAaron Rankin5 år siden
  • Escuse me Where can I buy it? I from in the mexico city Store where I can buy it , no matter if other place pleace you can help me

    cecy lopezcecy lopez5 år siden
  • Do your engines run on METHanol? walter.

    Sam WigginsSam Wiggins5 år siden
  • How much price in dollars and where to find you

    ندم HDندم HD5 år siden
  • Hi I love this concept and im dying to build one of these motor with my 11yr old stepson. i think this is a great great way of teaching him how engines work and how to teach him basic mechanic skills. the problem is these engines are so so hard to find to purchase in a complete package. if you know where i can get one please email me with the info. i would really appreciate it greatly. thank you

    Paul EatonPaul Eaton5 år siden
  • ho much price motor like this

    life pazlife paz5 år siden
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    life pazlife paz5 år siden
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    Holy_NonceHoly_Nonce5 år siden
  • I'd put that shit on my bicycle! That would be the fastest bike in the U.S.A.

    iansrvingiansrving5 år siden
  • Whow! This is fantastic mr. conley! I would like to make a scale down off my Ferrary 308. The Ferrari is actually a 2x4 inline engine built into a v8. Could you custom build a crankshaft for me this way?

    Arild OlsenArild Olsen5 år siden
  • Fantastic. Thanks for the vid.

    SeanSean5 år siden
  • you guys need a heavier flywheel on that motor

    shinedownchannelshinedownchannel5 år siden
  • how much hp?

    Gavin MattGavin Matt5 år siden
  • Would really like to see the 1/4 scale auto trans, he will most likely do it. this man is a true genius , we need more people like him, he should get a job with NASA he would get us to moon at a 1/4 price, ever heard the story about the genius is only one step below insanity, I would really like to go to his workshop & talk to him..

    brian critchleybrian critchley5 år siden
  • how much

    richard woowoorichard woowoo6 år siden
  • I've seen your website. Lots of steam motors....... I'm more interested in this. AND that transmission. Have you any plans, for a Flathead, and/or the Hemi?

    Robert SchreiberRobert Schreiber6 år siden
  • Very very impressed with both the product and that awesome dudes passion and honest explanations. Thank you for sharing and I would just love to buy ,assemble and tune one of those mini masterpieces :)

    Julian McClintockJulian McClintock6 år siden
  • Heisenberg changed careers?

    Ian BlottIan Blott6 år siden
  • I appreciate the thoughtful closeups from the person shooting the video. Cheers!

    SeekerSeeker6 år siden
  • Price $9,000.00

    Aaron HayesAaron Hayes6 år siden

    hotfreshriderhotfreshrider6 år siden
  • Can you tell (or do a vid) about the transmission that is attached to this amazing engine, please?

    Randal LovelaceRandal Lovelace6 år siden
  • AWESOME 1/4 scale engines, excellent job. So what are these engines used for? Has anyone ever put one of these in a 1/4 scale rc car (hod rod maybe?) before? I would LOVE to see that.

    William C83William C836 år siden
  • heaven

    racingisfunracingisfun6 år siden
  • I want one or 3 so bad!!!

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  • I want 1 of these sooooo bad it's the coolest thing I have ever seen so awesome I'm trying to get my 4 year old son into engines hotrods and stuff this would be perfect you may hear 4 year old and think aahhh but he is very intelligent well mannered and loves anything fast and loud this would be perfect.... are these still being made for purchase and I want 1 fully apart to assemble myself

    j waltj walt6 år siden
  • Make a rc car with this XD

    jack humphriesjack humphries6 år siden
  • Amazing

    Christian SandenChristian Sanden6 år siden
  • WOOW it's amazing Congrulations

    NitramStefNitramStef6 år siden
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    gert selmer jensengert selmer jensen6 år siden
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    BuildingTheLegendBuildingTheLegend6 år siden
  • This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing!

    Doran5290Doran52906 år siden
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    Yez ZuzYez Zuz6 år siden
  • I want this to be my alarm clock and for it to go off at 6:09 am every morning. PS the snooze button can be a shot of nitrous! lol.....

    Scott RaneyScott Raney6 år siden
  • if you want to study for mechanic, playing with this motor is a great idea!

    Christian ColonChristian Colon6 år siden
  • This workshop is a little piece of heaven on earth. Master mechanic at his trade. Great to see and an inspiration to would be engineers. Congratulations to you and thanks for your masterclass.

    Noddy MacswigginNoddy Macswiggin6 år siden
  • If I could afford one, I would like it to have a heavier flywheel. Everything else is to scale but it just revs up and down too quick. I have noticed that in every video of these running, they always seem to stall when returning to idle. I bet more flywheel effect would smooth the throttle transitions.

    nonameinflnonameinfl6 år siden
  • I find Mr. Conley's enthusiasm so encouraging. Very inspirational. If I could afford it, I'd have one as soon as it could be shipped. Got to win the Loterry.

    modelaircraftermodelaircrafter6 år siden
  • Now I wonder how this engine would perform if it was full sized. Hmm. lol

    murkinstockmurkinstock6 år siden
  • For sale?

    CrossCountryCrossCountry6 år siden
  • what kind hp dos one of thes make

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  • What would be the price of the engine . .complete?

    Video Sapien ProductionsVideo Sapien Productions6 år siden
  • A perfectionist, i admire your skills and patient. I am an CNC metal worker myself..

    AndersiAndersi6 år siden
  • HI HI

    noah bowernoah bower6 år siden
  • It doesn't like to idle.

    peerless77peerless776 år siden
  • Great video. I want 2 of these for my ultralight aircraft. Now I have to look up how many cc's these motors are .

    Ray DreamerRay Dreamer6 år siden
    • I'm pretty sure it's 6.09 CID (about 100cc) 5.5hp as N/A, and something liek 9, supercharged. Have a look at the website. Hope you have a ton o' cash tho- they start at 8 grand...

      Christopher SmithChristopher Smith6 år siden
  • Very cool.......attention to detail is everything.......Nice.

    BigBlockChevy462BigBlockChevy4626 år siden
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    Peter APeter A6 år siden
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  • Beautiful model V8 and an excellent overview. I enjoyed it immensely.

    KnapweedKnapweed6 år siden
  • 13:50 to see the engine running

    João ViegasJoão Viegas6 år siden
  • THIS IS the kind of person who can land a piece of equipment on a comet 4 million miles from us!!!! HE IS a GENIUS !!!!!!

    Dan M.Dan M.6 år siden
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    Robert PattersonRobert Patterson6 år siden
  • i wonder if they build one big enough for a 26 inch bicycle? that would be awesome

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    KennyKenny6 år siden

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