COMING 2 AMERICA Trailer 2 (2021)

3. feb.. 2021
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Second trailer for Coming 2 America starring Eddie Murphy

  • Coming 2 America is awesome I love their African clothing.

  • This has Ethiopian culture all over it and it would have been nice if they gave some credit to Ethiopia

    betty ceebetty ceeTime siden
  • It's okay because most African countries allow polygamy but is it that most movies takes centuries to make sequels or prequels.🤔😱

    Laoagan LesterLaoagan Lester2 timer siden
  • Ohhh the full movie 😩😩😩

    Ruby SefakorRuby Sefakor3 timer siden
  • What's the story about Rick Ross in this movie ? 🤗

    Official VevoOfficial Vevo3 timer siden
  • A movie 🍿🎥

    Ronnie Pridgett jrRonnie Pridgett jr5 timer siden
  • I don’t see all the hype 🤷🏼‍♂️ I never even watched the first one 🙄

    ABM FLIPABM FLIP7 timer siden
  • very good i just watch the whole movie today

    jean edsanjean edsan8 timer siden
  • This was a very good movie, of course it won't comare to the first but this was a great take on a modernized version of it! I loved how they merged the most notiable moments of the first movie into this one! Job well done! Now I'm just waiting on Player's Club 2 😂😂

    Brandon FlemmingBrandon Flemming9 timer siden
  • I loved it I just finished it and having all the originals say some of their old parts was funny and the new and added people was good

    Shanelle HallShanelle Hall9 timer siden
  • Great great film for the whole family to watch. It wasn't as good as the first but nothing could top the first film. I saw this with at least five of my family members and we were highly entertained! People stop being so uptight! I haven't been able to sit down and watch something with my whole family in ages! Its always drugs or nudity and violence in movies created these days smh

    Valencia ThompsonValencia Thompson9 timer siden
  • All I can say is, "Better pay your child support." 😁😁😁

    Jacob StoneJacob Stone10 timer siden
  • Movie was extremely bored and i wasted my 2 hours... too much drama.

    blue rayblue ray10 timer siden
  • Wesley Snipes looked like a real war lord. I thought he was going to f#%^^k up some s";:^:t😂🤣

    Miss VMiss V10 timer siden
  • This movie i had an open mind to not compare to da 1st. But i was MOST disappointed with how characters are portrayed. Eddie Murphy was so STIFF. I liked Wesley Snipes character- that was it. 1st one will ALWAYS be *ICONIC!*

    Leonardo BraynenLeonardo Braynen11 timer siden
  • This was not good at all...

    Ralph FrancisRalph Francis11 timer siden
  • A movie that gives the best feel of relaxation .

    Alex BlydenAlex Blyden12 timer siden
  • The movie was not as good as the first one. The storyline didn't make sense and it was all over the place. Wesley Snipes saved this movie from being a total failure.

    Princess ChappellePrincess Chappelle12 timer siden
  • Coming to America was not a comedy movie.

    HybridFlu6 -HybridFlu6 -12 timer siden
  • I always feel like the sequels to movies are never as good as the first ones, so im not sure about this one. But you never know

    RebReb12 timer siden
  • Woke feminist nonsense. A complete waste I'm such a great classic movie. Don't watch it

    Fred StrikerFred Striker12 timer siden
  • I can't wait😂😂

    Presh PreshPresh Presh12 timer siden
  • Leslie Jones is big ole man

    COCO BROWNCOCO BROWN13 timer siden
  • It s something wrong with this movie. I didn t like it 💩

    Ana RAna R13 timer siden
  • I was hoping for a Norbit 2

    SlimRed LanskiTvSlimRed LanskiTv14 timer siden
  • They should have hired a few African brothers and sisters.

    Carolyn MoffettCarolyn Moffett14 timer siden
  • Teyana got body it girl!

    Carolyn MoffettCarolyn Moffett14 timer siden
  • Panther Black parody.

    mike cavemike cave14 timer siden
  • Ion need no hand out 😭

    Jamar MartinJamar Martin15 timer siden
  • This movie was trash

    Mirror LolMirror Lol16 timer siden
  • Watched this Friday funny as heck. Every one should watch it.. wisely did a very good job. Everything is on point.

    Linda HansonLinda Hanson16 timer siden
  • Nice to see Wesley Snipes back. Look at the man he could still play Blade

    Stephen BradyStephen Brady16 timer siden
  • Beautiful 👌❤❤❤

    Bridget GwesheBridget Gweshe16 timer siden
  • Not sure whether I missed them but there are some parts in the trailer I didn't see in the movie

    wanjara joelwanjara joel16 timer siden
  • 🇰🇪🇰🇪

    bryan marebryan mare16 timer siden
  • Too late Eddy,...Borat shrunk your slice already!

    Farhang FarasatFarhang Farasat17 timer siden
  • Got to be old remember that CNN commercial

    Sgt.Martin RiggsSgt.Martin Riggs17 timer siden
  • All the Ethiopian clothes!

    lidiya woldelidiya wolde17 timer siden
  • More like coming to ethiopia

    Hilarious Animals GGHilarious Animals GG17 timer siden
  • This movie was really stupid 2/10

    Swaggaboy L'zSwaggaboy L'z17 timer siden
  • Now this shit is the bomb right here!

    Bob OrsiniBob Orsini17 timer siden
  • I was so excited to see Wesley Snipes with his pimp walk!! Classically Hilarious🤣

    Adraboran Davis-BlakeAdraboran Davis-Blake19 timer siden
  • This movie was horrible

    Draper ScottDraper Scott19 timer siden
  • The whole happy wife happy life nonsense. Chasing him from his own bedroom. 0/10

    natural selectionnatural selection21 time siden
  • hey ho no not to his mother

    gary hibbertgary hibbert21 time siden
  • I love how many of the original members and Great stars are involved. But they just couldnt let a Black Man Be King nah that aint enough...... He must also be D O M I N A T E D by his own woman on some King Ahab shit. 🤧

    novus ordo seclorumnovus ordo seclorum21 time siden
  • I saw Tracy Morgan i stop watching it

    RENEERENEEDag siden
  • Watched it with excitement n enthusiasm and a sense of nostalgia and wonder, by the end I was depressed annoyed n disappointed, it was like a feminist/no sense of humor director n writer came together to destroy a classic movie.What total rubbish with a feminist messaged shoved down the audience throat to boot.Just like Ghost busters ruined a classic with militant feminism

    Anwar AbdullahAnwar AbdullahDag siden
  • 1988 was great but this 2nd part is utter utter rubbish dont wast r time ..

    gricho1964gricho1964Dag siden
  • the film is garbage. The only good part: seeing the characters so many years later. But gosh much crap. And that's coming from me who has seen the first movie about ten times already because number one is pure gold.

    Sasa KelalaSasa KelalaDag siden
  • saw this yesterday. HORRIBLE...Wish i could take back the time i wasted on it. no exaggeration...its horrible.very disappointed.

    TheManTheManDag siden
  • Stereotypical🙄

    Moon DustMoon DustDag siden
  • Boptoto is the Shit!!!

    musicbabylove1musicbabylove1Dag siden
  • The story line of the whole movie a bit ratchet but ,I'll still watch it for the fact the whole crew their, and the laughs, and Wesley Snipes. But you gotta admit the second one not gonna be the same as the first cus it a different generation just like how y'all miss certain tv shows and music from the late 90-2000 now in this generation some wack some okay it whatever...

    Ambitious motivatorAmbitious motivatorDag siden
  • this shit ass the first one better

    YoungBoy Never Broke AgainYoungBoy Never Broke AgainDag siden
  • We get to see the Wesley Snipes type and Eddie Murphy type on the same movie

    nald420nald420Dag siden
  • Im really sorry to say this and it kills me to say this but truly...what a load of shit. I get the nostalgic vibe about getting the cast back together but I found the whole delivery and story line (which is 20 years to late in my opinion) to desperate. Coming to America should’ve been left as classic.

    Paul StuartPaul StuartDag siden
    • TOTALLY agree dude! 2nd movie of 2021 am disappointed in. WonderWoman 1974

      Leonardo BraynenLeonardo Braynen10 timer siden
  • Twas so disappointing ..... all those stars in it and yet ...bleh

    True ThotsTrue ThotsDag siden
  • Film was dull and stupid story line not at all funny

    Don WeaverDon WeaverDag siden
  • I liked to see the old characters but the movie in all was a disappointment..ill put it like this..wakanda put us forward with the dream...Zamunda put us back 30 years.

    The carrowThe carrowDag siden
    • Hell No! That's your opinion

      Stay HungryStay Hungry23 timer siden
  • I watched this movie on prime it was soo good yall should watch it

  • I could not finish this movie. So bad.

    Big Thompson FloodBig Thompson FloodDag siden
    • The script sucked

      Gil BGil BDag siden
  • What a horrible movie if you have an IQ over 70. Its sleazy, with all sort of explicit sexual undertone!! Wish they had left it alone!!! They messed up the LOVE STORY!! STUID AND POOR ACTING!!

  • Ilove this movie

    roberto enrique perez olarteroberto enrique perez olarteDag siden
  • 1:11 🤣😂 that was funny when he said wait what other man 😂

    Andrew wardAndrew wardDag siden
  • It was good and funny.

    Judy TorresJudy TorresDag siden
  • Virtue signaling all the way through, rushed, and cringy. Terrible movie...had potential and they failed miserably.

    FriendFriendDag siden
    • Sadly after watchin this movie last night i HAVE to agree. Movie took a HUGE SHIT on da 1st. Most disappointing to me since Wonder Woman2

      Leonardo BraynenLeonardo Braynen11 timer siden
  • Truly enjoyed the movie!!!

    God's Favored ChildGod's Favored ChildDag siden
  • I wouldn't give 1 star. It was that bad. I'm not surprised at all. We have the first and it should have been left alone. Even James Earl Jones couldn't wait to died and leave the set. This will make you say what is wrong with them after watching it. There was nothing and I mean nothing about this that was from the first Coming to America to be a sequel. SO BAD THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN FINED FOR HARM TO THE PUBLIC!

    carlitaalfonsocarlitaalfonsoDag siden
    • Lol I wouldn't go as far as u but i basically agree 100%! This was the abortion of part 1

      Leonardo BraynenLeonardo Braynen11 timer siden
  • I will stick to the original

    PV AdamPV AdamDag siden
  • you just saw the best parts of the movie no need to watch it

    eli paveli pavDag siden
  • I just finished watching this! OMG loved seeing my people put together an excellent movie! I literally cried because it was beautifully put together.. Salute to Eddie Murphy and all of the cast! excellent movie!!! mmm I'm still teary eyed, this movie touched my heart and it was very funny! Peace love and always love! Please this is a must see!

    clarissa brooksclarissa brooksDag siden
    • Please no... the first movie was brilliant. This one was just a show case

      fabfab16 timer siden
    • @Sasa Kelala I thought it was good! I saw the whole movie. Yes there were some things I. The movie I disagreed with like him calling his son a bastard child throughout the whole movie . That was disturbing..but I still thought it was a good movie. my opinion. I'm sorry you dont feel that way. Explain to me why you thought it was trash.

      clarissa brooksclarissa brooks23 timer siden
    • are you sure you watched the film and not part 1? Or do you just praise it because of "MUH PEOPLE"?

      Sasa KelalaSasa KelalaDag siden
    • @Chicago 020883 everyone has an opinion I respect yours but guess what I LOVED IT😊❤🕊

      clarissa brooksclarissa brooksDag siden
    • This movie was trash stop it

      Chicago 020883Chicago 020883Dag siden
  • after watching this film their parts that never made the movie in this trailer

    clayden23clayden23Dag siden
  • Nextdoria 😂

    starlight 7starlight 7Dag siden
  • What a piece of shit this movie is! If a committee of lazy, naive 20-year olds sat down to write the “wokest” most self-righteous, virtue-signaling farce they could manage, this would be it. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.

    Anton SkippyAnton SkippyDag siden
    • u sound like your mother never read you a bedtime story

      clayden23clayden23Dag siden
  • Everytime I hear James Earl Jones I think of mufassa from the lion king

    Manuela haratonianManuela haratonianDag siden
  • LMAO... Zamunda must be next to Wakanda 😂

    Lowlander 2004Lowlander 2004Dag siden
  • we watched it, and we did NOT like it👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾it was poorly made-

    BE PROUD !!!BE PROUD !!!Dag siden
  • Ethiopia

    Solomon KorebSolomon KorebDag siden
  • Them oldheads ain’t dead they like 100

    money bluemoney blueDag siden
  • Let's face it. Eddie Murphy stopped aging years ago!

    AboutThat LIFEAboutThat LIFEDag siden
  • Holy Crap! Nobody has aged!!

    J.T.DJ.T.DDag siden
  • Another useless rehash.

    Rex HardestyRex HardestyDag siden
  • I liked it pretty good movie people now days always find something wrong about anything

    Cloud 10Cloud 10Dag siden
    • @Chicago 020883 see i didn't want to say nothing mean but there you go with the name calling. Were you from explains everything i need to know about your miserable as* all you know is hatred

      Cloud 10Cloud 1016 timer siden
    • @Cloud 10 yea dummy by myself then wit my shorties what's the point u tryin to make

      Chicago 020883Chicago 02088319 timer siden
    • @Chicago 020883 you don't like the movie but you watched it twice

      Cloud 10Cloud 1019 timer siden
    • @Sasa Kelala what do liking a movie got to do with intelligence

      Cloud 10Cloud 1019 timer siden
    • @Cloud 10 no...that has nothing to do with "hatred". But everything with your intelligence.

      Sasa KelalaSasa KelalaDag siden
  • Mufasa in the building

    Andrea Wales TVAndrea Wales TVDag siden
  • Gonna watch the first and second one in a double feature Saturday. Should be a good time

    jesse carbajaljesse carbajalDag siden
  • Was that Wesly? Hell yea

    TheoneGodfatherTheoneGodfatherDag siden
  • Part 1 was very good

    Alex MartinAlex MartinDag siden
  • Akeems father... the king dies in the coffin box enjoying the pleasure of the world....just parallel to christ

    Alex MartinAlex MartinDag siden
  • Anti christ Movie....

    Alex MartinAlex MartinDag siden
  • Saw it and loved it Teyanna killed it she's so besutiful and the cast of black ladies are stunning it's a must see .

    annscustommadejewelleryannscustommadejewelleryDag siden
  • As a white man, I'm deeply offended by the lack of racial diversity in this movie

    M MM MDag siden
    • nice joke

      Pervis EdmondsPervis EdmondsDag siden
  • Stupid ass remake sucked badly watched 5 minutes and wanted them back again awful was about as funny as a kick in head 1/10 👎👎

    Deformed nut SackDeformed nut SackDag siden
  • There are funny parts in the trailer? Where? This is a trash film im half way through right now and im losing the will to live

    Stu RileyStu RileyDag siden
  • Seriously Eddie Murphy ? That’s the face you’re going with? This movie’s gonna suck.

    Forty DeuceForty DeuceDag siden
  • Loved Wesley !! Leslie Jones .....ehhhhhh ........

    Pankil’s VideosPankil’s VideosDag siden
  • Movie sucks

    shk rooshk rooDag siden
  • This movie got real bad reviews. Looking at this trailer I can see why. Should have never made part 2. Just by looking at the trailer I can see they brought in actors like Tracy Morgan who is not funny at all.

    Ray sRay sDag siden
  • U guy's need to go smaller countries in Africa to sports more great talent to on the new movie coming to America

    Ibrahim KoromaIbrahim Koroma2 dager siden
  • que merda!!!

    sucote100sucote1002 dager siden