Chunkz X Yung Filly - Hold [Music Video]

16. okt.. 2020
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Chunkz X Yung Filly - Hold [Music Video]

  • Hope you guys loved the song! Let us know your favourite bits of the riddim!

    ChunkzChunkz15 dager siden
    • Good song could use a tiny bit more bass and less auto tune on chunkz your voice is great man,you don't need as much autotune as you think.Filly was perfect .Great tune lads.

      Christopher CannoneChristopher Cannone10 dager siden
    • Its pretty shit

      elliot's vidselliot's vids10 dager siden
    • Good for you man!! Leaving dreams out here. All the best in the future

      Aaron RedgraveAaron Redgrave10 dager siden
    • This song is a banger🎶🔥🔥🔥

      Prince Naz GamingPrince Naz Gaming10 dager siden
    • filly going all bilingual on us .... mad

      Ryan RC REPTILES FouracreRyan RC REPTILES Fouracre10 dager siden
  • Nah that’s disrespectful allah created us and making songs when it’s haram is bad

    TOXIC RAINTOXIC RAIN23 minutter siden
  • Keep going my bro ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏

    Queen TashaQueen Tasha23 minutter siden
  • weird looking dons

    L'z BeatsL'z Beats51 minutt siden
  • LOOL

    L'z BeatsL'z Beats51 minutt siden
  • MAD

    ItzScepticItzSceptic58 minutter siden
  • who can hear clean up in the background while they were speaking at the start

    Athaash SupodaranAthaash SupodaranTime siden
  • Guess what your song was on the radio

    Mulla BeautyMulla Beauty2 timer siden
  • Bun the video the teachers leng what’s her number hahaha my bro

    Cain KCain K2 timer siden
  • I remember when you blanked me in Clapham Common McDonald’s and I was just saying hi.

    Alfred MogajiAlfred Mogaji3 timer siden
  • Wow this slaps

    xoLuffyxoLuffy3 timer siden
  • I love chunkz voice

    Ahsan NaeemAhsan Naeem3 timer siden
  • The dislikes were the ones who were put on hold.

    soinu foigsoinu foig3 timer siden
  • At least all this didn’t happen in filly’s mouth like clean up😂

    LizaLiza3 timer siden
  • They're blasting this in the gym

    Mohamed OmarMohamed Omar3 timer siden
    • Filly surprises me on this track

      soinu foigsoinu foig3 timer siden
  • I actually love this song, so happy for their success ❤️❤️

    Alice BenAlice Ben4 timer siden
  • Tune's stuck in my head bruv

    Morpheus PubgMorpheus Pubg4 timer siden
  • on a serious thing thou this shit slaps🔥👌

    Don_ yazidDon_ yazid4 timer siden
  • 💯❤️🎶

    Jade RichardsonJade Richardson5 timer siden
  • filly has a nice voice

    Blueninja_ytBlueninja_yt5 timer siden
  • Chunkz mixed with autotune is dangerous

    Jeremiah FoyleJeremiah Foyle6 timer siden
  • So much happiness in one video love you both

    Charlie MitchellCharlie Mitchell8 timer siden
  • Banger

    Ayman ReslanAyman Reslan9 timer siden
  • Anyone else notice filly scoring at 1:24

  • Mad Tune. The intro is so funny 🤣🤣

    Twyse EremeTwyse Ereme10 timer siden
    • no likes but verified?

      layth Azizehlayth Azizeh10 timer siden
  • “I’m stuck in a maze!”😂😂😂

    ZACK KHANZACK KHAN10 timer siden
  • Different types of bundaaaa😭😭😭😭 Only then mannn who else can pull this vibe off with our getting cussed..... exactly🤣🍾🥳🎉❤️

    Aramide.TAramide.T11 timer siden
  • Chunkz x Ksi x yung filly this has to happen

    George SumnerGeorge Sumner11 timer siden
  • Filly surprises me on this track

    eddie wardoeddie wardo11 timer siden
  • Yo why filly look like skinny Dutchavelli

    Ethan DeanEthan Dean13 timer siden
  • Great song, where your vids chunkz

    Daniel HanseDaniel Hanse13 timer siden
  • WHAT!!!! get this video to 3M now!!!! big up filly and chunkz everytym!

    ThatGuy NaeThatGuy Nae16 timer siden
  • firreeee

    yaboieisayaboieisa18 timer siden
  • iconic

    Chanel No.5Chanel No.520 timer siden

    solo 1ssolo 1s21 time siden
  • Filly can sing ?!?!🔥

    battyfishbattyfish21 time siden
  • 2:22 no ones gonna clock it says different types of bunda ok 😂😂😂

    QuincyQuincy21 time siden
  • Love from Denver Colorado USA 🙌💯🔥

    So what nowSo what now21 time siden
  • 2:13 she was on Does the shoe fit no?

    Berserk BBerserk B22 timer siden
  • I've only start watching for about 20 seconds and I love it

  • this song is just a different vibe for me

    Erik GreguricErik Greguric22 timer siden
  • Summer banger in winter ❄️ jheeeze !

    adam deanadam dean23 timer siden
  • This is what chunkz and filly be doing at work 2:24 😂😂😂

    MubyMuby23 timer siden
  • I think I've got a crush on filly. it was 2:05 for me

    S SS S23 timer siden
  • Dope

    shemmy shemmyshemmy shemmy23 timer siden
  • 🤘🏻

    Mr HFMr HF23 timer siden
  • Nun but good vibes 🤩

    T1UP AjayiT1UP AjayiDag siden
  • Did anyone hear clean up in the background

    DanDan7865DanDan7865Dag siden
  • lit lol

    stranger_ editsstranger_ editsDag siden
  • Man idk why but filly never fails to make me smile istg

    Murad IssaMurad IssaDag siden
  • i though i would be disappointed with filly cuz we all know that chunkz got sauce but when filly came out oooooooooooooo fire ooooooo big ups

    abenezer brahanaabenezer brahanaDag siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Best Gragas EUBest Gragas EUDag siden
  • Ksi: let me check his listeners on Spotify

    Abdul RalpgAbdul RalpgDag siden
  • actual song starts at 0:40

    Zoe KetibuahZoe KetibuahDag siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    ItzHydroItzHydroDag siden
  • Watched just cause a like these guys energy 🇬🇧✌️

    Aone AccommodationAone AccommodationDag siden
  • 🎹🎬🎤✅🤟🏾

    Ayub KhalafAyub KhalafDag siden
  • I rate it

    Sam ZapicoSam ZapicoDag siden
  • Absolute Friday Banger

    Sashen ManilallSashen ManilallDag siden
    • Chunkz people said me and you are twins

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyDag siden
  • This is a good song keep it up chunkz keep it up inshallah you will get this to a million

    Nafees HussainNafees HussainDag siden
  • Wallahi the girl at 0:55 is from does the shoe fit

    leo Photiouleo PhotiouDag siden
    • Stupidly good

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyDag siden
  • 4:45 best bar

    Forza RossoneriForza RossoneriDag siden
    • dead joke

      PC Andy2SavPC Andy2SavDag siden
  • HD cutz saved chunz's hair💥💥💥

    kerycainy1kerycainy1Dag siden
  • Why is it not on chunkz channel

    Tak sambiziTak sambiziDag siden
  • This is a whole vibe! 👏

    NTA GamesNTA GamesDag siden
  • Where did. chunk bought hairline ?

    fuzzy fuzzyfuzzy fuzzyDag siden
  • Listening to this walking to work at 5am for my daily grind 💯 vibes

    Layezee BoyLayezee BoyDag siden
  • Chunkz looks like M Huncho without a mask at 0:14

    aaronthebest0aaronthebest0Dag siden
  • kinda pants ngl

    JustinJustinDag siden
  • From i never meant to leave her to my feelings i had her was deeper huhahhhahhh that bit is too sik man yung fillys vocals got vibes . I think dem bois twins jus look at der forehead same to same lol

    O-G KushO-G KushDag siden
  • Fricking sick man🔥🇯🇲

    dylan morgandylan morganDag siden
  • 0:47

    53o.153o.1Dag siden
  • 2:32 best part no 🧢

    ScruffyScruffyDag siden
  • Stupidly good

    Fionn OBrienFionn OBrienDag siden
  • Chunkz people said me and you are twins

    Yusuf GambiYusuf GambiDag siden
  • Chunkz and young filly y are the best

    Yusuf GambiYusuf GambiDag siden
  • Brilliant

    A KaraA KaraDag siden
  • Did anyone spot the Bunda.Inc on the plane

    YepYepDag siden
  • still the hottest track dropped this winter

    Damian CharlesDamian CharlesDag siden
  • Bro he actually like good.

    prxnce49prxnce49Dag siden
  • Here from the start of ye guys and look what ye are now bro

    Lughan MacConIomaireLughan MacConIomaireDag siden
  • 100% this is a banger like this vid if you agree

    marshanmarshan2 dager siden
  • It's the white Guys at the end for me

    L JL J2 dager siden
  • Dis a banger fam

    santiagosantiago2 dager siden
  • the tune at the start sounds like a somali song

    cr3amiez mailcr3amiez mail2 dager siden
  • This dropped a week ago and I'm hearing now mosh up

    Lifes ShortLifes Short2 dager siden
  • The dislikes were the ones who were put on hold.

    CassieCassie2 dager siden
  • I had to put this track on HOLD while I answered a call...

    ahmed dawoudahmed dawoud2 dager siden
  • Hella hella vibey!!! 😄 love it!

    Aobakwe LelakaAobakwe Lelaka2 dager siden
    • This is a banger bro

      CassieCassie2 dager siden
  • I swear this reminds me of all of DJ Subeer’s snaps

    Son GokuSon Goku2 dager siden
  • It’s ok

    King ScorpionKing Scorpion2 dager siden
  • Put you on hold ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrr

    Clipzzz_ SssClipzzz_ Sss2 dager siden
  • omggggg tihis is fireeeeeeeeeeeee

    Layla EgaalLayla Egaal2 dager siden
  • Anyone else saw the presentation on ‘Different types of bunda’

    BryanBryan2 dager siden
  • chunkz no homo but his voice is too beautiful

    AxispriAxispri2 dager siden
  • So we not gonna talk about how good filly looked when he walked in?

    G MeG Me2 dager siden
  • anyone hear clean up at the start ^

    Charlie RobsonCharlie Robson2 dager siden
  • Damn i slept on this too long😭🔥

    Planet ChuckiefiedPlanet Chuckiefied2 dager siden
  • AT 2:07 looking at you like that

    DJ ThomasDJ Thomas2 dager siden
  • Harry throwing the money 😭

    KylaeighAKylaeighA2 dager siden