China's Insane Plan to Dig a Canal Across the Balkans

23. feb.. 2021
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  • Hi @RealLifeLore. Love to watch your videos. Actually the idea to connect the Meditaranian sea to the Danube was born around 1800. The Austrian industrial Revolution wants to connect Vienna with Triest, the main Shipport of Austria at this time. There was a canal built now known as "Wiener Neustädter Kanal" and is still active as "normal" River between "Wiener Neustadt" and Baden. was mostly used as transportation for coal or wood the main energy ressources so far. Actually the project was only planned to run at this route Vienna-Wiener Neustadt-Sopron-Györ-Ljubljana-Vrhinka and stopped in Vrhinka because it was at this time not technical possible to built. Afterwards the project has been cancelled because, a train connection was built(Semmeringbahn).

    Bernhard KoiserBernhard KoiserDag siden
  • Stay stand with Hongkong against ccp

    Samarth MishraSamarth Mishra2 dager siden
  • Projects like this will destroy the ecology in Europe and these big ships are polluters. But China doesn't care about ecology and pollution. Yes it will happen, but only when it's too late will anybody care and China will have destroyed everything along the belt & road.

  • He forgot Danube-Black Sea Canal

    Ionut PIonut P3 dager siden
  • How are planes not more efficient than boats? They're like a billion times faster.

    LallapoopsyLallapoopsy3 dager siden
  • 8:59 We don't like that green ship :D

    PurpleGearPurpleGear3 dager siden
  • This video honestly feels poorly researched. The Danube is nowhere near where it should be and you didn't even mention the canal connecting the black sea to the Danube in the south that allows ships to circumvent the delta and cut down the distance. And these are only the things that I noticed immediately.

    DwumperDwumper3 dager siden
  • solution: stop buying Chinese products

    Bruce SmithBruce Smith3 dager siden
  • How goods China?

    batchbatch3 dager siden

    Guitar DrivenGuitar Driven4 dager siden
  • Landlock countries like Serbian and Macedonian will benifit.

    Hazman RiessHazman Riess4 dager siden
  • China: I’ll be digging a canal through you guys. Balkans: *china is serbia* Edit: sorry if anyone already had this joke

    ExplodingMasterYTExplodingMasterYT4 dager siden
  • China has been making progress. Europe and the United States do not like China's progress, so they can only use fake information to attack China all day long. Europe and the United States have always used fake human rights false information to discredit many countries, because European and American whites cannot allow people of color to be more advanced than whites. .

    doremi Fdoremi F4 dager siden
  • 0:34 India is 5th largest economy not 6th

    LightningLightning5 dager siden
  • There is no way it is being built. There is not enough water, and it destroyed the rivers Morava and Vardar ... You put the wrong silhouette of Serbia. Serbia includes Kosovo ...🇷🇸

    Милан ЈовићМилан Јовић5 dager siden
  • They can f#### of

    Bjury ShehuBjury Shehu5 dager siden
  • Why not it can stop Turkeys threats and expansions.

    Maria ThsnasiasMaria Thsnasias5 dager siden

    Km Andrews_Km Andrews_6 dager siden
  • There is a danube-black sea canal in Romania that you forgot to mention, so it dismisses your whole narative

    adi mihadi mih6 dager siden
  • I don't like this idea at all. Sound terrible for... the environment - Me, a Turk in Germany 😅

    Tulipa IgnitaTulipa Ignita6 dager siden
  • So, there are a lot of people, posting really, really stupid shit in these comments. This is an EEEEEEEEZ win for China here. As someone who works in the international shipping industry lemme just explain real quick. For reference over 90% of global trade is transported via 20ft ship containers. The rates have skyrocketed during the pandemic, and most experienced industry professionals do not expect them to go down, the industry is expected to simply settle around these rates. While they are volatile and changing daily a rough estimate of 0.88 USD per Nautical mile is a pretty standard cost of shipping a container these days. The Chinese government owns 610,000 20' Standard Cubes. If we were to freight something from Beijing to Piraeus(8949nautical miles) it would cost us 7.8 Thousand USD to simply load the container and have the ship carry it to the destination. Add about 1500 for port fees at both origin and destination and we are looking at basically 10K USD to ship a container using this route. Now if we wanted to ship from China to Germany(German-Chinese trade was worth 250+ billion Euros in 2020) and we use the port of Hamburg as a good example. We are looking at a cost of around $10,802 US, just to transport it to Hamburg (12K nautical miles). What China is doing here is cutting its shipping route to the European Mainland by a couple of thousand Nautical miles. And none of these estimates take into account costs associated with port handling, or ships having to dock at port for X/Y/Z, or the draconian taxes certain EU countries have on international freight. This will basically make China a shit ton of money, allowing them to charge close to COVID rates, while operating at a close to pre COVID costs. Consider also that there are 4-5 countries who will directly benefit from taxation on these routes and yeah... any nation would be stupid to reject this.

    Vthe ManVthe Man6 dager siden
  • If Austro-Hungarian empire owned a region in China why China not have a canal in Balcans? Communists with Capitalist economy? works the best !

    George BorceanGeorge Borcean7 dager siden
  • First, the canal from Belgrade to Egee will not work. Why ? at Danube entry in Romania (iron gates)80 Km from Belgrade is a huge power plant that needs the existing flow of water and also to control the ships river level change at the plant .The power plant equally serves with electricity Serbia and Romania since 1964. Also you did not show the existing canal in Romania between Danube and Black Sea Also Bulgaria may oppose to China too. May be possible if China pays big money to compensate the lose.... but i do not think the 3 countries affected wants it. Interesting how China will dominate the world!!!!

    George BorceanGeorge Borcean7 dager siden
  • Every China''s plan is a war provocation.

    chandran karppayachandran karppaya7 dager siden
  • Spends more money on projects outside China. Good idea to spend it on their 1.4 billion people. But the corrupt CCP won't .

    John TaylorJohn Taylor8 dager siden
  • Usa: hey more focus on me 😔

    Ali MurtazaAli Murtaza8 dager siden
  • CHINA FAKE PRODUCTS WANT GOES TO EUROPE 😁 THEY NEED ROAD AND CANAL OR SEA China imitator Want to imitate european products

    JunJun8 dager siden
  • just what the world needs more crap built in china

    JamesJames8 dager siden
  • We allowed Chinese to built highway in Poland. Look it up. It’s already trash. Do not let Chinese build you anything. You will pay for it more over time plus they always demand concessions.

    Peter WPeter W8 dager siden

    marko terzićmarko terzić8 dager siden
  • Useless those Chinese can ship through the Chanel by Sicilia to Genua. There is enough Train capacity across the Alps. Not to forgot: Arctic route to Europe and a second Chinese, Moscow, Berlin Railway would be cheaper.

    P MueP Mue8 dager siden
  • Hang any politician who advocates for China in your country. Chinese are not your friends and will exploit you as soon as they get chance. Look at what’s going on in Africa.

    Peter WPeter W8 dager siden
  • Wrong Balkan map. Danube flows north of Bulgaria, not through the Old Mounains in the middle of it.

    Niki SNiki S8 dager siden
  • It is not Cinese plan, it is old plan of Jovan Cvijic. And it will never be completed.

    moreuz1moreuz18 dager siden
  • fake news

    anton tanakeanton tanake8 dager siden
  • I live in one of the cities on the Danube mentioned here. I would hate to see the river congested with ships traveling through the heart of the beautiful and historic city. 😔

    Pointman OpsPointman Ops9 dager siden
  • China provocing war in the Balcans-didn’t see that coming 😂

    Cédric DouchemanCédric Doucheman9 dager siden

    Μιλτιάδης ΜπαλτατζήςΜιλτιάδης Μπαλτατζής9 dager siden
  • China will always do crazy things

    DEVANAND RDEVANAND R9 dager siden
  • there is allready a canal thet shortens the danube route, nut that much but its is and u didn't show it(Danube-Black Sea Canal)

    danyfotadanyfota10 dager siden
  • It’s not realistic because, big ships can’t go through the Danube river, especially upstream onto Austria and Germany

    n Ln L10 dager siden

    Jon MatthewsJon Matthews10 dager siden
  • Where The Salinity Would Go ! It'snt Kinda Dangerous Play, Looks Like The Era The Human Don't Know The Ordinary Biology/Chemistry.

    Shahzada ZulfiqarShahzada Zulfiqar10 dager siden
  • either of the options is just too insane to carry out...

    Jurrasic PigJurrasic Pig10 dager siden
  • Is this a CCP paid Propaganda 🤔?

    Simon ChangSimon Chang10 dager siden
  • Good job overall, but ... - your sketch on the Danube river and your distance measurements are wrong. Take another look at them and then please confirm: you have considered the route from the Danube Delta and not from the Danube-Black Sea Canal. Therefore the real route is shorter by 400 km so actually is not 1900 km, but 1500 km. This and some other political matters will make the Aegean Sea-Belgrade Canale a big No-No. The Adriatic Sea-Passau will remain just a wet dream for everyone. So I guess Turkey and Romania will remain the countries that make the biggest profit on those transports for another century, at least :D

    Cosmin-Silviu GhioancaCosmin-Silviu Ghioanca11 dager siden
  • I think it's a brilliant idea & if they insist politically since economically it's not a problem then it could be done since again it could shorten the distance the time route from northern Greece to central Europe by about 5 to 7 days which it's a week time = money instead going the today' s standard trip around the tip of Spain so emporium count on that because available time is everything however what Germany plans to do about it it's another thing if really wish for the moment to hold off its construction or wish & permit China economically to conquer the whole of Europe so it remains to be seen ...

    George KoroneosGeorge Koroneos11 dager siden
  • LoL

    REAL DOGEREAL DOGE11 dager siden
  • China would build the canal and finish building in time or even maybe earlier than expected, but it is the Europeans that are playing dumb and every one of them is trying to gain the most,,, I'm sure China is ready and would start the project in a month if the involved Europeans are ready,, It would be idiotic and stupid not to do it,,, It would be the best thing since the invention of the PITA,,,

    omega2469omega246911 dager siden
  • everyone ignores USA in this project..Do you think that USA would let them to make it happenned ? Welcome to 3rd World War..

    emrayzemrayz11 dager siden
  • Cha cha cha brhaha, Ali baba exekution 2,5 miiiard dollár China nr1

    Ladislav BekeLadislav Beke11 dager siden
  • Ukraina cha cha cha motor sic China.Ukraine kaput Chinesse plan! Zelenskij motor sic kaput!

    Ladislav BekeLadislav Beke11 dager siden
  • Putin president nr1 Rossia sila nr1 v míre

    Ladislav BekeLadislav Beke11 dager siden
  • The Seal level of this places will increase withing next 20-30 years. Vardar river will be under water within 100 years. Good luck on this lol.

    Go ShuGo Shu11 dager siden
  • Never north only MACEDONIA please 🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰

    jovi majajovi maja11 dager siden
  • Never north only MACEDONIA please 🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰

    jovi majajovi maja11 dager siden
  • Never north only MACEDONIA please 🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰

    jovi majajovi maja11 dager siden
  • Never north only MACEDONIA please 🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰

    jovi majajovi maja11 dager siden
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    jovi majajovi maja11 dager siden
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    jovi majajovi maja11 dager siden
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    jovi majajovi maja11 dager siden
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    jovi majajovi maja11 dager siden
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    jovi majajovi maja11 dager siden
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    jovi majajovi maja11 dager siden
  • Never north only MACEDONIA please 🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰

    jovi majajovi maja11 dager siden
  • Don’t trust the CCP, they are up for something.

    TarnosTarnos11 dager siden
  • Chineese Govts think big and perfect in modern era. That why I love china and its Govts so much.

    Sanjoy RoySanjoy Roy11 dager siden
  • We could just stop buying Goods made from China so they will stop polluting the world on an industrial scale. They also practically use slave labor to produce all these cheap goods. Not too mention they are taking all these profits and building up their military. China has made it clear that they have ambition's of ruling the world. The only other country who is taking China's threat seriously is India who is also building up their military.

    John SnowJohn Snow11 dager siden
  • Petro yuan coming soon new world order

    Arif HussainArif Hussain11 dager siden
  • You miss some important stuff to mention. Also ur Danube Drawing is wrong. It mades the border with Bulgaria, and is mostly connecting the Black Sea with the Rotterdam through Constanța sea port, the biggest in Black Sea. You also didn't mention that a canal Danube-Black Sea is already existing in Romania to make the route more straight.

    Teodor CuculeaTeodor Cuculea11 dager siden
  • You talk like the new canals and routes the Chinese proposed will be used exclusively for shipping Chinese good to Europe and nothing back. Good going both ways by ships and others right now except the new routes will be a lot better and cheaper needless to say with huge environmental benefits. The current blockade of the Suez Canal showed how vulnerable the current system has and it will get worse!

    Sun ShineSun Shine11 dager siden
  • China just loves cutting up things in half do they?

    Andrey PeevAndrey Peev11 dager siden
  • Danube flowing though mountains.... get your geography right at least

    boisbois11 dager siden
  • Seems to me like China may be the Germany of the 1940's

    JCHJCH11 dager siden
  • Plans are insane on large scale . First , trip over Black sea is not so long , since tere is a canal from Contantia to Cernavoda, so no need to navigate all way North to Danube delta . Also , trip will be if not shorter , but faster with expecte and feasable Istanbul channal . Further , Vardar is not river , 99% is not navigable , and north of Thessaloniki it is more creek than river . In Skopje , for exaple , you can walk over most of the year ! Further on - between Macedonia and Srbia , and on Serbian south , there are at least 2 canyons , where even highway to build was challange . Finnaly , Morava is small and too shallow river , navigable just last few kilometers , thanks to Danube waters . So , number of interlocks will be excessivly high , slowing down traffic . But most important - there is no sufficent watter to fill cannal! Especialy in Macedonia . Idea of Alpe - Adria cannal is even more insane . Can one imagine price of such construction ( not to mention ecological issues) in the richest europen region ? And , it is interesting , there are much better solution to feed Europen ( 600mil ) market - insted insane projects - why not imvest in production facilites in Balkans and non-EU european countries . Raw materials are near , in Russia . Work force is skilled. And basic infarastrauctire is already there. On the other hand , if they like challenges : why not Suez 2 ? Or Cannal between Thailand and Myanmar ?

    zoran bzoran b11 dager siden
    • Vardar is not a river....bruh what?

      Dimitar KeraDimitar Kera4 dager siden
  • The u.s. let's build a canal...haha boi stop joke, let's go to war yayyyy China ..let build a canal....price 20 didn't say nothing yet let's go .

    Meshach NicholasMeshach Nicholas11 dager siden
  • Never trust CCP constructions, and there is one purpose only... expand her power to control.... full of lies country

    Constance Yip 3Constance Yip 311 dager siden
  • Post COVID I wonder if Europeans would still like Chinese to breathe down their neck directly

    Sanjay MehtaSanjay Mehta11 dager siden
  • Stupid projects designed to sink stupid countries to debt. See who goes for it?

    Andy FordAndy Ford11 dager siden
  • Great ....but will anybody want to buy China crap?

    Andy FordAndy Ford11 dager siden

    R i eR i e12 dager siden
  • So the United States spends 10 trillion bombing, destroying and killing in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. China only gonna spend 20 billion on this! What a deal! And there influence grows.

    Seph EgosSeph Egos12 dager siden
  • China china China haha

    Kwang Meng LimKwang Meng Lim12 dager siden
  • China want to put everyone in debt with its grand projects

    jupiter rulesjupiter rules12 dager siden
  • Have y'all forgotten the china released a virus to the world? GIVE CHINA FUCKING NOTHING!!

    Doesn't MatterDoesn't Matter12 dager siden
  • Leave them alone

    Glenn WillettGlenn Willett12 dager siden
  • You have one of the worst voices I have ever heard in broadcasting

    MrHollablackMrHollablack12 dager siden
  • let chaina to build Roads and send foods and good things for other countries but and America is creathing ISIS and Taliban groups like they created for russia and still USA help Terorrits

    akram khanakram khan12 dager siden
  • As a Greek I can easily say that if USA don't want this channel Greece will not going to construct it even if it was gift from China. As a pet of USA especially with right wing governments.

    2lazy lizards2lazy lizards12 dager siden
  • Wanna save 10,000km distance instead of only 800km??? JUST MANUFACTURE IN TURKEY INSTEAD OF CHINA!!!!! It's cheaper and so much BETTER quality

    Guerreiro da LiberdadeGuerreiro da Liberdade12 dager siden
  • You should also mention the fact that the CCP is evil, and their "belt and road initiative" is really an invasive way for the CCP to exert their control over mostly poor countries. Often the projects are manned by Chinese nationals, instead of local labor

    Brandon ShebesterBrandon Shebester12 dager siden
  • No, thank you. You have enough territory to dig in.

    Vladimir RaychevVladimir Raychev12 dager siden
  • Turkey won't be happy about it? That's tough luck

    qnznyc123qnznyc12312 dager siden
  • You should watch China Uncensored.

    Mike DMike D12 dager siden
  • After creating these waterways the EU will raise their tarrifs....

    Arhan SoloArhan Solo12 dager siden
    • If EU still has the strength to add. Plenty of strategic product manufacturing has shifted to China.

      Nan VasNan Vas11 dager siden
  • You forget the Donau-Zwarte Zeekanaal whitch is in constanta... it its much closer than the location you show on the map...

    Shadow ShadeShadow Shade12 dager siden
  • China can't even stack enough sand in the ocean to keep it from sinking, and now they want to saw a country in half? HAHAHA

    Rasputin's OrphanRasputin's Orphan12 dager siden
  • The U.S. and the state of Illinois built a canal from lake Michigan to the Mississippi river starting in 1827 and finished in 1911. So I say it's about time.

    Ronald BussRonald Buss12 dager siden
  • No thanks.

    Peter TPeter T12 dager siden