CAUGHT ON CAM | Security Cameras Compilation 2021

3. mars. 2021
6 065 197 Ganger

Have you witnessed something like this? 👀 #FailArmy. Enjoy our caught on security camera compilation. Which one is your favorite?
#fails #funny #compilation #caught
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  • Everybody gangsta until the naked man whips out his sword

    Crimson ShadowsCrimson ShadowsMåned siden
    • Let’s hope it’s just the machete

      HydroHydro7 dager siden
    • Hahahahaha

      Al VAl V9 dager siden
    • @Slw Snowman40 It was cold, so he took a bigger sword.

      VranaVrana12 dager siden
    • Lmaoo

      CommunicationCommunication19 dager siden
    • Rosary: A Spiritual Weapon ~ Fr Ripperger by Sensus Fidelium.

      HT THHT TH24 dager siden
  • даааааааааааа

    Алексей АнтоновАлексей АнтоновTime siden
  • was the first guy blind?

    Peter ZebotPeter Zebot2 timer siden
  • Good video and all just hated that they added sound effects to make the mute-stock video better

    Hayden TreziseHayden Trezise5 timer siden
  • Ручник? нет, не слышали.

    ЮрасимЮрасим8 timer siden
  • Twat on the bike at the start. Hilarious and typical.

    MrTonyozzieMrTonyozzie10 timer siden
  • mdrrrrrr ! changez le cerveau en urgence

    Fille de יהוהYaHuWaH en יהושעYaHuShuWaHFille de יהוהYaHuWaH en יהושעYaHuShuWaH17 timer siden

    d e e p c a r m u s i c .d e e p c a r m u s i c .23 timer siden
  • ⬅️ Awesome video selection 👍🏼

    pitbikebiscuitpitbikebiscuitDag siden
  • I love it when they get crooks on camera. From amazon car hop trays.

    Nancy EricaNancy EricaDag siden
  • And.... the guy just walking out didn't look like a native Swede, did he?

    DesdichadoDesdichadoDag siden
  • Lol guy tries to rob a car wash, has to wash the cars at gun point....Epic

    John ConnorJohn Connor2 dager siden
  • Leo

    sirkka lövdahlsirkka lövdahl2 dager siden
  • Why that guy still countinued fueling when recognize his car gone

    M Rauf SaputraM Rauf Saputra3 dager siden
  • Everybody gangsta until the washing man take your gun

    M Rauf SaputraM Rauf Saputra3 dager siden
  • 2:11-Domino effect!

    Luke RobersonLuke Roberson4 dager siden
  • 5:03 The cat saw it coming - LOL !

    A LazyfrogA Lazyfrog4 dager siden
  • *Dear person who may be reading this* . . 👇 *I wish you a beautiful life abundance and health*

    MedSouMedSou4 dager siden
  • "you gonna finish my work, then I might don't call the police"

    Kino, uroda, sport, muzykaKino, uroda, sport, muzyka4 dager siden
  • How stupid can people be?

    DMP ChicagoDMP Chicago5 dager siden
  • This is why i love guns!!!

    Jonathan VeraJonathan Vera5 dager siden
  • It’s amazing how many people think they are strong enough to stop a moving car with their bare hands 😂

    Drew SmithDrew Smith5 dager siden
  • That first scene: Max Headroom's first episode!

    Roger BRoger B5 dager siden
  • 0:40 you have to leap back in and hit the brake if the parking brake fails, then put on the ebrake.

    Curious NomadCurious Nomad6 dager siden
  • Да, в СШП уже тырят все что не приколочено. Скоро распад.

    AlanAlan6 dager siden
  • Some people are a real danger to themselves and others

    Donnie CatalanoDonnie Catalano6 dager siden
  • What is wrong with people putting their car on neutral.....

    Mind of ZMind of Z6 dager siden
  • 3:10 - 3:16 WTF??

    EasyManEasyMan7 dager siden

    Mr. FishMr. Fish7 dager siden
  • Car wash attendant: " Bad wash my car "

    Weng & Stan's WorldWeng & Stan's World8 dager siden

    TezcatlipocaTezcatlipoca8 dager siden
  • 7:46 ... you get what you f...deserve.

    TezcatlipocaTezcatlipoca8 dager siden
  • 5:35 See what happens when you wear those stupid-looking shoes.

    AxeMastersINCAxeMastersINC8 dager siden
  • omfg ... the first one .... outch

    TezcatlipocaTezcatlipoca8 dager siden
  • That 180 turn from the car running into house repeatedly, that was AWESOME

    Frank HaskellFrank Haskell9 dager siden
  • I would personally not prefer to have the sound effects added ontop of the original sound, even if the original clip is silent. I gotta say though, whoever added the sound effects did a pretty good job at keeping it realistic with timings and such, almost too perfect at 7:05 with the 3D audio, "coming" from a CCTV Lmao

    RareGlueRareGlue9 dager siden
  • 5:32 - The greater the mass, the greater the gravitational attraction.

    Svenulf SkjaldbjörnSvenulf Skjaldbjörn9 dager siden
  • The wheelchair-bound school bus tried to get out of the way in time but couldn't hopefully nobody got hurt in the bus or in the car I'm glad that the little kid was not getting on or off the bus either

    Danielle HarrisonDanielle Harrison9 dager siden
  • 7:25 Dude, where's my car?

    PunkDisciple23PunkDisciple2311 dager siden
  • Don't add sound effects. Just don't.

    Matt AlaricMatt Alaric11 dager siden
    • @l8gv It's just annoying and actually makes me laugh less, tbh.

      Matt AlaricMatt Alaric9 dager siden
    • Ikr. I thought I was the only one that was bugged by that.

      l8gvl8gv9 dager siden
  • Last dude really saved himself, that could of easily been a fatal accident 🥶

    Itz_rvulItz_rvul11 dager siden
  • At 30 seconds....Priceless. Also seems our US cousins dont like to use the handbrake (parking brake) just relyimg on the auto box. Tut tut.

    Itschad1954Itschad195411 dager siden
  • Clips like the last one is not even close to funny

    Eric WiklundEric Wiklund12 dager siden
  • 7:10 car doesn't like the fuel. Car wants to be fueled up somewhere else.

    UlliSteinUlliStein12 dager siden
  • 2:56 Dr. House, is that you?

    JebClangJebClang12 dager siden
  • 7:05 - Сar just disappeared and... he doesn't care?

    VranaVrana12 dager siden
  • I like how the guy refilling petrol can noticed his car gone and he did not gave a single shit.

    Zwijam DywanZwijam Dywan13 dager siden
  • 1:45 the bowling alley LMAO!!! 😅😂🤣

    Wild BillWild Bill13 dager siden
  • 7:53 Happy family :D

    Mr. SushiMr. Sushi13 dager siden
  • *Thief completes the dirty work* lol

    Miriam Reynoso JuradoMiriam Reynoso Jurado13 dager siden
  • 2:58 you’d have to be the meanest most pissed person to do this

    7th Contingency7th Contingency13 dager siden
  • Hahahhahahahahahhahahahhhhhahahaha😅😅😂😅😂😅😂😂😅😅😂😅😂☺️😅😂😅😂😂😅😂😅😂😅😍😍😍😅😍😅😅😍😍😅😂😘😍😊👍😊😋😘😍😋😘😍😘😘😊

    Sofia SakizliSofia Sakizli14 dager siden
  • 7:56 men reactions vs women reaction xDDD

    MM15 dager siden
  • Ok why THE FUCK is no one talking about that person just driving into the house twice at 2:57

    GrapeApeGrapeApe15 dager siden
  • the amount of people who only "put in the gear", and not use hand break. so dumb.

    coooolibricoooolibri15 dager siden
  • 0:35 Derererererererererererererererererererererererererer! Oh! Derererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererer!

    SamuelSamuel16 dager siden
  • I would pay to have the sound of that carwash guy's footage!

    S TS T16 dager siden
  • 4:12 Was so effing epic

    lalala lalalalalala lalala16 dager siden
  • im so glad i dont have a bald spot

    johnny cashjohnny cash16 dager siden
  • how long can it take you to decide to hop in and hit the brakes when your cars rolling @37

    johnny cashjohnny cash16 dager siden
  • 6:01 Proof your life is pissed, cos ur kid missed the damn school bus

    Mitchell RMitchell R17 dager siden
  • Imagine someone tried to negotiate the price..

    Colin DonovanColin Donovan17 dager siden
  • 4:40 WOW NICE, GOOD...GOOD

    CYV AND COVCYV AND COV17 dager siden
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    Leonar ruthybLeonar ruthyb17 dager siden
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    Meigs HeatherMeigs Heather17 dager siden
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    zachary shapirozachary shapiro17 dager siden
  • People be like: "What is hand brake? I don't know her"

    김남준for President7김남준for President718 dager siden
  • Millennials =Fkn USELESS

    Ian ManghamIan Mangham18 dager siden
  • "Policeman, was my car stolen?" "How did that happen, sir?" "I turned around to fill the can and it was gone!" "Please blow the breathalyzer"

    vinasu maajvinasu maaj18 dager siden
  • Hello everyone this is your daily dose of internet

    ChessBase IndiaChessBase India18 dager siden
  • Off the car when you are going out even only a 2mins out.

    Ra RoRa Ro18 dager siden
    • oww my god :)

      vinasu maajvinasu maaj18 dager siden
  • The sparkling dream broadly desert because rooster inherently rob since a nebulous woolen. immense, flat red

    Alias UserAlias User18 dager siden
  • finlamnd

    aylonenaylonen19 dager siden
  • 🎉🇺🇲💵🇺🇲 Living in the land of free means you are free to not leave your car in park if you don't want to! 🇺🇲💵🇺🇲🎉

    OnlyFailsOnlyFails19 dager siden
  • Why these people think pulling the handbrake is the hardest thing to do when they parked their car?

    Grilled SatayGrilled Satay19 dager siden
  • 2:31 torille

    Youtube-person0098Youtube-person009820 dager siden
  • Human stupidity is wider and deeper than we like to think

    Donnie CatalanoDonnie Catalano20 dager siden
  • Can anyone please enlighten me on the driving skills at 2:53? I mean seriously?? WTF!

    Sungazer8Sungazer820 dager siden
    • Is it done in a fit of rage? or is the driver high AF?

      Sungazer8Sungazer820 dager siden
  • 6:40 that door almost perfectly lined up with the shelf dropping down

    Simao CruzSimao Cruz20 dager siden
  • That turning tables pulled on the thief by the car wash man is some straight up Charlie Chaplin stuff

    Simao CruzSimao Cruz20 dager siden
  • And we are the top of the animal kingdom...

    Angus ReedAngus Reed20 dager siden
  • the car wash one would be me! Don't just stand there and rob me, wash these cars!

    My TeslaMy Tesla20 dager siden
  • chtěl bych osobně poznat člověka,který by si hrdě pověsil před vlastní dům českou vlajku!!!to můžou jen stupidní hovada kteří si myslí že jsou vlastenci nebo co...chce se mi z toho grcat!!!

    kirk hammettkirk hammett20 dager siden
  • The detailed uzbekistan individually arrest because sun essentially trouble times a hard smoke. abandoned, watery woman

    Harlee ColonHarlee Colon21 dag siden
  • all buy a fucking auto handbreak

    Nick UnderNick Under21 dag siden
  • oww my god :)

    Travis TukkerTravis Tukker21 dag siden
  • The bicicle man Vas a legenda

    Ciuppa CapraCiuppa Capra21 dag siden
  • -Moral of the video absolutely no one knows what the hand brake in the cars is right(irony), I wonder if they cheated when they got their driver's license. -thieves are getting more and more foolish or idiotic?. -People are not 100 percent aware of their surroundings as if nothing matters, they rightly say that no one knows how to live because we are blind and clueless about everything.

    paola garciapaola garcia21 dag siden
  • que chuliiiiii

    Saad RiazSaad Riaz21 dag siden
  • Car washer was like this is how men make money

    Corona 2.0Corona 2.021 dag siden
  • The first so dumb

    The Amazing SamThe Amazing Sam21 dag siden
  • That machete guy lmao that was great. EDIT: Alright, the carport where the guy gets the thief to finish the car cleaning lmao wow!

    Amanda CAmanda C21 dag siden
  • 5:51 what if there were kids in the back? how do you sleep at night?

    Junior SopranoJunior Soprano21 dag siden
  • This package theft crap has to STOP. How DARE these people

    Kamila HoffmanKamila Hoffman21 dag siden
  • oh my god, how do people *NOT* know that their driveway is on a steep hill?! LOL!

    goulash64goulash6422 dager siden
  • 5:35 so that's what happened to Ralphie May

    Josef KoutaneJosef Koutane22 dager siden
  • cool

    linys kotarlinys kotar22 dager siden

    Mr. BananaMr. Banana22 dager siden
    • Thank you, kind sir!

      Robert Henrique StollRobert Henrique Stoll18 dager siden
  • 4:09 did he not use the break lever when u park car on incline?

    Seungsoo ImSeungsoo Im22 dager siden
  • The guy who tried to walk out with sixpack and frozen pizzas probably pressed charges against the cashier for assaulting him and stealing his baseball cap

    Mikko JMikko J22 dager siden