Canelo Alvarez’s Guadalajara mansion tour (EXCLUSIVE)

28. april. 2021
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Saúl “Canelo” Alvarez offers an exclusive tour of his mansion in Guadalajara, Mexico. Canelo expresses that he prefers to keep his lifestyle private, but is offering the tour of his luxurious estate to hopefully inspire others, especially those who come from humble backgrounds like he did. The world boxing champ also shows us his garage, complete with a Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, a Shelby Mustang, a multitude of motorcycles and a wall adorned with championship belts.
EN ESPAÑOL: Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez ofrece un recorrido exclusivo por su mansión en Guadalajara, México. Canelo expresa que prefiere mantener su estilo de vida privado, pero ofrece el recorrido por su lujosa propiedad para inspirar a otros, especialmente a aquellos de orígenes humildes como él. El campeón mundial de boxeo también nos muestra su garaje, completo con un Ferrari, un Rolls Royce, un Lamborghini, un Shelby Mustang, una multitud de motocicletas y una pared adornada con cinturones de campeonato.
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  • Nada de eso aquí hay otro mexicano más jajajaja arriba México eres el mejor canelo Alvarez

    Rafael CarrilloRafael Carrillo43 minutter siden
  • Pretty materialistic huh?

    sRt n8sRt n845 minutter siden
  • 1:55 hats off to you bro, u were injured yet u still managed to ko ur opponent

    Eddie T.MEddie T.MTime siden
  • The host was so dull, there was no excitement from him with his questions and interactions. Good to see this side of Canelo though! 💪🏾

    David OsafoDavid OsafoTime siden
  • What a man, and his taste is old rich, he doesnt say fancy like tacky people do, but elegant like old money. He has great taste.

    Twiggy the lizardTwiggy the lizardTime siden
  • Wow dudes Ingles es fuerte

    JW MDJW MDTime siden
  • Nothing but all respect for this man!!

    Bertram WheelerBertram WheelerTime siden
  • Noo pues no entendi ni madres!!...

    Anabel MoralesAnabel MoralesTime siden
  • People congratulate Canelo with what he has but when the legendary Black boxer Floyd MONEY Mayweather shows off his cars and his other possession everyone's panties get in a bunch. Racist against Blacks jealous haters.

    Tom BoyTom Boy2 timer siden
  • Mínimo ya habla un poco inglés me acuerdo que no decían ni hello

    MR DEXMR DEX2 timer siden
  • L

    Álvaro MartínezÁlvaro Martínez2 timer siden
  • He fought with his left hand because his right was broken and 'it fuckn hurt". He didn't quit.

    Ginger NutzGinger Nutz2 timer siden
  • Nomás veo dos frases en español

    el meminel memin3 timer siden
  • Canelo, habla en español y el que no lo sepa que lo aprenda.

  • Just goes to show you what happens when you work hard

    MD d’AngeloMD d’Angelo3 timer siden
  • Good luck to him he's earned every penny

    Peter HealyPeter Healy3 timer siden
  • His English is better than i thought.

    sanchezfranksanchezfrank3 timer siden
  • i would love to give him english calsses he needs them

    ENGLISH ario de rosalesENGLISH ario de rosales4 timer siden
  • Fuckin hell, he's got a Desmo. 1.32 mins

    Mark WestwoodMark Westwood4 timer siden
  • 4:54 😂he’s funny without even trying

    User 8User 84 timer siden
  • I wonder how much he has pay to the local Cartel.

    Rachel GrantRachel Grant4 timer siden
  • I le mienta su madre al Tesla! Es todo viejo

    Righting WrongsRighting Wrongs4 timer siden
  • Canelo is a savage

    Swang2kSwang2k4 timer siden
  • He deseves it so much

    Steven GalliouSteven Galliou5 timer siden
  • no entiendo para q colecciona tantos autos...solo para q esten ahí, de adorno

    JoaquinJoaquin5 timer siden
  • Yoooo he owns a Shelby 🔥🔥

    Jesus of SuburbiaJesus of Suburbia5 timer siden
  • Love how he try’s to talk English

    Michael 000000Michael 0000005 timer siden
  • Damn he went from selling ice cream to being one of the best boxers

    Michael 000000Michael 0000005 timer siden
  • Do Tesla’s really dance tho’ ? Lol 😂 see I wanna see it now.

    Danny YzaguirreDanny Yzaguirre5 timer siden
  • Do you think he has to pay protection to cartels?

    sean3470sean34705 timer siden
    • No. I believe that he is protected by the most dangerous cartel. Mexican military😁

      Nidal Al GhadNidal Al Ghad4 timer siden
  • 😝 🇲🇽

    Gloria JimenezGloria Jimenez5 timer siden
  • Thanks to the subtitles now I know that Chose = Show I never driver = I never drive it Freeze = First Being = Dinner In charitable = in charge Koto = Cotto Coro = Cotto 500 models = 500 motorcycles Most security = most secure She don’t win = she doesn’t want to House in ballet = House in Bel Air And WTF does ice cream in the bosses even means? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Big BoricuaBig Boricua5 timer siden
  • well he going add another to his collection

    ll RyZn llll RyZn ll6 timer siden
  • Más bien parece estacionamiento... jajaja.....

    Jorge MontesJorge Montes6 timer siden
  • ai papa canelo te disen el sin casa cuantos mega millions te a dado tus peleas el tricampeon el mega mejor estas hermosisisimo que horgullosa se a de sentir tu mamy de ty

    Leticia ConsLeticia Cons6 timer siden
  • Wish I had that gt500 so bad

    Mustang Cobra svtMustang Cobra svt6 timer siden
  • I’m so happy he’s talkin more in English

    Vx Z3R0Vx Z3R06 timer siden
  • Te lo mereces Canelo, great job!

    Tavo VidalTavo Vidal6 timer siden
  • Congrats are show us the human side of a fantastic boxer and a human bean

    Otto MolinaOtto Molina6 timer siden
  • You are the first person to show this, I don't want to show it, but I'm going to show it, 🤦🏻😁, Canelo, don't show anything, you don't need to do it, less in these times and in Mexico, the money is in your wallet, In your mind, just put wisdom, and go to Europe or some other place, pass for unsavory and enjoy how much it cost you to win, never forget the origins, do not get on the floor, you are a pride of boxing,

    alfredo rodriguezalfredo rodriguez6 timer siden
  • Saul “I never drive” Alvarez

    spooky flightspooky flight6 timer siden
  • Cuando le preguntan por la pelea de Chávez JR 😂😂😂😂

    TeberTeber6 timer siden
  • Que orgullo que canelo sea de México!!!!

    Adrian GarciaAdrian Garcia6 timer siden
  • He is like a kid so excited showing his toys to Graham, so humble, he is a great champion

    DreiaDreia7 timer siden
  • Like his T.shirt though

    M MccM Mcc7 timer siden
  • Hey bro with all due respect I love the show love all the interviews but the translation is horrible you need a real Mexican American doing translation because what he means to say is two different things

    manue3l1976manue3l19768 timer siden
  • Canelo is the man

    Get On EarlyGet On Early8 timer siden
  • Ese inglés de canelo es como mi inglés de la primaria! 😂😂😂😂

    nomo lonomo lo8 timer siden
  • Me no follow you 😂 jk ♥️💋

    Yadira SolisYadira Solis8 timer siden
  • English is getting better

    Dave wilsonDave wilson9 timer siden
  • Such a great guy and champion. Humble. Love hearing his English getting better and better. It's a show he has care for all his fans outside of Mexico. Great champ and a class act

    Drop Kick Murphy00Drop Kick Murphy009 timer siden
  • Buy a english course Canelo

    Mario LiscoMario Lisco9 timer siden

    A Lopez casteA Lopez caste9 timer siden
  • Canelo is a good man humble and hungry..

    robthebank1987robthebank19879 timer siden
  • Lmaoo. Him trying to start the TSLA “She no want”

    TheChikis88TheChikis889 timer siden
  • Les hace falta conocer la definición de la palabra humildad, el tipo de humilde tiene muy poco y no sólo es hablando del dinero, el tipo es una fanfarrón adentro y afuera del ring. Gracias nuevamente televisa!!! 🤦‍♂️

    Javiero RodriguezJaviero Rodriguez9 timer siden
  • 1.8 K haters!

    Daniel MezaDaniel Meza10 timer siden
  • I like canelo a lot more now that I heard him speaking in English... It was hard to get a sense of who he is since i don't speak Spanish. now I can appreciate him more since I can understand his attitude and way of thinking

    eric cameric cam10 timer siden
  • Es increíble como si le entiendo a Canelo su inglés y al otro no le entiendo nadita 🤧😅

    Ricardo ParedesRicardo Paredes10 timer siden
  • lol the tesla was mad funny

    True_ApostelTrue_Apostel10 timer siden
  • Pay you taxes canelo te va a caer la UIF vas a ir a la cárcel con tus amigos los narco gobernadores de Jalisco Tamaulipas y NL ya te traen pensando la cola

    Manolo AlbaManolo Alba10 timer siden
  • Why u need all this?? When there is people with nothing.

    Khali MartinsKhali Martins11 timer siden
  • He must have the best security living in Mexico

    Taylor WilliamsTaylor Williams11 timer siden
  • You are fool!!! FOOL ! Don’t talk about the government!!

    Lorena RoehlLorena Roehl11 timer siden
  • su casa y sus autos son tuneados

  • Si yo no hablo el español bien y eso que soy mexicano y a hora este. Canelo hablando inglés pues no entendí ni madre de lo quedijo

    Anisleidy FloresAnisleidy Flores11 timer siden
  • Interviewer : how many belts do u have ?Canelo “ & I have many many many”

    Toa AtaahuaToa Ataahua11 timer siden
  • He never gives up,,never accepts he tried make that tesla dance tells it all,,he is a beast tough brother

    gideons sarunigideons saruni11 timer siden
  • when he says that his tesla can dance i thought it would transform into autobots and do twerking 😂😂😂

    J TeeJ Tee11 timer siden
  • Canelo is a sell out.

    Troll Yo HoleTroll Yo Hole11 timer siden

    jelost jounglorulungjelost jounglorulung11 timer siden
  • Canelo is so proud of his tesla dancing 😂

    NINONINO12 timer siden
  • That is beautiful nice one bro

    Desmond AfolabiDesmond Afolabi12 timer siden
  • Canelo con una carro es suficiente no caigas en el ego. tu eres mejor que eso.

    El jefeEl jefe12 timer siden
  • Y de que le sirve si no hay seguridad! Ya ni vive allí! La 💩💩💩 del gobierno qué hay no ofrece protección!

    Rossy GTRossy GT12 timer siden
  • Canelo is so sweet 🥺

    rachelrachel13 timer siden

    Me MaMe Ma13 timer siden

    anonymous anonymousanonymous anonymous13 timer siden
  • 🇲🇽❤🇲🇽Canelo

    Reyes Días cemeReyes Días ceme13 timer siden
  • Un hombre humilde como la mayoría de los mejicanos. A true example of hard work, discipline and humbleness! He is not worried of his English structure he just speaks it. Well done champ!

    VrachinesVrachines13 timer siden
  • He should use all that money to improve his English Fucking joke man

    Soundcloud King SumySoundcloud King Sumy13 timer siden
  • He sold ice cream on buses. Rags to riches

    James MatthewsJames Matthews14 timer siden
  • Lol. Hes learned from watching floyd. He didnt just learn how to be a better fighter but how to enjoy his life as well. Great champion! And student of the game

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  • CANELO! You deserve everything you have!❤

    MrRose17MrRose1714 timer siden
  • Eso es ser humilde eso es ser altanero el presumir algo eso es ser antiprofecional lastima

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  • What a nice humble guy canelo is .worked hard and paid guy

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  • He can't take it with him though.....he'll go out like the rest of us.....with nothing.

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  • Canelo is so humble. Respect.

    Gokul SuneethGokul Suneeth15 timer siden
  • Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo?

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  • Humble, true champ.

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  • See the problem with mass wealth.

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  • Jajaja jajaja muy bueno el vídeo hermano....!!!

    cristian ruatacristian ruata15 timer siden
  • He is slowly trying to follow the footsteps of Mayweather but really shouldn't because it isn't his persona.

    rr pprr pp15 timer siden
  • I don't like luxuries but anyway I admire Canelo Alvarez

    Gerardo GarciaGerardo Garcia15 timer siden
  • Canelo: look what tesla can do.... Tesla: lights off lights on. Camerman: out of this world

    mr olypmiamr olypmia16 timer siden
  • Canelo trying to make the Tesla dance Fulls my heart with joy...

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