But Did He Do It? The Mysterious Story Of Laci & Scott Peterson | Mystery & Makeup - Bailey Sarian

15. feb.. 2021
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Hi friends happy Monday!
I hope you are having a good day so far, today I wanted to talk about the mysterious Scott and Laci Peterson story. I’m not feeling too hot so I am going to keep this short lol. Plus does anyone read this? Say meow if you do. Thank you. Love you. Be safe.
x o
Bailey Sarian
PS thank you for the 4 million subscribers 😭 unbelievable! I appreciate you more than you know and thank you for being here ❤️
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  • James bulger thats a sad story.

    OddballkaneOddballkane7 minutter siden
  • The elephant bar in Fresno is no longer there it’s a lazy dog now lol 😂

    Fernanda RuizFernanda Ruiz28 minutter siden
  • Ugh I was always puzzled about the ending and I agree. I wish we knew more to the story

    wendy javierwendy javier30 minutter siden
  • I've watched so many different interviews on this case and whether or not he physically did it is pointless because no matter what he KNEW at the very least. The biggest piece of evidence, for me, is him telling Amber in early December it's his first Christmas without his wife but his Lacy didn't go missing until mid/late December.

    Heir WraithHeir Wraith33 minutter siden

    Quish03Quish0340 minutter siden
  • Hey Bailey!! I hope you are well, could you please shout-out my boyfriend on today’s video?!! It’s his birthday 3/1 Jorrell Singleton

    Destinee BoulignyDestinee Bouligny40 minutter siden
  • You deserve absolutely everything you have I love you Bailey thank you for being yourself

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  • I had no idea there was such a thing as "partying too much" for ASU. Like firing the Pope for being too catholic.

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  • baileyyy u should try bleach browsss

    dan daltondan dalton51 minutt siden
  • what if scott was just trying a new habit, which is fishing, because he bought a boat, hence the search on like bay levels and like not knowing the best time for fishing,, this is just my what if tho

    blubluTime siden
  • Some people go ice fishing. And some people go fishing in the rain.

    Taryn KosmerlTaryn KosmerlTime siden
  • The first 8 months of my pregnancy I had terrible nausea!!! But my baby is so cute and adorable and I love her!

    Taryn KosmerlTaryn KosmerlTime siden
  • Meow 😉🙃😂 I just wanted to say I absolutely love and appreciate your posts! These make my Mondays!!!!

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  • giving me chris watts vibes

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  • Hey ya Bailey. Sending a shout out from South Africa. Btw, what's your natural hair colour ?? Just curious

    Zenele SitholeZenele SitholeTime siden
  • I feel like someone else did it but set it up to put the blame on him and succeeded

    Jennifer RickettsJennifer RickettsTime siden
  • Look into the elizabeth fritzel case

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  • We appreciate you!!

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  • Hoping to see your beautiful face again soon! Missed you last monday!!

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  • I am a new viewer and have been binge watching your clips. I love watching you out in makeup and I’m learning lol. Slowly. Btw, have you done a show on The Tiger King? Did the wife have anything to do with the husbands disappearance? Did the big cat eat the husband thus not leave any clues?

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  • Maybe you can do BTK sometime 😬

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  • You always give the best stories and I love how are you do the commentary on them. I worked as a make up artist for 25 years and I would have enjoyed working with you you have the most beautiful skin and such a great attitude even while telling these horrific stories. This particular one really touched me the most because of Laci being pregnant and I know what it’s like because I was 8 1/2 months pregnant when I lost my child but mine was due to a car accident and Scott Peterson I don’t have the words to say what I think of him. May Laci and Connor rest peacefully and living in California I think this story really touched the whole world because of her bright smile this was a very heartbreaking story and thank you for sharing this. Scott didn’t deserve her P.S. I thought it was very sweet of your boyfriend I’m sorry fiancé to do your make up my fiancé tried and he did OK and he is an artist as well

    London SageLondon Sage2 timer siden
  • Who else already checked 5 times today if there is any video up? :D

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  • You should do a piece on Dennis DePue. I need more information lol. He is the real person behind the Jeepers Creeper movie apparently.

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  • I actually had not heard this story surprisingly

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  • BAILEY PLEASE PLEASE LOOK UP @shoelover99 ON TIKTOK AND HEAR HER STORY OF THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF HER LATE HUSBAND. He was found in the passenger seat of a car with another unknown female and to this day it remains a mystery. She said she emailed you a year ago 💗 thank you !

    Bri MarquezBri Marquez4 timer siden
  • Thank you for covering this story. You are right about your question regarding the media coverage being everywhere. And that is what his lawyer's are probably hoping to use to at the very least get him lienancy. Which to me is unfortunate for her family. Also, your question about the 11 or so people that were thought or claimed to see Laci that morning they have gone back repeatedly to interview people to get their statements. The reason they only used 3 is because there were only 3 that were able to be verified. It is a very sad story. And, Laci and Conner definitely did not deserve what happened to them. I firmly believe Scott is guilty, and deserves to rot in prison. Just my opinion on that part. Have a great day. Thank you again for your compassion when covering these stories.

    Wolfs AngelWolfs Angel4 timer siden
  • Yeah, depending on what you're trying to catch, you usually dont go fishing at high noon. The best times are around dawn or dusk, when the sun isn't very high.

    Ariana MAriana M4 timer siden
  • Funny how you say he looked like Ben Affleck, because this story reminds me of Gone Girl

    Diana RengifoDiana Rengifo4 timer siden
  • Can we have a disclaimer if the case involves a child? Born or not. I love watching Bailey, but when the case involves a child I cannot handle it, I fixate and cannot get the thought of the child suffering out of my head for hours and sometimes days.. If not, I get it, just a preference.

    Sydney GrecoSydney Greco4 timer siden
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  • Ok Bailey, where are you? I’m waiting on another great video. I hope all is well with you guys.

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  • Bailey, where are you? You missed last Monday, but I recall you stated awhile back that you'd be taking every fourth week off. We've only seen three videos since the end of December though. Each Monday I, along with many others, look forward to seeing your notification, but none today either. Hope you're well. Hope you explain new schedule. Best wishes.

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  • The savory fog definitely ban because metal uncommonly delay around a truthful library. available, judicious ravioli

    Ryan Dan HazerRyan Dan Hazer6 timer siden
  • I think Scott is guilty. Idk if anyone else recalls but his alibi of being on the fishing boat was very shaky. He started recording himself and he made it seem like it was one long recording but experts were able to prove that the video was choppy based on the sunset. His behavior was too bizarre.

    it was a tuesdayit was a tuesday6 timer siden
  • Side note but a grown man drinking a glass of milk 🤢

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  • You are down to earth, intelligent, and you respect your audience. It was only a matter of time before you hit so many subscribers. Love from Europe ❤️

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  • I am from Waco Texas and there was an event that happened here I believe it’s 25 years ago now called the Branch Davidian Compound, I was actually curious if you would maybe talk about it. A lot of people in Texas were not taught about this because it was a huge government screwup. Like I didn’t even know this happened until I was out high school for three years. And there’s so much imagery and everything of it but I was wondering if maybe you could look into it and maybe do a video about it.

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  • So she was told she couldn't go for walks anymore, but her plan that day was to go walking, and scott was going golfing but never once thought of the weather conditions until he was leaving.. Dude is guilty AF.. I have watched a ton of videos/read about this one and i learn something new that leads to him being more guilty nearly every time.. The robbery across the street (supposedly at time when media was swarming neighborhood) is weird thats for sure but it doesn't undo all of the evidence against scott.. I feel so bad for Laci.. she was probably so excited to be a mom and this selfish fck just took it all away..

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  • The trial was moved out of his county because of the publicity... to a county in which they heard of but not necessarily keeping up with it like it was in modesto. Too many lies, saying his wife was dead when she wasn't even missing yet.. the hair , and the cement blocks matched to the ones in his storage were all made with the same batch.. the water had ruined any evidence on the bodies. He is getting another trial but I doubt if he will get off...

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  • Sorry not sorry but Laci's family sound like a bunch of idiots for not suspecting Scott at all at first / the whole time. Did they really not notice how odd he was acting and how off / non sensical his story was , especially how he acted on camera like "oh , she probably wasn't kidnapped so you should just accept that" ....It's just...wow. Not one of them was suspicious of him?

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  • The documentary on Hulu goes into Laci's timeline and casts doubt on his guilt.

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  • The jury in that trial said the forensic photos are something no one should have in their heads. It was brutal.

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  • For some reason I always felt that he didn’t do it. He didn’t get a fair trial- jurors were compromised (2) exactly.

    Bryce HarperBryce Harper9 timer siden
  • I went to H.S. with Laci and my cousin was one of the lead detectives on the case. When Scott was sentenced to death I figured it up and I'd be 55 NOT INCLUDING any appeals before he'd be up for execution. WHYYYYYY is his life more valued and respected than Laci and Conner's?! I'll never ever understand.

    Tara ClarkTara Clark9 timer siden
    • Also, Laci was from Modesto. We went to Downey together. So moving to Modesto was a return to her home town..

      Tara ClarkTara Clark9 timer siden
    • Let me add that I'm almost 45 so he still has at least 10 years left of living off of tax payers.

      Tara ClarkTara Clark9 timer siden
  • Bailey could you do the case of “colleen ritzer”

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  • So many inconsistencies..he didnt want his own unborn child but willing to charge someone elses kid?! Seriously! Did he do it for her 2 mill inheritance? uhhh of course he did. He had to finance his cheating lifestyle. R.I.P Mama and Baby Connor.

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