Burnley vs. Man United analysis: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has surprised us all - Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

12. jan.. 2021
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Paul Pogba and Manchester United's 1-0 victory vs. Burnley sees the Red Devils take a three-point lead ahead of Liverpool atop the Premier League table. ESPN FC's Craig Burley, Steve Nicol and Shaka Hislop credit Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's men for their current form, especially away from home. The guys examine Man United's title credentials and break down how they got the job done against a stubborn Burnley side.
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  • In you face united is back

    Ali HadiAli Hadi15 timer siden
  • Ofc Craig Burley is still salty 😂😂

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni2 dager siden
  • When he said taking advantage of the drop off what u want us to do score own goals till they hit form stop moaning

    seeni gztyseeni gzty4 dager siden
  • my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon5 dager siden
  • Im a united fan, but he is wright. United has not been incredable, but we have improved so im happy for now.

    MiladMilad5 dager siden
  • Hatred of Manchester United is obvious and unapologetic

    Ali SalimAli Salim6 dager siden
    • They are such a mood

      seeni gztyseeni gzty4 dager siden
  • Real shame . ESPN have the worst pundits in the entire world

    Ali SalimAli Salim6 dager siden
    • Ohhhh dear.... Craig burley you desperate little man

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnon5 dager siden
  • All the crocodile tears 😭 from Craig Burley.

    kolim jonekolim jone6 dager siden
    • Ofc Craig Burley is still salty 😂😂

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni2 dager siden
  • The worst place to see post/pre match conversations

    Sambit HalderSambit Halder6 dager siden
  • Hypocrisy channel

    Joseph CrewJoseph Crew7 dager siden
  • That shot from pogba was on target...guarantee it was going in near post regardless deflection...stop hating on us.

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui7 dager siden
    • They should change this show to "just for laugh"....

      kolim jonekolim jone6 dager siden
  • Trash ESPN garbage

    Winston HornWinston Horn7 dager siden
  • Craig is a Donald Trump.. A pathetic loozer

    Mbongeni SibandaMbongeni Sibanda7 dager siden
  • Like him or hate him, you gotta admit it. He is right! Liverpool and Man City have been under performing this season compared to previous season. Man Utd has not been exceptional. Fact is that if they achieved this season what they did last season, they still would not have won the title. Credit due, they have performed better this season than the rest. But does that make them that good? Answer is serious NO. They still need to do a lot more additions. And Ole still is a question mark. That huge question mark is made stronger when you get kicked out of the UCL when you had every opportunity to move on to the next round. Winning 1 season FYI is by no means any accomplishment. Especially when you opponents do poorly. I mean Arteta is in danger of getting kicked and he just won the FA cup. But lets see what happens at the end of the season first. Ole might surprise us, and im not saying that is a bad thing. But you gotta achieve it first.

    Ben LBen L7 dager siden
    • are good though mate, Burley still salty from being subbed at HT in the FA cup final.

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui7 dager siden
  • Never a Red Card!!!!! Why don't the 3 of you just have a discussion on how much you all hate Manchester United instead? Thoroughbred haters!!!! Big up to Stevie for telling these fools off.

    Tyrone PrinsTyrone Prins8 dager siden
  • When ever i listen to this man i feel like he has taken some kind of personal loan from Man City to support his financial conditions..

    Harsh MudaliarHarsh Mudaliar8 dager siden
  • Stevie is right why u guys hate Manchester untied so much y

    prince khalifaprince khalifa8 dager siden
  • Everyone bar Steve is SARRRRRFFFFFTT

    Space MechanicSpace Mechanic8 dager siden
  • we'll see on sunday.

    R.AthleteR.Athlete8 dager siden
  • This is complete nonsense ... the other teams who won the league precious years did so with the other teams also winning all their matches ?

    EbenodoomEbenodoom8 dager siden
  • How are these guys even pundits for f*ck sake?

    Paulo WangomaPaulo Wangoma8 dager siden
  • Ohhhh dear.... Craig burley you desperate little man

    Aa GrilleAa Grille8 dager siden
  • Craig seems to insist that Crabs can walk straight and no sideways..

    TheYuszman06TheYuszman068 dager siden
  • Stevie is right because that couldn't be a red card he clearly got the ball first it's the follow through got the man so the yellow card was a right move by the referee.

    Jevaine JohnsonJevaine Johnson8 dager siden
  • Bitter burnley 😑

    kenyatto laynekenyatto layne8 dager siden
  • They should change this show to "just for laugh"....

    andryzal nazirandryzal nazir8 dager siden
  • Shaka Hislop, was he a good player then? He talks like he knows the game....

    andryzal nazirandryzal nazir8 dager siden
  • I hope we beat Liverpool, wonder what Craig burley will say then? Muppet

    Paul SidhuPaul Sidhu8 dager siden
  • And VAR is also a joke. What if Cavanis leg had been broken? Football is becoming a joke aswell. Oh, and NO mention of Maguires ridiculous disallowed goal? Stevie Nicol, you are good though mate, Burley still salty from being subbed at HT in the FA cup final.

    Lorraine GrayLorraine Gray8 dager siden
  • Of course they think Shaw should have got a red 🙄🙄🙄

    Ben PalmerBen Palmer8 dager siden
  • Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa. Ha ha ha ha. You hope, otherwise your gonna look like the anti United propaganda that u actually are. So, any team that doesn’t win the league with 99/100 pts has to have a question mark next to them? KICK ROCKS ESPN ha ha.

    Lorraine GrayLorraine Gray8 dager siden
  • Not united’s fault the others have dropped off

    Ben PalmerBen Palmer8 dager siden
  • Steve Nicol defending a Manchester United player. 😱😱😱 What's this world coming to.???.

    Sinyama Dudu MundiaSinyama Dudu Mundia8 dager siden
  • just look at the host pissing himself laughing from 10.17 onwards, he clearly gets a kick out of goading these 3 where utd are concerned :)

    jason cartlidgejason cartlidge8 dager siden
  • Can these guys be any more biased against Manchester United?!

    Sari MiraSari Mira8 dager siden
  • Who is this guy?! Fergie's evil twin!?

    Saqib AliSaqib Ali8 dager siden
  • They apparently doesn’t remember the tackle VVD made on Mertens in the UCL that were 1000X worse than Luke’s tackle

    Mmm HmmMmm Hmm8 dager siden
  • Pogba plays well when united are playing with black and white jersey😋

    momin juniormomin junior8 dager siden
  • A lot of deluded Man u fans in the comment section...I really hope Liverpool smash y'all cheats

    Ahmed The terroristAhmed The terrorist8 dager siden
  • Cry(aig) Plz just stop talking

    Δelta Is goneΔelta Is gone8 dager siden
  • It's really so hard for these muppets to credit United and Ole with anything. Haha. Keep on hating and discrediting while we enjoy your tears. :P

    Shaheen JohnsonShaheen Johnson8 dager siden
  • That keeper haven't got a clue. How tf is Stece Nichol the only sane one??! He hasn't seen the tackle when he brings up knees. Nichols is actually right here. Shaw didnt "Catch" the ball. He WON a 50/50 with the momentum not through the player but by the side, and by not stifflegging after the challenge catches the opponent. That is about as good as you can get it in that position. His leg wasnt even straight.

    John AbrahamsenJohn Abrahamsen8 dager siden
  • Craig gotta lose this job 😂

    Jabulani SithebeJabulani Sithebe8 dager siden
  • Absolute tits

    andjetyandjety8 dager siden
  • Yeah put some respect on Ole's name!

    DRE2XL100DRE2XL1008 dager siden
  • Man city should not exist

    masroor mallickmasroor mallick8 dager siden
  • Good episode

    Yvvael NialboYvvael Nialbo8 dager siden
  • Im agree with steve that not red card

    Naim HakimiNaim Hakimi9 dager siden
  • Craig burley is salty

    Jden CallendarJden Callendar9 dager siden
  • This guy shouldn't be on TV with his silly delusions.

    Moe AliMoe Ali9 dager siden
  • EScousersPN!!! 🔴⚪⚫

    Red or DeadRed or Dead9 dager siden
  • Absolute Clowns at ESPN ;)

    Somil VarshneySomil Varshney9 dager siden
  • Man U aren’t good enough to be top of the table... oh wait they are good enough because Liverpool and City has dropped off... oh wait they aren’t good enough because they are only top of the table after 17 games... when will the football ‘experts’ find Man U good enough??? They have to win every game 5-0 for at least ten matches and even they beat city 5-0 it will be because city has dropped off. Give me a break!!!

    Krishna VirahsawmyKrishna Virahsawmy9 dager siden
  • This dude is drinking that haterade

    Mason HaggardMason Haggard9 dager siden
  • When he start with 'this is factual' you know bullshit is coming up 😂😂😂

    Nitish PeechenNitish Peechen9 dager siden
  • Burley = Bellend Hislop = Dumbass Nicol = Old Lady

    Nick NewmanNick Newman9 dager siden
  • Craig, after so many years in the premier league, you still don't know that the best teams don't win the league, the most consistent team does. No wonder you never win before. I think the standard of ESPN has deteriorate so drastically that these people has to act like clowns to attract some attention. Nah, United fans should all ban ESPN and stop watching any of it.

    Dillion S SoonDillion S Soon9 dager siden
  • ESPN has been Liverpool FC for a long long time but its still Man United with the headlines hahahahahahahahah

    KrsJKrsJ9 dager siden
  • stupid people dont have any clue about laws of the game!!! get yourself some football education!!!! stupid!!!!!

    God's own blastersGod's own blasters9 dager siden
  • (1) "The drop-off is inevitable" - Newcastle dropped off..In 1996..12 points ahead..We won the double. Who cares? Who cares about the last THREE years..Living in the past yeh? Is that gonna deter the present, Marty McFly? If my auntie had bollox she'd be my uncle. (2) You are top my merit, you beat whats in front of you, you deserve to be where you are. Christ. Such a witch-hunt since Fergie retired. Credit where it's due. The word "Depleted" is overused. Managers build squads. They are the people who choose the teams they see fit to win. Klopp made a big mistake in not strengthening their backline. He made 1 signing in Thiago. (3) Shaw got a yellow, cause Brady halved Cavani. Done. Nicol is spot on too. If you get the ball, its not a foul. (4) Maguires goal ; Alan Shearer, one of Englands greatest centre forwards, found it laughable to be disallowed. "I'd have had half my goals taken away from me if thats the case."

    Brian KevilleBrian Keville9 dager siden
  • Go ahead underestimate man United they will prove all doubters wrong

    Menoboy menoMenoboy meno9 dager siden
  • But utd had a poor start to the season like city because we both had no pre-season its Liverpool who drop off massively because klopp lost without Van dijk

    Jason sawJason saw9 dager siden
  • Literally there was nothing else Luke Shaw could have done to prevent the Burnley player from falling after the tackle. He slid, got the ball away and the follow through ended up taking the player down. A controlled tackle in which a player hits the ball away and the momentum from his tackle causes the opposing player to fall is a yellow at best. Whereas a tackle that completely or largely ignores contact with the ball and ends up taking down an opposing player is way more grounds for a red. Luke cleared the ball first and as a result of his momentum the Burnley player fell - a yellow at worst, and the correct call by the ref.

    Ron JonesRon Jones9 dager siden
  • Cry more

    Sacred ManSacred Man9 dager siden
  • Apparently slagging off united, even when they’re top of the league, generates clicks

    Craig HughesCraig Hughes9 dager siden
  • Liverpool and Man city are weak team's now don't make them look good ...... They are losing all the time.... For whatever reason.... All 20 team's have reasons.

    Abel BerhanuAbel Berhanu9 dager siden
  • he must be fuming as if Leicester city were near the top in the last ten years before them winning that title. Some people are just afraid of loosing their jobs because they're being paid by Guardiola klopp and lampard

  • This will age well.. Just wait and see

    Dumiso SiwawaDumiso Siwawa9 dager siden
  • Burley has all the answers doesn’t he what club did he last managed

    David GreenwoodDavid Greenwood9 dager siden
  • I have a feeling that Pogba with good players around him he can give his best for our beloved man Utd... He won the header against Burnley and Bruno passed the ball wide to Rashford who assisted Pogba for the ball which was very good team work...

    Katana LugoKatana Lugo9 dager siden
  • Craig meeen give credit when its needed buddy

  • Thanks ESPN for the unbiased opinions. Liverpool pundits whose team hasn't won the league since the days mullets and perms were high fashion

    Gary JohnsonGary Johnson9 dager siden
  • These guys are a load of shaving cream... That's why i don't listen to this channel. Too much hypocrites.

    Shemar GayleShemar Gayle9 dager siden
  • Craig is just like another version of Ty from AFTV with his delusion. Can't take their words seriously

    Styan Agung WStyan Agung W9 dager siden
  • Shaka Hislop IS SO DUMB AND BIAS THIS MAN DOES NOT KNOW FOOTBALL. Shame to say he actually played for Trinidad and Tobago.

    Jason NisrocJason Nisroc9 dager siden
    • He is only there for the pay check.

      BK007BK0079 dager siden
  • Use are just sick that Manu are on top an city an the pool are not so shop with all that

    Garreth CrosbieGarreth Crosbie9 dager siden
  • I really get the feeling the anchor and the producers of the show love to rattle Burley. You can see it from the anchors smile whenever he asks Burley about Ole and United. Its all in the TRP. Ha ha

    kartik kanthetikartik kantheti9 dager siden
  • The only comparison I think of with this is if ESPN were right winged politicians

    Jack GrimesJack Grimes9 dager siden
  • At least Ole just gets on with it, no moaning just gets the job done.... The behaviour of Klopp lately has been pathetic. But united are there and will be there come the end, I think united fans are just happy they're in a title chase entering the new year

    Nick DeakinNick Deakin9 dager siden
  • I actually only look to see what BS they come up with. Not too sure why they have an agenda against United but my god is it clear and obvious. Top of the table and still criticism. These are not pundits

    Ronan ByrneRonan Byrne9 dager siden
  • Bullcrap. Man utd haters

    kofa sheikhkofa sheikh9 dager siden
  • this is stupid. last season Utd was not taking advantage of drop-offs from City, Leicester, and Chelsea especially. Chelsea draws and Utd would draw... Utd has lost more games than Liverpool, yet are still on top. it's no f'kn fluke. United is a better team now and grinding out results compared to last season

    PhantomJediPhantomJedi9 dager siden
  • Craig Burley highlighting something as "factual"....Funny :)

    PEGA Tips and TricksPEGA Tips and Tricks9 dager siden
  • How is this clown even there

    swatswat9 dager siden
  • This guy is pure man u hater 🤣

    Kok Chun NgKok Chun Ng9 dager siden
  • So tendencious

    Ahsan IchsanAhsan Ichsan9 dager siden
  • This fucking show is a disgrace, they’re making excuses for everyone except us as if we weren’t playing with a front 4 of pereira James mata martial for 3 months last season and nothing was mentioned, and about the 2-0 man city saying city brushed us aside when it was a tight game for 80 minutes and they scored from a maguire mistake and a longshot.

    Taher AboulnagaTaher Aboulnaga9 dager siden
  • Shaka and Craigs face when he disagreed. Right on you Stevie you got it right. what is he supposed to do. Craig and Shaka would rather speak about this and moan and cry and be salty then discuss United.

    Badr DavidsBadr Davids9 dager siden
  • I forgot it's United's fault that the Liverpool front 3 ain't performing :/.

    KxngApllo NIBKxngApllo NIB9 dager siden
  • These guys are paid to talk nonsense. Please forgive them.

    Brandon Khun Min AungBrandon Khun Min Aung9 dager siden
  • This Craig Burley man is a waste man. Last season was the worst season and liverpool won the title and becahse everyone was picking up injuries. Now that @ManUtd or on top "they'd taking advantage of the drop off". Ffs shut up.

    Graham Evangelist jnrGraham Evangelist jnr9 dager siden
  • I honestly hate craig burley right now.

    Graham Evangelist jnrGraham Evangelist jnr9 dager siden
  • Scored with deflection with no deflection who cares, it's a win 3 points that's all that matters...

    Decio da SilvaDecio da Silva9 dager siden
  • So if Cavani leg was broken who would've gotten a red?

    robsta5000robsta50009 dager siden
  • These clowns find every reason why United ended up top of the league😂. Loving this

    robsta5000robsta50009 dager siden
  • Craig you haven't got a clue about football.

    av avav av9 dager siden
  • liverpool suffered wirh injuries????? that shaka said

    Rico SetiawanRico Setiawan9 dager siden
  • As a united fan, to me the tears of these guys are like rain in a desert. So satisfying, well worth the wait😂. ‘The dropoff’ 🤣🤣

    Arvind MoirangthemArvind Moirangthem9 dager siden
  • Dan Thomas you Legend😂❤😂❤😂❤😂❤😂😂

    gossingossin9 dager siden
  • Such misinformed punditry. If a Burnley player scored Maguires goal, it would have been allowed because of the acceptance that they play bully football. These guys knowledge about football is basic

    Rob WilliamsRob Williams9 dager siden