Building the most Minimalistic PC ever! - Motif Monument

1. mai. 2020
743 020 Ganger

Building a tiny, minimalistic PC with the Yeul Beast Motif Monument case!
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Monument Case:
Ryzen 3700X:
Asus Crosshair VIII Impact:
Corsair Vengeance 8GBx2 (3600Mhz):
beQuiet Dark Rock TF Cooler:
beQuiet SFX L Power 600W:

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    TechSourceTechSource7 måneder siden
    • edgar probably thinks cable management is better than sex

      Gussy WussyGussy Wussy4 måneder siden
    • Does it not do the pc case in UK?

      Levi TaylorLevi Taylor4 måneder siden
    • Why didn't you monetize the video?

      Archit BhagatArchit Bhagat5 måneder siden
    • Iis it vr ready?

      DaBandit_DoesStuff YTDaBandit_DoesStuff YT6 måneder siden
    • why camera so shaky.. ??!

      mdzamir86mdzamir866 måneder siden
  • What did u swapped the gpu with i wanna kno for my build

    Only 1 JxmmyOnly 1 Jxmmy9 timer siden
  • U can just bring the pc anywhere if u want to

    Kyle yuan RojoKyle yuan Rojo15 timer siden
  • Question would this be viable for streaming lol? I kind of want to build this since it’s compact and parts aren’t half bad.

    SorSor23 timer siden
  • Ima make this, it’s very convenient, it’ll make me go out more. In a couple years tho

    AsianSensationAsianSensationDag siden
  • Looks like the new Xbox series x if you just put a cover over it

    ben myburghben myburgh3 dager siden
  • 14:30 grampa shoes haha

    SlimeCantPvPSlimeCantPvP4 dager siden
  • Can we get another budget build ed? plz.! love ur vid btw

    chizobam ejingirichizobam ejingiri5 dager siden
  • i think it looks terrible tbh

    bluzbluz7 dager siden
  • Hey I'm using pentium dual core pc you telling ryzen 7 is for casual use

    Sanjay RamaswamySanjay Ramaswamy7 dager siden
  • He has built 110 pcs!!

    BlaZe TalhaBlaZe Talha11 dager siden
  • Nobody: Ed: I'm a professional. Also Ed: Hallelujah, spank me, call me sally

    aussie_gameraussie_gamer17 dager siden
  • I already built the most minimalistic pc NO PC

    Aditya KanodiaAditya Kanodia19 dager siden
  • Idk why but I am very tempted to put it into an Xbox case.

    Russo _ShortyRusso _Shorty20 dager siden

    Video tubeVideo tube27 dager siden
  • Velcro > Tape for SSDs

    Mark BernhardtMark Bernhardt28 dager siden
  • Yes Ed you very much do love spreading your paste.

    Funny AkaFunny AkaMåned siden
  • He did understand That I started laughing

    47-Pushkar Vichare47-Pushkar VichareMåned siden
  • Fix that cable sag!

    Jared SteeleJared SteeleMåned siden
  • 17:43 Cant you just remove the sticker?

    laysnetoplaysnetopMåned siden
  • Was there no SSD or HDD on it?

    WormPasteWormPasteMåned siden
  • Look like engine

  • Xtia Xproto is sexy too.

    Abel LauAbel LauMåned siden
  • congratulations you are the first you-tuber to read a manual

    FlynnFlynnMåned siden
  • Whats a good substitute for the Dark Rock TF Cooler ? Because I don't want my build to be that bulky as I am planning to fit all this in a briefcase.

    Sidd MoreSidd MoreMåned siden
  • I don’t know where i am, I don’t know why i am here, But this was on my recommended, Why not watch it anyway.

    FriarFriarMåned siden
  • when your cooler is the biggest fart of you build

    N.S.M YTN.S.M YTMåned siden
  • I love watching things i can't afford :)

    TRACERTRACERMåned siden
    • No

      Isaac GutierrezIsaac Gutierrez11 dager siden
  • why didn't he plug in the monitor to see it work at all

    ZbiljoZSZbiljoZSMåned siden
    • 19:12

      Isaac GutierrezIsaac GutierrezMåned siden
  • T

  • Gib

    I BelieveI BelieveMåned siden
  • Lmao ur joking right? 200 for this small piece of shit scrap metal

    MaverickMaverickMåned siden
  • more of a "chassis" at this point.

    zalzing Lopezzalzing Lopez2 måneder siden
  • This shit looks so dope

    Piyush KumarPiyush Kumar2 måneder siden
  • Where can i find this case

    Rembrandt PeertzeRembrandt Peertze2 måneder siden
  • are u even sure that's a case lol :D :D

    Rohinnn_Rohinnn_2 måneder siden
  • it is a cool case, but I don't see why a bent piece of aluminum is 235 dollars.

    Charles EdwardsCharles Edwards2 måneder siden
  • I've never build a cpu before and want to build this unit with red and black cables. is there any way you could send me a brake down of every thing I would need to do this. I see the parts list but want to make sure im not missing anything when i start

    Robert FullerRobert Fuller2 måneder siden
  • Pc build going dark theme from codm 🤣🤣

    AaronAaron2 måneder siden
  • my guy just built a console

    Arijeet BhattacharyaArijeet Bhattacharya2 måneder siden
  • Dude, is this company for real? They are charging this 'case' for 250,- ?!?!?!?!? ARE THEY MENTAL?

    D SalvatoreD Salvatore2 måneder siden
  • is this a reupload?

    Boem StijnBoem Stijn2 måneder siden
  • Cool video,man Keep up the good work

    ANIME MANIME M2 måneder siden
  • lol the new xbox love it

    jack sparrowjack sparrow2 måneder siden
  • Can you list the cable lengths exactly would be helpful?

    The Laughing ManThe Laughing Man2 måneder siden
  • what cables are those???????????

    The Laughing ManThe Laughing Man2 måneder siden
  • I can literally carry that BeNt pIeCE oF MeTaL in a Plastic bag

    Create with cybersamCreate with cybersam2 måneder siden
  • Hey do y’all think I should start spellings PCs?

    FikkythebossFikkytheboss2 måneder siden
  • Linus would be proud of the colour theme

    Not-UnKnown3Not-UnKnown32 måneder siden
  • Ed: the most minimalist pc ever Also Ed: *uses biggest cpu cooler ever*

    TameTame2 måneder siden
  • me thing where is the ssd and hhd

    GODxZILLAGODxZILLA2 måneder siden
  • What is the product called at 3:38 ?

    xillusivexillusive2 måneder siden
    • (Not the screwdriver btw)

      xillusivexillusive2 måneder siden
  • Dude, all that dust...

    Javier PerezJavier Perez2 måneder siden
  • That small screwdriver is 100% better than s “swiss army knife that hopefully has a philipps head screwdriver” at building PCs

    PhonsoPhonso2 måneder siden
  • it looks like a trophy

    Ken SolisKen Solis2 måneder siden
  • why not the amd cooler?

    b0omb0om2 måneder siden
  • why not using AIO's instead of this heavy cooler, This cooler will be looked very cools in full ATX Build.

    Showrov HossainShowrov Hossain2 måneder siden
  • An all open case I feel like would have very good cooling

    PrestonAndPerchPrestonAndPerch3 måneder siden
  • Filmed by a guinea pig or are my eyes unstable

    Siomai EthanSiomai Ethan3 måneder siden
  • I thought this was a Linus tech tips video bc of the thumbnail. Fr tho close ur mouth

    Baden WagonerBaden Wagoner3 måneder siden
  • can i have that

    Ayden KirklandAyden Kirkland3 måneder siden
  • Ed: This case is $250 Me: for a piece of metal.. srsly??

    I.apologistI.apologist3 måneder siden
    • I’m pretty sure that i can make that case

      Renzo RobersonRenzo RobersonMåned siden
  • Hey, I have been watching a lot of your videos lately, and you inspired me to make my gaming set up. It would be great if you could help me build a budget PC under $650....please reply

  • I love it

    anuJ monDALanuJ monDAL3 måneder siden
    • My dream setup

      anuJ monDALanuJ monDAL3 måneder siden
  • First time he needed a manual

    XD InnocentXD Innocent3 måneder siden
  • it's always fun to build pc

    YanderuYanderu3 måneder siden
  • Soy yo o le puso pasta térmica en exceso? Jajaja

    José SalgadoJosé Salgado3 måneder siden
  • Can anyone tell me how much this would cost

    AIP_VortexzAIP_Vortexz3 måneder siden
  • TechSource: nobody cares about parts! Me who never had a pc but can't buy because of financial issues: you can't feel me 🙃

    ayash rahmanayash rahman3 måneder siden
  • Yo sup Ed nice build

    yogitreeyogitree3 måneder siden
  • Make a cable management minimalistic level and I'll wait

    Chewy MizuharaChewy Mizuhara3 måneder siden
  • Any one got a blueprint similar to this case for matx/mitx?

    Wilfredo VillafuerteWilfredo Villafuerte3 måneder siden
  • This should be considered a frame not a case. A case surrounds the pc components in an enclosed environment, a frame holds together the parts.

    NestorVassNestorVass3 måneder siden
  • How much did all of this cost?

    Stranger !Stranger !3 måneder siden
  • This just screams ltt at me with the colours

    Donovan RauhalaDonovan Rauhala3 måneder siden
  • I really like these open cases, but I suck at cable management and have no interest in improving.

    sipinthatbubsipinthatbub3 måneder siden
  • Dust will do it's job in no time 😀😀

    Suvo BairagiSuvo Bairagi3 måneder siden
  • 1:38 was just a straight mood

    Riley HalversonRiley Halverson3 måneder siden
  • *giant gap behind the mainboard specifically so you can route cables behind it and out the hole in the center* *ignores it and uses velcro straps*

    Orson ChristianOrson Christian3 måneder siden
  • 250 for a piece of metal yo I've seen some crazy ass cases for less

    KarmazyKarmazy3 måneder siden
  • I would do some orange carbon fibre for the power supply.

    Michael LeppanMichael Leppan3 måneder siden
  • Love to see him excited to be building a gaming pc at 39

    OmNi JOmNi J3 måneder siden
  • For half the price of the case I'd legitimately buy this case

    Julius SchulteJulius Schulte3 måneder siden
  • i cant belive that case is that expensive, its not even a case I still want it

    LiamrupsLiamrups3 måneder siden
  • f f

    davelsdavels3 måneder siden
  • that's cute though ❤❤❤

    Tweaks PHTweaks PH3 måneder siden
  • He called my ram low profile... I bought mine 2days ago for 75euro lol

    Noah BakerNoah Baker3 måneder siden
  • What's the music starting at 14:42?

    Teemu HeinonenTeemu Heinonen3 måneder siden
  • Can you do some fps testings. Games

    Nimesha MadhushanNimesha Madhushan3 måneder siden
  • "BRACKET FELLS OFF" Ed: im a professional

    Whinnie the PooWhinnie the Poo3 måneder siden
  • Best start to a TechSource video I've seen yet 🤣

    Aaron RuizAaron Ruiz3 måneder siden
  • how much does this cost?

    ExecozExecoz3 måneder siden
  • Can i have a pc on you sir for free? i know then answer is NO but i want to notice me:(

    Game_MasterGame_Master3 måneder siden
    • Ok

      Isaac GutierrezIsaac Gutierrez22 dager siden
    • because i cant afford it

      Game_MasterGame_Master3 måneder siden
  • You are the god of tech soon you will reach 10m fast

    Abdullah abidAbdullah abid3 måneder siden
  • Edgar jan

    Branden's Outdoor ChannelBranden's Outdoor Channel3 måneder siden
  • He is like a 5 year old getting new Lego😂 I love it

    MqnsterMqnster3 måneder siden
  • 9:32 Is that... the thermal paste applicatior from the verge!!!

    gaming lodgegaming lodge3 måneder siden
  • The prism/ wrath cooler that comes with amd chip is one of the best and doesnt cost you a dollar, and is 10x smaller and more effective than that hideous air cooler like wtf. Lol !

    Japanese InspiredJapanese Inspired3 måneder siden
  • But did you hide the cables?

    Screen PatchScreen Patch3 måneder siden
  • I thought minimalistic meant something totally use your motherboard box as a case minimal. #MinimalisticFail

    Jay HernandezJay Hernandez3 måneder siden