Building the Airbus A350 RC airliner, full build and first flight

26. mars. 2021
7 611 116 Ganger

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Model specifications:
Airbus A350-900 XWB
Scale: 1/19
Wingspan: 3.5 meters
Total weight: 21kg
EDFs: Schubeler HDS 120mm, 12s power
ESCs: Castle Phoenix Edge HV 160A
Flight controller and radio system: Jeti central box 400 and Jeti DS-24 transmitter
The plane is made completely out of carbon fiber, fiberglass and 3mm plywood inside the wings structure.
Equipped with Jeti systems, Cortex pro gyro, and Unilight for lighting.
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2-Joakim Karud:
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  • This is just a throwback video of the A350, still working on my current projects and I'll upload more videos very soon.

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