Building My Son His First Car / P Plater Build EP1 - THE SKID FACTORY

30. mars. 2021
195 293 Ganger

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Alan's decides it's time to build his eldest son his first car. The former family wagon is treated to a 6 speed Manual transmission and some well needed TLC.
Headers / Extractors: EZ30 Or EZ36
Stainless cat back Exhaust :
Black wagon for sale as a "core" Requires rebuilding :

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Please note: We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy.

  • Headers / Extractors: EZ30 Or EZ36 Stainless cat back Exhaust : Black wagon for sale as a "core" Requires rebuilding :

    The Skid FactoryThe Skid Factory17 dager siden
    • Hey Al, you gonna get the kid on the tools?

      KimmoKimmo16 dager siden
    • If they abused the donor car's exterior and interior so badly I question their maintenance habits with it.

      W ScottW Scott17 dager siden
    • @Sam Moore .. lol i clicked it out of curiosity .. aah a blast from the past

      888johnmac888johnmac17 dager siden
    • Why did I think that core link was legit 😹🤦🏼‍♂️

      Sam MooreSam Moore17 dager siden
    • Good price for the remainder of the black wagon

      K WK W17 dager siden
  • Goes like a......well performing car.

    Barsa FBarsa F5 dager siden
  • “Is Rich selling EBay parts”? 😂you’ll get top dollar for those non patina parts in Kanada.

    M.A.G LtdM.A.G Ltd7 dager siden
  • thought what car am i going to get my oldest when he was born .......he wants a bike

    Black HelvenBlack Helven7 dager siden
  • baby yoda

    Stipe Mirko Miocic Filipovic CROATIAN GOATSStipe Mirko Miocic Filipovic CROATIAN GOATS7 dager siden
  • I got rick rolled in 2021.

    NEZAHUALNEZAHUAL8 dager siden
  • Nissans are better

    Mitsubishi 3a92powerMitsubishi 3a92power8 dager siden
  • do those 6spd manuals bolt up to EJ20?

    Jeremy BanhamJeremy Banham9 dager siden
  • Not all coilovers are made in Taiwan though. Those are all made by the same manufacturer but there are good coilovers like KW and shocks from Bilstein and Koni.

    Tech AssistantTech Assistant9 dager siden
  • Yea at this point 16 years later we are going to have or almost going to have self driving electric cars by that time but I'm still holding on to my 01 Impreza sedan a wagon would be better hauling plywood and what not with the proper tiedowns

    Gregory KrisaGregory Krisa9 dager siden
  • I'm hoping i can give my son my 4x4 and then I can buy a kingswood finally.

    Hynessiiee52Hynessiiee529 dager siden
  • Hail the mighty turbo yoda

    soulzdragonsoulzdragon9 dager siden
  • Really makes me glad to hear you call Marty a friend--just something great as an audience member to genuinely think about your similar interests and content resulting in a positive relationship. Also very happy that build has grown your viewership, as well. Always impressed by the work you do, and your cameo in a Project Binky episode a while back was a nice plus, too.

    aquila121aquila1219 dager siden
  • Is it just me, or does anyone else genuinely love listening to Turbo Yoda talk about Subarus? There is so much knowledge inside this mans head, whenever he is talking, I cant stop listening!!

    Blake KhanBlake Khan9 dager siden
  • Liberty wagons are the best thing beside SG Fozzies

    Brad DBrad D10 dager siden
  • Damn what a lucky lad to have his dad build him a car!

    Brett HaynesBrett Haynes10 dager siden
  • Twin Turbo Yoda 👌

    DarkArtzDarkArtz10 dager siden
  • it´s a joy watching you whizz... no major rust, everything unbolts fairly easily...

    hribc78hribc7810 dager siden
  • Hey guys. I have a 2000 Outback with the 5sp manual and the 4wd lever. There doesn't seem to be any synchro left when trying to go from 2nd to 1st ( basically have to come to complete stop to get it into 1st). Is this 1 of the normal issues with the 5 speeds?

    Marcus WhillockMarcus Whillock10 dager siden
  • Whats the k series for?

    rob raynerob rayne10 dager siden
  • Might have been easier and cheaper to swap the good panels and interior from the white car into the black car.

    mrnicktoyoumrnicktoyou10 dager siden
  • "every dads dream" not my dads lol

    kavaracingkavaracing10 dager siden
  • As a Canadian I gotta ask where’s all the freaking rust

    Zacery HammondZacery Hammond10 dager siden
  • I'm a VW and chevy guy at the base but being a tech I always loved working on subys. So simple, every thing is where it makes sense!

    Chartranos QcChartranos Qc10 dager siden
  • Al you're the man especially for the quick diatribe on coilovers and ride height! haha

    sam funksam funk10 dager siden
  • Got a lot of kays on it . Well a lot for a Subaru ...... And the fight started 🤣

    Paul whitePaul white10 dager siden
  • What's a "P plate?"

    ik04ik0410 dager siden
  • Good on ya makin him learn in a manual not only so he’s legally allowed to drive both but manual will keep him way more involved with what he’s doing

    Zacery HammondZacery Hammond10 dager siden
  • @5:32 amen Alan, preach brother! P. S. I'm available to be

    High FlyaHigh Flya10 dager siden
  • My father in law has a Compact Fairlane in the yard (~1963) that I want to build with the little bloke, but we are a few years off (he is 2 years old)

    Ash CAsh C11 dager siden
  • German brand coilovers are made in Germany. But most coilovers for jdm cars are made in Taiwan. Point being come to the dark side

    Vas SamoylovVas Samoylov11 dager siden
  • I just noticed the flag in the back. Respect

    Mark MMark M11 dager siden
  • For my kid it will be a vw golf 2 GTD mk1

    Dinarte MatosDinarte Matos11 dager siden
  • Love some Liberty wago content!

    Tyler WatkinsTyler Watkins11 dager siden
  • Subaru for life!

    420MadBloke420MadBloke11 dager siden
  • I love aussies commitment to subarus. They are great

    Shawn WarnickShawn Warnick11 dager siden
  • Wakaliwood ghetto rally

    Jaggerdfletcher 161Jaggerdfletcher 16111 dager siden
  • Can I buy the steering wheel shift paddles? I need some for a build I’m doing.

    issac smithissac smith11 dager siden
  • Those look like maxpeedingrods coilovers.. they have a history of snapping. Wouldn't advise for your son's car. I may be wrong tho.

    Rhysk94Rhysk9411 dager siden
  • Love the could've rant, cause lets be realistic here, you can throw coilovers into 4 main price categories and atleast in the unbranded eBay and generics base model branded one there's really nothing in it until you get into the high end stuff. But even then the whole one's good and the other is trash thing is ridiculous

    David LawlerDavid Lawler11 dager siden
  • Can u use tht 6 speed on a gf8

    Uriah PepeneUriah Pepene11 dager siden
  • A manual license? what is this stupidity? In SA its go your hardest at either.

    koalabearkoalabear11 dager siden
  • Bit at the end made me giggle!

    hynes84hynes8411 dager siden
  • Always said ill get my kids something manual and without ABS, if they can learn to brake without locking up and sliding without ABS, they will be a better driver with it :p

    dirbatuadirbatua11 dager siden
  • can i have some parts before the car is dumped? want the plastic finishers that are on the back seat that cover the hooks for the child seat

    Ryan HarripersadRyan Harripersad11 dager siden
  • Lol lol 😂 Great ending Nug Nug Nugget Garage Forever C&S 😉

    Chris O'BrienChris O'Brien12 dager siden
  • Alan, I like that you share your knowledge with us. You don't "talk too much."

    sean5cometsean5comet12 dager siden
  • Al is already anticipating a mattress in the back of that wagon I'm willing to bet hahaha rat bag

    Lucas ChurchillLucas Churchill12 dager siden
  • I wonder what insurance is like in AUS, you would not stand a chance of insuring that at 16/17 in the UK/ireland.

    krusher74krusher7412 dager siden
  • These aussie cars are so clean underneath man! I would dread to think what one of these wagons would like like underneath with that decent milage in the UK. So jealous!

    Kalv WynnKalv Wynn12 dager siden
  • Man, I always thought you should've a NOworld channel, but didn't found out until today. Super happy to sub! :)

    KaratasKaratas12 dager siden
  • I’m in a ez30r 2008 liberty spec b ( manual ) on green p plates now and it’s making 175kw at the wheels with full exhaust, intake, HD clutch and a really good tune 😜

    Andrew CrookshankAndrew Crookshank12 dager siden
  • Very nice work, Al. My dad hooked me up with a Mazda 323. Best from the States.

    Scott RuchScott Ruch12 dager siden
  • Bogan central.

    MetalAttackMetalAttack12 dager siden
  • Mate, get that clip of Marty's close-up going "in the bin" to use in your vids too. Would be a crack up of an inside joke. Plus, he should bring Super Gramps over for a visit.

    binhonzbinhonz13 dager siden
  • Now we're talking, the trusty Legacy.

    binhonzbinhonz13 dager siden
  • Allan was about to come on boost! Who knew? Great channel guys! Budget coil overs for the win! 👌✌️🤞

    Arron JonesArron Jones13 dager siden
  • 👍🏼🤘🏼😎

    The Michael VortexThe Michael Vortex13 dager siden
  • First video I’ve watched on your channel can’t wait for all the good content. Gonna go thru all your videos now lmao

    Dustin CoffeyDustin Coffey13 dager siden
  • What's the music at 10:35?

    speedy11131speedy1113113 dager siden
  • Respect for the mechanical stig

    john davisjohn davis13 dager siden
  • when ever people spell out the details of getting licenses in other parts of the world it just cracks me up and scares me to death at the joke of a process in the usa........ok your 16 you have done like 12 hours of driving... here you go anything you can afford.... I just got my motorcycle license last weekend..... (on a 26 hp 275 lb motorcycle) want a turbo busa ? sure .........

    ben jben j13 dager siden
  • Wholesome af! Wish my dad was interested in cars and this involved when I was your sons age. Congrats on being a great dad and I look forward to the rest of the build.

    Eli HolzbergerEli Holzberger13 dager siden
  • I couldn’t wait to watch this video when I saw the title. I built my first truck with my dad and he built his first car with my grandfather. There is something special about vehicles with that kind of story.

    Elwood FarmElwood Farm13 dager siden
  • Best p plater is an xr6 na manual

    A TA T13 dager siden
  • I didn't think you could have any mods as a P plater, I guess Turbo Yoda knows what he is doing so I won't argue.

    Allan KempAllan Kemp13 dager siden
  • Is that a turbo bolted to the exhaust of the forklift? Bloody awesome 👌

    J SladeJ Slade13 dager siden
  • Man, i have a 2005 version with 100kW engine and it's so nice. But Your son is gonna have the best version every! Cheers

    Bartek CzajkowskiBartek Czajkowski13 dager siden
  • Can we just acknowledge the wholesome content from these awesome human beings in Australia

    Doctor SpazzDoctor Spazz13 dager siden
  • Now if only someone could explain to me on why my H6 whines? I've asked multiple mechanics, replaced the usual parts that ppl have mentioned, no one seems to know.

    magyar77magyar7713 dager siden
  • He’s a lucky young bloke and you’re a ripper dad, well done Al.

    Benny TheWooBenny TheWoo13 dager siden
  • You need to cut some talking and do the working of your video's thank you

    NANI 16NANI 1613 dager siden
  • What a lucky son. I can't wait to have kids of my own. And also, did Al turbo hos forklift? Whoa

    Ashyl SP GosaiAshyl SP Gosai13 dager siden
  • Will this fit in my honda?

    vortex1018vortex101813 dager siden
  • show the pin and y it needed puled to split the box plezzzz !!!!!!

    David MccarronDavid Mccarron13 dager siden
  • Did anyone else come here expecting baby Yoda jokes?

    rebelrageracingteamrebelrageracingteam13 dager siden
  • Less talk, more

    Jam TheManJam TheMan14 dager siden
    • Says the dude watching youtube.

      The Skid FactoryThe Skid Factory13 dager siden
  • I love the Liberty wagon, i had one as an Uber car for a couple of years.

    kandlrexkandlrex14 dager siden
  • Camera man, please pan camera over to parts being talked about and pointed at. Cheers.

    No music PleaseNo music Please14 dager siden
  • Im from the uk, your flag is hilarious

    Oh no It IsntOh no It Isnt14 dager siden
  • Keen to see a skid factory mighty car mods collaboration

    James McLennanJames McLennan14 dager siden
  • GO DAD!!!!

    Alan CheskoAlan Chesko14 dager siden
  • 😂 That was next level Nugget Garage trolling at the end 😂

    wurly onewurly one14 dager siden
  • Tbh I've run cheap and expensive coilovers and the cheap ones really are shit 😂 they're good if you just want big lows, but make the car so bouncy compared to standard suspension or expensive coilovers. But at the end of the day, everyone has a budget and it's good you can get a cheap set if that's what you want.

    Sam BarrettSam Barrett14 dager siden
  • TWO ALAN'S! I am surprised the shop didn't implode!

    Simon ElenorSimon Elenor14 dager siden
  • You boys have some way to go to rival the humongous elongation of looping that the Nuggets get upto 🤣🤣 awesome tho 👍🏼👍🏼

    Ian CooperIan Cooper14 dager siden
  • The soggy deodorant wailly annoy because lyric conversantly present absent a observant competitor. loving, rural astronomy

    Geraldine GrayGeraldine Gray14 dager siden
  • Love the fact you are building something safe, sound & reliable for your Son... Would be awesome to see him on the job... I'm an Auto Leccy and been around cars for ever but getting my son to change a flatty on a 200 series was a mission when he was 15.. even after we loosened the wheel nuts for him :P... Keep up the good work

    Paul EdwardsPaul Edwards14 dager siden
  • Turbo Yoda looks so happy! Awesome!

    Abdelrahman ElSharifAbdelrahman ElSharif14 dager siden
  • Hearing ya Al, purchased 2009 2010 Foresters for my kids, just recently.

    jo300hnjo300hn14 dager siden
  • In the bin....

    WeldinMike27WeldinMike2714 dager siden
  • So no skids for the lad , boo

    Shane WilliamsShane Williams14 dager siden
  • What size is your shed Alan? I’m building mine soon and yours seems spot on.

    Jim LS the world YewwwJim LS the world Yewww14 dager siden
  • ripper vid keen for the next one

    Flickin' with OzFlickin' with Oz14 dager siden
  • 👌

    JoshJosh14 dager siden
  • "I know the stuff you get up to when you're that age." Al building his son a wagon because he knows damn well a teenager is gonna want space in the rear to get laid. Lol

    ShonaShona14 dager siden
  • Marty is actually Turbo Yoda's son.

    RR 10RR 1014 dager siden
  • think statistics say your like 70% likely to crash your first car or something, its a high percentage, iunno jus say, glad my first car was a shitbox cut'n'shut

    PhunkBustAPhunkBustA14 dager siden
  • best intro yet

    screamitinsteadscreamitinstead14 dager siden
  • I never knew Al was the previous owner of the gen 4 supergramps wtf

    Justin WheatleyJustin Wheatley14 dager siden