Building My Dream Setup - Part 1

17. juli. 2020
915 232 Ganger

Finally upgrading and building myself the setup I have always dreamed of!
▶FROST - White Gaming PC:
▶Keyboard Review:
▶27GN750 (Amazon):
38" 4K Ultrawide Monitor:
LG 27" 240Hz Gaming Monitor:
APEX Desk:
Keycool SP84 Mech keyboard:
Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse:
Wetfire Extended Mousepad:
Edifier Luna Eclipse e25HD Speakers:
Sennheiser HD800 S Headphones:
iFi Micro iDSD Dac/Amp:
Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone:
GoXLR Mini Mixer & Audio Interface:
Monitor Wall Mounts:
Bovina Floating Wall Shelf:
Nano Leaf Panels:
Aluminum Phone Stand:
38" 4K Ultrawide Monitor:
LG 27" 240Hz Gaming Monitor:
APEX Desk:
Keycool SP84 Mech keyboard:
Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse:
Wetfire Extended Mousepad:
Edifier Luna Eclipse e25HD Speakers:
Sennheiser HD800 S Headphones:
iFi Micro iDSD Dac/Amp:
Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone:
GoXLR Mini Mixer & Audio Interface:
Monitor Wall Mounts:
Nano Leaf Panels:
Aluminum Phone Stand:
38" 4K Ultrawide Monitor:
LG 27" 240Hz Gaming Monitor:
APEX Desk:
Keycool SP84 Mech keyboard:
Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse:
Wetfire Extended Mousepad:
Edifier Luna Eclipse e25HD Speakers:
Sennheiser HD800 S Headphones:
iFi Micro iDSD Dac/Amp:
Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone:
GoXLR Mini Mixer & Audio Interface:
Monitor Wall Mounts:
Nano Leaf Panels:
Aluminum Phone Stand:

  • Ok ok ok...every other comment is about the clock speed lol. Yes I meant to say 4.1Ghz not Mhz, pls don't spank meh 1:32

    TechSourceTechSource4 måneder siden
    • @Hamster Oh my gosh I never thought of that! lol.

      StoneydaPonyStoneydaPonyMåned siden
    • @StoneydaPony try to learn the mine craft enchantment table language then

      HamsterHamsterMåned siden
    • @Hamster can you translate that from minecraft enchantment table to english please(as in i cant understand it.)

      StoneydaPonyStoneydaPonyMåned siden
    • *When his cable management appears on the worst setup* His Fans: *Hold up chief something ain’t right here*

      Southwestern_LawSouthwestern_LawMåned siden
    • I started laughing when I saw a comment saying "smallest hammer seen a man use". Also what are you doing with your old monitor

      The SharksThe Sharks2 måneder siden
  • his starting setup better then mine

    soulcrushesoulcrushe5 timer siden
  • When I saw the cable management I was like master you have failed me

    Christian RollChristian Roll20 timer siden
  • What Key caps do you have

    YoungMoney ProdYoungMoney Prod22 timer siden
  • nice cable manage ment d''

    GAMER XGAMER XDag siden
  • Him. Saying his setup is terrible. Me: You have got to be kidding My Wallet: Don't get any ideas.

    CastorTheMasterCastorTheMaster3 dager siden
  • bruh how am i supposed to rosted that sick set up

    jignesh pateljignesh patel4 dager siden
  • I asked my mom if I could get a pc or just upgrade my setup but we dont got the money were saving up to but a house

    Noah FloresNoah Flores4 dager siden
  • 18:44 Bro?

    Matthew CalderonMatthew Calderon5 dager siden
  • 2:26 Ed when filming: what the heck is this doin here Ed when not filming: youwe mwy pwecious wittle bwaby

    Mohar Idris 22Mohar Idris 225 dager siden
  • Ur cable manegment is like my grandmother falling down the stairs (mines worse just as a joke)

    MxtysYTMxtysYT6 dager siden
  • Is this a good pc torage Type 2TB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Country/Region of Manufacture United States RAM Size 16 GB Operating System Windows 10 Brand Custom/Whitebox Graphics Processing Type 3GB GTX 1060 Nvidia Geforce Manufacturer Warranty 1 year Custom Bundle No Form Factor Mid Tower Type Desktop Most Suitable For Serious Gaming Processor Speed 3.9GHz Modified Item No Maximum RAM Capacity 16 GB Processor Intel Quad Core i7 3770 Features comes with remote for LED Lights Operating System Edition Professional Color Black Memory 16 GB Hard Drive Capacity 2TB Product Line gaming desktop MPN FREE WiFi Processor Type Intel i7 3770 3rd Gen. UPC Does not apply Item Number 283822610059 Item Ending Dec 21, 2020, 04:39 AM PST

    the spare wonthe spare won7 dager siden
  • At 8:56 the monitor is upside-down.

    Richard BothaRichard Botha8 dager siden
    • Just saw your answer in part 2.

      Richard BothaRichard Botha7 dager siden
  • That mouse has probably collected so much dust by now.

    NerTeeNerTee8 dager siden
  • Where did you get the goku pink animated wallpaper

    Parallel entonParallel enton8 dager siden
  • yooo man uses ares, not ok dude

    CimpoikarotyCimpoikaroty8 dager siden
  • what was the model no of your old monitor pls

    Lance CorreiaLance Correia9 dager siden
    • pls

      Lance CorreiaLance Correia9 dager siden
    • pls reply

      Lance CorreiaLance Correia9 dager siden
  • When he cut the mouse pad that hurt my soul

    Finn HydomakoFinn Hydomako9 dager siden
  • He is so nice to make others setup look so pretty but doesn't put that much effort into his as you can see with the cable management lol

    Saran SivananthanSaran Sivananthan10 dager siden
  • i could picture if that was somones setup , he would be doing the voice of star wars character going what the hell is going on with that cable management

    KnifedByAKangarooKnifedByAKangaroo10 dager siden
  • 9:06 does he realize that his monitor is upside down?

    CuffiCuffi11 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Mafia BornMafia Born11 dager siden
  • My dream pc. Anything that can run pubg steam in 60 fps lol😂😂

    what thewhat the12 dager siden
  • where do you buy the skins

    danielredgardanielredgar12 dager siden
  • Please don't ever put that camera back down there..

    DIBBG4MERDIBBG4MER13 dager siden
  • We have the same mic

    KonimohKonimoh14 dager siden
  • Can I have your old pc I don’t have one I’ve been playing on an old hp laptop

    DAVID GMNGDAVID GMNG14 dager siden
  • And he talks about cable management lol

    INQ PIECEINQ PIECE15 dager siden
  • what wallpaper did u use

    Anish Reddy NukalaAnish Reddy Nukala15 dager siden
  • This actually gave me a nice idea. As a person who watches a lot of NOworld/ Twitchwhile in a call with friends, the whole monitor layout you did seems great for me. Wide screen for media and small serious screen for gaming.. perfect.

    BanksForRealBanksForReal15 dager siden

    Adam MetwalyAdam Metwaly16 dager siden
  • The monitor was upside down

    Drumjo7 GamingDrumjo7 Gaming16 dager siden

    2027Joseph Berardi2027Joseph Berardi16 dager siden
  • wallpaper please

    rehan zaidirehan zaidi16 dager siden
  • Holy shit that cable manegment

    Addison ColonAddison Colon16 dager siden
  • Don’t tell me Ed is a Aries spammer in valorant 😔

    Marcus OrtizMarcus Ortiz17 dager siden
  • It’s interesting that this guy makes a living off of criticizing other people’s setups, yet his setup wouldn’t even win in a teen edition setup video.

    Y026Y02617 dager siden
  • i wander if he ever turned the top monitor around, since it was mounted upside down.

    VegasVegas18 dager siden
  • yo

    Stefan MooreStefan Moore19 dager siden
  • Time to feel poor again ☹️😝

    IcelightsIcelights19 dager siden
  • Setup wars intro: Hide yo Cables Me: mhmm ed are you hiding somewhere

    Iam_ yikesIam_ yikes19 dager siden
    • @NKB ikr

      Iam_ yikesIam_ yikes17 dager siden
    • ed been real quiet ever since this was posted......

      NKBNKB19 dager siden
  • Where do you buy that white sticker on the bottom of the screen

    ZefZef20 dager siden
  • did anyone else find it super satisfying that the monitor fit perfectly between the shelves

    Daniel PlummerDaniel Plummer20 dager siden
  • 3 days after he finished his dream set up, Nivida dropped the graphics card😂😂😂

    MCmine PlayzMCmine Playz20 dager siden
  • ed cherry mx blues😐

    Saber 708Saber 70821 dag siden
  • Picetek or glorius model o?

    XD urbiXD urbi22 dager siden

    Kendra SchaeferKendra Schaefer23 dager siden
  • Where did he get the computer back ground from?

    J NgJ Ng24 dager siden
  • @TechSource how did you make your wallpaper animated? (I'm asking you because you would obviously used a software that doesn't have a virus that I can trust)

    ElectroXElectroX24 dager siden
  • Fun fact : he will never use it

    Gameplay palaceGameplay palace24 dager siden
  • you wanna slide me that graphics card when you get the 3090

    Chris SousaChris Sousa25 dager siden
  • Wow! This look great! You should enter yourself into setup wars!! Lol

    Lewis WhottonLewis Whotton25 dager siden
  • Hey what is your monitor arms you are using? @TechSource

    Prem S.Prem S.25 dager siden
  • wallpaper download link pzlzzzzzzzzzzzzplzlpzlzlzlpzplzpl

    bloodblood26 dager siden
  • The white wrap on the screens doesnt look like perfection to me

    En3WeakEn3Weak27 dager siden
  • he said his set up is nutrosis mine a an office chair keyboard and a monitor plugged into a laptop threw hdmi😭😭

    DannyGarrettDannyGarrett29 dager siden
  • Him having a beast pc as his backup Me not even having a pc

    Gabe FountainGabe FountainMåned siden
  • You complain about other peoples cable management look at yours 😂😭

  • oh man, give me this

    ShyfteyShyfteyMåned siden
  • I like turtles 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

    Niceboy NoNiceboy NoMåned siden
  • 2 mics

    Jakob ZamoloJakob ZamoloMåned siden
  • that intro lmao XDD

    ツnixitsツnixitsMåned siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 if a spiderweb was the cable management you’d be Spider-Man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣☀️

    landen 2klanden 2kMåned siden
  • "clap those cheeks" Edgar 2020

    Faze ONFaze ONMåned siden
  • bro your first setup is fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Faze ONFaze ONMåned siden

    Vincenzo EpifanioVincenzo EpifanioMåned siden
  • I don't feel comfortable drilling holes in my table

    xorvusxorvusMåned siden
  • His old setup should be the winning contestar for the setup wars potato edition

    Rory MessnerRory MessnerMåned siden
    • No but seriously his old setup is better than mine

      Rory MessnerRory MessnerMåned siden
  • Do you stream often on twitch?

    Nerf ForLifeNerf ForLifeMåned siden
  • I want his set up I bin wanting a gaming setup for a long time and I have never gotten one

    Azul RAzul RMåned siden
  • He roasts us for terrible cable management when LOOK AT ED

    Div _271Div _271Måned siden
  • Ok ok forget about the setup you need to clean your room

    PopSickCoolPopSickCoolMåned siden
  • bruh the intro lmao

    L4_NEL4_NEMåned siden
  • I like how he has like multiple pc setups just chillin around the house😂

    LiqoLiqoMåned siden
  • bro i think the lg tv s upside down

    dalton halldalton hallMåned siden
  • His old setup is better than mine by 10000000000 percent

    PulzifyPulzifyMåned siden

    Christina GeorgeChristina GeorgeMåned siden
  • he said let the roasting begin, i havnt even put him in the oven yet

    QodrixQodrixMåned siden
  • ok I will give you 5 out of 10 for cable management.....

    rehan zaidirehan zaidiMåned siden
  • I don't know that you are left handy and I am too man . Good to see you in 31% of people who are lefty welcome man

    Gunraj SinghGunraj SinghMåned siden
  • that cable manegment is so bad it should be one your new series worst cables lol

    owiebro818owiebro818Måned siden
  • Damn is that your cable management or a bowl of spaghetti 🤣

    Wolf OzzyWolf OzzyMåned siden
  • I didn't know we makes spaghetti under his desk ooh wait that's just his cable management

    Master BoltMaster BoltMåned siden
  • u sound like my gym teacher

    sarahsarahMåned siden
  • Ur lucky if u get a good setup I only have a desk a monitor and a Xbox and the desk is 20 years old

    C GAMING ChannelC GAMING ChannelMåned siden
  • Right after this video 3080 comes out

    ShAde_Ax0ShAde_Ax0Måned siden
  • I whoud die for you pc

    Miguel MayoMiguel MayoMåned siden
  • my OCD is curdling am i the only one that hates that the very edge of the monitors you can see some of the black

  • Did anyone else notice that the LG monitor was upside down

    Jack WhiteJack WhiteMåned siden
  • Hey TechSource you prob wont read this but I am getting my monitors setup just like yours and I'm getting the same top monitor as you!

    Ramon Perez FlaquerRamon Perez FlaquerMåned siden
  • Bruh your old setup is better than what mine looks like lmao. Fantastic video keep up the good work!

    BlueBeanieBroBlueBeanieBroMåned siden
  • ed come on you said in another video that if 12 year olds can manage cords that no grown man should have any excuses

    Jackson YagerJackson YagerMåned siden
  • P;szz

    PuRe JayPuRe JayMåned siden
  • Your speakers do be lookin like beans

    MythiccalzMythiccalzMåned siden
  • what is that custom cable called?

    DarfWZDarfWZMåned siden
  • I love your vids

    Reptile LReptile LMåned siden
  • Can I have you old monitor? 🥴

    Beta VibezBeta VibezMåned siden
  • where can I get that vinyl that you used for the monitor?

    bobotrainbobotrainMåned siden
  • whats the sticky white tape you put on the monitor as white skin( link ?)

    Pap BPap BMåned siden
  • When ed makes fun of peoples cable management the we takes a look at his!

    SSSavagewolf GamingSSSavagewolf GamingMåned siden