Building a 1500hp Billet 20B 3-rotor | fullBOOST

28. juni. 2020
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For over 20 years, Australian Mazda performance power house Promaz, has specialised in everything rotary engine powered. From mild street engines to utterly wild race applications, Promaz also carries out complete driveline and EFI tuning upgrades. We caught up with the team while they were piecing together a very high output 3-rotor 20B engine capable of over 1500hp for Rowdys Garage.
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  • That's one nice beer keg 😀 Get your track gear! 👉 If you’d like to be notified every time we upload a video, subscribe and then click the bell icon 🔔 next to the subscription button.

    FullboostFullboost10 måneder siden
    • @Melvin Jaziel i am trying it out now. Looks promising :)

      Ares GianniAres GianniMåned siden
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      Rafael HerreraRafael Herrera4 måneder siden
    • It's prettier than my girl.

      Frank OlsenFrank Olsen4 måneder siden
  • Promaz and Pac Racing are probably the best for building aftermarket rotary engines from scratch and all have their unique philosophies in engine building, but the end results are both good. Great job guys. Nice to know if your OEM rotary engine blows up, there's still businesses building and manufacturing their own branded rotary engines and better than the OEM manufacturer.

    stopspinstopspin18 timer siden
  • Weow!

    Tim EarllTim Earll3 dager siden
  • Did he just wedge a screwdriver down one of the ports do tighten the crank up?

    Man CheetahMan Cheetah10 dager siden
  • How can I gate like this rotary 100-200 hp engine for make a ultralight aviation plane?

    Zahanur IslamZahanur Islam10 dager siden
  • where video test?

    Zendry MaulanaZendry Maulana23 dager siden
  • Wankel I might go wankel myself right now.

    Glitch in the MatrixGlitch in the Matrix26 dager siden
  • Where to buy this nice piece of 🥧

    Kris JKris J26 dager siden
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    DipDip McDippinsDipDip McDippins27 dager siden
  • Cakes ready

    BluntTraumaBluntTrauma28 dager siden
  • Why is this guy so focused on his nostalgia? O.o

    Alastor ClarkAlastor Clark29 dager siden
  • упорные роликовые подшипники? вы серьезно? я конечно понимаю что двигатель спортивный и его ресурс не критичен, но роликовые упорные подшипники на коленвалу-это верх идиотизма.

    YYMåned siden
  • A stress-free N/A 3 rotor was the engine the RX-8 should have had. 300-320HP stock and it would have been a fitting successor to the legendary RX-7.

    More BearMore BearMåned siden
  • My first run through on rotary. So why don't they use these in production vehicles anymore?

    Tone AbetTone AbetMåned siden
  • But rob dham lol

    J RamJ RamMåned siden
  • Fantastic love to watch him work.

    john Gasonjohn GasonMåned siden
  • That is an absolute work of art!

    Marcus BarnesMarcus BarnesMåned siden
  • Clean 🍀

    Fug Fun PlugFug Fun PlugMåned siden
  • DANGIT!!! Kidney not worth enough to get one of these in my life... :'(

    B AmboB AmboMåned siden
  • What a beauty!

    brent heilmanbrent heilmanMåned siden
  • Nothing..... NOTHING beats experience

    Sarel BritsSarel BritsMåned siden
  • Do you sell these billet 3 rotor?

    Vivid SkiiesVivid SkiiesMåned siden
  • Alguém deveria fazer um motor de cinco rotores.

    El Misionero Matsuura JunichiroEl Misionero Matsuura JunichiroMåned siden
  • Rx7

    Yela WolfYela WolfMåned siden
  • Anyone think it was a Dyson at first?

    Cal EricksonCal EricksonMåned siden
  • For 3x the inneffiency. Excellent.. this thing will need a 10 gallon oil tank!

    Daniel BrownDaniel BrownMåned siden
  • Almost TOO much Rota Porn for my Wankel brain to handle!! I think Fullboost need to do a trip to New Jersey for the follow up at Rowdys' Garage. And I think I just found the engine builder of my dreams.......

    Brenton WBrenton WMåned siden
  • Amazing beautiful engine

    Fl023VltFl023VltMåned siden
  • Que obra "prima" ...👏👏👏👏

    daniel pradodaniel pradoMåned siden
  • Is this how Puerto Ricans are breaking their own world records? 6:20 shellac, I still use it. The smell takes me back to when I was a kid. Helping out, working on vehicles. It's how I got started.

    TE BETE BEMåned siden
  • That engine is amazing

    Providence Tidal ReefProvidence Tidal ReefMåned siden
  • dudes a genius

    d cd cMåned siden
  • He looks like he's building the worlds most beautiful layer cake 0.o

    James LaRocheJames LaRocheMåned siden
  • Keep it up man.

    cat munky afzainizamcat munky afzainizamMåned siden
  • Heard nj and 20b now I have to keep any eye out for this car.

    Mar HagMar HagMåned siden
  • it is gorgeous, and much more scalable than a piston engine

    bradster2214bradster2214Måned siden
  • Guy tells his wife he bought her a custom made piece of jewelry and it’s in the car.

    notfiveonotfiveoMåned siden
  • 1500 horsepower and 19.7 ft lbs of torque! :)

    Adam AnimalAdam AnimalMåned siden
  • put it in a plane. planes are better than cars. and the engines can be simpler on planes, even better.

    sneaop sneatortersneaop sneatorterMåned siden
  • What an awesome video, thanks so much!!

    Joseph MiddletonJoseph MiddletonMåned siden
  • I want put à 20b or 13b on a mazda 3 2021

    Sylvio THOMIASSylvio THOMIASMåned siden
  • This is art piece of engineering simplicty. Wish rotaries could be more fuel efficient :(

  • I had a 1979 Rx-7, a 1981 Rx-7 and a 1985 Rx-7 with 90 to 120 horsepower engines. If I had 300-350 horsepower I wouldn't be typing now. Lol. Fun car great balance. 51 percent weight in front 49 percent in back. Great cornering and handling. Miss them very much. But I'm still alive.

    Charles HuweCharles Huwe2 måneder siden
  • Bet this sounds amazing

    Straight talkingStraight talking2 måneder siden
  • All that money and time invested just to have blow apex seals in 1000 miles. I will never understand why people worship this failed design.

    Some GuySome Guy2 måneder siden
  • 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

    Alan MacAlan Mac2 måneder siden
  • Stunning! Xx

    Harwood AcousticsHarwood Acoustics2 måneder siden
  • What's the guys channel that the engines going in?

    X DX D2 måneder siden
  • qual u valor de motor com dois rotoris pra enviar pro brasil ?

    Marcelo dos Reis RodriguesMarcelo dos Reis Rodrigues2 måneder siden
  • Wait so for ProMaz you can ask them to build you a 3 rotor and you pay them and they ship it to you? I’m wondering if I answered my own question but I’m stupid so I need someone else’s word

    EpicTacoCatGalaxyEpicTacoCatGalaxy2 måneder siden
  • Its a shame they arent using nikasil coated aluminum instead of cast iron...

    5002strokeforever5002strokeforever2 måneder siden
  • Is there such thing as an 80B 12 rotor

    Definitely a FH4 professional okDefinitely a FH4 professional ok2 måneder siden
  • Yo tengo un mazda con motor rotativo y qyisiera saver donde puedo consegir algunas partes del motor

    Martin DelgadoMartin Delgado2 måneder siden
  • whats that brown stuff at 6:33

    Sh0rtysSh0rtys2 måneder siden
  • get me out of ignorance, with this kit the wankel becomes more reliable? I understand that the rotary's Achilles heel is the seals and consequently they were very unreliable. The engine is supposed to be rebuilt every 30,000 km. is that so? thanks and greetings from Argentina

    Micky QuirogaMicky Quiroga2 måneder siden
  • The older man reminds me of shawns dad from Tokyo drift

    Tax fraud TommyTax fraud Tommy2 måneder siden
  • I love the motor, love the quality, love the performance BUT $35,000usd for a motor is nuts. Would love to see a 35k LS motor vs 35k 3 rotor

    paul gpaul g2 måneder siden
  • I would love to own a 20b rx7 one day:)

    IBIoodGNRIBIoodGNR2 måneder siden
  • This is probably one of the best half hours I’ve ever spent on the internet, I could honestly watch this guy assemble engines for hours on end

    Dylan NixDylan Nix2 måneder siden
  • Thanx for the good vidéo,the explainations,ans all your good Works!

    alexandre corbierealexandre corbiere2 måneder siden
  • More adds than information. Terrible video

    wealthy black manwealthy black man2 måneder siden
  • Im late to this party but i really enjoyed listening to a master craftsmen talk about craft. What a beauty that engine is.

    Jack PowellJack Powell2 måneder siden
  • This wonderful engine in an B-M-Double-Shit ?? Ridicules !!

    Mtb JonnyMtb Jonny2 måneder siden
  • Looks like a work of art it’s beautiful

    suckamc3232suckamc32322 måneder siden
  • 🤣 Lol, quote of the decade. "20B's and RX8 shuldnt be in the same sentence, unless your putting a 20B in a RX8". Well I'm putting a 20B in a RX8 💪🤣🤣🤣. ❤♻️ I can't afford a RX3, but it's what's inside that counts!

    Douglas MooreDouglas Moore2 måneder siden
  • The way this guy talks is amazing, he truly is passionate about what he does

    Platinum Elo is HellPlatinum Elo is Hell2 måneder siden
  • Ok cast iron inserts....enough said. Awesome!!!

    murphystreetermurphystreeter2 måneder siden
  • Assembly goo is the good stuff when assembling

    murphystreetermurphystreeter2 måneder siden
  • I am very curious to know how far the side seals cut into the aluminum "irons". How long before they are cut to the point of destruction? Do they have a magna spray coating or anything? Thanks

    murphystreetermurphystreeter2 måneder siden
  • This is so beautifull....

    loukas piloukas pi2 måneder siden
  • Wow this man is a Legend. He knows a lot. U can tell he's a good mechanic's.

    Popiter01Popiter012 måneder siden
  • Jp Performance gefällt das😁🙏🏼

    Goldener MomentGoldener Moment2 måneder siden
  • Absolutely 👌Simon

    King Of FireworksKing Of Fireworks2 måneder siden
  • 🤘

    Cesario martins diasCesario martins dias2 måneder siden
  • Ah the sound of 2 components perfectly mating together.

    AeroGarageAeroGarage3 måneder siden
  • @JPPerformance Billet RX7 incoming?

    xluridxxluridx3 måneder siden
  • man be playing tetris engine edition

    LukeyLukey3 måneder siden
  • Was looking for a complete rotory build video. This is very nice. I know rotorys issues and their apex seals going out but damn ya just gotta love em

    Joshua FosterJoshua Foster3 måneder siden

    Магнитный Вечный ДвигательМагнитный Вечный Двигатель3 måneder siden
  • @jpperformance

    I_am_ DomskiI_am_ Domski3 måneder siden
  • honestly this is the highest quality engine building I have ever seen

    CPL NoodleCPL Noodle3 måneder siden
  • Watching this was so satisfying. 🇬🇧👍🏼

    kippamipkippamip3 måneder siden
  • i think i found my dream job

    Luke_X_Zero 7Luke_X_Zero 73 måneder siden
  • Rob Dahm's working a 4 rotor at the moment. Rotaries are awesome!

    Dardanelle News1776Dardanelle News17763 måneder siden
  • 内燃機関の可能生を信じたい❗

    肥後憲二肥後憲二3 måneder siden
  • This guy ex mafia?

    Versa GVersa G3 måneder siden
  • Felix Wankel would be so proud of this engineering porn. And Rob Dahm will sneak in and steal this... 😁😎👍

    UncleManuelUncleManuel3 måneder siden
  • A rotary engine is just a modified wankel engine I would just like to get an efficient rotary that I can convert to multi fuels, H2 LP Actenlene, and regular fluids like gas diesel alcohol. I have already added H2/LP to my regular 4 cylinder jeep engine I had more problems getting the fuel filter through customs. Than actually converting the engine to multi fuel, right now I need a small hydrogen pump to pump the H2 in a storage tank. I don't need something huge just something that will fill an empty propane bottle for a camping stove. I have discovered that the computer adjusts my fuel flow once I open the LP/H2 line after starting. On highway I get roughly 75mph with a 1 gallon water tank, in town traffic seems cause engine overheat and just better to turn off the H2/LP? However I would like to get to the point where when the engine is running that my storage bottle and cell, is producing H2, but as I mentioned already I need a small pump to refill my bottle. Everything I have found is far too big to fit under the hood. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a small pump?

    Robert SneadRobert Snead3 måneder siden
  • What is the fuel consumption on a dual rotary engine

    sergiu adriansergiu adrian3 måneder siden
  • Price for Complet Motor??

    Micjoe MicjoeMicjoe Micjoe3 måneder siden
  • ASALAMUALIKUM. PEACE wow an wankel engine very old discarded engine for long time by Automobile industry. Nice to see it back with huge power,Torque. Nice an Marvell of precision machining. Beautiful piece of equipment. Well Done. Success be yours. Beautiful machine an Rotary engine. PEACE

    Abdul LatheefAbdul Latheef3 måneder siden
  • 1500hp ? The power to weight ratio must be close to impossible. Why isn't this used in fomula1 or indy cars ? Must be too thirsty ?

    Ray GunnRay Gunn3 måneder siden
  • political correctness ? it is not a crankshaft it is an eccentric shaft .

    nidal shehahadehnidal shehahadeh3 måneder siden
    • @Fullboost I always wondered how do you squeeze in the 3rd rotor , now I'm thinking you could butt-join two engines together and have a 4 rotor engine , I worked on rotary engines since early 80s , for some reason I've never warmed up to them , maybe it had to do with my diesel engine beginnings .

      nidal shehahadehnidal shehahadeh3 måneder siden
    • Non rotary guys don't always know that terminology 👍

      FullboostFullboost3 måneder siden
  • I wish i could afford to own a 40 grand motor like this to build my dream rx7 😔. That thing is art!

    DevilGDevilG3 måneder siden
  • Shit hot stuff!

    Anton HowardAnton Howard4 måneder siden
  • If you want a t-shirt with a ROTOR EMBROIDERED, go to @t and take it.

    Rafael HerreraRafael Herrera4 måneder siden
  • What's your budget ? Customer "yes"

    george mckeegeorge mckee4 måneder siden
  • Great and beautiful job! Will it pass US or European emissions standards? Has that problem been solved yet? I ask because I’m new to Rotary engines, and would love to see the emissions and fuel consumption problems solved.

    Manuel MolinaManuel Molina4 måneder siden
    • Hahaha no, no it won't. It'll go fast on a race track but no they aren't good for milage or emissions.

      Jack DannyJack Danny25 dager siden
  • What cind of engien du the Mazda RX7 have 2ore3 rotor engiens?

    michael nnielsenmichael nnielsen4 måneder siden
  • I've got a torque wrench like that too. My stepdad got it for me and had it properly reconditioned so it's really accurate. Just as good as fancy new digital beepy things.

    Jamie BainbridgeJamie Bainbridge4 måneder siden