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  • Esta barato 👌😈😎🤙

    MosheteehMosheteeh5 dager siden
  • quisiera adquirir uno pr favor mandar contacto. correo electronico.

    pedro Miguel Herrarte Muñozpedro Miguel Herrarte Muñoz10 dager siden
  • How many hours did it take you to assemble the engine??

    Dave HartDave Hart16 dager siden
  • I'm building A1/8 scale Ferrari testarossa poacher model dicast kit and Any one of these engines are Able Or if possible could they be placed in the car itself could you please let me know where Can Ipurchased 1 of these would be greatly appreciated Please would you respond to let me know it would be widely in greatly appreciated these engines are such a work of art thank you

    Sean DesurciSean Desurci19 dager siden
  • A great learning tool for anyone so inclined to do so.

    James TeichlerJames Teichler25 dager siden
  • belmusiccccc

    Huawei TabHuawei Tab25 dager siden
  • Muy bueno donde se puede comprar el motor

    Juan Marcelo AibarJuan Marcelo Aibar26 dager siden
  • Form Bangladesh Thish engine Price?

    Mohammad Abu BakarMohammad Abu BakarMåned siden
  • Super 😘😘😘😘

    aquariumaquariumMåned siden
  • Why was he wearing gloves?

    Jim BookoutJim BookoutMåned siden
  • about the dumbest engine model, cool but dumb

    Nathen GreeneNathen GreeneMåned siden
  • Made in China

    沈子鸿沈子鸿Måned siden
  • Was kostet der Motor

    Karl-Heinz KulsKarl-Heinz KulsMåned siden
  • music name what?? pls

    良Zxchang良ZxchangMåned siden
  • Awesome video and an awesome selection of music. Wicked video matey.

    Jared TansleyJared TansleyMåned siden
  • Hello everyone, kindly, where can you buy these types of models?

    Alberto CAlberto CMåned siden
  • An engine is something that converts one kind of energy into another, like in the case of ICE engines fuel's stored chemical energy into kinetic energy. This "engine" does nothing but consumes

    Vovas RomasVovas RomasMåned siden
  • You can get the same size model engine in working condition but it's expensive.

    Sir. Lord. Dr James bottom tooth the 3rdSir. Lord. Dr James bottom tooth the 3rdMåned siden
  • Cool little engine. Looks like a mini version of the Honda K24 a bit lol

    LoganLoganMåned siden
  • so it doesnt work ...

    Pavel VanekPavel Vanek2 måneder siden
  • 土星文化

    M StraightM Straight2 måneder siden
    • 是广州土星文化产的。

      沈子鸿沈子鸿Måned siden
  • Ola una consulta cuánto cuesta ese motor

    Dario TeliDario Teli3 måneder siden
  • 2JZ ?

    Sin AchillesSin Achilles4 måneder siden
    • 2JZ is an i6 this is an i4

      Nik ThePenguinNik ThePenguin4 måneder siden
  • Una dirección o telefono

    celso barretocelso barreto6 måneder siden
  • Quiero comprar este regalo como hago

    celso barretocelso barreto6 måneder siden
  • Это всё фигня, я купил москвич 2140 и сразу разобрал, всё поменял на новое, залил новое масло, притер и отрегулировал клапана, собрал все до кучи и поехал! Вот это называется собери свой двигатель))

    Владимир СтронгВладимир Стронг6 måneder siden
  • From where we can pay this ..?

    HeeMa I هيثـــمHeeMa I هيثـــم6 måneder siden
    • you can get it on

      StirlingkitStirlingkit6 måneder siden
  • ... only it's not an engine ... clickbaiter!

    BrazillianizeBrazillianize7 måneder siden
  • Show...

    Tomatinho BhTomatinho Bh7 måneder siden
  • I'm interested in getting an engine, what is the price or where can I get it?

    alberto alvaroalberto alvaro7 måneder siden
    • you can get it on

      StirlingkitStirlingkit6 måneder siden
  • 400 us dolars? lol i can buy real 1.1L engine working for that price

    Rafałek82Rafałek827 måneder siden
    • The 1.5 liter for my Toyota echo is cheaper

      john joejohn joe6 måneder siden
  • What is a v4 lol

    Spiff BoltonSpiff Bolton7 måneder siden
  • was your videos that went viral on facebook

    Rick SanchezRick Sanchez7 måneder siden
  • So cool

    TypowyB4list4TypowyB4list47 måneder siden
  • Podes aser una fn fal porfa

    Máximo IannelliMáximo Iannelli7 måneder siden
  • How realistic is the engine? Could it be made to run? Just wondering if u added fuel and electric could you actually make it run.

    Colossal BigShotColossal BigShot7 måneder siden
    • Nope, cylinder walls and head are cut for viewing ports, no actual bearings or sump would sieze it, and there are no rings, so even if the cylinder was sealed, compression would leak right past the piston

      WYOGarageWYOGarage7 måneder siden
  • I thought it real engine

    Arsyad TaufiqArsyad Taufiq7 måneder siden
  • Где такое купить? Моя хотеть))

    OverLanneOverLanne7 måneder siden
  • 400$🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Tell_you_the_truth_Tell_you_the_truth_7 måneder siden
  • It only costs the same as a real engine....

    Nathan RavellNathan Ravell7 måneder siden
  • Hey can you see if you can make another one of those watches with everything

    Eyrica OdomEyrica Odom7 måneder siden
  • Would be awesome if it runs on fuel.... But anyway, this would be my best birthday present when I was a kid....

    OkOk7 måneder siden
  • Com certeza é um prazer fazer a montagem, mas deveria funcionar com combustível líquido, a explosão, e não elétrico.

    Edejamir CostaEdejamir Costa7 måneder siden
  • Сколько стоит такой?

    Наруто УзумакиНаруто Узумаки7 måneder siden
    • 30к макет как в ролике, от 70к полноценный двигатель внутреннего сгорания

      Женя ЯнЖеня ЯнMåned siden
  • where is can i buy the mini engine?

    Immanuel SembiringImmanuel Sembiring7 måneder siden
    • you can get it on

      StirlingkitStirlingkit6 måneder siden
  • огонь !!! где купить ?

    Ger GunZGer GunZ7 måneder siden
  • Where can I get this engine pack in south Africa

    clifford dzamaraclifford dzamara7 måneder siden
    • Check the link under the video. It says free shipping. Hopefully to SA too

      Nick van RooyenNick van Rooyen7 måneder siden
  • Всё бы ничего, если бы он не стоил как настоящий

    Scale modelsScale models7 måneder siden
  • Where can I buy?

    Keith ChanKeith Chan7 måneder siden
  • Hey man, I wanted to make your Mac-10 that you mad a couple years ago. I can’t find the blueprint. Could you send it to me?

    cheezitlolcheezitlol7 måneder siden
  • It's look so nice👍👍

    Dana Happy RotationDana Happy Rotation7 måneder siden
  • Sorry, nur it Sounds like shit :( what a let down

    Kimse05Kimse057 måneder siden
  • son: dad i want to build a car dad: ok do it we have an engine at home engine at home:

    Sullivan WilliamsSullivan Williams7 måneder siden
  • It is very nice but it is too slow

    Amrit cheemaAmrit cheema7 måneder siden
  • can you build little jet engine???

    aniqa zaimaaniqa zaima7 måneder siden
  • For me its gonna take 3 years to complete...bruh

    Polite CatPolite Cat7 måneder siden
  • А где купил? Дай реф ссылку, если есть. Или обычную

    Андрей СиницынАндрей Синицын7 måneder siden
  • I don´t know,where you from,so i write in English:I want to buy some of this Engine Models too.Good review.Subscribed! Feel free to subscribe back.Greetings from Cologne/Germany

    HM Scale ModellingHM Scale Modelling7 måneder siden
    • He's russian

      BalthaSacBalthaSac7 måneder siden
  • Amazing!

    Nikos PapageorgiouNikos Papageorgiou7 måneder siden
  • Is it available in the UK

    Richard CulbertsonRichard Culbertson7 måneder siden
  • Блин, и ты туда ж😂. Не, да мы всё понимаем. Все хотят бутерброд с колбасой есть. Просто ты уже далеко не первый. 🤷‍♂️Но лукаса всё равно жмякну.👍👍👍 И просмотр сделаю. Хоть на данный комплект ваще пофиг. P. S. Ну и мерзкий же у него звук😱

    alex0709alex07097 måneder siden
  • Опа а кто тут у нас попал в рекомендации?

    Monolith FeviasMonolith Fevias7 måneder siden
  • Блин, это реально круто, но я ожидал что это будет всё-же реальный двигатель, а не модель.

    Свят ЯковенкоСвят Яковенко7 måneder siden

      Javid AlibalayevJavid AlibalayevMåned siden
    • Есть такие . Пневмо есть тоже.

      Саня НогинСаня Ногин7 måneder siden
  • Почему ролик на русском, а коменты на английском?

    andruha 140108andruha 1401087 måneder siden
    • Потому что это автоперевод и канал для иностранцев

      Fantom FireFantom Fire7 måneder siden
    • You mean in reverse

      UnknownPlayerUnknownPlayer7 måneder siden
  • Страшно представить сколько это стоит

    woo0oow TVwoo0oow TV7 måneder siden
    • Около 35000

      Yaroslav ZavarzinYaroslav Zavarzin7 måneder siden
  • "Is that a 2jz" ?

    Tripp ShiestyTripp Shiesty7 måneder siden
    • It’s an i4

      Mark NickelMark Nickel7 måneder siden
    • Looks like it. But the turbo is missing.

      Douglas CampbellDouglas Campbell7 måneder siden
  • Okay, now I want to do that!

    Nathaniel FowlerNathaniel Fowler7 måneder siden
    • @Clipsyy many old engines indeed.....

      SumSum19 dager siden
    • @Rowan Kace whoa! It took like 20 mins but it worked!!

      Eugene ChrisEugene ChrisMåned siden
    • I dont know if anyone gives a shit but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram account by using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for InstaPwn account hack enjoy!

      Rowan KaceRowan KaceMåned siden
    • Nvm that I can buy a real engine for that amount of money😭

      ClipsyyClipsyyMåned siden
  • whould it work with gas? and mini sparkplugs?

    JAmes CameronJAmes Cameron7 måneder siden
    • @Proto Man I don't know, at such tiny size it shouldn't be too powerful anyway. I don't think RC planes or cars gas-powered engines use any particular kind of steel, just that theses have huge heat sink for their size

      SomethingSomething7 måneder siden
    • @JAmes Cameron it's kinda sad but probably the material wouldn't even hold up to the heat and stress. So .. there's that 😅

      Proto ManProto Man7 måneder siden
    • @Proto Man ah, i missed that. oh well

      JAmes CameronJAmes Cameron7 måneder siden
    • no the combustion chamber is slotted so you can see through

      Proto ManProto Man7 måneder siden
  • *Such a beauty! 😍🤩*

    Forever Plastic kitsForever Plastic kits7 måneder siden
  • Это же дорого. Но круто конечно очень.

    BelarУСBelarУС7 måneder siden
    • Из картошки дешевле.

      Vladimir PetrovVladimir Petrov7 måneder siden
  • Блин на основном канале было бы это видео

    Руслан МубаракшинРуслан Мубаракшин7 måneder siden
  • Soo cool can you make r700 sniper rifle

    InkedInked7 måneder siden
  • Cool👍👌

    brawl borcibrawl borci7 måneder siden
  • Lol I came too, btw craft station what's the wrist band/bracelet called( silver one)??

    Captain BroadSwordCaptain BroadSword7 måneder siden
  • *Who else came straight to comments and watching the video😂* OMG craft Thanks For Commenting On My New Video It Means A lot❤️

    DerficsDerfics7 måneder siden