Brutally Murdering My Family In Minecraft

1. mai. 2021
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mmmmm yes interesting description

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  • And that’s what I call good parenting✨

    Stacey C.Stacey C.4 minutter siden
  • the fact that you sound like corpes and dramatic and not giveing a flying shit made me subcribe

    Tony VegaTony Vega13 minutter siden
  • What mod is this

    MomDadJoJoKeKe4MomDadJoJoKeKe416 minutter siden
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    elizaface dayelizaface day18 minutter siden
  • What is the name of this mod

    Its_Gacha_Me52Its_Gacha_Me5232 minutter siden
  • "this has been alot of fun" brutally murders family

    Krit KittiphakornpongKrit Kittiphakornpong37 minutter siden
  • AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    elizaface dayelizaface day42 minutter siden
  • Me : I don't like the killings of people. >:( Also Me watching this : LMAOOOOOOOOO

    Lunar & BearyLunar & Beary55 minutter siden
  • um no that’s a legal

    Wolf KatWolf KatTime siden
  • Why do I love this

    Hat KidHat KidTime siden
  • i’m just gonna say it subnautica is better than mincraft

    YaBoy FUSIONYaBoy FUSIONTime siden
  • 3 things.. 1. He has a messed up mind 2. He said: I'm IN LOVEEE" 3. brutallity.

    J070907 PlayzJ070907 PlayzTime siden
  • Corpsehusband vs Boffy in a voice of

    Apple ClamApple ClamTime siden
  • I acctually have this mod :D

    Itz_EnderItz_EnderTime siden
  • Dude you are messed up

    Karma BarnardKarma BarnardTime siden
  • Why did you just Burn them

    Karma BarnardKarma BarnardTime siden
  • When did people told u to oof animal? >:(

    ben linben linTime siden
  • I’m scared of the people who searched this up

    Sleepy ChocolateSleepy ChocolateTime siden
  • Gay is not bad it is nooml

    Gabriella GoetzGabriella GoetzTime siden
  • No kill kids

    Mia MackiewiczMia MackiewiczTime siden
  • 17:14 VERY offended bri'ish noises but also thought it was funny and very accurate

    Broken TrustBroken TrustTime siden
  • Mr Afton in a nutshell.

    - iizybeth -- iizybeth -Time siden
  • Don’t Cook your kids You can roll them but just right click on the ground and then you can make your kids grow

    Jayla BakerJayla BakerTime siden
  • I want to go 2 jail too 😫

    Imcutebutugly ;DImcutebutugly ;DTime siden
  • What kind of mod pack is that???

    creepy_wolf_girlcreepy_wolf_girl2 timer siden
  • Russel was a miner and you kissed him

    Tre NixTre Nix2 timer siden
  • Can i have the mod please

    Christina EscobarChristina Escobar2 timer siden
  • Anyone remember Dan TDM doing this like if you do

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  • Time to have thumbnail cooked baby for dinner!

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  • you have problems...

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  • Baby Joby 😭

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  • Yor cwo

    Jodie JodieJodie Jodie2 timer siden
  • You cwo

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  • Can you play Gorn VR

  • The baby does look like a baby

    Paj HulinPaj Hulin2 timer siden
  • Gotta be honest, I subscribed after 2 mins of watching him kill babies, throw animals into lava and plan horrific acts on his future family and plan on attempting to have a child with a man... I have no regrets

    Aisling DisleyAisling Disley2 timer siden
  • This the first video I’ve watched of this guy and I’m addicted already...

    CTRL Shift QCTRL Shift Q3 timer siden
  • Umm why did you kill that sheep

    Random SiblingsRandom Siblings3 timer siden
  • The bomb didnt kill hitler? Its history all over again....

    Picki PistachioPicki Pistachio3 timer siden
  • This is my first time watching you. What a great introduction you have given me good sir :D

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  • Shut up and stop swearing

    Roger nickersonRoger nickerson3 timer siden
  • I love this video 😂

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  • me next me next

    Idiotic NimrodIdiotic Nimrod3 timer siden
  • 4:29 if you are not thinking of Minecraft while listening to this, it’s creepy

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  • How come I never saw this guy?- SUBSCRIBING

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  • “So I can’t throw children” Bakugou: *disapointed noises*

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  • Wye you want to Burn a Baby boy or Girl :(((((( "so stupid :(" I am sorry idk If i like the vid or sub:( i am sorry Idk If i suld do that...

    Aron KAron K3 timer siden
  • It’s technoblades brother

    GeorgeCameHomeGeorgeCameHome4 timer siden
  • 13:56 that’s a reference to ihascupquakes minecraft oasis series lol

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  • Pov: you klicked on ths vid becouse you saw dinner (baby)

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  • *intense sniff*

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  • 0:48

    JerZ_BeefyJerZ_Beefy4 timer siden
  • Boffy: Don’t take that out of context Me; too late

    Mr DinoMr Dino4 timer siden
  • You sound like gaara and corpse mixed as a ship amaxing

    Gabriella MedinaGabriella Medina4 timer siden
  • Your voice reminds me of corpses

    Antonio Kelly jrAntonio Kelly jr4 timer siden
  • This is funny but it's just I don't know because he flirts with Hitler. 😂

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  • You have a new subscriber!😋

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  • 👁👄👁🖕🏻

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  • Ok, I'm actually considered for this man... HE'S GONNA BE A MURDER WHEN HES OLDER...

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  • ara

    Micah OMicah O5 timer siden
  • on no

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  • Fun Fact: I just wasted your time ⏲️

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  • This is my first time see him and I am entertained

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  • WTF are these comments

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  • wtf

    GamerBroGamerBro5 timer siden
  • Don't worry guys minecraft is family game

    Zeo []Zeo []5 timer siden

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  • u should upload more :/

    Raven NightRaven Night5 timer siden
  • Am I the only one wondering what mod this is?🥲

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  • Part 2?

    alexa Iselaalexa Isela5 timer siden
  • I did that to my wife to

    Amanda HoldgateAmanda Holdgate6 timer siden
  • Domestic abuse, but awesome

    ThatRandomDude 999999ThatRandomDude 9999996 timer siden
  • He. Reminds me of William afton

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  • 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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  • Tip: easy way to find a village fallow a river:>

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  • You kinda sound like corpse

    Nine LotaNine Lota6 timer siden
  • If you get a priest you can say that you lost your kid or adopt or something

    EK DeviantEK Deviant6 timer siden
  • What is the mod called lol

    BeeBee6 timer siden
  • The firsy baby girl became Female W.D Gaster.

    Levi AckermannLevi Ackermann6 timer siden
  • Not go lie when I saw the thumbnail I said “mmmm baby back ribs”

    XxScriptMadnessxX :3XxScriptMadnessxX :36 timer siden
  • How do you hat that

    Ally GonzalezAlly Gonzalez6 timer siden
  • Boffy: Why r u afraid of me? Also Boffy: *Intense cow slaughter*

    The FloristThe Florist6 timer siden
  • POV: this was not on u recamenations

    Y͜͡ \͜͡ N͜͡ O͜͡ F͜͡ F͜͡ I͜͡ T͜͡ I͜͡ O͜͡ L͜͡ Q͜͡ U͜͡ E͜͡ E͜͡ N͜͡Y͜͡ \͜͡ N͜͡ O͜͡ F͜͡ F͜͡ I͜͡ T͜͡ I͜͡ O͜͡ L͜͡ Q͜͡ U͜͡ E͜͡ E͜͡ N͜͡6 timer siden
  • Minecraft child: Ah Iaw I got the chills You: don’t worry I got u :) You: **yeets baby into lava**

    Axel AftonAxel Afton6 timer siden
  • The npc meant your lips are like ash not another npc

    Colton WarrenColton Warren7 timer siden
  • Why don’t you make a part two but then people start liking your videos more make a party to everyone in the comments agree with me for this man to get a life and make a part two yeah you heard me right get a life and make a part two

    Shadae BeckfordShadae Beckford7 timer siden
  • 😨😰👎

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  • What is mod

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  • What mod is that

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  • Why is this so f&@$king funny?!?

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  • You had me at "murdering"

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  • Wtf lmao

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  • he SWEARS oh s*it

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  • fun fact: Boffy has married someone by giving her coal, and calling the baby after the first 9 numbers of pi

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  • Ok why has this vid made my week💀

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  • This is my frist vid and I Love this man😂😂

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  • Ya

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  • What

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  • :/

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