brutally honest review of our home decor

6. april. 2021
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Today we went around our houses and answered our most asked about home decor questions, talked about where our decor is from, and spilled the tea on our biggest DIY and upcycle regrets.
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  • New series looks fantastic! Great idea

    camper800camper8002 timer siden
  • Love this episode! Would love to know how all of Kelsey’s plants are doing in the basement! Oh! And does Kelsey regret renting out the top half of her house!?

    ThomasPizza 91ThomasPizza 9116 timer siden
  • Yes please for part ii

    tickety bootickety boo17 timer siden
  • Waaaaay too long.

    Tee BeeTee Bee18 timer siden
  • Great video. Loving the new series- How to go do-💕

    awesome sauce 753awesome sauce 75319 timer siden
  • NGL When I first saw Kelsey's bedroom mirror I thought, "Oh she kind of freaky ;)," and now I think, feng shui-wise, it's probably not a good idea to have a mirror across from your bed...

    Rachel RiojasRachel Riojas21 time siden
  • I just got a drill and would love a tutorial!

    Hannah JonesHannah Jones22 timer siden
  • And the coat rack shelf inside of Kelsey’s door would look SO good painted black!

    Ashlyn PotterAshlyn PotterDag siden
  • Adding white brick and white grout around the fireplace in Beckys bedroom would look 👨‍🍳🤌

    Ashlyn PotterAshlyn PotterDag siden
    • I think it needs more texture!

      Ashlyn PotterAshlyn PotterDag siden
  • Bravo ladies!!

    Jacqueline CaseyJacqueline CaseyDag siden
  • I love the toilet room colour!

    Sadie Pike-StewartSadie Pike-StewartDag siden
  • very good idea with new serie

    Sybille GretaSybille GretaDag siden
  • you should do a collab with DIY Danie!

    Planners INKPlanners INK2 dager siden
  • The mirror damage you could buy a gold posca to fix

    Camila RacostaCamila Racosta2 dager siden
  • I have to watch everything with cc and when Kelsey says we are the sorry girls the captions say *we are the celery girls* 😂

    KamikazeratiKamikazerati2 dager siden
  • I’m originally from upstate NY and folks always notice how I pronounce mirror. It’s totally a meerr!

    Clare TrevorClare Trevor2 dager siden
  • Just a statement on Pampas grass - It is everywhere in Ontario...wild and extremely invasive...

    Andrea CutlerAndrea Cutler2 dager siden
  • Can’t go with the bathroom color

    veroave57veroave572 dager siden
  • #sorrynotsorrygirl

    Emily FortinEmily Fortin2 dager siden
  • I am so glad you are starting a new "how to" series. I am 63 and starting to buy my own tools. It is scary, but I just have to try some new DIYS! I will be referring to you videos.

    Janet DiazJanet Diaz2 dager siden
  • So beautiful. I love your style and use of layering.

    Barbara SmialekBarbara Smialek2 dager siden
  • Please “How To Go Do” how to replace a light fixture! I hate the one above my kitchen sink and I’m so afraid to tackle it!!!

    Jj MichJj Mich2 dager siden
  • I like the color, didn't realize it was brown or I forgot.🤷

    Princess BCPrincess BC2 dager siden
  • I haven’t even gotten a minute in... but I have to say, I love y’all’s hair!! It looks great! But also Becky, please let your natural curls do their thing more!! I wanna see the curly shaggy hair be free!

    Maria CormanMaria Corman2 dager siden
  • I like your bathroom color 😅

    SupernaturalSupernatural2 dager siden
  • ❤️

    KimeesunshineKimeesunshine2 dager siden
  • Last month when we travelled,OMG there were sooooo many pampas grasses like they were sooooo big as big as a human size and I took off some of them and when I got it at home it was not a match at all with our house because it was toooo big and sooo I don't know what to do with it😅😅

    Lalrozami PachuauLalrozami Pachuau3 dager siden
  • I would love a tutorial on reupholstering a bench or chair! I've wanted to attempt it but want to make sure I don't ruin my bench haha. Also enjoyed this video

    Francesca CanepaFrancesca Canepa3 dager siden
  • the restroom poop color, no matter how hard you try to claim it wasn't a mistake, it was a mistake!

    SaraSara3 dager siden
  • Theres a vag on that structube chair.

    KozickihKozickih3 dager siden
  • Only realized in this video that North Americans pronounce the word 'Mirror' like "Mear" as in "fear"

    NosiNosi3 dager siden
  • LOL Kelsey’s “OH GOD” reaction at the end is gold.

    HannahHannah3 dager siden
  • I love your work! Can you explain how to rewire a lamp? I have a floor lamp and a couple table lamps that need fixing. Thanks!

    Peggy BossPeggy Boss3 dager siden
  • Sorry, Kelsey, I'll never like brown. But, it's your space, so, if you like it, that's what's important!

    bluefox99887bluefox998873 dager siden
  • I am surprised that you didn’t build your own fire pit. I’m telling you my husband did it and it looks great and after buying the bricks and stuff it was like less than an hour to put it together I’m not even kidding. So easy and so inexpensive and it looks great.

    MommaShawnaMommaShawna3 dager siden
  • I'm confused. Do they live together? Because when they are describing something it's..."my room", "my mirror" not ours.

    LindaLinda3 dager siden
  • where is becky's kitchen makeover????

    Hailey PeaseHailey Pease3 dager siden
  • I am VERY excited for the new series.

    Elza dSElza dS3 dager siden
  • Yes, I wanna risk it all! Tutorial on how to safely hang floating shelves

    Anonymous OneAnonymous One3 dager siden
  • I would love a How To on choosing the right materials. I never know which screws to use and same with lumber.

    Kristyn TarasKristyn Taras4 dager siden
  • So excited about the new series!!

    Amanda SimondsAmanda Simonds4 dager siden
  • How to remove a window

    Ree Does ThingsRee Does Things4 dager siden
  • Y’all should have the fans design a whole room based on your initial ideas. Then at the end either Kelsey or Becky wins!

    Lauryn WyrickLauryn Wyrick4 dager siden
  • Put some tinted film on the loving room mirror 🤩 or add a border to make it less bland

    Angel Anika SurjikAngel Anika Surjik4 dager siden
  • Still hate Kelsey’s poop room. I want to burn it down and start again. But it’s hers and if she loves it... I guess great..? 😆

    It’s Her! The Accursed WitchIt’s Her! The Accursed Witch4 dager siden
  • Why don’t you just spray paint over the gold on the mirror?

    Kayleigh-Ann HaighKayleigh-Ann Haigh4 dager siden
  • The color of the toilet room makes me think that she must have poop blowouts and she's trying to hide the poop on the wall.

    Diane VarnerDiane Varner4 dager siden
  • Hey CHRIS 👋🏾

    Jaune SoleielJaune Soleiel4 dager siden
  • Piano's ok, not the shelf above it. Some other solution would do it justice.

    StankaStanka4 dager siden

    A WallisA Wallis4 dager siden
  • I like the toilet color

  • Fun seeing both homes & ratings...

    Kathy BorthKathy Borth4 dager siden
  • Tape off the sides of the mirror and block off like 2/3 of the gold with a muted color of paint. May make it less “glam”

    rylee burnandrylee burnand4 dager siden
  • I like the poop color 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Gift of GabGift of Gab4 dager siden
  • How to spray paint evenly! My biggest fail is a set of knobs and two really nice hooks that I spray painted gold but it was goopy and didn’t dry well.

    Caroline MoiraCaroline Moira4 dager siden
  • European common reed, aka phragmites, is invasive species...! Don't feel bad chopping them off :P

    Lauren HLauren H4 dager siden
  • Ohh! I'm excited for this new series! Especially how to use power tools

    MichelleMichelle4 dager siden
  • Feel like if she were to do texture and a creme color in the bathroom it would go well with the brown.

    Kelly ManeyKelly Maney4 dager siden
  • Hi! I posted a comment but I don’t know where it went lol. You posted a video about the IKEA up hack using cane on your TV console. I just wanted to know if I could get the link where you purchase the cane from??? I live in Toronto, Canada and many shops I have seen, so not ship to Canada 😭. Your help would be amazing! Thank you!!!!! Love your videos 🤗😍

    denise samsondenise samson4 dager siden
  • Yay, can't wait for the new series!!

    Lizzie JadeLizzie Jade5 dager siden
  • Only wanting to see a tiktok deapclean in bathtub for the kitchen rug?

    LauwiechanLauwiechan5 dager siden
  • 60$ for the fire place is insane!!!

    DWIGHT ShruteDWIGHT Shrute5 dager siden
  • Could you do how to place hangers in ceilings/walls/how to use a stud finder?

    Anna WikstromAnna Wikstrom5 dager siden
  • Is anybody else seeing what I’m seeing on that faux leather chair in Becky’s living room??? 🍑

    Charlotte ReamesCharlotte Reames5 dager siden
  • Just paint out the frame on your mirror. Covers the damage. Will make it less glam. I vote matte black

    Robin KulaszewiczRobin Kulaszewicz5 dager siden
  • I really like the colour of the toilet room. i think it's weird to immediately link the colour to poop instead of wood, coffee, black tea, etc

    123mopsy123123mopsy1235 dager siden
  • Will you go back to making more DIY videos again?

    Anastasia KuprinaAnastasia Kuprina5 dager siden
  • Ew, not for the bathroom, that brown in the bathroom looks like a cheap old bathroom from the 70s at a Japanese private company train station bathroom or in a train itself. No amount of texture on the upper part will help. It’s the hue and orange brown, it looks cheap.

    lilkatdevillilkatdevil5 dager siden
  • too many filler videos :(

    AA5 dager siden
  • What's this store they keep talking about?? Is it online??

    Juliana CalandraJuliana Calandra5 dager siden
  • I really hope they do a how to do episode about how the put up a shelf on a brick wall that has pipes and electrical 😅 I want to put up shelves in my laundry but I'm so scared of drilling pipes or electrical!!!

    ihearticypolesihearticypoles5 dager siden
  • If you guys can teach me how to FINALLY use a drill I will be so so happy. I don't know why I just can't get my head round it. Wall plugs scare me!

    Jo GroveJo Grove5 dager siden
  • “6.4 feet” 😂😂

    Julia HornerJulia Horner5 dager siden
  • Becky! I love the moody lip color!!

    Evie KrislovEvie Krislov5 dager siden
  • Great video! I love the color of your Bathroom Kelsey, don't change it. Looking forward to the new videos.

    Dannette KeyDannette Key5 dager siden
  • we all know this video is because of the poop closet

    Melissa FMelissa F5 dager siden
  • Becky, I'm just curious if you or Austin play that piano. I was wondering how it would sounds after being outside for an (unspecified) amount of time. And inquiring minds want to know when you're finishing your kitchen makeover and when we're going to see it. Also, you are looking so beautiful and glowing in the last several videos. I don't know what it is, the change in the hair, your amazing smile, but there's something extra about you lately!

    kcandedkcanded5 dager siden
  • So Becky doesn't know how to use the Bissell. Its a steamer, its a extractor! Best used for carpets and rugs. Face palm

    Mila BiletskaMila Biletska5 dager siden
  • What is kudjejee? (Sp?)

    Maureen ManningMaureen Manning5 dager siden
    • Found it ...only Canada😢😢😢

      Maureen ManningMaureen Manning5 dager siden
  • I stand by some light blue accents would elevate the 💙💩🚽 brown bathroom (like Pantone Provence)

    Hillary BarbourHillary Barbour5 dager siden
  • Kelsey you look just like my niece only crazy!

    ZeeZee5 dager siden
    • Just kidding, she's crazy too.

      ZeeZee5 dager siden
  • Kelsey: the… toilet room… Ig questions: poop room

    Mariana GarridoMariana Garrido5 dager siden
  • What is decor? Its de center of de apple...

    randoff32randoff325 dager siden
  • What do Jeffrey Epstein and Halloween decorations having common? They don’t hang themselves

    randoff32randoff325 dager siden
  • Nope, still don't like the brown bathroom

    Corie LakeCorie Lake5 dager siden
    • Yeah its really ugly

      Mila BiletskaMila Biletska5 dager siden
  • not that fire sound effect 🤣🤣🤣 i think the rich red brown color in the bathroom looks really chic and sophisticated

    sugadaddy drizzysugadaddy drizzy5 dager siden
  • yesss the jnaydaily shoutout!! love her

    srsrsrsrsrsr5 dager siden
  • Loved this video

    Sophie C.Sophie C.5 dager siden
  • I'd love a tutorial on how to paint different shapes on your walls, like arches or circles or even just neat straight lines across the middle of the wall.

    CharliCharli5 dager siden
  • I´m so sorry, but the leather chairs back kinda looks like a v@gin@

    Maren FrogMaren Frog5 dager siden
  • I will never not find it funny that the subtitles call them the celery girls

    SophieMusicSophieMusic5 dager siden
  • Loved how Kelsey couldn't say "mirror", it's a really hard word to say in a North American accent, I dont know how you guys say it 😛 personally I'm in love with Becky's bureau/writing desk thingie. You guys don't have a lot of regrettable home items (at least I don't think a lot of it was bad) which just says how amazing your sense of style is. Edit: I am so excited for the new basic skills series!

    The EditorThe Editor5 dager siden
  • Super idea with the series, can't wait to begin sharing it with my younger siblings:)

    Ай ЖанАй Жан5 dager siden
  • Kelsey: I don't like the gold, it's too glam... Me: Paint it. Idk the size and shape of the mirror is so perfect there and the color seems like an easy fix (aside from getting it on/off the wall)

    punk-ass-elfpunk-ass-elf6 dager siden
  • An episode or how to seal around an interior window sill, that Caulking gun just defeats me.

    Hazel MeldrumHazel Meldrum6 dager siden
  • How to ideas: how to take off wallpaper (I have old wallpaper I need to get off), how to hang framed photos, how to change outlets completely, how to put in pocket lights and regular lights, how to install a door / window frame, how to use a power drill.

    L AL A6 dager siden
  • That toilet room deserves a beige neutral tone floral pattern wall paper with minute gold accent for the top portion of the wall

    Timothy HuangTimothy Huang6 dager siden
  • Is the piano tuned ?

    LugasennLugasenn6 dager siden
  • The asks about Kelsey’s regrets on her window bench were because we all watched her make it so easily and beautifully and were like “that’s too good to be true”

    Ashley CarrollAshley Carroll6 dager siden
  • i agree! i love your bathroom colour!!!!!!

    Nurkhalisah mrNurkhalisah mr6 dager siden