Bretman Rock Opens Up About His Father’s Death | Episode 2 | MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock

15. feb.. 2021
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As the year anniversary of Bretman’s father’s death approaches, he reveals a deeply held secret to his sister Princess Mae. Meanwhile, Bretman devises a marketing plan for his new sunglasses line: nude photos!
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  • Set your reminders for episode 3 Bretman Rock Faces His Biggest Fear

    MTVMTV10 dager siden
    • @JEEEZ JEEEZ j

      Erik LingonErik Lingon23 timer siden
    • 4

      Erik LingonErik Lingon23 timer siden
    • Moooomooo I hope to see you I will send the res Moooo

      BLONDE #1BLONDE #14 dager siden
    • @GypsyTiques but why ?

      Beatrice LonganiBeatrice Longani4 dager siden
    • I did

      Mia VegaMia Vega5 dager siden
  • Cleo @8:45 with the Scorpio death stare 😡😂😂

    Miss L.Miss L.11 minutter siden
  • love love LOVE bret and his family and friends♥️

    rebecca rodriguezrebecca rodriguez50 minutter siden
  • feeling blessed because I have pictures of my family

    AlliaaaAlliaaaTime siden
  • the part that Princess talk about her dad is so emotional 😔 , even tho we see them as a bad bitch

    Dumb Bitch periodtDumb Bitch periodt3 timer siden

    Jec MendezJec Mendez3 timer siden
  • 20:30 Bret: "princess i almost hugged u" Princess: "eww" Gurl we all know u wanted to hug him and he wanted to hug u😂🥺

    Levis deathnoteLevis deathnote4 timer siden
  • i love you guys together (princess and bretman )

    I am PollyI am Polly4 timer siden
  • Princess Mae and her daughter are like twins their so cute I love it!!

    Gavrielle AlexanderGavrielle Alexander5 timer siden
  • Claims his dad accepted him bit dismisses his dad at the same time smdh also id never talk down to my sister the way he does foh!

    Kaye WairauKaye Wairau6 timer siden
  • I can relate to Bret’s experience about growing up in the Philippines and seeing his dad and the maid situation while mom was in the states. It’s traumatizing especially as you come to realize what you witnessed as you mature. My parents have decided to stay together, but have also maintained a very rocky relationship that I’ve witnessed over the years.

    CwayzumsCwayzums7 timer siden
  • His nephew hates him lol

    Sarah GoughSarah Gough8 timer siden
  • Y’all made me cry 😭

    Ana ChavezAna Chavez9 timer siden
  • Bretman: "Princess, I almost hugged you" Princess: "Eww!"

    Andrea JohnsonAndrea Johnson10 timer siden
  • This show is hilarious. I love that he started from such a rough place and worked soo hard to get to where he is. Its inspiring and he's soo entertaining and funny.

    LivingDeadGurlXXXLivingDeadGurlXXX11 timer siden
  • I’m ready to purchase these sunglasses!!!!! 😎😎🤪🤪

    Iris OrtegaIris Ortega11 timer siden
  • oh my gosh they all have the same nose it's so cuteeee

    :l cat:l cat12 timer siden
  • sorry guys what am i watching ?

    KK 88KK 8813 timer siden
  • Bretman needs a permanent TV show!! 100/10 would watch! He's literally so relatable and his family / friends are iconic! They make me laugh and ugly cry within the minute 🤣😭

    Rose PinionRose Pinion15 timer siden
  • ONLY FANS.......................... I'm straight g

    IcyWinterXIcyWinterX15 timer siden
  • i could never have a friend that makes me do everything for them like im ur fkin servant LMAOOOOOO leos are NOT for scorpios LMAO

    GabriellaGabriella15 timer siden
  • obviously princess does not like the way breadman treats her. idc what breadman says "thats the way we talk to each other". no you're just a dickhead of a brother who doesn't give af about princess's feelings. Some people will do ANYTHING for the camera and clout. smh

    GabriellaGabriella15 timer siden
  • That's so sad 😢

    Juliet GonzalesJuliet Gonzales16 timer siden
  • I love you guys and love more to your mum look after your mum Bretman and Princess much love ❤️🥰❤️❤️

    Gabriella MjGabriella Mj17 timer siden
  • The way Cleo left 😂

    BeeBee17 timer siden
  • Bret : Cleo, U wanna help us? Cleo : WHY? Cleo is me!

    Flo RainFlo Rain17 timer siden
  • Their trauma just makes their emotional jadedness make so much sense, but they still support each other and have huge love & respect for family and I honestly love you guys for your authenticity about this topic!

    Patricia IsabellePatricia Isabelle18 timer siden
  • Bretman is SUCH a leo

    Sarah ForrestSarah Forrest18 timer siden
  • Aww I love this❤️❤️❤️ happy for Bret!

    jONES PATjONES PAT19 timer siden
  • Bretman: “princess I almost hugged you” Princess: “ewww”

    Jenny •Jenny •19 timer siden
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    deez nutsdeez nuts20 timer siden
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    deez nutsdeez nuts20 timer siden
  • Cleo is so funny pls😭😭

    Andrea GaelleAndrea Gaelle20 timer siden
  • Bretman has me laughing. Princess has me crying 😢. Miss Kay has me rolling on the floor of laughter and Larry is the sweetest friend ever.

    JoannaJoanna20 timer siden
  • When princess cried, I cried 😭❤️

    Marie HintzMarie Hintz21 time siden
    • When princess was talking about the butterfly I started crying to

      JoannaJoanna20 timer siden
  • Wtf is this?

    Reg CourchesneReg Courchesne22 timer siden
  • Guys 😂 Jesus Christ

    Brian OrtizBrian Ortiz22 timer siden
  • OMGGGGGGG I’ve been out the cable game FOREVER (& the typical materialistic, lush party scene s*** on mainstream MTV is namely why) but them signing with Brett is going to be good for them but *HOLYSHEETS; I’M SOBBING*

    lonelioness xOlonelioness xO23 timer siden
  • Literally my fav reality of mtv

    Rodrigo CasoRodrigo Caso23 timer siden
  • When he said he's a Leo 🦁♌💛 Yessss , that's why I loved his first time I seen him #LeoGang

    LucilleLucille23 timer siden
  • "You know like when you wear someone else's hair and you have memory that you don't know about??" .... Girl what ?! 😳🤣🤣

    LucilleLucille23 timer siden
  • Tbh I love seeing Bretman and Princess moments. The way they interact and the way they speak is just so fun😊

    Cabbage Tree PHCabbage Tree PH23 timer siden
  • Awww Kiefer I love you so much !!

    Cristina GermanCristina GermanDag siden
  • Personally I don't like him or his show

    AAB ProductionsAAB ProductionsDag siden
  • Its amazing to have fans that love and care about u BUT to show up to his fathers funeral is just disrespectful that's something so personal and one of the hardest things someone would have to go thru in life .... its just NOT OK

    Yari AponteYari AponteDag siden
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  • I love this side of Bretman! So real and others as well...

    Che JavellanaChe JavellanaDag siden
  • I’m so sad for princess because she’s so sad her and Bretman aren’t that close anymore and I hope and I wish they will get close again ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • btw its feng shui, pronounced as "fung shuy" :)

    maemaeDag siden
  • LOL WHO???

    Whitebolls92Whitebolls92Dag siden
  • When princess was talking about the butterfly I started crying to

    Juliette WrightJuliette WrightDag siden

    Tatialynn NelsonTatialynn NelsonDag siden
  • 🥺🥺🥺

    Destiny WilliamsDestiny WilliamsDag siden
  • I'm sorry princess u never got to know u father Bretman forgive u self u father would wanted u happy it nice to see you and princess get along for once

    Kevin WilsonKevin WilsonDag siden
  • I feel like princess has the best confessionals not gonna lie she kills them

    Eddy127Eddy127Dag siden
  • Omg Princess baby picture confirms cleo is her mini twin .

    Carmen HernandezCarmen HernandezDag siden
  • why is this on my recommended? NO NO NO NO NO NOOooooooo............__________!!!

    KaLing MouaKaLing MouaDag siden
  • Dude this is sad they have never been this close before..

    Matcha & SirenMatcha & SirenDag siden

    MaressaMaressaDag siden
  • Princess !! You are loved and you are seen sis!!

    Jenna TeeJenna TeeDag siden
  • Awww Princess is so sweet all she wants is a strong male figure in her life to teach, love and guide her. 🥺

    Jourdan DolanJourdan DolanDag siden
  • Girl you got me in my feels wtf 😫😭

    Life as We Know ItLife as We Know ItDag siden
  • "She's thinking" HHAHAHAHAHAHHA

    JennieJennieDag siden
  • I want a “Keeping Up with Bretman Rock” so bad

    Daizie ManingdingDaizie ManingdingDag siden
  • Hi larry

    dan mallaridan mallariDag siden
  • Not gonna lie I’m a straight Thai guy from Hawaii but he is cute I was surprise to see this new show on MTV on another episode on YT

    Wish KeyWish KeyDag siden
  • In the bathtub?!!🤣🤣

    Ghost 8842Ghost 8842Dag siden

    Gravy MazeGravy MazeDag siden
  • Bretman and princess had go true a lot in the past w😩😥ow 😱

    kelsie Buchanankelsie BuchananDag siden
  • Cleo looks so much like princess in her baby picture!

    Tammy ThomasTammy ThomasDag siden
  • Princess looks exactly as Cleo when she was younger awwee cutie ❤️❤️❤️

    Shing ViñasShing ViñasDag siden
  • i be a leo too but instead of. me directing them they direct me

    Warden RaquelWarden RaquelDag siden
  • Man, Bretman deserveeessssss this show. Like he is, everything. Iconic, relatable and all that, periooodddttt.

    opzz xsinopzz xsinDag siden
  • Princess is going through a hard battle with herself. Its so sad but a good example how money can't buy happiness.

    The K.A.N FamilyThe K.A.N FamilyDag siden
    • I was like oh my god BRET!!😍💋💓❤💞💞💞 oh my HARRY STYLES💓💓💗❤💞💝💟💟 be BOLD be more BOLD we'r so proud of you we LOVE YOU

      opzz xsinopzz xsinDag siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i love this show

    Yairaliz SantosYairaliz SantosDag siden
  • Cleo when Bretman cusses 🤣🤣🤣

    Alexa A.Alexa A.Dag siden
  • Honestly, I don't hate him or love him, but i watched this episode without breaking nor pausing.

    Marlon WilsonMarlon WilsonDag siden
  • Why the hell is he doing this...........

    KujoKujoDag siden
  • Can you leave like him 😂

    Aliyhia MartinezAliyhia MartinezDag siden
  • The fact that people showed up to his dads funeral is really sickening! Who tf does that? thats so fuckin sad.

    Alejandruh TorresAlejandruh TorresDag siden
  • ✨When Princess started telling us abt her Dream abt her dad I started cryin✨🥺

    Asyjah HaynesAsyjah HaynesDag siden
  • what did he do to cleo she was mad from when he walked in🤣

    shaihlaa xoshaihlaa xoDag siden
  • I was literally crying, when princess was talking about their dad, R.I.P for him, even tho he should’ve cheated on their mom like that💖 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤍🖤💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💖

    Micayla GrantMicayla Grant2 dager siden
  • Yesss I've been waiting for the day he moves on from make up. I'm not the kind of person who wears makeup,but I've always wanted to buy bretman brands. I cannot wait for his fashion products!

    Kioshi SanKioshi San2 dager siden
  • we will definitely buy your sunglasses! we love you!

    solange on saturnsolange on saturn2 dager siden
  • Aww Say kinder words to princess.

    Diacob cpDiacob cp2 dager siden
  • I'm seeing a different side to bretman..I used to like him but after this episode I feel like he is emotionless. It's kind of sad how rude he is to his sister.

    Kiana EvonKiana Evon2 dager siden
  • this made me tearrrr omg

    Fatima WaheedFatima Waheed2 dager siden
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    Carroll BolenbaughCarroll Bolenbaugh2 dager siden
  • I was like oh my god BRET!!😍💋💓❤💞💞💞 oh my HARRY STYLES💓💓💗❤💞💝💟💟 be BOLD be more BOLD we'r so proud of you we LOVE YOU

    Fly HighFly High2 dager siden
  • Who cut the onions

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake2 dager siden
  • Bretman ILY

    Jo WoJo Wo2 dager siden
  • I dont know but butterflies really do seem like souls of those that passed away and it's appearance would always depend on the soul. Like one time, my baby nephew passed away and a small white butterfly was on his coffin for like 3 days before his burial.

    AltheaAlthea2 dager siden
  • The dad joke at the end omg😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Ayat ChafaquiAyat Chafaqui2 dager siden
  • I’m confused are they gay I have no idea

  • I literally just watched a whole episode in an ad and was hooked lol

    Kay Ka NutKay Ka Nut2 dager siden
  • Garbage personalities.. p:

    El LottoEl Lotto2 dager siden
  • No one: Bretman: “Princess I almost hugged you 😥” Princess: “Ewww” HAHAHAHAHHAHA love u guys🤣

    Lea SilivaLea Siliva2 dager siden
  • 这些个不男不女的,是个啥?

    CH CCH C2 dager siden
  • wow i was crying. foreigners will never know how important bretman to us filipinos, us gays. shes phenomenal period

    lana gagalana gaga2 dager siden