BREAKING | Manchester United vs Liverpool Postponed After Old Trafford Pitch Protest🤬

2. mai. 2021
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BREAKING | Manchester United vs Liverpool Postponed After Old Trafford Pitch Protest🤬
Manchester United vs Liverpool Postponed

  • Protest will continues till that selfiesh glazers out. No home plays. GGMU

    Abraham LegesseAbraham Legesse13 dager siden
  • Glazers out !! Prince Salman in !!

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne14 dager siden
  • typical youtube consensus ..there are an awful lot of commenters on this video who are unaware of the importance of the pre-match meal. Owen being an ex pro is looking at it from their perspective not the fans and had the game gone ahead it would have been pushed back to accommodate for this factor

    Grassroots FootballGrassroots Football14 dager siden
  • And that’s why Owen will never be a CEO

    ynwa 96ynwa 9614 dager siden
  • when this happens skysports should refund the subscribers and not just the clubs being fined or points deducted

    Therese HammondTherese Hammond14 dager siden
  • There's Protest and there's foolishness... this was poorly done by a small section of the protesters... cops getting hurt, stuff being stolen? Game cancelled, team momentum lost, players disrupted...

    KayDeeKayDee14 dager siden
  • The Worldwide Fight against the Fasist Globalist Tyrannical New World Order

    Kristian La VigneKristian La Vigne14 dager siden
  • i know for a fact some owners consider this a small issue that should be mentioned on a meeting memo and forget about it instead of reacting like a person

    nomar marnomar mar14 dager siden
  • For all the protest and noise, the leeches Glazers may not even care..F**kers!!!!

    Prakash MPrakash M14 dager siden
  • Just only protesting it is delayed ? whatever scheduling ahead let’s live-streaming MANU vs LIVERPOOL on ground very soon as much time requires the games to movement as well ⚽️

    Jordyn03 Raji03Jordyn03 Raji0314 dager siden
  • Owen said without the fans there's no atmosphere and other things with a smug look in his face how about football players wouldn't have a job if it wasn't for the fans how else would they get there wages from if we didn't buy shirts,tickets, etc. From the clubs we support

    Mark WilkinsonMark Wilkinson14 dager siden
  • GLAZERS ass....les wouldn't even know United Had a Game #LeaveLazyGlazers

    Asheeth ShettyAsheeth Shetty15 dager siden
  • Abramovich would be in the stadium supporting Chelsea if he was allowed.

    Brian DealBrian Deal15 dager siden

    Goreeba SatinGoreeba Satin15 dager siden
  • The fans have been protesting the Galzers since the very beginning. It’s not just about ManU, but the big picture and the fact the Glazers were leaders of orchestrating the super league. They are all about money, it has always been about money and they have never cared about the fans or the clubs history or the history of the game. They bought Brady for the bucks because they were losing money, but at the end of the day the glazers care less about the fans, the club and what anyone thinks of them.

    DjravechildDjravechild15 dager siden
  • The glazers are a cancer to the game and have continually pissed on the Man United club. They take billions from the club while maintaining millions in debt and not doing business as a futbal club, but as bankers. The glazers and their minions where in the front of the attempt to bring us the super league and ruining the game forever had it gone forward trying to turn the game into a global NFL.

    DjravechildDjravechild15 dager siden
  • Funny how they just decide to do it now. You're not going to stop City winning the league. 🖕🏼

    drdasslerdrdassler15 dager siden
  • I don’t follow football but I follow what’s going on In the world and food is the least of our worries ,but that may come .

    Helen SharpHelen Sharp15 dager siden
  • Did City fans protest since ESL launched and collapsed.? They wont as they cant afford to lose their sugar daddy. I know Sheik Mansour is not like the Glazers etc but he did agree to join Super league given how wealthy he is already which would have been at the expense of clubs not in it. Football is a hypocritical sport and despite what some may see all the clubs and owners want as much cash as they can get and their clubs to be given more than others. Its the way it is. The Glazer's though are just a bunch of businessmen who are greedy and have no care for who they walk over to get what they want and in this case its Manchester United. Fans didn't want them but Fergie had success which kept things quiet and now that's its harder the fans rise again as as they can the robbery much clearer

    Kevin PillayKevin Pillay15 dager siden
  • Arsenal fans please do like this to the kereonke

    IssaCk G.IssaCk G.15 dager siden
  • Football association should punish the club for bad control of the game. The fans should be disciplined. ESL issue is over and gone. The fan and football must continue.

    Demon HunterDemon Hunter15 dager siden
  • Whenever the point about absent owners is made Chelsea's Roman Abramovich must be excluded. Granted, Abramovich's visa situation means he can't watch the club's teams currently but when he was able to, he attended matches as often as his commitments allowed. Even when those commitments kept him away he would follow from afar, having special satellite connections set up if necessary so he could do so. Whether watching in the stadium or remotely, he does so as a fan who is clearly engrossed in the game and emotionally invested in its outcome. Abramovich also watches the women's and academy teams. Which is more than can be said for most fans of Premier League teams or many professional football pundits. Give the man his due please.

    Anony MeAnony Me15 dager siden
  • i knew a girl who dated michael owen briefly, she said he was into toilet humilation. he went to the toilet in his pants and then just sat there grinning. what a sicko.

    Ezekiel AlaricEzekiel Alaric15 dager siden
    • What a load of bollocks 🤣

      David McNultyDavid McNulty15 dager siden
  • These are not United fans they are just a bunch of twats hanging on, the fans protested quiet outside, got to feel for the loyal fans who was there and witnessed this pathetic behaviour.

    I love to have a change now and againI love to have a change now and again15 dager siden
    • @Aniq Ahmad I never said they all wasn't , you should of read the comment in full and not just betwwen the lines before replying mate.

      I love to have a change now and againI love to have a change now and again15 dager siden
    • You mean there's 10000 of them you think all of them are not fans?

      Aniq AhmadAniq Ahmad15 dager siden
  • RESPECT FOR ALL WHO FIGHT FOR OUR FOOTBALL........SUPPORTERS UNITE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Don’t give a stuff that the players might be a bit PECKISH LOL

    Paul ToppPaul Topp15 dager siden

    alan faganalan fagan15 dager siden
  • The straw will break the camel's back... Michael Owen ni mhenga 😅😅

    Timothy GathauriTimothy Gathauri15 dager siden

    Uber HoofenhoussenUber Hoofenhoussen15 dager siden
  • Passion and atmosphere? hahah it's not got the money without the fans.

    riprip15 dager siden
  • i wonder if we should protest against the queen cause they are just like the glazers in my country

    justin whitejustin white15 dager siden
  • today starts the end of football as we know i wonder which club will rise after that one falls

    justin whitejustin white15 dager siden
  • It's good that this mess happened in England otherwise if it had happened in my home country of Kenya people would have lost their lives....

    Katana LugoKatana Lugo15 dager siden
  • It's about time we start our journey and disrupt all our remaining fixtures. We have just had enough... So let jut look at what has happen to our club. No league title in 8yrs, not even close, so much money wasted on the most useless players that would'nt get into any other top six sides. How can we even complain about united stopping a game being played.. Cant be more proud of our fans today. But one note we should all be careful of is the media will try and make it look like it was violent, but guest what it wasn't.. We love the police and we don't want anything to happen to them so guy's let's be respectful to them.. We are not going to stop now.

    Kirk HamiltonKirk Hamilton15 dager siden
  • Tell us more about the pre match meal michael

    R KR K15 dager siden
  • the should sell the club after every thing every player have gone because the do not buy it just the willing not buy it

    Sam TadSam Tad15 dager siden
  • I wish i was in the stadium. I never visited it

    LadiozLadioz15 dager siden
  • Those protesters achieved NOTHING, all they've done is make Man Utd look bad and English football look bad, they are NOT fans in the true sense of the word, they are vile, evil scum, that's all they really are,

    Brittany WokilBrittany Wokil15 dager siden
  • Fans seem to have forgotten or never really understood that the inception of the PL was the beginning of corporate football in the Uk. The huge money from TV rights, advertising, kit & boot producers and higher ticket prices etc that began the times of contracts for players and managers in the tens of millions per year, set the foundations for what we are seeing now. Corporations are in this game for one reason only, ever increasing profit ....that´s the reality. We sold our souls for better players and managers in the hope we could reach the top. The global world of big money football we welcomed with open arms now owns the game.... and we will continue to pay the ever increasing costs (profits), whatever they be! In a world where poverty, food banks, kids going unfed and without basic clothing and heating, football players & managers get hundreds of thousands PER WEEK....... is that really the kind of society you want to live in ?

    The Gentle WalkThe Gentle Walk15 dager siden
  • The greed and corruption in football needs to stop

    PaddyPaddy15 dager siden
  • The Glazers are like Kronke at Arsenal, they are not fans of the sport..they are 100% businessmen. Their priority is how much the club is making them on the stock exchange.

    Paul HirstPaul Hirst15 dager siden
    • Glazers are sport fans. But only American NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

      E PE P13 dager siden
  • Buy a club on debt, with no investment.

    Naasik HendricksNaasik Hendricks15 dager siden
  • People love to hate on MO. Spoilt footballers, this, that and the other. He was answering a question. He was just talking about the routine players have and how important that is to professional athletes. Anyone who has performed at a decent level in sport would know that.

    MPXMPX15 dager siden
  • Bottom line this is not how you protest but I do feel Utd should be made an example 10 point minimum plus a fine

    Mark PullingerMark Pullinger15 dager siden
  • Ppl think this is a 1 off we have been doing this since 2005 when we were winning prem titles and champions leagues because we seen it all coming and everyone just let it happen the government let some1 buy 1 of the biggest clubs in the world on debt and pay a billion in interest to j.p Morgan who funded the super league can ppl not see what they did

    Messymouf EntertainmentMessymouf Entertainment15 dager siden
  • The man united INSURRECTION ROFL

    Vvoh vaelezVvoh vaelez15 dager siden
  • Owen taking about food constantly like there's players not eating muppet honestly put him with souness just pointless

    Messymouf EntertainmentMessymouf Entertainment15 dager siden
  • What is they guy going on about?? Talking about food like nothing's going on! We're protesting dude! We want the glazers out! Get your shit right before you starting talking on tv!

    Reuben LaitthmaReuben Laitthma15 dager siden
  • 2 multi millionaires discussing OUR game on the SCUMedia who dictate when we can support our teams !

    MyPOD-Net (mc5)MyPOD-Net (mc5)15 dager siden
  • The football world is collapsing and Owens sitting there like “I wonder if they have had their pregame meal?” Like what the???🥴

    Simple Sports ProductionsSimple Sports Productions15 dager siden
    • @Simple Sports Productions it was not off topic tho from the players perspective it is a factor

      Grassroots FootballGrassroots Football13 dager siden
    • @Grassroots Football No one in the comment section is debating the need to eat before a game, what ppl are pointing to is how bizarre and off topic Owen was and his inability to provide anything meaningful to the conversation. He is there banging on about the nutritional merits of pregame food for far too long when there’s people running around on the pitch at Old Trafford. There’s bigger issues involved than if the players get there kale and macronutrients on time 🥴

      Simple Sports ProductionsSimple Sports Productions14 dager siden
    • it does make a big difference for the players themselves.. owen being an ex pro would be aware of this even tho 99% of the commenters o here aren't

      Grassroots FootballGrassroots Football14 dager siden
  • I think we all can see now, that Man Utd fans are what they are, hooligans. Dock them points, fine and jail them!

    Itsa GoalItsa Goal15 dager siden
  • owen of owen u roddy spoilt beas

    key bearkey bear15 dager siden
  • Hit the owners in the pocket. Drop in income and reduction in share price. Easy. Target the sources of income. Concerted worldwide effort to boycott all sponsors by disenfranchised fans, plus directly avoid the purchase of all Manchester United related products.

    Ross GriffinRoss Griffin15 dager siden
  • Man U fans in Jamaica. Damn!!! We missed that MF protest yoooaw!!!! The fans jumping on the seats miss those days sitting there. As if they were saying _ oh this was my seat, that was my seat😂😂.

    GNO SclashGNO Sclash15 dager siden
  • "POWER TO THE PEOPLE" (fans rule👏!)

    Robert BruceRobert Bruce15 dager siden
  • For 80 million pound a year in dividends you can hate me all you want lol.

    Andrew GemmellAndrew Gemmell15 dager siden
  • Owen was more concerned about the food and players preparation than the real issue!!!! Glazers Out!

    Alex MulugetaAlex Mulugeta15 dager siden
  • Back our fans 100% . Glazers out!

    Wreckin 45Wreckin 4515 dager siden
  • Working class fans vs American vulture capitalists, they've taken the clubs and now they've begun to Privatize the NHS. Make no mistake this is just the start of things and Mancunians have lit the match. The North Will Rise Again.

    Jack FergusonJack Ferguson15 dager siden
  • There are only two options left for the Glazers. Either sell the Club or buy one CB, one Mid-fielder and one forward. Perhaps the we fans may forgive the Glazers. Otherwise the signs are extremely ominous for the Glazers. Cheapee Charlie's like the Glazers come and go. Manchester United will always be there.

    Bijay MallaBijay Malla15 dager siden
  • Oh my god 😀

    Vimee SadayanVimee Sadayan15 dager siden
  • Premier League the most corrupted league in the world.All owners out and cut all player salaries from 400.000 a week(pervert!!) to 4.000 a month

    Peter RadtkePeter Radtke15 dager siden
    • Cutting players wages is not going to happen...Leicester city is the model of a modern football club with owners who listen to the fans look after the fans and put into the club and not take out again...if the fans want the glazers out then they had better find 3 billion pounds to buy them out for 51% of the club

      Central AccessCentral Access15 dager siden
  • Owen the dumbest of the pundits.

    David MoogarDavid Moogar15 dager siden
  • I love those three 👏👏my favorites

    Ibrahima DieneIbrahima Diene15 dager siden
  • United fans have had enough! #GlazersOut

    Hrishabh SanghviHrishabh Sanghvi15 dager siden
  • Shut up owen

    sanaz atabakisanaz atabaki15 dager siden
  • Football in England is looking like a wild

    Embhah LyngkhoiEmbhah Lyngkhoi15 dager siden
  • The disconnect is at every club, protest for change needs to happen at every single Premier match until change happens is no different to wanting change against racism

    Leonard BosmanLeonard Bosman15 dager siden
  • Who cares about bloody meals,, get a grip

    Leonard BosmanLeonard Bosman15 dager siden
  • You the media are just as bad as the glazers, greed, money, football wages

    Leonard BosmanLeonard Bosman15 dager siden
  • Owen making a meal out of it

    Daniel MartinDaniel Martin15 dager siden
  • Its 16 years of toxic ownership of these Glazers which has boiled over into this protest. Its time to give the club back to the community.

    A. LongA. Long15 dager siden
  • WTF is Owen going on about 😂😂😂

    MR WICKERMR WICKER15 dager siden
  • Couped a 5 star hotel...

    John SmithJohn Smith15 dager siden
  • Ya let me down optus stirring up the fans im gonna have me self a cup of tea and a buttered scon

    Tu pick SCCTu pick SCC15 dager siden
  • This is good for the Glazers. Fan protest becomes disorderly riot. They probably organized it. Let the fans do a whip round and collect two billion pounds to buy out the owners.

    robert williamsrobert williams15 dager siden
  • The owner’s don’t give damm

    Ken WhitbreadKen Whitbread15 dager siden
  • So who are those wanks?

    Alan TurnbullAlan Turnbull15 dager siden
  • WHAT THE ACTUAL FUDGE has the meals got to do with the situation? How’s he a pundit

    Kamil akramKamil akram15 dager siden
  • Taking our clubs from our communities is an absolute disgrace we need to not care about the riches these devil's offer us and bring the game back into the PEOPLE'S hands and CONTROL the future of OUR GAME with more emphasis on the development of BRITISH YOUTH IN BRITISH FOOTBALL We have not won a world cup since 1966 enough is enough

    Wolf Hound DogWolf Hound Dog15 dager siden
  • the club is owned by the supporters.. end of

    chefblancchefblanc15 dager siden
  • What the fuck is on about

    John bJohn b15 dager siden
  • 'covid element' my arse .. its a fakin scam wake up son.. they know it, we know it, the world knows it..

    chefblancchefblanc15 dager siden
  • It’s time to go .... easy

    working with natureworking with nature15 dager siden
  • Jesus that "No room for fascism" bs speaks for itself doesn't it?

    Phoenix LandsbergPhoenix Landsberg15 dager siden
  • Glazers Do the right thing in the right way for the right reasons " sell the club and leave Manchester "

    KasraKasra15 dager siden
  • We also want FSG OUT

    Gail ThorpeGail Thorpe15 dager siden
  • This has cost millions for nothing. Could have helped the homeless out.

    Wayne FerrierWayne Ferrier15 dager siden
  • It's a new millennium in a capitalist world. What used to be a sport is now a business. What would it cost to buy this club "back"??

    MachineThatCreatesMachineThatCreates15 dager siden
  • Can somebody get this man a sandwich?

    Caspia DegrelleCaspia Degrelle15 dager siden
  • No one who stops the team playing should ever have a say in the running of the club!

    jiggersotoolejiggersotoole15 dager siden
    • @Alex Keenan fans(fanatics) should never be able to decide when a team plays

      olan Richardsolan Richards15 dager siden
    • @andrew harmon your entire argument is blinkered and hypocritical. If a fan is priced out, of going to the game they are priced out by another fan. Therefore the problem is not the owners but your fellow fans.

      jiggersotoolejiggersotoole15 dager siden
    • @jiggersotoole bet you have never been within a mile of Old Trafford. You would gladly see our fan base priced out and replaced with day tripping tourists who go straight to the megastore and don't know or care enough about the club to give a shit if it's soul is ripped out, along with the £2bn that has been stolen.

      andrew harmonandrew harmon15 dager siden
    • @Alex Keenan I'm a fan and I've been a fan for 60 years and I wanted the team to play. I support the team. You stopped the team playing, you dont represent me. You lot dont speak for me!

      jiggersotoolejiggersotoole15 dager siden
    • @jiggersotoole fans decide when the team plays it's our club

      Alex KeenanAlex Keenan15 dager siden
  • Who gives a shit about the meal?! Not a small minority of United fans. Just the ones that live in Manchester that have some balls.

    JamesJames15 dager siden
  • It's all a load of ✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️

    deadly 0101deadly 010115 dager siden
  • Fans can as well come back to the stadiums

    Lord BailishLord Bailish15 dager siden
  • Proud of those fans ,bullshit media trying to spin the hooligans Tag . Media used the fans 2 weeks ago when there bread was off the table .. you have s protest you normally get a bit of trouble . Suffragettes thugs , miners thugs , pride ,thugs.. real criminals are the owners

    barbaro Helmbarbaro Helm15 dager siden
  • Security n police saw people gathering untill they invade a stadium when 2 bigest english teams r playin...come on guyz

    Lord BailishLord Bailish15 dager siden
  • IF THEY CUD UNITE AGAINST RACISM football n sport will be better..this was a planed english protest against Spanish mafia...

    Lord BailishLord Bailish15 dager siden
  • Aren't the "Glazer Family" satisfied with their pound of flesh? Glazers are a Cancer. REMOVE THEM.....BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!

    Andreina RangelAndreina Rangel15 dager siden
  • mike owen talks shite !

    True TothegameTrue Tothegame15 dager siden

    MitooMitoo15 dager siden
    • Stfu

      Dien AkeDien Ake15 dager siden
    • Ferguson always defended the Glazers.

      Goncalo AmaralGoncalo Amaral15 dager siden
  • 9:10 this guy, I dont know who he is, explains it perfectly. Imagine a boss or owner of any business and never meeting or knowing or even caring what their employees do, how they do it, how successful or not they are. Imagine having a boss / owner like that. Then fans are not under contract t so they can express themselves freely contrary to the players and manager. The FANS ARE THE TRUE VOICE OF THIS CONFLICT AND THE TRUE VOICE OF FOOTBALL.

    David MarquezDavid Marquez15 dager siden
    • The Fans are idiots

      Five Hundred IQFive Hundred IQ15 dager siden