Boost your system speeds with the Western Digital WD Black series!

9. mai. 2020
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Don’t bottleneck your system with slow storage devices- learn how to choose the right drive for your PC, Laptop or Console! In this video I go over the different storage solutions that Western Digital’s WD_BLACK line has to offer.
*This video is sponsored by Western Digital*
⦁ WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive:
⦁ WD_BLACK P50 Game Drive SSD:
⦁ WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive:
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  • Thankyou you settled my mind 👏🏻💯

    RuDe ClutchRuDe Clutch5 dager siden
  • I just bought a sn750 500gb w/out a heat sink, and crystaldiskinfo says it is staying at the ambient room temperature of 25 degrees c (77 degrees f) Our house is usually like 71f but with our fireplace going, it is up around 75 to 80 degrees. Is this good, and means I shouldn't worry about throttling? Because if I am using my pc knowledge, and logic, I think it is.

    BG DaveBG DaveMåned siden
  • Is the hard drive light so post to stay on even if the system is off?

    Secret Mullet ManSecret Mullet ManMåned siden
  • You had to be doing something wrong on game loading times. SSDs will halve or more most game load times. This is the only video I’ve ever seen where an HDD speed tested the same as an SSD on game loads. On another note I use the 8TB D10 to hold my games and the 1TB P50 to run my games. WD BLack is a superb gaming drive line.

    JustinJustin2 måneder siden
  • How's the write speed (OR performance) once drive gets almost filled up ? say if drive is 5 TB p10 drive and almost 3.5 TB is filled.

    santosh shettysantosh shetty2 måneder siden
  • WD Black D10. At what temperature of the disk the active fan cooling turns on?

    bramowicz1bramowicz12 måneder siden
  • Do those extra USB ports on WD Black D10 have digital connection, or they are just for charging only?

    LukeBunkerexploder16 WKGLukeBunkerexploder16 WKG2 måneder siden
  • Ok so if I unplug it from my PS4 will the games go back on the consoles or the drive as I’m getting the ps5 and I don’t know if all my games are on the console?

    IIJuggyIIIIJuggyII2 måneder siden
  • he never even reviewed the wd blck 2.5 inch drive...WTF!!!!

    MarkMark2 måneder siden
  • hello.can you please tell me for games over 100 gb,how do i need to format the 8 tb one?for pc use.i tried ntfs,using the biggest allocation unit size,i tried with the defalt one,i tried same with exfat and still i got the error not enough space for installing(i want ark on it).how can i do it?thank you

    akashaqueen11akashaqueen113 måneder siden
  • how much did they pay you to say that their external HDD had the same load times in games as an NVME ssd? lmfaoooo

    mitchmitch3 måneder siden
  • I didn’t expect getting all the answers I need in the first review video I clicked. Great job. I wanted to find out speed in video and games actually. This is really spot on

    Bezalel the CreativeBezalel the Creative3 måneder siden
  • hi, can i use this both for pc and ps4? Like to install ps4 games, but also use this for storing data on my pc, or i can only do one of them?

    William SuryaWilliam Surya4 måneder siden
  • Does the 12GB D10 drive have a sleep function? if i want to use the 12gb drive mostly as media storage for movies. Can the drive still go to sleep when not in use and if so, how long does it take to wake back up?. The reason i'm asking this is because this is a Game drive and I would suspect that a game drive would always be on and spinning, ready to load up a game. But I need it to go to sleep sometimes too. I don't want it spinning 24/7 because that limits a HDD lifespan (instead of it dying in 8 years with sleep mode, it now dies in only 4 years)

    VizioN-ScopeVizioN-Scope4 måneder siden
  • just buy a ssd enclosure and a nvme drive for 10 gbps since most electronics use the 10gb port at most

    iSalvador FreddyiSalvador Freddy5 måneder siden
  • The 8TB Model does *not* have USB passthrough. Those USB ports are for charging only.

    Esteban MedagliaEsteban Medaglia5 måneder siden
  • the 1tb wd black m.2 nvme ssd is 330 EUR in my country in usa its only 180 dollars

    Kes2006Kes20066 måneder siden
  • Is a seagate barracuda a good HDD internal hard drive?

    NaMiRhythmzNaMiRhythmz6 måneder siden
  • should i use the p10 as my main storage device for games and also have an nvme so i wouldn't have to use an internal hdd

    lilcarcrashlilcarcrash6 måneder siden
  • hey show us on how to build a pc with the western digital black series.

    UnknownsqdUnknownsqd6 måneder siden
  • ~2:30 You silly! 20Gbps isn't 20 gigabytes per second!!! Usb 3.2 gen2x2 isn't that fast!

    Noud ZandbergenNoud Zandbergen6 måneder siden
  • Nice. Corsair M.2 SSD still undefeated in terms of speed

    Noud ZandbergenNoud Zandbergen6 måneder siden
  • Haven't WD got PCie 4 NVMe s?

    DushiDushi6 måneder siden
  • Please Render settings for VEGAS PRO 17

    Felix LFTFelix LFT6 måneder siden
  • Am I able to apply this into my gaming laptop?

    bbyadenbbyaden6 måneder siden
    • If your laptop has an M.2 slot, sure.

      Jose Javier FloresJose Javier Flores6 måneder siden
  • Perfect timing, just won the WD 1TB Sn750 Nvme w the heatsink in a giveaway

    Charlie DeaconCharlie Deacon6 måneder siden
  • Silicon power is the same if not faster with 3400 read and 3000 write for 20 dollars less and you get 1tb....

    Existing AlienExisting Alien6 måneder siden
  • I was watching one of your older vids and you said you either give away or take apart PCs you make. Are you thinking about selling your next budget Pc. I am getting into the PC world.

    Rocco GodinezRocco Godinez6 måneder siden
  • Thank you so much you inspired me too learn more about pc’s and tech

    Jonathan x SerratoJonathan x Serrato6 måneder siden
  • Hai Ed I am your Instagram fan vishnu

    Shajipulakunnath com Shajipulakunnath comShajipulakunnath com Shajipulakunnath com6 måneder siden
  • What about those who are on a low budget which m.2 would you prefer for good performance

    Christian MolinaChristian Molina6 måneder siden
  • You do realize "WD" stands for "Western Digital"

    Jacob ChristensenJacob Christensen6 måneder siden
  • what laptop is that @3:54?

    Julio ParedesJulio Paredes6 måneder siden
  • Dude awesome tipss man! I'm currently doing a PC build and thank God I watched this hahaha! Awesome

    Ezra EbenEzra Eben6 måneder siden
  • Love the look of these, I need one to story my games on 😄

    Lord DrakingLord Draking6 måneder siden
  • I just bought a WD Blue SSD 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Anthony RamirezAnthony Ramirez6 måneder siden
  • Are these internal or extraction drives

    Siddhant JoshiSiddhant Joshi6 måneder siden
    • M.2 SSDs are internal and the other ones he showed are external.

      Jose Javier FloresJose Javier Flores6 måneder siden
  • Can I add this to a laptop

    Mohammed AbdelrazekMohammed Abdelrazek6 måneder siden

    Tousif RahmanTousif Rahman6 måneder siden
  • Lots of likes from india

    warlord Rakeshwarlord Rakesh6 måneder siden
  • Er der overhovedet danskere der ser denne her kanal (write on danish if you want to translate)

    DuckyGaming2k20DuckyGaming2k206 måneder siden
  • Can you buy me a pc 👉👈

    VeyxVeyx6 måneder siden
  • is the setup war still going on. if yes then from where can i enter. and add me in worst setup war edition. plaese say how can i enter. thank you

    IndianGamer_ VaradIndianGamer_ Varad6 måneder siden
  • I need a new setup

    puppylove7771puppylove77716 måneder siden
  • I really wish I had a pc.

    Sarim AbbasSarim Abbas6 måneder siden
  • The best nvme I ever had

    sebastien clementsebastien clement6 måneder siden

    WeirdoWeirdo6 måneder siden
  • because of corona, pc parts price are rising, i have to save more money, damn being a kid is hard

    The ChadSixthThe ChadSixth6 måneder siden
  • Abi türkçe alt yazı koyarmısın seni anlamakta zorluk çekiyorum.

    Emir SağlamEmir Sağlam6 måneder siden
  • When quarantine is over can you setup makeover my setup I have a single monitor with a 35 dollar keyboard and mouse and a broken 20$ microphone with a headset that can only output sound discord is ElecBoogaloo#8547

    EBoogalooEBoogaloo6 måneder siden
    • No

      Abrto __Abrto __5 måneder siden
  • i would do anything for a stream gaming setup love all the your videos keep up the good work

    BBK JUMPBBK JUMP6 måneder siden
  • The only thing that can boost my system is "money".

    Willy BFNWilly BFN6 måneder siden
  • I want to get an ssd upgrade for my razer blade 15, will the sn750 with heatsink fit?

    Daniel Gómez CoronaDaniel Gómez Corona6 måneder siden
  • "If you can afford then you can enjoy"

    Kanav SinghKanav Singh6 måneder siden
  • xbox users this will be no good when xbox series x arrives the new xbox will only read your external hdd and ssd and wont save to them .

    Colin FairbairnColin Fairbairn6 måneder siden
  • WD p10 uses old hard drive. I mean used.

    Yingli LiuYingli Liu6 måneder siden
  • Can you make my pc please bro I have nothing in my pc on GPU 4gb ram please make my pc bro I am live in India please bro

    Ajeet SankhlaAjeet Sankhla6 måneder siden
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    Seanneol EbneazerSeanneol Ebneazer6 måneder siden
  • False. A HDD will have substantially higher loading times for games

    Mustafiz KhanMustafiz Khan6 måneder siden
  • Had this and samsung evo 970, and reading speed difference are negligible while WD black being cheaper. Best SSD for speed per dollar

    TheBigBenjTheBigBenj6 måneder siden
  • Dude I wish I could have a better pc or pc like the ones I see in the setup wars videos but sadly to this covid stuff the money we saved has been used for other supplies

    SpotifySetupSpotifySetup6 måneder siden
  • That’s not the fastest portable USB...... Check out the Samsung X5

    LP PhotographyLP Photography6 måneder siden
  • ik u won’t see this but i just really want a new upgrade because rn i have a ps4 and i’ve been wanting a pc for the past 3 years and i just haven’t had the money and i’m enough information to build my own but u have helped me a lot so i just wanted to that you for helping me out

    Icon Clan GamersIcon Clan Gamers6 måneder siden
  • Hi i need help with you could you please make setup makeover.

    FreddelinoFreddelino6 måneder siden
  • You know... We really Love your videos I know that everybody loves entry, mid and high end PC`s but i would love to see how you recomend people to upgrade old or outdated PC`s. like me i have a 10 year old pc and im about to upgrade some things like RAM, CPU and GPU. I`m saying that many people here may not have the budget for a new pc and may have a good enough system for an upgrade. i know there could be many forums and subredits, and even many channels on youtube on this but personaly looking this from you specialy. :)

    Esteban MolinaEsteban Molina6 måneder siden
  • Over priced though

    ZigzagZigzag6 måneder siden
  • Is it better than the Corsair mp600?

    SoLiD G0LdSoLiD G0Ld6 måneder siden
  • and at 2:24!! no it's not the fastest portable Drive!!! the fastest is still the Samsung X5 which has a R/W of 2800 and 2300

    Swiss ChocoSwiss Choco6 måneder siden
  • I thought I had ad blocker on

    Aaron FullerAaron Fuller6 måneder siden
  • The XPG SX8200 is the same or better specs at a significant cost savings. 2Tb @ $270 vs $340 for the SN750 2Tb. Both have 5yr warranties however, the XPG offers 2million hours MTBF vs WD's 1.75; The XPG also has 1280TBW vs the WD's 1200TBW. The XPG is 25% cheaper with a better warranty period and same Read/Write performance.

    Branden BrooksBranden Brooks6 måneder siden
  • I personally have the 500gb sn750 and can reccomend it. Everything so snappy and my pc loads up time is 13 seconds. Everyone on Samsung but u pay a big premium for nominal difference.

    NompackNompack6 måneder siden
  • This is gonna sound a bit early but I think we need another PC build. Im runnin' out of Pc porn...

    Clorox BleachClorox Bleach6 måneder siden
  • WD would sell hot cakes with these finally they are using their head Always wondered why it took so long for them to have a variety of WD black

    RandomVideoProductionRandomVideoProduction6 måneder siden
  • love Western Digital, but they are going waaay to expensive to be honest, i mean, i get it... fast and tons of space cost - but this much? many of us still using HDD ofcourse, .. the worst part is that many cases in the past 3 years have this stupid trend to not longer came with more than 2 or 3 HDD 3.5'' bays... and we need more of those.

    Jheyo venero roncalJheyo venero roncal6 måneder siden
  • prior to this year, i would tell people to stay away from WD drives. then i got an SN750, and so far im impressed. so impressed i have a 2nd one on the way to replace my 860 evo. and attached to my computer is the d10 8tb drive. which is a complete backup of my server. so for someone who in 2019 was telling people to avoid WD drives, i can say they finally got their shit back together and are making quality products again

    Jake ZiganJake Zigan6 måneder siden
  • Man ,how can i participate in war episode plz plz plz reply man

    #Tunez Production#Tunez Production6 måneder siden
  • I'm in between going with a Ryzen 5 3600 and an Radeon RX 5700 XT Or A Ryzen 3700x and then a Radeon 5600 XT Can't do both because of budget reasons, which do you think i should go with

    Hunter BrownHunter Brown6 måneder siden
  • Can you help my i want better gaming setup

    razeraze6 måneder siden
  • At 3:08 you call the 2 usb ports pass throughs when infact they are only for charging.

    LionheartNhLionheartNh6 måneder siden
  • Watch this show remind me of watching Chrisfix fix his cars

    Takauchi NishikaTakauchi Nishika6 måneder siden
  • I have a question I have a Mac so can the game drive improve like a good proportion for Gmail g or just like a bit

    Devil DragonDevil Dragon6 måneder siden
  • You can’t notice the difference in speeds between sata and nvme. Just go for the cheaper one. Sata also comes in the m.2 form factor not just nvme.

    GoldAsh17GoldAsh176 måneder siden
  • At least hes open in the title about this 6:29 long ad

    Bouncy ChillupsBouncy Chillups6 måneder siden
  • Forget that shit. it's so overpriced almost no one will want it.

    JPJP6 måneder siden
  • Well, I still would go wth a crucial BX series ssd

    Banana in PyjamaBanana in Pyjama6 måneder siden
  • what laptop were you using ?

    Sammy SpitzerSammy Spitzer6 måneder siden
  • SMR?

    gecko rindagecko rinda6 måneder siden
  • Can you make a giveaway for one ?

    AB RamseAB Ramse6 måneder siden
  • I have a SN750. It's okay I used it as a boot drive, I wasnt impressed with the speeds. Eventually I went with a Samsung 970 pro. I'm much happier, I still have the SN750 I moved it to my second M.2 slot and use it for a few games I play regularly

    TAGEtheMAGETAGEtheMAGE6 måneder siden
  • Eh too expensive

    Alex PerezAlex Perez6 måneder siden
  • This is an advert, no thanks

    Amateur WizardAmateur Wizard6 måneder siden
  • I’m a little confused because once I have the PC and the monitors set up, why do we need the external speakers and headphones if I want to record videos with audio and sound?

    Idk a good NameIdk a good Name6 måneder siden
  • I have a bunch of pc parts that Idk if they are compatible. Could you help?

    Augie PolemanAugie Poleman6 måneder siden
  • You really gonna release this a week after I buy a 2tb drive Q.Q

    WesleyWesley6 måneder siden
  • Made a video for Pakistan because these things are more than double the price in Pakistan

    Fighting ClimaxFighting Climax6 måneder siden
  • In my experience games currently read ~220MBs max.. sata/nvme perform about the same

    J NOJ NO6 måneder siden
  • Awesome! Will buy the 5tb one.

    Guy FoxGuy Fox6 måneder siden
  • hey TechSource i am gonna build my first pc once corona is over (cos of shipping delay) I have chose some parts and if you could just tell me if its ok and what needs to be improved, that would mean a lot thank you. and yes i am on your server and i was in tech support channel and no one could help at the moment. my budget is around $2500 to $3000 max aud. and its a gaming pc

    xLaprasxLapras6 måneder siden
  • Love your video thx again! Hello i need help i have a i5 6600k cpu,1070 gpu,16go ddr4 and my game (warzone) just crash with fatal error and before that my cpu usage was at 100% each time i play. I try to reset the game + blizzard. Reset my pc, check for update and everything looking good... :/ Did i need to change my cpu and motherboard ? Thx for the help !!

    David MaisonneuveDavid Maisonneuve6 måneder siden
  • Let's get him to 2.5 milli. The most humble and underrated youtuber. A person that actually spends money and time to make a good vid. Keep it up Ed. ♥️♥️🙏

    Mohammed NabilMohammed Nabil6 måneder siden
    • @shock jockey it his job. That's literally how he makes his money, ads.

      Mohammed NabilMohammed Nabil6 måneder siden
    • This entire video is an ad and your calling him humble LOL.

      shock jockeyshock jockey6 måneder siden