Best FPL Captain Gameweek 25 | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2020/21

19. feb.. 2021
43 775 Ganger

In this video I take a look through who the best captain options are ahead of FPL Gameweek 25.
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  • Who are you captaining for Gameweek 25?

    Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPL6 dager siden
    • Ings

      DB 20DB 205 dager siden
    • Salah

      Matt MurdockMatt Murdock5 dager siden
    • @Antony Ambrose u sure abt tht? Let's see

      Ryan TiongRyan Tiong6 dager siden
    • Salah

      georgiegeorgie6 dager siden
    • Bamford for me, wouldn’t be surprised with a good return from Salah against Everton though.

      Steve CrawfordSteve Crawford6 dager siden
  • Hey, is Fernández going to play? I thing he have 5 yellow cards

    Gonzalo GuzmanGonzalo GuzmanDag siden
  • Toss up between Bammy and Raphy really

    Ottawa3453Ottawa34535 dager siden
  • Start alioski or ben mee?

    AGAG5 dager siden
  • Don't know who to captain out of the Leeds boys.

    Archie Craigie HalkettArchie Craigie Halkett5 dager siden
  • Brought in Pereira this week.. Risky captain pick here we come😬!!!

    luke hanahoeluke hanahoe6 dager siden
  • McCarthy or Martinez??

    Ladan MahgoubLadan Mahgoub6 dager siden
  • Thanks for the gr8 video, Andy. Just one comment... Bamford is not the fixed Penalty Kick taker for Leeds. He actually shares the PK's with Klich, who does seem to get a nod ahead of him (Klich took 3 of last 4). Also, Leeds don't seem to get many penalty kicks anyway, they only got 3 PK's in 24 EPL matches this season.

    Hossam MoanessHossam Moaness6 dager siden
  • For the first time in years I have no Liverpool players in my team

    Ricardo Shilly-ShallyRicardo Shilly-Shally6 dager siden
  • I have Sterling and Gundagon, do I take either out for either KDB or Foden for a -4. Very worried about either of them!

    Steve CrawfordSteve Crawford6 dager siden
  • Looking at Palace stats and i think they should be getting back on track. I fancy Benteke, Ayew looks good as well, your thoughts?

    georgiegeorgie6 dager siden
  • 6:58? Chelsea were shocking defensively last year, pretty sure they conceded more goals than Crystal Palace

    glenstefanglenstefan6 dager siden
    • Just looked up their xGA and I wasn’t aware it was so low compared to actual goals conceded. Would suggest Kepa was a bigger problem than I remember so fair point

      glenstefanglenstefan6 dager siden
    • Their defensive stats were pretty good though, one of the big issues was Kepa.

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPL6 dager siden
  • & what about Ward prowse, De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva..???

    The VIPERThe VIPER6 dager siden
  • I have Ederson and Mcarthy Should i use Mcarthy since its dubbel gameweek or stick with the Ederson?

    SeaDawgOSTSeaDawgOST6 dager siden
  • How are you brushing over son and kane vs West ham

    E UE U6 dager siden
  • The difference between bruno and sallah's ppm that season is actually very very minimal like .2 or so

    Kevin EbediKevin Ebedi6 dager siden
  • For me its gonna be Patrick Bamford

    Bisayo FatoyeBisayo Fatoye6 dager siden
  • Start Mccarthy or pope?

    Sennen CampbellSennen Campbell6 dager siden
  • Turning point for Southampton - I just know it

    A GA G6 dager siden
  • Wasn't kepa keeping for chelsea last season?? Among the best defences last season. Not too sure

    Kevin EbediKevin Ebedi6 dager siden
  • Is Gundogen fit?

    Nathan AliNathan Ali6 dager siden
  • Fantastic memories of lord lunstram last year .. absolutely madd like this guy was like 4 ,4.5 when i bought him . 4m defender smashing doubles😭😂

    Kevin EbediKevin Ebedi6 dager siden
  • Great video and content, as always! This may sound stupid, but if you have a flagged player, is it not worth playing them, and if they don't play. You get the highest scoring player from your bench?

    Ryan ToddRyan Todd6 dager siden
    • You don't get the highest scoring player from your bench, but the sub you prioritised. Other than that, true

      Saketh EdpugantiSaketh Edpuganti6 dager siden
    • I can see what you’re saying but the only risk is that they get subbed on towards the end of the game. They might end up only getting 1 point for playing less than 10 minutes or so

      Jack RolfeJack Rolfe6 dager siden
  • Is Che Adams a no go? Why did he not play last week? Will Manamino play instead or as well.

    Tom RendellTom Rendell6 dager siden
  • Bamford doesn’t have penalties, Klich does

    George PetersGeorge Peters6 dager siden
  • Should I start McCarthy or pope

    Arjun JalanArjun Jalan6 dager siden
    • @Lee owens cool thanks mate

      Arjun JalanArjun Jalan6 dager siden
    • Pope

      Lee owensLee owens6 dager siden
  • Ings should've scored two vs Newcastle, but I don't get the hype. I wouldn't put him in my team. I did at the beginning and he did well, then he got injured and I've not been interested since.

    Charles MillerCharles Miller6 dager siden
  • I'm taking a risk TRIPLE CAPTAINING Raphinia .

    senaysenay6 dager siden
    • A risk too far.

      Andrew FrostAndrew Frost6 dager siden
  • Would you play Cavani or DCL this week?

    Emil RylandEmil Ryland6 dager siden
  • Is Antonio fit?

    David SmithDavid Smith6 dager siden
  • As someone who's leading my leagues, I've read it prudent to (c) Bamford. I want to go Raphinha though as I love (c) mids. I always get it wrong anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter.

    Charles MillerCharles Miller6 dager siden
    • @El Poundo Perhaps the standard of my MLs aren't that great lol. 60k OR at the moment.

      Charles MillerCharles Miller6 dager siden
    • Leading leagues but always get it wrong. Em OK

      El PoundoEl Poundo6 dager siden
  • It said "O.94" not "0.94" - I'm unsubscribing.

    Hupo KritesHupo Krites6 dager siden
    • Huh?

      ZeroGHome24ZeroGHome245 dager siden
    • Ok

      Jordon NelsonJordon Nelson6 dager siden
  • Are the fixtures confirmed yet????

    Garry MooreGarry Moore6 dager siden
  • McCathey with double or Pope with WBA?

    nellysannellysan6 dager siden
  • I’m triple captaining bednarek 🤪

    John MurrayJohn Murray6 dager siden
  • Love the consistency Andy, might even be above Fernandes!

    Jared GJared G6 dager siden
  • I have two free transfers so should i sell Dcl and buy danny ings or sell Antonio ??

    RobbieRobbie6 dager siden
    • Keep DCL and sell antonio

      jack holmesjack holmes6 dager siden
  • Sterling and Watkins or Gundogan and Kane?

    Shane McGowanShane McGowan6 dager siden
  • Would u play areola or mccarthy with the double

    CormacCormac6 dager siden
  • What do you think of triple captaining Bamford? If not when do you think you might target to use your TC?

    ApAp6 dager siden
    • @HAMZAH yeah I'm thinking the same, I might break kane and son in next week if they have it and tc Kane

      ApAp6 dager siden
    • I think Kane has a good dgw 26 but it isn’t confirmed yet,

      HAMZAHHAMZAH6 dager siden
  • should i triple cap this week if i plan to bench boost 26 ?

    Che HoswellChe Hoswell6 dager siden
  • Bamford

    B BlairB Blair6 dager siden
  • Does the legend replie??? 🤩

    Milo AisbittMilo Aisbitt6 dager siden
  • Harrison captan

    andrej vladimir Prskaloandrej vladimir Prskalo6 dager siden
  • Triple captain bamford ?

    wael armaliwael armali6 dager siden
  • Kalvin's grandmother has passed away yesterday morning. RIP to Grandma Val 🙏🏼. Could be why Kalvin's not playing

    Clifford HowieClifford Howie6 dager siden
  • going for a huge punt, triple captaining Minamino lmfao

    hagoiTVhagoiTV6 dager siden
    • @hagoiTV fair play lad 👏🏼

      glenstefanglenstefan5 dager siden
    • ​@glenstefan hehehe what u saying now? 😏

      hagoiTVhagoiTV5 dager siden
    • Excluding Rudigers ridiculous own goal against Sheffield United, Chelsea haven’t conceded a goal for 7 games in a row. “Huge punt” is an understatement

      glenstefanglenstefan6 dager siden
    • Do he play 2 games

      Akash BabuAkash Babu6 dager siden
  • Dier or rudiger?

    Jake RobertsJake Roberts6 dager siden
  • captain minamino differential

    AaravM17AaravM176 dager siden
  • Gotta go Harrison

    Rylan NewmanRylan Newman6 dager siden
    • @GEORGE EFFRAIMIDIS hope it works out for ya

      Rylan NewmanRylan Newman6 dager siden
    • @Rylan Newman i will play risky and i will triple captain him,i dont have something to lose,i am 2.7M in the ranking

    • @GEORGE EFFRAIMIDIS feel like he's gonna provide the juice this gw

      Rylan NewmanRylan Newman6 dager siden
    • i have him,nice choice

  • 4k views 40mins ago 404 likes 4 disliked *"Finally, inner peace"*

    TekkerzFCTekkerzFC6 dager siden
    • 5 dislikes....

      Darius PalmerDarius Palmer6 dager siden
    • Now, 4 likes on this comment

      Garry MooreGarry Moore6 dager siden
  • Something new about GW26 ? when we will know schedule ? :((((

    stipe lstipe l6 dager siden
  • My team: *McCarthy* *Dallas* Dias Stones Mee Son Salah *Raphinha* Gundogan Kane *Bamford (c)* Bench: Pope Watkins Grealish Cresswell

    endrentendrent6 dager siden
    • @endrent true but I could see Southampton conceding 2 in both games and giving the -2 so I’m playing it safe with Pope

      Mark GrimleyMark Grimley6 dager siden
    • That makes sense. Then again Leeds has a high shot-ratio, so McCarthy will most likely make a few saves (but also concede). Hmm, difficult.

      endrentendrent6 dager siden
    • I’m playing Pope over McCarthy

      Mark GrimleyMark Grimley6 dager siden
  • yeahh it is up

    Millon EntertainmentMillon Entertainment6 dager siden
  • Im going for rafinha

    Moha ElmadaniMoha Elmadani6 dager siden
  • How about going for Kane as captaincy instead of Bamford? @Let's Talk FPL

    Juzer PoonawalaJuzer Poonawala6 dager siden
  • Whom should I bring in Maja or Diagne? Need someone really differential under 6m

    Atharva DeshpandeAtharva Deshpande6 dager siden
    • Diagne

      JJ TurkeyJJ Turkey6 dager siden
    • Maja

      Rhys Bish’s Barmy ArmyRhys Bish’s Barmy Army6 dager siden
  • I'm at 371k OR so I have to be a little bit balsy if I'd want to have a decent rank so I'll go with Raph 😩

    ObitoTard 97ObitoTard 976 dager siden
  • The problem with Chelsea is the changes at the back. their defence is really good, but the best fpl-defenders, the backs, don't play every game. I have been looking at Chelsea defenders for the last few gw's, but there is just too much changing. If it gets more steady I will be happy to bring a chelsea defender in.

    Jan VisserJan Visser6 dager siden
  • Still captaining Bruno though 🤷‍♂️😅

    AtaraxiaAtaraxia6 dager siden
    • Same here

      Special OneSpecial One6 dager siden
  • Save this comment, ings will score max 6 points for gw 25, thank me after the game

    Ryan TiongRyan Tiong6 dager siden
    • Update: I'm correct 🤣

      Ryan TiongRyan TiongDag siden
    • What did I say 2 points with one more game

      Ryan TiongRyan Tiong5 dager siden
    • possible assist vs LEE, nothing else :(

      georgiegeorgie6 dager siden
    • @William Semere I said he wouldn't score more than 6 points.

      Ryan TiongRyan Tiong6 dager siden
    • @Ryan Tiong how is that possible? 4 points for starting both games, then an assist? But that means that’s 7 innit, nothing makes it 6 points unless he gets an assist and a yellow card

      William SemereWilliam Semere6 dager siden
  • Cheers Andy!

    Sergio RainesSergio Raines6 dager siden
  • Which one? a) play both dias and cancelo b) play dias bench cancelo c) play cancelo bench dias d) bench both dias and cancelo

    Lam CalvinLam Calvin6 dager siden
    • @Lam Calvin I'm with you on that bro 💯

      El PoundoEl Poundo6 dager siden
    • @Jaysukh Pindoriya I think I'll play cancelo and bench dias because cancelo is more likely to get attacking returns. Also if cancelo doesn't play then dias can come on for him automatically.

      Lam CalvinLam Calvin6 dager siden
    • What have u decided....please tell me coz m stuck in the same dilemna

      Jaysukh PindoriyaJaysukh Pindoriya6 dager siden
  • Andy is top man!

    Wong TWong T6 dager siden
  • Im going raphinha!

    Tim JessettTim Jessett6 dager siden
  • Part of the daily ritual, love the early upload too!

    Mat WardMat Ward6 dager siden
  • It goes under the radar how many clean sheets leeds actually get

    James WheeldonJames Wheeldon6 dager siden
    • @Half Baht Make that 8 .... Only 6 teams with more in the league .... 😂

      James WheeldonJames WheeldonDag siden
    • @Half Baht 7 actually - more than Liverpool, Everton, and Wolves

      James WheeldonJames Wheeldon6 dager siden
    • @Ahmed Ali True but fpl doesn't discredit goals conceded to the same extent to which it credits clean sheets.

      James WheeldonJames Wheeldon6 dager siden
    • 5 all season. There's a reason it's under the radar 😂

      Half BahtHalf Baht6 dager siden
    • second most goals conceded after West Brom....

      Ahmed AliAhmed Ali6 dager siden
  • Minamino captain for me.

    Joe FreireJoe Freire6 dager siden
  • Dallas

    Willmore PietersenWillmore Pietersen6 dager siden
  • Saka to raphinha for a hit?

    LewiiisLewiiis6 dager siden
    • Do it

      William SemereWilliam Semere6 dager siden
    • @MrJaydee raphina plays also

      wanamakerwanamaker6 dager siden
    • Nah personally I wouldn’t, Saka has a game in blank gw 29 so you will want him for that

      MrJaydeeMrJaydee6 dager siden
  • Raphinha and Dallas in -4? If not which of the two should I bring in?

    William UsufWilliam Usuf6 dager siden
    • Raphina

      William SemereWilliam Semere6 dager siden
  • Thanks for your work, I hope you'll stay in the top1000. Best of luck Andy! 🙏👊

    Bence DudásBence Dudás6 dager siden
  • Stuck between Bamford and the differential Raphinha

    Nuno EspinhaNuno Espinha6 dager siden
  • Bamford

    ysituationysituation6 dager siden
  • Ederson or McCarthy starting

    Daniel HeywoodDaniel Heywood6 dager siden
    • McCarthy

      You GodYou God6 dager siden
  • Captaining raphinha 27 points incoming

    No bodyNo body6 dager siden
  • It’s that time of the season to start taking risks, I’m going Dallas

    Darragh KellyDarragh Kelly6 dager siden
    • @Zak Yeager Mohamed true but bamford is the main option, I’m a good bit behind so I’m looking for something different

      Darragh KellyDarragh Kelly6 dager siden
    • I couldn’t decide between bamford and raphinha so I just flipped 3 different coins and all landed on raphinha 🤷‍♂️😂😂 signs say captain raphinha

      HAMZAHHAMZAH6 dager siden
    • @Darragh Kelly Bamford has also Been more Lethal Than Dallas In terms of Shots And Chances Created

      Zak Yeager MohamedZak Yeager Mohamed6 dager siden
    • Wolves have Been doing pretty good in winning 2 games and drawing 1 in their past three matches, they have been looking strong on their defence but their might be a cleen sheet against Southamton

      Zak Yeager MohamedZak Yeager Mohamed6 dager siden
    • Could be a good pick, sometimes it's a defender that tends to score the most points like Aina, Lowton, Stones in the double gameweeks

      Atikul IslamAtikul Islam6 dager siden
  • I like before watching the video 😅

    Vidic Isaacs15Vidic Isaacs156 dager siden
  • do you think KDB will play this week?

    FUFUFUFU6 dager siden
    • he might come on as sub

      Zain KhanZain Khan6 dager siden
  • Watching Andy in HD has me looking back on the bad Internet with the same level of nostalgia I look back on the pre-VAR days

    Seamas FallonSeamas Fallon6 dager siden
    • The uploads are in the same resolution they have been all season 😂 Only difference is it takes me far less time to upload! Only streams should look different.

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPL6 dager siden
  • Guys would it be worth getting in Raphina for Grealish this week and doing the reverse next week? Would lose 0.2m

    MatthewMatthew6 dager siden
    • I think the better question is "is it worth using up two transfers to swap players to and from your team". Imo, no.

      Mark WoolfordMark Woolford6 dager siden
  • should i start stones or watkins (already playing dias)

    Tom CartridgeTom Cartridge6 dager siden
    • @Pepe The Frog I think cancelo likely to be bench

      R-ReyhR-Reyh6 dager siden
    • @Sebastian K. dias gonna start..he got bench last game cuz of illness

      R-ReyhR-Reyh6 dager siden
    • Stones is more likely to play but Dias was benched the game before last so idk

      Pepe The FrogPepe The Frog6 dager siden
    • i would start stones and watkins and bench dias tbh

      Sebastian K.Sebastian K.6 dager siden
  • Play dcl against Liverpool or Watkins against Leicester ?

    Ribhav BhattRibhav Bhatt6 dager siden
    • Watkins vs Leicester for sure. But at the same time Liverpool’s defence has been leaking pal

      Pepe The FrogPepe The Frog6 dager siden
  • Bamford or Raphinha are definitely the best decision for captaincy

    Ring RingRing Ring6 dager siden
    • @GEORGE EFFRAIMIDIS lol if it was easy to pick one the game wouldn't be interesting

      Enda O BrienEnda O Brien6 dager siden

    • I going minus 4 to get Raphinha in, dunno who to captain, Dallas, Raphinha or Bamford

      Gow MitchGow Mitch6 dager siden
    • I agree actually playing triple on bamford this week.

      Enda O BrienEnda O Brien6 dager siden
  • Thoughts on Gundogan starting? Gabriel Jesus a good shout against Arsenal?

    Half BahtHalf Baht6 dager siden
    • @Half Baht oh ok I still have him on my team but I'm not gonna captain him . who dju think I should captain?

      Zain KhanZain Khan6 dager siden
    • @Zain Khan no, he said he'll be assessed tomorrow

      Half BahtHalf Baht6 dager siden
    • pep confirmed that he is playing

      Zain KhanZain Khan6 dager siden
  • Captained Raphina, taking a punt

    yufy7yufy76 dager siden
  • Credit to all the grinding you doing the last days , videos coming all the time! Keep it up Andy👍

    FPL GiantFPL Giant6 dager siden
  • So much content ..! I don't like it, I LOVE it!

    Andrew PrattAndrew Pratt6 dager siden
  • I'm going Firmino

    Tunde TugaTunde Tuga6 dager siden
    • @GoodSuggestion ButNo very very crazy. He'd never scored against Everton before. I thought it'd be a fairy tale jinx breaker since it was his 200th PL appearance. Sadly didn't workout so

      Tunde TugaTunde Tuga4 dager siden
    • @Tunde Tuga I saw him got 4 points...

      GoodSuggestion ButNoGoodSuggestion ButNo4 dager siden
    • @GoodSuggestion ButNo 2 goals, 90 mins, 3 bonus points. 26points. Bamford can't smell that even with the double. They ain't scoring against Wolves today.

      Tunde TugaTunde Tuga6 dager siden
    • What?

      GoodSuggestion ButNoGoodSuggestion ButNo6 dager siden
  • Andy best tipster of the year

    ysituationysituation6 dager siden
  • Dallas 20 pointer loading

    CrickFreakCrickFreak6 dager siden
  • I’m going big risky this week, pascal struijk😬

    Adsw 99Adsw 996 dager siden
    • Nah Llorente is back, would not consider him other than a bench fodder.

      GoodSuggestion ButNoGoodSuggestion ButNo6 dager siden
    • The only problem with Leeds’s defence is that they’re significantly worse without Phillips

      JacobJacob6 dager siden
    • I also have him but i am benching him

      No bodyNo body6 dager siden
    • id back that if leeds knew how to defend

      Matt HallMatt Hall6 dager siden
    • I went super risky that I took -8

      Trigga GottiiTrigga Gottii6 dager siden
  • What do we think of TC Bamford?

    SuperDuperDan xSuperDuperDan x6 dager siden
    • I believe TC should be a differential, wouldn't gain much in your mini leagues if most of them already are captaining bamford which is guaranteed for this GW

      Jad ShatilaJad Shatila5 dager siden
    • save it for next dgw

      R-ReyhR-Reyh6 dager siden
    • I wouldn’t, there’s better double gameweek comin up for the like of Kane maybe

      HAMZAHHAMZAH6 dager siden
    • Its alright but could be better

      harry rharry r6 dager siden
  • Wolves vs Leeds watchalong 🤔

    Bryan 22Bryan 226 dager siden
    • Fulham v Sheffield United watchalong? 🤪

      Antony AmbroseAntony Ambrose6 dager siden
    • @Let's Talk FPL Fair enough, could be a big way to grow the channel more

      Bryan 22Bryan 226 dager siden
    • Probably not, but I might try and get a game in this weekend!

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPL6 dager siden
  • Should I do a Bamford TC?

    PedroPedro6 dager siden
    • no

      John BJofskenJohn BJofsken6 dager siden
  • What do you think about aguero returning, could he be a great differential option in gw31 if he has been playing good until then.

    Naveed HasnainNaveed Hasnain6 dager siden
    • Man city will blank in gameweek 33 because of the carabao cup final, some managers may have 3 or 2 aswell. But after that defo will conisder

      Atikul IslamAtikul Islam6 dager siden
    • Thanks

      Naveed HasnainNaveed Hasnain6 dager siden
    • That is why I was thinking to scout him until gw 30 and decide as he plays Leeds in gw31.

      Naveed HasnainNaveed Hasnain6 dager siden
    • As a city fan I'd say wait a bit before bringing him in, Pep will wrap him up in cotton wool and barely start him imo

      Al MayAl May6 dager siden
  • Thank you I got 116 points this gameweek because of you.

    Aayush JainAayush Jain6 dager siden
  • Give me a follow on twitter guys!! @FPL_Sonaldo

    33sdfsdf33sdfsdf6 dager siden
  • Is alonso nailed on? I really want him but don't if he gets rotated with chillwell

    Jakob BJakob B6 dager siden
    • Yeah same, I’m a Chelsea fan and I think touches will rotate them

      alkejn oiwalkejn oiw6 dager siden
  • The hardest working man on youtube

    harry simpsonharry simpson6 dager siden
    • @JJ Turkey yea i guess hes not exactly doing hard manual labour on site but still pumping out the videos i hope he doesnt stop aha loving the uploads

      CammyLow999CammyLow9996 dager siden
    • I get he works hard but it ain’t exactly hard work lol. But respect to him still.

      JJ TurkeyJJ Turkey6 dager siden
    • Gone from hardest working man in FPL to the hardest working man on NOworld; next it’s the hardest working man on the planet ahah

      CammyLow999CammyLow9996 dager siden
    • He isn't really, but I appreciate him and all he does

      DZyishDZyish6 dager siden
    • defo thank you andy

      antonmbrinkantonmbrink6 dager siden