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24. juni. 2016
10 437 259 Ganger

June is coming to an end but the fails are never ending!!! Here are the best fails of week 4!! Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Don't forget to submit your fails at!! Salute.
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Shark Attacks Fisherman
Dancing Backwards Girl Trips and Breaks Table
Guy Riding Zip Line Almost Crashes into Tree
Gymnast Flips off Trampoline
Teen Operating Forklift Drops Palettes
Greedy Cat Falls off Fish Tank
Swing Burpees Fail
Little Boy Pool Slide Fail
Traceur Goes Swimming
SUV Splashes Water into Driver's Car
The Fall of DJ Cat
Truck Flips on Salt Lake City Highway
Scooter Rider and Mountainboarder Fall during Trick
Guy Faceplants into Above Ground Swimming Pool
Guy Terrified while Watching Scary Movie
Girl Fails to Jump Over Hurdle
Girl on Scooter Faceplants Pavement after Jumping off Ramp
Closet Falls during Game of Hide and Seek
Grown Man Tries to Show off Sword Skills
Man Falls Off Plastic Crate Tower
Bear Crashes into Cyclist on Trail
Snowboarder Runs into Other Snowboarder Head-First
Man Flies into Water while Testing New Dinghy
Swing Set Light Tube Smash to Back
Driver Swipes Car Against Highway Barrier
Man Gets Overly Excited at Graduation Ceremony
Skateboarder Gets Hit in Nuts with Toy Football
Silverback Gorilla Gives Middle Finger
Other Surfer Causes Man to Fall off Board
Kids Uncooperative During Photo Shoot
Baby Falls off Piano Bench
Kid Crashes into Car on Bike
Guy Faceplants Grass after Bouncing out of Trampoline
Soccer Superstar Faceplants Goal
Man Tries to Race Against Friends on Plank Bridge
Guy on bike takes epic fall into river

  • yeah the guy who shot the shark 10000000% deserved that

    Ezmay GraceEzmay Grace4 år siden
    • @juno yzzzztzzzzzfzzTzzzztZZyzZZztzyzZzf6fztzdtfzftzfYfyytftzzyztyzyytzttftddttttttytt&tttdddaadafdfaaaafaaaaaaasaaaaaa5qtasyaaa

      David ArellanoDavid Arellano2 dager siden
    • *wheeze*

      Milo008Milo00820 dager siden
    • @juno yeah your a fucking idiot. Thats basically like saying that I should come into your house and slap you right now because your a threat. A threat to my intelligence. I swear I got dumber reading that bullshit you speak. And this "context" your talking about? Who gives a fuck? No one. And lets say that by some miracle your right, the shark is at a beach were there are loads of people. We have lifeguards who can probably handle the situation peacefully not to just murder the poor animal. The hell did it do to us? Nothing thats what. Fuck off.

      Variety GamingVariety GamingMåned siden
    • @Ezmay Grace 2

      Wilson Torres MahechaWilson Torres MahechaMåned siden
    • Stop replying to other people replying to your own comment. And if you reply back my only words are stfu

      Henry HallsHenry HallsMåned siden
  • 4:24 what basketball concert was this

    CarbzCarbz5 dager siden
  • *straight mitsuyuogi style*

    CarbzCarbz5 dager siden
  • I liked them end when he said “did it break our microwave”

    Tristen CommanderTristen Commander5 dager siden
  • [*]

    telezakupy appletelezakupy apple7 dager siden
  • 1:20 When I try to do parkour

    Bhavishay PuniaBhavishay Punia11 dager siden
  • The kid he says a mirror dan he get hurt why shut he do dad

    the just man tolthe just man tol13 dager siden
  • 6:28 is that a nuke

    YoshiYoshi15 dager siden
  • 1:38 100000000000% deserves that

    Julio IkyJulio Iky17 dager siden
  • dude i love how the last guy is just like "did it break our microwave" after the ceiling fucking caved in

    Hridaya JamkatelHridaya Jamkatel19 dager siden
  • 3:51 that looked painful

    aesiccaesicc20 dager siden
  • the guy getting scared was like omg hes videotaping oh i uhhh hit my head yeah thats it owwwwww

    PsykoticgoddPsykoticgodd21 dag siden
  • that baby is a god he fell off a piano and didnt even cry god god god he is the net boss baby

    mufafadoomufafadoo27 dager siden
  • Que Dios nos perdone.

    Man NgaMan NgaMåned siden
  • The guy at 0:45 be like: *ight let’s back off..*

    GabrielGabrielMåned siden
  • 1:23 One driver: To jest nie do przejechania! [it is not possible to drive thru] Another driver: Hold my beer :D

    HuherkoHuherkoMåned siden
  • Giant hole in the ceiling, “is our microwave ok?” Loool

    Anthony FormanAnthony FormanMåned siden
  • *oops*

    Wicket the EwokWicket the EwokMåned siden
  • It’s so sad Steve Jobs died of ligma

    Puppycoolioo Roblox And More!Puppycoolioo Roblox And More!Måned siden
  • 1:36 is this person okay? omg, that was heartless and disgusting to do to others

    asamii __asamii __Måned siden
  • Back when everything was normal

    Daberto AndriasDaberto AndriasMåned siden
  • 3:44 get hit of a tube

    Santiago UbillaSantiago UbillaMåned siden
  • 3:44 this dude is a dumbshit

    Mr. GoldieMr. GoldieMåned siden
  • Thats what they get for trying to hurt le baby sharkie

    Amelia McClureAmelia McClureMåned siden
  • i am dead rn 5:53

    TTV_ewwinstonmainTTV_ewwinstonmainMåned siden
  • 1:13 The fricking Russian teenagers man need more entertainment instead of stuff like this.

    Henry HallsHenry HallsMåned siden
  • 3:45 yeah, great idea!

    Hannah Ver StraateHannah Ver StraateMåned siden
  • 3:20. Dude takes it like a champ. Just casually gets up. And in a calm voice “that was a bear”

    IntellectualEgoIntellectualEgoMåned siden
  • 3:20. Dude takes it like a champ. Just casually gets up. And in a calm voice “that was a bear”

    IntellectualEgoIntellectualEgoMåned siden
  • You’ve failed me

    HatHatMåned siden
  • All these car videos are making me want a dash camera

    Kelsea NovaKelsea NovaMåned siden
  • 100 % laugh

    ToP FuN VideoSToP FuN VideoS2 måneder siden
  • Algun chileno

    Sebastian ArancibiaSebastian Arancibia2 måneder siden
  • Jajajaja

    Sebastian ArancibiaSebastian Arancibia2 måneder siden
  • Who has a microwave in the living room?

    DRB QQQDRB QQQ2 måneder siden
  • 5:22 Still with pampers???? Omg.....🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    Hranimir PetkovHranimir Petkov2 måneder siden
  • 5:18 When the song you play on the piano perfectly fits the situation

    JugdjayJugdjay2 måneder siden

    Joaquin OliveiraJoaquin Oliveira2 måneder siden
  • Mans gotta have his microwave

    levi DeWosslevi DeWoss2 måneder siden
  • entire city blows up failarmy: BEST FAIL

    splitzsplitz2 måneder siden
  • 1:35 that driver in the black car kinda caused the crash between the other two by moving to the left leaving the middle car no chose but to go to the left as well. Then it seems he just continued to drive away...

    123 456123 4562 måneder siden
    • not only that, he books it like he knows he caused it and probably did know.

      MerixMerix7 timer siden
  • You know some are fails some are people almost being killed.

    Mr. Mc Geees Mini moviesMr. Mc Geees Mini movies2 måneder siden
  • The guy who got kicked in the back totally deserved that for being so dumb

    ope91 ROBLOXope91 ROBLOX2 måneder siden
  • 2:52 Ghost of Tsushima Revealed Character

    No1 CaresNo1 Cares2 måneder siden
  • The shark..... All spear fishers should know it's an awful idea to to shoot a shark

    Magic BeetleMagic Beetle2 måneder siden
  • 1:38 he could just chill without hitting that car, even tho the car that he hit is a dickhead. If that driver dead that would be a silly dead :(

    TheLastOfUs Ps4TheLastOfUs Ps42 måneder siden
  • This should be called a Karma video.

    Jojo Crazy CatJojo Crazy Cat2 måneder siden
  • poor shark, it was just looking for a friend

    Jojo Crazy CatJojo Crazy Cat2 måneder siden
  • the guy in the last clip😅 "did it break our microwave?"🤣 dudes roof just caved in and he wants a microwave dinner🤣🤣🤣

    Neo GeckoNeo Gecko2 måneder siden
  • 4:08 When your dad finally shows up after 18 years but he's on PCP.

    DoWorkChopperDoWorkChopper2 måneder siden
  • (S)ick pig(s)

    LCZY AAPAWNLCZY AAPAWN2 måneder siden
  • Kill all sharks 🧜🏼‍♂️

    WoodyWoody2 måneder siden
  • 4:09 a good parent. 5:14 a teeeerrible parent, kid nearly smashed his head open on those tiles, you don't let toddlers climb!

    Raptor JesusRaptor Jesus2 måneder siden
  • Omg is cool 1000000000000000 like and 100000000000000000000000000 subscribe

    tirtxitirtxi3 måneder siden
  • It looks like ww3 had started 6:28

    Lucas RockLucas Rock3 måneder siden
  • 2:52

    mr.tbaggin urmommr.tbaggin urmom3 måneder siden
  • All the car accidents aren't funny, that's serious stuff. Don't include motor vehicle accidents in future videos

    SpedShedSpedShed3 måneder siden
    • Even if the people who submit it say “no one was injured”? You’re sounding a lil ❄️ to me there bud

      Shimmer ShineShimmer Shine2 måneder siden
  • thankgod it didnt break the microwave

    MysterioMysterio3 måneder siden
  • Everyone who see this comment pray to get me out of my troubles and make me go to heaven

    catcat3 måneder siden
  • Too many idiots

    PodgeePodgee3 måneder siden
  • That’s what he gets for trying to hunt a shark... what did he expect lmao

    Billie’s EyelashBillie’s Eyelash3 måneder siden
  • 4:54 there is no fail

    MrFudgeMonky_87 YTMrFudgeMonky_87 YT3 måneder siden
  • 5948

    Demetrio Nalvarte JoseDemetrio Nalvarte Jose3 måneder siden
  • 6:53 I thought somebody was gonna fall through the ceiling.

    c_enthusiast_x2c_enthusiast_x24 måneder siden
  • Why do women always live longer than men? It’s not fair. Men: 3:50

    PapayasPeoplePapayasPeople4 måneder siden
  • 1:34 talk about instant karma

    Grim ReputationGrim Reputation4 måneder siden
  • 0:00 that guy is sooo stupid

    charlene Aftoncharlene Afton4 måneder siden
  • 2:05 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Ariadne R&S - O mundo da criatividadeAriadne R&S - O mundo da criatividade4 måneder siden
  • 👍😀

    Justin HansertJustin Hansert4 måneder siden
  • The cat that fell was just picking the music to fall to

    Steamer the ShibaSteamer the Shiba5 måneder siden
  • 4:34

  • To anyone that sees this have a great day & night and stay safe

    Adrian StoicaAdrian Stoica5 måneder siden
  • quem veio pelo saiko?

    Raposa '-'Raposa '-'6 måneder siden
  • 3:14 lol They played the Garfield Kart menu music

    XylizolXylizol6 måneder siden
  • Shark “you come into my house and shoot me?” Human *fuck*

    Mik MakMik Mak6 måneder siden
  • 3:52 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Nadija SuljkicNadija Suljkic7 måneder siden
  • Wow, there's a lot of opinions about that shark and that spearfisher. Being a spearfisher myself, it's obvious very few of you have just a hint of a faint grasp of what transpired, and why it did. Please educate yourself, here, I'll give you a place to start: He didn't shoot the shark, and he wasn't hunting it. Neither did he try to tag it. It showed aggressive behavior and was dangerously interested in him. What he did was a standard operating procedure attempt to scare it away, and that usually works, but not always. If you muppets should have a reason to whine, he should have killed it unnecessarily with a powerhead. None of that happened, he defended himself, which triggered the response, and by the way, he got away from the encounter without a scratch. Maybe you can whine a little over that and feel better.

    MaceMace8 måneder siden
  • 6:26 that looked like a atomic bomb did that.

    Drake Film StudiosDrake Film Studios8 måneder siden
  • That Shark is AWESOME MAN.

    Foghorn LeghornFoghorn Leghorn9 måneder siden
  • Why would you laugh at someone who got bitten by a shark?

    The Spirit Of MicroThe Spirit Of Micro10 måneder siden
    • Ok thanks? I guess?

      The Spirit Of MicroThe Spirit Of Micro10 måneder siden
    • The Spirit Of Micro: Willful stupidity is always funny.

      HemiOcentricHemiOcentric10 måneder siden
  • Hope they caught that line changing SOB SUV driver and made him/her pay for all the damage 🤯

    Hanna PajanenHanna Pajanen10 måneder siden
  • That black car driving on like it didn’t just cause an accident...

    Narni LawsonNarni Lawson11 måneder siden
  • Eric got his mind set on the important things- the microwave

    AlecAlecÅr siden
  • 0:01 payback shark 🦈

    スティーブSteveスティーブSteveÅr siden
  • 0:00 The guy deserved it

    BirbBirbÅr siden
  • 2:51 this nigga stupid as hell for tryna be kenshin hemura

    Bree GBree GÅr siden
  • Who wishes the shark in the beginning was about 4 times bigger?

    Negan GrimesNegan GrimesÅr siden
  • did it break our microwave. well no but there's a huge ass hole in your ceiling

    Ryan ReidRyan ReidÅr siden
  • The Trouble Of Aaron Begins.

    Akash KunteAkash KunteÅr siden
  • The dude who fell over the railing at the graduation didn't fail. The way he got back up more than made up for it. That was amazing!

    cheshirepat30cheshirepat30År siden
  • 5:41 Talk about using your head

    Chad CagleChad CagleÅr siden
  • Omg that monkey was savage 😄

    Bina Pureee7Bina Pureee7År siden
  • For those who think animals dont feel anger pain and seek revenge Watch the first video

    bryant dailingbryant dailingÅr siden
  • 0:01 OUCHIE!

    robyn mitchellrobyn mitchell2 år siden
    • 0:27 wow

      robyn mitchellrobyn mitchell2 år siden
  • Dumbass kid on that forklift

    Eddie BaconEddie Bacon2 år siden
  • 2:10 I'm done

    L O W _ N L Y L I F EL O W _ N L Y L I F E2 år siden
  • 2:55 that is want to see

    Mike NoobMike Noob2 år siden
  • Bike, skate board, and skiing fails usually aren't funny because those are common.

    Nathan ChristianNathan Christian2 år siden
  • 4:04 "We need some margaritas"

    Lilyanne WhiteLilyanne White2 år siden
  • Well as long as the microwave's okay...

    The Ginger BeefThe Ginger Beef3 år siden