Bear With Me: Fails of the Week (January 2021)

1. jan.. 2021
1 537 208 Ganger

It's the first #FailFriday of the year, so that means it's time for The Fails of the Week! This week we have a very good example of why you should never turn your back on a bear, a hover board fail, and more!
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  • so good

    Dalton GoheenDalton Goheen4 dager siden
  • FruitLoop at 2:13 Haha!

    xlr8r2010xlr8r20105 dager siden
  • R tards, that fling cheese on a cats face, need to be curb stopped.

    Chrisara xoChrisara xo5 dager siden
  • That Ditto killed me LOL

    Mazhar ZandsalimiMazhar Zandsalimi5 dager siden
  • What is it with fat women and horses?

    Bertrand ZerpersandeBertrand Zerpersande8 dager siden
  • The skinny filming has to go.....

    xxxheliosxxxhelios8 dager siden
    • you all have been complaining about that since day one, it persists, you persist. one of you is insane, the other is a camera angle

      RIXRADvidzRIXRADvidz8 dager siden
  • 90% of the comments are about an accidentally placed zero in the original title.

    toddles9toddles99 dager siden
  • 3:38 one of the most synchronised moments with no practice :)

    Vrbanvs A. T. SilvanvsVrbanvs A. T. Silvanvs10 dager siden
  • These were excellent _Cringe Clips!_ 😜😂😂😂

    Billy AndrewBilly Andrew11 dager siden
  • This was some of the best!

    Subtle NatureSubtle Nature12 dager siden

    calvinthedestroyercalvinthedestroyer13 dager siden
    • you all have been complaining about that since day one, it persists, you persist. one of you is insane, the other is a camera angle

      RIXRADvidzRIXRADvidz8 dager siden
  • Mm mm.... 4:00 Be cruel to your pet and laugh about it. Must be Americans.

    SteLi400SteLi40013 dager siden
  • No one: FailArmy suscriber: SToP REcYcLInG uR VIdEOs

    NicephoreNicephore14 dager siden
  • Dude that guy falling down on the trail is riverside in Tulsa Oklahoma must see place

    become lost to be foundbecome lost to be found15 dager siden
  • this content is very fanny!

    Skateboarding WorldSkateboarding World16 dager siden
  • 1:24 My man isn't skiing, he's sledding

    Hoop HighlightsHoop Highlights16 dager siden
  • Demasiados estúpidos para mi gusto

    Carlos RodriguezCarlos Rodriguez16 dager siden
  • 0:30 Oh My God It's Jason Wick.

    Fuck YouTubeFuck YouTube17 dager siden
  • 2:37 DOUBLE KILL!

    Vasya VasichkinVasya Vasichkin18 dager siden
  • The opening one was utter idiocy to spook a horse, especially in close quarters, is foolish and people can get badly hurt and the horse. That foolishness irks me utterly. Better to have found something designed to be stepped on. And the cat having cheese thrown on it was mean, what an ass of an owner.

    Aaron TownsleyAaron Townsley19 dager siden
  • 0:20 name of song pls 🤗

    Aleksandr SotelkinAleksandr Sotelkin20 dager siden
  • 🦓😂🤣

    김정옥김정옥20 dager siden
  • Hover board Mommy is hot!

    Truth SayerTruth Sayer21 dag siden
  • 4:21 Pretty good bowl cut bangs, I think

    GaspGasp23 dager siden
  • Omg did that car land on the roof of a house??? 😖😖😖 3:17

    fancyramenfancyramen23 dager siden
  • “DITTO” LMFAO...

    A&D Zee-DubA&D Zee-Dub24 dager siden
  • smashing pumpkins

    Demetrius DimucciDemetrius Dimucci28 dager siden
  • 2:37 he broke a pot, spilled his drink, and broke the stump he used to hold the item to be chopped. *perfect*

    CrazedAviationCrazedAviation28 dager siden
  • I love how dogs and fat people have no conception of the laws of physics......oh shit I'm fat to....hmmm

    DirtyPoochRacingDirtyPoochRacingMåned siden
  • 4:36 ghost branches... i was wondering when FPV would make it onto a fail video lol

    Austin RossAustin RossMåned siden
  • 2:36 my favorite! That was pretty well aimed 😂👌

    GrindingGrindcoreGrindingGrindcoreMåned siden
  • szegény puli 😅 “jajj”

    Tibor TóthTibor TóthMåned siden
  • The last one.......that’s so me.

    The cleaner CurtisThe cleaner CurtisMåned siden
  • Mask fails of the year '20

    Orle MirOrle MirMåned siden
  • im literally nursing a hard on with laughter.

    Morocco MoleMorocco MoleMåned siden
  • 1:55 - ..."geez lost one of your crew members hope you didn't run him over..."😂😂😂

    x 3x 3Måned siden
  • They need to play the regular videos with no music. 🤨

    barron butlerbarron butlerMåned siden
  • 5:03

    Jacob SaldarriagaJacob SaldarriagaMåned siden
  • مين جاي من المشاطيب

    yousef esamyousef esamMåned siden
  • 3:31 hope that wasn’t asbestos

    bocoy noiubocoy noiuMåned siden
  • مين من المشاطيب

    KO TIMORKO TIMORMåned siden
  • That 'DITTO' house should win the price of the most beautiful XMAS decoration of 2020 in the world !

    Youri Oet HengelYouri Oet HengelMåned siden
  • Half of the videos are not fails!! Fails is when you do something and expected another outcome. Natural disasters pranks or scripted things are not fails 😐

    Chairman MeowChairman MeowMåned siden
  • 3:30 I wish the car landed in someone else’s house 😂😂 can you imagine the horror? Hahaha

    BETHANY R JimenezBETHANY R JimenezMåned siden
  • 1:50 man don’t be playing with that, that’s some valuable shit 😂😂

    BETHANY R JimenezBETHANY R JimenezMåned siden

    Pedro HenriquePedro HenriqueMåned siden
    • “There’s a creek down there!!” “I don’t got no brakes!!” “Oh shit!! OH SHIT!!!!”

      asioe kiouasioe kiouMåned siden
  • 3:34 Don't stop the music

    Pedro HenriquePedro HenriqueMåned siden
  • Anybody else disappointed...

    Madison DickeyMadison DickeyMåned siden
    • yeah, all you entitled babies, the rest of us just watch and move along

      RIXRADvidzRIXRADvidz8 dager siden
  • who told u adding music will make the video better?

    Not_GAyNot_GAyMåned siden
  • Its 420210 somewhere.

    Cruella CloseCruella CloseMåned siden
    • Everything looks amazing ??

      bouytt guytbouytt guytMåned siden
  • Guys....pleassssssse 400 of these comments are about 20210...we get it!°°

    J SJ SMåned siden
    • Very funny. 👍

      bouytt guytbouytt guytMåned siden
  • I should be a botanist, I like Plants, FACE PLANTS !!!

    RIXRADvidzRIXRADvidzMåned siden
  • Horse was probably like “thank god”.

    SuperDuty ZackSuperDuty ZackMåned siden
    • 20210: If Beverly Hills moved to DC

      sehhi vootysehhi vootyMåned siden
  • Legends say these people will never get covid even it scares from them

    asioe kiouasioe kiouMåned siden
    • wide lockdown in some places and here we see people on vacation

      bouytt guytbouytt guytMåned siden
    • No video is complete without the hysterical screaming woman.

      bouytt guytbouytt guytMåned siden
  • 7:56 PM

    Nicholas CeciNicholas CeciMåned siden
  • January 8

    Nicholas CeciNicholas CeciMåned siden
    • We are definitely evolving backwards

      asioe kiouasioe kiouMåned siden
  • When do people finally learn to film in landscape format?

    Getting NervousGetting NervousMåned siden
    • ikr, it totally sucks to be Entitled. Nothing is Ever right or convenient.

      RIXRADvidzRIXRADvidzMåned siden
  • Ditto, very creative.

    Keith HopkinsKeith HopkinsMåned siden
  • This sucks! All the clips are in portrait. COME ON PEOPLE!!!!

    BeauBeauMåned siden
    • ikr, being Entitled Really Sucks. nothing is ever convenient or ever meets your exacting standards of excellence.

      RIXRADvidzRIXRADvidzMåned siden
  • Most of the comment is about 20210, though I missed it lol

    Abby KoosAbby KoosMåned siden
  • 3:46 that's the most perfectly synced oh shits I've ever heard. It's like poetry.

    Smarky MarkSmarky MarkMåned siden
  • And here I was thinking that the video was titled 20210 because most of the content came from 2010.

    DarkestHeartEvEDarkestHeartEvEMåned siden
  • “There’s a creek down there!!” “I don’t got no brakes!!” “Oh shit!! OH SHIT!!!!”

    bouytt guytbouytt guytMåned siden
  • Very funny. 👍

    Wind SingerWind SingerMåned siden
  • 0,43 that bike have his own life

    Julian J AngeloJulian J AngeloMåned siden
  • Trying to grow my channel

    Zimri BarreraZimri BarreraMåned siden
  • How are there clips from January/end of last year and we see like 10 people in one clip? Like "Yeah, corona exists, but we need to make this funny video" People are in a nation wide lockdown in some places and here we see people on vacation

    Weird BritWeird BritMåned siden
    • John wick parody🤣🤣🤣

      bouytt guytbouytt guytMåned siden
  • No video is complete without the hysterical screaming woman.

    Ross HamiltonRoss HamiltonMåned siden
  • 20210: If Beverly Hills moved to DC

    Rock girlRock girlMåned siden
  • umm

    ᑕᗩᖇTᘔY OᖴᖴIᑕᗩᒪᑕᗩᖇTᘔY OᖴᖴIᑕᗩᒪMåned siden
  • We are definitely evolving backwards

    Name not availableName not availableMåned siden
    • @Rock girl English?

      Name not availableName not availableMåned siden
    • mim da mais feiu

      Rock girlRock girlMåned siden
  • I cant help laughing at all videos

    Epic LifeEpic LifeMåned siden
  • 0:27 john wick 4

    Halcyon OutlanderHalcyon OutlanderMåned siden
  • I think Failarmy might be getting good again.

    John BurdettJohn BurdettMåned siden
  • 5:15 meme

    M PopsieM PopsieMåned siden
  • I have less percentage of topping in class than these people doing task without failing

    Sanjay GoleSanjay GoleMåned siden
  • Covid stays miles away from them

    Sanjay GoleSanjay GoleMåned siden
  • Legends say these people will never get covid even it scares from them

    Sanjay GoleSanjay GoleMåned siden
  • 3:56 why does he sounds like Dreamwastaken?

    Phoebe KnopsPhoebe KnopsMåned siden
  • damn Teejay 😂

    GoldStandardGoldStandardMåned siden
  • John wick parody🤣🤣🤣

    Hello EveryoneHello EveryoneMåned siden
  • 1:00 Big Momma's sister?🤣

    Mwila CholaMwila CholaMåned siden
  • Thank God no comments or music on this

    Nathan WagnerNathan WagnerMåned siden
  • 2:54 how to destroy everything you own part 1

    Dean SandersDean SandersMåned siden
  • I finally uploaded something worthy of FailArmy today. Just submitted it.

    WorldsWorstBoyWorldsWorstBoyMåned siden
  • 4:13 that ain't a fail

    noodles jupiternoodles jupiterMåned siden
  • mim da mais feiu

    L0R3 -_-L0R3 -_-Måned siden
  • 0:30 is that keanu?

    jairus audwinjairus audwinMåned siden
  • ஆரம்பமே அமர்க்களம்🤣

    சங்கிலி கருப்பன்சங்கிலி கருப்பன்Måned siden
  • 2:54 This toy is really deadly, never buy it

    Marcdu31Marcdu31Måned siden
  • Let me make a joke about the typo made in the video title, pretty sure nobody mentioned that yet

    Matthew BlankMatthew BlankMåned siden
  • When you think 2021 is going to be a good year

    Chido MS1Chido MS1Måned siden
  • 2:13 pretty simple solution to this one...don't be gay

    Jkayski22Jkayski22Måned siden
  • Abonniert mal pyro stars 2 Fanpage

    Clash Royale und Brawl Stars 2Clash Royale und Brawl Stars 2Måned siden
  • Help my

    R.k PardeshiR.k PardeshiMåned siden
  • So funny 🤣😃👍🥀❤️

    R.k PardeshiR.k PardeshiMåned siden
  • una mierda. gracias por hacerme perder el tiempo...

    Dylan ContrerasDylan ContrerasMåned siden
  • The second fail - nice beautiful Czech curse "no ty vole" :D

    Just KennyJust KennyMåned siden
  • Jajaja q buenos sus bideos

    Jacqueline OrtegaJacqueline OrtegaMåned siden
  • Jajaja q buenos son sus videos

    Jacqueline OrtegaJacqueline OrtegaMåned siden