7. april. 2021
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NOworldr Gogglebox Bayern vs PSG & FC Porto vs Chelsea with Mark Goldbridge live. Join in our live match watchalong with Mark Goldbridge 🔔

  • 1:25:05💀

    Hugh JazzHugh Jazz2 dager siden
  • Why do mark want to let Bayern win?😂

    d oned one7 dager siden
  • Why are Chelsea fans so arrogant and overly confident they are going to the final ? Not even in the semis yet. A lot can change very quickly in football. Hold your horses

    Mitchell CostelloMitchell Costello8 dager siden
  • although Alaba does a decent job @CB, personally don't think it's his best position.. LB is, and if he loses pace CDM will be..

    Matip El MatipMatip El Matip9 dager siden
  • Vibes

    Zola fifaZola fifa9 dager siden
  • Is there had been a more terrible overrated player than Timo Werner ?? Danny Ings looks much better than him

    Yellow Scar Lightning ScreamYellow Scar Lightning Scream9 dager siden
  • Lucky

    Robert LewandowskiRobert Lewandowski9 dager siden
  • What a performance By Neymar Big Game Player 🔥 🇧🇷

    SHAFI999SHAFI9999 dager siden
    • Didn’t do anything in the final when it really mattered stop calling everyone big game players

      Korewasenso KorewasensoKorewasenso Korewasenso9 dager siden
  • Bayern are so good. If they only defended better . 2 down and they fight back like that? 👏 amazing from Bayern. I love their football

    Bakail FrozenBakail Frozen9 dager siden
  • Wood wouldve scored a hatrick by the end of the first half im tellin u GOLDBIRDGE im gonna win the ucl next season with wood tarkofski and pope give me a locket

    Sean DycheSean Dyche10 dager siden
    • Lmao

      Duval In The WallDuval In The Wall10 dager siden
    • I'm looking forward to Bayern Burnley

      Robin DhondtRobin Dhondt10 dager siden
  • Money Mase what a f*cking player 💰💙🌟

    Pedro NevesPedro Neves10 dager siden
  • PSG played exactly how everyone should play against Bayern no team on this planet can go toe to toe with them and play possesion based football you can only counter attack them and take advantage of their high line Mbappe & Neymar masterclass once again 🇫🇷🤝🇧🇷

    Pedro NevesPedro Neves10 dager siden
    • @Rehan which is why Flick should have switched it up and play a deeper line especially when they have 2 donkey CBS

      Pedro NevesPedro Neves8 dager siden
    • See bro bayerns highline is effective with gnabry and lewa because they press upfront and sane Choupo-moting and coman dont

      RehanRehan9 dager siden
    • If they had Lewandowski and Gnabry it wouldn’t have been close

      PrometheusTVPrometheusTV10 dager siden
    • PSG were not playing as good as Bayern because they took sooo much shots but we won so I’m not complaining

      Edaga VavaEdaga Vava10 dager siden
  • Neymar is the 3rd best player in the world after Messi and Ronaldo when fit

    Pedro NevesPedro Neves10 dager siden
    • He has been for the last 8 years, aside from peak Suarez.

      Cockoff GewgleCockoff Gewgle9 dager siden
    • nah lewa is the best itw atm

      naman singhnaman singh9 dager siden
    • @Jack Bates-Todd Just see his assists against bayern.

    • your living in 2015 mate get a grip

      Jack Bates-ToddJack Bates-Todd9 dager siden
    • Yes

      Edaga VavaEdaga Vava10 dager siden
  • Porto are still very much in this tie especially if they play like how they did today we were just fortunate that Mendy was playing like prime Yashin today and that we took our chances if only havertz scored that open goal or Pulisic scored that chance it could have been 0-3/4

    Pedro NevesPedro Neves10 dager siden
    • @Cameron Mcphillips Werner was

      Minecraft VillagerMinecraft Villager9 dager siden
    • Havertz was offside

      Cameron McphillipsCameron Mcphillips10 dager siden
  • The blues are flying high 🔥 UCL nights >>>

    Chels Blue flagChels Blue flag10 dager siden
    • @PrometheusTV porto>>man city+ chelsea+tottenham+arsenal+psg

      RehanRehan9 dager siden
    • @PrometheusTV porto are good

      RonticunoRonticuno9 dager siden
    • @Kantz 7 Because they a bang average Juventus team

      PrometheusTVPrometheusTV9 dager siden
    • @PrometheusTV porto got this far for a reason

      Kantz 7Kantz 79 dager siden
    • Relax you beat Porto

      PrometheusTVPrometheusTV10 dager siden
  • Looking like 3 oil clubs in the semi finals. Dress it up any way you like, but it's pretty telling about how success is achieved now

    John MillerJohn Miller10 dager siden
    • @Jonathan Raleigh PSG won 2 titles and 8 Coupe de Frances before they got oil investment. Man City had won 2 titles, FA Cups and a Cup Winners Cup The "top 4" didn't even exist at the time period you're talking about it was the top 3 that qualified for the CL then, and Chelsea qualified for it once. Using one point in history to decide the size of a club is rather silly. "Enough said" doesn't make what you're saying any more valid. It just makes you look like an infant.

      Cockoff GewgleCockoff Gewgle9 dager siden
    • @Cockoff Gewgle But Chelsea were competing for top four before the 2003 takeover, and had won multiple trophies over the previous decade, including European ones. City were busy getting trashed 8-1 by Middlesbrough and finishing mid-table when they were bought. Before that they hadn't won a trophy since 1976. Psg meanwhile were only founded 50 years ago, so I don't know why you're bringing them up. Chelsea won a league title before they even existed. Enough said.

      Jonathan RaleighJonathan Raleigh9 dager siden
    • @Jonathan Raleigh Sounds like you just prefer Russian oil money to Arab oil money. PSG had as much history as Chelsea. And Man City were a similar sized club to Chelsea before the influx of oil. And Man U have done more to commercialise and commodify British football than any other club, by far.

      Cockoff GewgleCockoff Gewgle9 dager siden
    • @Jonathan Raleigh History? You’ve won more trophies since Abramovich took over in 2003 than you had in your ENTIRE history before that. I agree you’re not as bad as Man City, Psg, or Leipzig but Chelsea fans still shouldn’t talk about history

      Tyler AdamsTyler Adams9 dager siden
    • Money is part of football and it always has been. And money is money weather it's from oil or a bakery business. If you hate money so much, then go and support a pub side or move to a communist country.

      Sound StationSound Station9 dager siden
  • WE'RE GOING TO ISTANBUL GOLDBRIDGE!! Get ready to do a Chelsea final watchalong 😎💙

    Younes Talks FootballYounes Talks Football10 dager siden
    • @roz er if we can go back to our defensive form prior to the int. break, I would be intrigued to see if we could give them a good game. Anything is possible (as we know)

      James HambisJames Hambis6 dager siden
    • @James Hambis And that's exactly what I'm saying. We are a good team and one of the best int he world defensively, but both Bayern and City are better. The most likely result is for us to lose 1 or 2-0, as our best defence hasn't conceded more than that, but if any team could pull a result from these two giants, it is us.

      roz erroz er7 dager siden
    • @roz er Coming from a fellow Chelsea fan..... Tuchel has transformed our team amazingly but let’s not kid ourselves, it would still need to take a very special performance against Bayern or PSG. We’re certainly not favourites but we shouldn’t be written off, we’ve been there all before, right? 💪🏼

      James HambisJames Hambis7 dager siden
    • @Lj G* Wow. Can't believe you're not over this yet. You made a mistake and replied to a comment not meant for you. Just take the L and move on dude. It's not that deep. Curb your ego.

      roz erroz er7 dager siden
    • @James Hambis me too, Chelsea winning the UCL is doing United a favour.. I don’t care who wins as long as it ain’t City who I think are probably favourites tbh

      Lj G*Lj G*7 dager siden
  • The Bayern Press has to be one of the biggest wonders of this world I can't even imagine wan Bissaka and Fred playing through the Bayern Press 😭

    2054 - HUSSAIN2054 - HUSSAIN10 dager siden
  • We played well today

    Chelsea KingChelsea King10 dager siden
  • 49:42 shocking defending WHAAAAAT and that from a Scheißester United fan, we conceded 5 shots by PSG that is world class defending! To all wait for the Rückspiel!

    D. BARTLD. BARTL10 dager siden
    • @Work Mail That's football.

      Cockoff GewgleCockoff Gewgle7 dager siden
    • @Cockoff Gewgle they were excellent in creating chances but why were they so so wasteful, lost without a certain striker? and to concede 3 goals that was so preventable can't have their manager too pleased

      Work MailWork Mail7 dager siden
    • @Work Mail I'm not a Bayern fan. Bayern had an xG of 4.2 or something and PSG had an xG of 1.6something. Bayern were excellent, just wasted their chances. 1 goal was a great ball by Neymar. One was a mistake by Neuer. One was a counter attack.

      Cockoff GewgleCockoff Gewgle9 dager siden
    • @Cockoff Gewgle suit yourself if you are happy with the manner that those 3 goals was conceded. All easily preventable with focused defending and goalkeeping

      Work MailWork Mail9 dager siden
    • @Work Mail The bit of defending? Every second you don't have the ball you're defending. They defended well and limited the deadliest attack in Europe to 5 shots and a few counter attacking opportunities.

      Cockoff GewgleCockoff Gewgle9 dager siden
  • Hey Mark do you still prefer ole to Poch? can't believe we didn't go for him.

    max dmax d10 dager siden
    • Don’t think Poch could do much with United after a season or two when the club give their managers 4th or 5th choice players on their shortlist. He was smart and went somewhere to coach some of the best players in the world and have a decent shot at the champions league. Not getting anywhere near that trophy at United.

      Mitchell CostelloMitchell Costello8 dager siden
  • Mark you kinda disrespect PSG all the time. Atleast give some credit to the whole team for today. Everyone did well imo

    Helmuts2KHelmuts2K10 dager siden
    • Bayern dominate the game PSG sat back and counter attacked

      PrometheusTVPrometheusTV10 dager siden
    • He's a fool

      Joe CampbellJoe Campbell10 dager siden
    • He hates ligue 1 and laliga

      Timo WernerTimo Werner10 dager siden
  • Neymar has to be one of the most under appreciated players of all time. Been world class for about 7/8 years now

    Max HampsonMax Hampson10 dager siden
    • hes under appreciated because even though he is world class he plays in s farmers league with a monopoly team

      gerald silalahigerald silalahi7 dager siden
    • Respectively disagree. 🤷‍♂️ fun to watch but want him nowhere near my team.

      Mitchell CostelloMitchell Costello8 dager siden
    • @The Batman Channel you clearly didn’t watch him at a younger age then did you?

      Max HampsonMax Hampson8 dager siden
    • ”Been world class for 7/8 years now” 7 years ago Barca had just signed him and he wasn’t even close to the player he is now, and 8 years ago he played in a brazilian farmers team, so relax mate, say 5 years but not 8 years ffs🤦‍♂️

      The Batman ChannelThe Batman Channel9 dager siden
    • @PrometheusTV Neymar is one of the best players right now

      Edaga VavaEdaga Vava10 dager siden
  • What a player Mbappe is

    RoadToDawnRoadToDawn10 dager siden
    • More bad defending and bad goalkeeping

      PrometheusTVPrometheusTV10 dager siden
    • @Leo 321 just because he can’t save that doesn’t mean it was luck

      Edaga VavaEdaga Vava10 dager siden
    • @D. BARTL your right he is not Lewy. HE IS BETTER

      Edaga VavaEdaga Vava10 dager siden
    • he got lucky Neuer decided to become Karius in the first goal, but he's a good player

      Leo 321Leo 32110 dager siden
    • @D. BARTL but mason mount 😏😏

      Ollie DOllie D10 dager siden
  • Biggest robbery of the decade

    OozeyOozey10 dager siden
    • @Thehuntingsnowman I think he is

      Edaga VavaEdaga Vava10 dager siden
    • You high?

      ThehuntingsnowmanThehuntingsnowman10 dager siden
  • I can’t believe United wanted Alaba, he’s crap.

    PrometheusTVPrometheusTV10 dager siden
    • @Kymani Francis yeah but he is good at controlling the ball and his passing is good, if they play him in a more attacking role I think he would still play well.

      Henoc KHenoc K8 dager siden
    • Oh mate, don’t expose yourself as a fool.

      Mitchell CostelloMitchell Costello8 dager siden
    • @Henoc K he's been playing cb ever since last season not a cam but can play lb or cdm

      Kymani FrancisKymani Francis9 dager siden
    • He is not a CB but he is very versatile and can do well in defence, CDM and even CAM if possible!

      Henoc KHenoc K9 dager siden
    • @Abdullah Masum Well they don’t have any other CBs.

      PrometheusTVPrometheusTV10 dager siden
  • Lets Hope Bayern,Dortmund and Porto make a comeback

    TY AFTV Merchandise ManTY AFTV Merchandise Man10 dager siden
    • @PrometheusTV Na Bayern will get out

      Edaga VavaEdaga Vava10 dager siden
    • @Andrey Aydarov Why mate?

      TY AFTV Merchandise ManTY AFTV Merchandise Man10 dager siden
    • Bayern most likely will, Dortmund might, Porto probably not.

      PrometheusTVPrometheusTV10 dager siden
    • Lets hope Porto doesn’t

      Andrey AydarovAndrey Aydarov10 dager siden
    • Only Dortmund and Chelsea I want a new winner

      Abdullah MasumAbdullah Masum10 dager siden
  • Kudos to Bayern for trying to get back into the game like champions after going down 2-0. but they were always going to concede more goals from counters due to that high line of theirs.

    Shyaka AndrewShyaka Andrew10 dager siden
    • The thing with high line is that Coman, Choupo-moting and Sane dont press as much as Lewandowski and gnabry its not really effective without proper workhorses

      RehanRehan9 dager siden
    • @Björn Rosengren if there is a team in europe to overcome this result its bayern. They will play exactly the same way in paris again, and odds wluld be they convert more chances. Could easily see them win 4-1, 4-2

      Tony GTony G10 dager siden
    • @Tony G Gnabry is also important

      PrometheusTVPrometheusTV10 dager siden
    • @Oozey They said he was out of the first leg only so hopefully he should be fine in the second

      PrometheusTVPrometheusTV10 dager siden
    • Better to lose 3-2 than 2-0 I mean they probably go out which makes my nightmare come closer. Hope Dortmund beat Man C otherwise we will have City-PSG in the semis and 1 of them in the finals. I don't want oil money to win. Edit: So I prob don't want Chelsea to win either.

      Björn RosengrenBjörn Rosengren10 dager siden
  • 24:08 MBAPPE 1st Goal 34:56 GARY BARLOW Skit 49:20 MARQUINHOS 53:37 MOUNT 55:30 Mount (revisited) 58:11 CHOUPO-MOTING 1:40:54 MULLER “Muller-Light” 1:48:22 MBAPPE 2nd 2:01:20 CHILWELL Hope you enjoyed the new set!

    Drawty DesignDrawty Design10 dager siden
    • 🤩

      abdo yahyaabdo yahya9 dager siden
    • 1:40:28 THREESOME

      Rabbit TKORabbit TKO9 dager siden
    • Thanks mate

      Rabbit TKORabbit TKO9 dager siden

      rick bowlerrick bowler9 dager siden
    • luv bro

      Ngolo speaksNgolo speaks10 dager siden
  • So early that there’s no time stamps in the comments

    CFCvideos 1905CFCvideos 190510 dager siden
  • Our ucl unbeaten streak record still stands lads

    Lcm NerroLcm Nerro10 dager siden
    • @PrometheusTV Ur Europa league team. Look at the levels

      AbdiAbdi9 dager siden
    • @Daniel 5-2

      PrometheusTVPrometheusTV9 dager siden
    • @PrometheusTV and bottle it you've bottle 4 semi finals keep quiet and one of them to us

      DanielDaniel9 dager siden
    • @Daniel A team that made it to the semi finals last season

      PrometheusTVPrometheusTV9 dager siden
    • @PrometheusTV and lost to Sheffield and got knocked out by at team in a German league

      DanielDaniel9 dager siden
  • Who's here for the timestamps 🧐

    Abel MenyahelAbel Menyahel10 dager siden
  • Hopefully Woodward and co.realizes how far behind Man Untd are at the moment when comparing managers,level of play and the quality players that are on showcase for this round of the CL.😟😟😟😟.

    Teach UnitedTeach United10 dager siden
    • They do realize. They aren’t idiots, they just don’t care about your club mate. Just keep banking off a rich “soccer” team lol

      Mitchell CostelloMitchell Costello8 dager siden
    • @Riaz Hussain I actually go to games champ what about you? Ever been to Manchester?

      AndyAndy9 dager siden
    • @Andy clearly u should as u only look at stats and not the game itself

      Riaz HussainRiaz Hussain9 dager siden
    • @Riaz Hussain well then mate go follow someone else

      AndyAndy9 dager siden
    • @Andy Do you always want to play like a counter attacking team

      Minecraft VillagerMinecraft Villager9 dager siden
  • Happy Birthday Mark

    Hawa BundidHawa Bundid10 dager siden
  • I was worried that man city could win the ucl but after watching this psg I know that I can sleep well.

    Diavolo DaDiavolo Da10 dager siden
    • Lol alright, whatever helps you sleep at night

      Mitchell CostelloMitchell Costello8 dager siden
    • @Soufian Raza and their best defenders also got injured In the 1st 30mins and Leon scoretzka you know,also got injured

      sheeshsheesh9 dager siden
    • @D. BARTL not if ur defence can’t figure out how to handle mbappe

      Cam JayCam Jay10 dager siden
    • @Hamzah Tahir same

      Ole Gunnar GuardiolaOle Gunnar Guardiola10 dager siden
    • @Diavolo Da omfg you just said city’s attack isn’t that good😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Ole Gunnar GuardiolaOle Gunnar Guardiola10 dager siden
  • Mbappe, Neymar and the whole PSG Humiliated Bayern just like Barca in the 2015 Semi-Final Lol

    Luca De GabrieleLuca De Gabriele10 dager siden
    • @Jake Bolton yea but to be honest Lewandowski does not really perform big in big game

      Edaga VavaEdaga Vava9 dager siden
    • @Edaga Vava no but when a teams main goal threat isn’t on the pitch it’s expected they won’t score as many goals. Thought that was common knowledge.

      Jake BoltonJake Bolton9 dager siden
    • @Jake Bolton so your saying Lewandowski is a one man team ok

      Edaga VavaEdaga Vava9 dager siden
    • @Edaga Vava last time I checked headers were still goals. Also what do you expect when Lewandowski is out.

      Jake BoltonJake Bolton9 dager siden
    • @Edaga Vava navas was playing like prime buffon.

  • Hi

    Adam SidatAdam Sidat10 dager siden
  • Happy Birthday Mark 🎂

    ASNI PATELASNI PATEL10 dager siden