23. feb.. 2021
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Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea with Mark Goldbridge. Join in our live match watchalong with Mark Goldbridge 🔔 Goldbridge TWITCH Channel Follow here

  • 1:57:35 to 1:57:51 😂😂

    Joe PlayzJoe PlayzMåned siden
    • And a few seconds after that 😅😂

      Joe PlayzJoe PlayzMåned siden
  • 1:55:09

    Yahya IsseYahya IsseMåned siden
  • 2:05:30

    pripriMåned siden
  • 2:03:10😂😂😂😂😂

    Isaac HaIsaac HaMåned siden
  • Premier league better now for sure lot foreign players and coaches has added to that too .even best managers last 15 years managing in premier now..not even managing champion league teams example everton spurs boss still other league has best player Messi Ronaldo and some others neymar mbappe psg bayern my favourite still something bout city in Europe don't convince me but at this moment city best ever chance to win it

    Degea10 UnitedfanDegea10 UnitedfanMåned siden
  • Tie ain't over by long shot

    Degea10 UnitedfanDegea10 UnitedfanMåned siden
  • 20:00

    ShazeShazeMåned siden
  • To be fair to la liga. Chelsea are 5th and I’m a Chelsea fan

    Ice wallow comeIce wallow comeMåned siden
  • Keep it going Mark your excellent

    peter dinseypeter dinseyMåned siden
  • He is actually not baisted

    TokeeYooTokeeYooMåned siden
  • If we use Mark's logic for last season liverpool were 1st in the premier league and were beaten by Atletico who didnt win la Liga does that make la Liga better than the prem?

    Kulraj SinghKulraj SinghMåned siden
  • Sevilla 2-3 Dortmund Atletico 0-1 Chelsea Barcelona 1-4 PSG Real Sociedad 0 -4 United and today Real will lose against Atalanta

    Alex Cristian MoldovanAlex Cristian MoldovanMåned siden
    • No 0-1

      Degea10 UnitedfanDegea10 UnitedfanMåned siden
    • Granada 2-0 Napoli

      Zuheir AbdikadirZuheir AbdikadirMåned siden
  • As a chelsea fan i aprove him

    CryptTheGamerCryptTheGamerMåned siden
  • I am a British Barca fan, been to Camp Nou and adore the city, been alot. Fully aware La Liga is nowhere near the level it was, nor is my team or Real. Barca are really struggling with an either very young or very old team and there's no balance. Alot of work to be done, but we have some exceptional youth talents coming through all over the pitch. Additionally, I watch every Barca game and have done for years, no one can call me a glory supporter after suffering with this team for ages.

    JacqueJacqueMåned siden
  • the only teams that can prove that laliga are better then premier league are only real madrid and barca in form.

    h3h3Måned siden
  • Football is a Chinese culture derived from the traditional Chinese movement. Westerners should be grateful for Chinese culture. China is a leader in Asia and the world.

    王張偉王張偉Måned siden
    • @mata Hari Shut up, Taiwan is Chinese territory China is the greatest country in the world

      王張偉王張偉Måned siden
    • Hi West taiwan

      mata Harimata HariMåned siden
  • So its not just unitedstand where you have a million ads in your videos...what a surprise...MONEYHUNGRYBRIDGE

    John O NeillJohn O NeillMåned siden
  • I swear, Mark is low-key a diehard chelsea fan 🤣😅😂💙💙💙

    Al SAl SMåned siden
    • I think your really good Mark well done

      peter dinseypeter dinseyMåned siden
    • Low-key and diehard doesn’t work

      TheInvincible HTheInvincible HMåned siden
    • His dad is a chelsea fan so makes sense 😂

      Tom MTom MMåned siden
  • A Madrid played a very simliar game to how they played against Liverpool last season, 27 and 33% possession they had in those matches. Undone by losing home advantage and lapse in defence on that goal. Fair play to Tuchel all the same as I don't think Lampard would have got close to winning either leg

    John MillerJohn MillerMåned siden
  • How many European trophies have La Liga teams won compared to premier league teams over the last decade? La Liga teams have dominated Europe over this period and this is shown by the UEFA Coefficient ranking which puts La Liga ahead of Premier League. I am not saying the Premier League is terrible but Mark saying La Liga is terrible is a bit over the top considering their dominance in Europe throughout the last couple of years. Premier League teams needs to dominate Europe year after year in order to be the best but the stats are terrible compared to their Spanish counterparts.

    Tom SmithTom SmithMåned siden
    • @Slahudeen Hussain what?

      StairStairMåned siden
    • @Tom Smith yeah true, kinda strange how despite having so much good players, spain are irrelevant when it comes to the euros or world cup.

      Slahudeen HussainSlahudeen HussainMåned siden
    • @Slahudeen Hussain As bad as you think La Liga might be, you must appreciate how brilliant the La Liga is considering the percentage of foreign players in their league is much lower than that of the premier league. Teams like Sevilla have been winning European trophies with virtually majority of their squad Spanish compared to the Premier League which has a high influx of overseas players especially the traditional 'top six' sides.

      Tom SmithTom SmithMåned siden
    • @Slahudeen Hussain Yeah but Mark thought the Premier League was better than La Liga even like five years back which is incorrect.

      Tom SmithTom SmithMåned siden
    • @Tom Smith again you're going back to last year, I'm talking about right now

      Slahudeen HussainSlahudeen HussainMåned siden
  • Atletico are not the best team in la Liga, Real Madrid is at the moment. Atletico just lost to Levante 2-0 and they're mid table

    SwindlerSwindlerMåned siden
    • In my opinion Sevilla is the only La Liga team that I find entertaining Real Madrid is decent, Barca over-reliant on one player and Atleti are boring.

      StairStairMåned siden
    • No it's sevilla , they are on like a 7 match winning streak in la liga

      Slahudeen HussainSlahudeen HussainMåned siden
  • whenever am watching United games turn downn the TV volume....and then turn up mark goldbridge commentary 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    eze crystaleze crystalMåned siden
  • Funny thing is Real, athleti, and honestly even Barca and some other spanish sides would beat up on man u

    IshmaelIshmaelMåned siden
    • @Tom Smith if you watched the Barca vs psg match last week, Barca's defence was constantly caught out and even 2 of the 4 psg goals came from the counter. If Barca were to face Man United their defense would be exposed again as Man United are one of the most devastating team on the counter. The thing is, this Man United team is stronger than the one Barca faced in 2018, same goes for Barca except their side is weaker and are more likely to play into Man United's hands but its football anything can happen.

      StairStairMåned siden
    • @Tom Smith and sevilla is arguably the best team in la liga right now , they are on like a 7 match winning streak and btw that was last year bro

      Slahudeen HussainSlahudeen HussainMåned siden
    • @Tom Smith actually sevilla are ahead of barca in la liga

      Slahudeen HussainSlahudeen HussainMåned siden
    • @Slahudeen Hussain United couldn't beat Sevilla who are below Barca in La Liga, I don't think they could beat Barca.

      Tom SmithTom SmithMåned siden
    • @Tom Smith bro athletico is like 10 points clear of Barca in la liga and considering Chelsea who is a worse team than man utd beat athletico then man utd should easily beat barca

      Slahudeen HussainSlahudeen HussainMåned siden
  • Chelsea were the dominant side,really enjoying Mark Live watchlongs 🔵😊😎

    Chels Blue flagChels Blue flagMåned siden
  • What a superb performance by BAYERN 💪

    Racing RedRacing RedMåned siden
    • MiaSanMia

      StairStairMåned siden
  • Collab with Younes mate

    Legend RayquazaLegend RayquazaMåned siden
  • Suarez didn't want anything to do with Rudiger!

    David WadeDavid WadeMåned siden
    • idk him pinching his thigh was 😍😩😳

      UsheenUsheenMåned siden
  • Athletico is boring trash. They like united under Mourinho

    pisko 21pisko 21Måned siden
    • @Obamium Prism they were second last year too

      pisko 21pisko 21Måned siden
    • Man United under Mourinho came second place only to the best Manchester City team ever seen.

      Obamium PrismObamium PrismMåned siden
  • 21:00

    DomjayceonDomjayceonMåned siden
  • 1:19:11 Mark starts to play some drums. 1:20:16 Mark gets confused 1:55:07 The Awesome Goal by Giroud 1:57:58 Goal Given

    Sami LokaleSami LokaleMåned siden
    • @Nero Pasta Messi

      Just Take a Deep breathJust Take a Deep breathMåned siden
    • @Nero Pasta Maradona

      Bilal AhmedBilal AhmedMåned siden
    • @Bilal Ahmed who is then?

      Nero PastaNero PastaMåned siden
    • @Slahudeen Hussain No he isn’t...

      Bilal AhmedBilal AhmedMåned siden
    • @Spoderman stupid comment though, Pele is the GOAT

      Slahudeen HussainSlahudeen HussainMåned siden
  • I do like this guy. Wise.

    L TL TMåned siden
  • See the difference tuchel need less time and you can see his system being implemented and ole need tow years and there is no system it’s irritating .

    Mohammad AzzayedMohammad AzzayedMåned siden
    • Why do people have such short memory, ole literally went on an 8 game unbeaten streak when he was first appointed yet your trying to compare him to another manager, says a lot about the fan base.

      StairStairMåned siden
    • In a new manager bounce Chelsea have right now. Tuchel a clear upgrade on Lampard but we'll see how he and his team react to a few poor results.

      John MillerJohn MillerMåned siden
    • Lol ole went on a winning run when he started at man u don’t you remember It’s all a kick from a new manager let’s See after a year

      jegadesh chandranjegadesh chandranMåned siden
  • Remember Goldbrigde saying 2015 that PL is better than La Liga and got sit down 5 years a row, specially Man Utd vs the mighty Sevilla.

    smooler1smooler1Måned siden
    • @Zuheir Abdikadir I agree teams like Chelsea and City would still be fighting relegation if they didn't have oil money being pumped into their clubs.

      StairStairMåned siden
    • @smooler1 Bundesliga is better than the prem because the football is more entertaining (no team sits back, not even Schalke who are 18th atm) and the clubs are ran better than the clubs in the prem ( less foreign investors) so no oil money or sugar daddies to further ruin football.

      StairStairMåned siden
    • @WfxRS Without Arrogant premier league fans the term of famers league wouldn’t even exist .

      Zuheir AbdikadirZuheir AbdikadirMåned siden
    • U could make a case that even the Bundesliga is better than PL. Why would RB Leipzig knock out Man Utd otherwise?

      smooler1smooler1Måned siden
    • @WfxRS hahahha thats all you have to say where is your argument😂😂 yeah I didn’t think so

      Diego MataDiego MataMåned siden
  • United should learn from ATM on how to clear dangerous balls in the box

    Shyaka AndrewShyaka AndrewMåned siden
  • Coyb

    ben assorben assorMåned siden
  • 1:42:00 that's me 😁

    CHÉ Knows BallCHÉ Knows BallMåned siden
  • Premier League >>>>>>>>>>> La Liga

    Syed AdeebSyed AdeebMåned siden
    • @Random Rainbow nope

      Syed AdeebSyed AdeebMåned siden
    • Bundesliga >overrated premier league

      Random RainbowRandom RainbowMåned siden
    • If Premier League teams can consistently win European trophies year after year, they can be considered the best. That is what Spanish teams have been doing and that is why La Liga is 1st in the UEFA Coefficient Rankings. If Premier League teams can do that then they will be the best league in the World for years to come.

      Tom SmithTom SmithMåned siden
    • @Peric Yerima he never said prem teams are dominating , he only said la liga teams are no longer dominating.

      Slahudeen HussainSlahudeen HussainMåned siden
    • @Diego Mata are prem teams? 1 prem has won the cl IM THE LAST 7-8 YEARS

      Peric YerimaPeric YerimaMåned siden
  • Wow mark you proved it🙌🏽

    Carlin DzikitiCarlin DzikitiMåned siden
  • Up the blues 💙

    Charles AlfaroCharles AlfaroMåned siden
  • Mark of course the Premier League has been better than La Liga over the last few years. However as a fellow Manchester United fan ask yourself if Manchester United come anywhere close to representing the elite of English football on a broad scale? English football has risen because of the dominance exerted by City and Liverpool. Spurs got to a Champions League final, Arsenal & Chelsea both played the Europa League final a few years back. Manchester United are still a global marketing brand but success on the pitch is still a very distant way. It hurts to say this but at the moment Leicester are a better footballing side than United looking at things from the very top beginning with the board.

    Mario GMario GMåned siden
    • I agree especially with the Leicester part. Leicester have great scouts and have managed to sell players and still keep their squad fresh similar to Bayern but Leicester aren't winning any trophies atm.

      StairStairMåned siden
    • Of course united don’t who fears playing united in the ucl not a single team

      Zakhariya KhanZakhariya KhanMåned siden
  • Can we just take a moment to realise how underated giroud is

    Grtyu LubgfGrtyu LubgfMåned siden
    • World class striker, underrated. 🔵

      Chelsea HighlightsChelsea HighlightsMåned siden
    • I loved him at Arsenal. Never used to get many minutes though!

      HelmyHelmyMåned siden
    • Amazing player

      Marko MilutinovMarko MilutinovMåned siden
    • 🐐

      alfieleachalfieleachMåned siden
  • 1:55:10 what a goal

    SpodermanSpodermanMåned siden
  • Why is mark happy chelsea won

    Amirreza MohajerAmirreza MohajerMåned siden
    • He's a supporter of the premier league alongside Man United

      StairStairMåned siden
    • @Josh_ Kirbs It’s better not levels ahead of La Liga.

      Zuheir AbdikadirZuheir AbdikadirMåned siden
    • Because as much as I love Chelsea, chances are we probably won’t win the champions league so he wants us to stay in it for as long as possible so that our players get tired, it also helps prove his point that the prem is levels above la liga

      Josh_ KirbsJosh_ KirbsMåned siden
    • @James Smith Yeah that’s why Spanish temas has a good record against English temas in the last decade.

      Zuheir AbdikadirZuheir AbdikadirMåned siden
    • @LuxCF LOL no

      Monamela MokhesiMonamela MokhesiMåned siden
  • them divers need to hit up the swimming pool before the second leg

    Rahees KhanRahees KhanMåned siden
    • @BEARABLE BEAR we have VAR mate

      Ice wallow comeIce wallow comeMåned siden
    • @BEARABLE BEAR do one mate

      UsheenUsheenMåned siden
    • Watch Suarez dive, win a pen and knock u lot out😂

    • Suarez goes on the floor for a year he pisses me off sooooooo much I hate him he can’t get um

      Werner The goatWerner The goatMåned siden
    • Mums bro the amount of times we won the ball they jus fell on the floor vexed me too much.

      George NdlovuGeorge NdlovuMåned siden
  • The absolute specimen of a man Giroud strikes again

    FrostFrostMåned siden
  • Fair play to Chelsea masterclass from them

    TY AFTV Merchandise ManTY AFTV Merchandise ManMåned siden
    • Cheers mate

      Toby MarksToby MarksMåned siden
    • Respect! See you on sunday. I’m nervous😬

      MakkroHeroMakkroHeroMåned siden
    • Very honest opinion

      Fake_ Roberto carlosFake_ Roberto carlosMåned siden
  • Goal at 1:54:57

    DanTheMan00020DanTheMan00020Måned siden
  • Giroud goal 1:55:10

    Cieran JacksonCieran JacksonMåned siden
  • 1:55:08 (0-1) 1:57:59 (goal given)

    Mark GoldbridgeMark GoldbridgeMåned siden
    • Cheers Mark Goldbridge

      Ayo AdeyemiAyo AdeyemiMåned siden
    • Gelend

      shawn Mirandashawn MirandaMåned siden
    • @LeoDYoungKing iconic

      Ok ThenOk ThenMåned siden
    • LEGEND (like GIROUD)

      LeoDYoungKingLeoDYoungKingMåned siden
    • Legend

      Haji OmarHaji OmarMåned siden
  • Giroud🥵

    rorydbrownrorydbrownMåned siden
  • Goal: 1:55:08

    1Ummah1UmmahMåned siden
  • 1:55:12 giroud goal

    • You LEGEND👑👑

      Grtyu LubgfGrtyu LubgfMåned siden
  • We’re coming for united on Sunday 💉💉🔜

    Mo sizzMo sizzMåned siden
    • @Jj Adams I mean those things you achieved when Roman took over says a lot about how low your ream was before the money but success is success ig.

      StairStairMåned siden
    • @Ryan Rigby chelsea 3-0 man utd Saturday

      AbdiAbdiMåned siden
    • @Jj Adams finished 4th once and what trophies did you win before he came

      Ryan RigbyRyan RigbyMåned siden
    • @Ryan Rigby finished 4th before Roman came and have won more trophies than any other English team since, sit down and shut up 🤐

      Jj AdamsJj AdamsMåned siden
    • @fLightTakesFlight we was miles behind him hence why we finished level on points he was almost 15 points clear and we still finished above him

      Ryan RigbyRyan RigbyMåned siden
  • 1:55:10

    Yxng _A5Yxng _A5Måned siden
    • I hope both of your pillows are cold at night ❤️

      Grtyu LubgfGrtyu LubgfMåned siden
    • Thanks

      Captain ObviousCaptain ObviousMåned siden
  • This might be controversial. But Atlético plays boring football. Atlético are in their 6-3-1 defensive shape even when Chelsea are building on the halfway line.

    Nasser.HNasser.HMåned siden
    • @Tín Bảo atletico is basically the Spanish burnly

      Joey TorresJoey TorresMåned siden
    • @Jamie O'sullivan yes laliga is so boring

      Kyranian 11Kyranian 11Måned siden
    • @Peric Yerima only to the point that they are 1 goal down with a little time to play, that’s why nobody likes Atletico

      Tín BảoTín BảoMåned siden
    • My man copied utdarena from Twitter.

      ????Måned siden
    • @Koustav Chatterjee lol they were trying to attack Chelsea just did a great job holding them in their own half when they did have the ball. because in case you didn't know defense is part of futbol just as much as offense is. PRIORITIZING DEFENSE OVER OFFENSE DOESN'T MAKE IT ANTI FUTBOL. you can say it makes, it boring, or pragmatic, but to say it's anti futbol is crazy.

      Peric YerimaPeric YerimaMåned siden
  • Mark is a national treasure

    football with aryanfootball with aryanMåned siden
    • @Random Rainbow Jesus Christ you are special

      JoshJoshMåned siden
    • He doesn't like the national team as much as man united

      Random RainbowRandom RainbowMåned siden
  • Too early the stamps aren’t here yet

    Yxng _A5Yxng _A5Måned siden
    • jajaja

      zz1._zz1._Måned siden
    • Yes

      Captain ObviousCaptain ObviousMåned siden
  • Chelsea are gargantuan

    Joharn SharpJoharn SharpMåned siden