Among Us Logic: The Legend of Novisor | Cartoon Animation

21. feb.. 2021
2 912 867 Ganger

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Player and Veteran wander the dark halls of the Skeld, trying to avoid the legendary Novisor. Novisor was once a college student named Aiden, but through a strange series of events, became the evil monster Novisor that hunts down unknowing crewmates!
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    Uno Reverse-cardUno Reverse-card13 minutter siden
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    Particia MeadeParticia Meade19 minutter siden
  • That's a bit to spooky

    Hamad GamezHamad Gamez20 minutter siden
  • no visor no visor no visor we will make you one of us

    Marcel ZuchowiczMarcel Zuchowicz20 minutter siden
  • There 😎 cool

    kidsgiftskidsgifts24 minutter siden
  • Nice video

    kidsgiftskidsgifts25 minutter siden
  • is there going to be another among us logic? or is this the last episode because player and veteran are non existint?

    Scott BScott B26 minutter siden
  • 0:12 them copy

    HELLO RobloxHELLO Roblox31 minutt siden
  • 0:12

    HELLO RobloxHELLO Roblox31 minutt siden
  • This is genuinely scary!

    Madison GiesbrechtMadison Giesbrecht33 minutter siden
  • **whispers sfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsffsfsfsfsfs**

    Elijah GomezElijah Gomez33 minutter siden
  • novisor novisor we will make you one of us

    Elijah GomezElijah Gomez35 minutter siden
  • It’s the “there is no hope among us....” for me

    Luna-Chan_ BnhaLuna-Chan_ Bnha37 minutter siden
  • this is the best one yet

    Vijay BalajiVijay Balaji48 minutter siden
  • Is that episode 18?

    KesiahKesiah50 minutter siden
  • I’m scared of no visor I’m having nitemares

    Lewis and Ryan vlogsLewis and Ryan vlogs54 minutter siden
  • minecraft: herobrine roblox:johndoe among us: no-visor

    joram labradorjoram labrador56 minutter siden
  • I just know this is fake irl but real in among us

    Ohana RezantesOhana Rezantes58 minutter siden
  • Is this real or not

    Guillermo ArechigaGuillermo ArechigaTime siden
  • We will make you one of us

    Eugenia Grace BlindmanEugenia Grace BlindmanTime siden
  • Novisor is a haunted crewmate

    Wenceslao Jara-RazoWenceslao Jara-RazoTime siden
  • No-visor

    Eugenia Grace BlindmanEugenia Grace BlindmanTime siden
  • Like always, a good person turns into a monster by being corrupted

    Owen WilsonOwen WilsonTime siden
  • :( is there going to be different game animations??

    Justin0tyJustin0tyTime siden
  • no viber

    squishsquishTime siden
  • 4:58 Glitches I found: No Settings No Code No Public/Private Option Players Too Small All 12 Colors Selected 7 Players Join When All 12 Colors Selected When Game Starts, There Are 10 Players Again. I think that's all the glitches I found.

    YellowYellowTime siden
  • How

    NovizorNovizorTime siden
  • Noviser is real

    Snowy LinxSnowy LinxTime siden
  • M. I'm a little while, and the other day and age, but it was good

    Qaddafi ShahidQaddafi ShahidTime siden
  • Like MC

    Carrillo ChavezCarrillo ChavezTime siden
  • Oh hi M

    Qaddafi ShahidQaddafi ShahidTime siden
  • Please note this

    Qaddafi ShahidQaddafi ShahidTime siden
  • Oh my god killed in among

    Qaddafi ShahidQaddafi ShahidTime siden
  • Someone saw Novizor

    Saniya Ibnat playsSaniya Ibnat playsTime siden

    Among Us Logic FanAmong Us Logic FanTime siden
  • Hmm, nice, I was looking how to die, I see how to.

    AssAssinAtioAssAssinAtioTime siden
  • it's like herobrine in minecraft

    Christian MyersChristian MyersTime siden
  • I bet u all it took them like 1 trillion attempts to get the part where player and veteran say the same thing which starts at 0:10

    Tanios SalibaTanios SalibaTime siden
    • It could have been edited to have the two voices together

      ObsoleteBloxxerObsoleteBloxxerTime siden
  • please...turkish versiyon...please.I From Turkey.I can speak English but some bad

    Dedective TRDedective TRTime siden
  • 0:18 Wow they are really best friends lol

    The WorldThe WorldTime siden
  • This is why to never Sabatoge comms + the code

    playerplayerTime siden
  • make an episode of among us logic where one of the characters switches brains with player

    EthundergamingEthundergamingTime siden
  • Ok is better if you go on another map

    BuildPlayzOfficalBuildPlayzOffical2 timer siden
  • N.......o visor???!

    Mike proos boomMike proos boom2 timer siden
  • Dunkin was actully No-visor He made among us look like thit and why did i see no-visor in among us Ok Aiden was no visor. I GUESS he cant leave ._. Ok novisor sus!!!! Ok dunkin is sus now i stared at dunkin/novisor And i joind another lobby and i never been able to move in the game dann i guess hes a glitch i said:the same thing that player and veteran said Im not scared of some silly ghost and then got fkd up

    Kelvin AdamsKelvin Adams2 timer siden
    • Ahhhhhh wait shh don't u know no-visor on the lose he'll kill us all :3

      Kelvin AdamsKelvin AdamsTime siden
    • Im so gonna faint

      Kelvin AdamsKelvin AdamsTime siden
  • No-Visor

    SmileyGamerYT1SmileyGamerYT12 timer siden
  • 2018 was when it was made around when I joined roblox

    Stesha AndrewsStesha Andrews2 timer siden
  • at 4:08 to 4:09 that door sound is from minecraft :O

    Matthew DaviesMatthew Davies2 timer siden
  • Among us logic 19 pls

    Mad OthmaneMad Othmane2 timer siden
  • Part 2

    Kohen StolibyKohen Stoliby2 timer siden
    • Yaaaaaasss

      jamie pascualjamie pascual2 timer siden
  • sus!

    Wat TamborWat Tambor2 timer siden
  • God that finishing twist, it just builds the suspense then releases it like god damn cannonball, wonder if we ever see player, no-visor or veteran other than ghosts, pulling their friends into walls like their master, no-visor did it them

    Leo's WalkthroughsLeo's Walkthroughs2 timer siden
  • no visor No visor No visor No visor

    J'Ray Z SCORSESEJ'Ray Z SCORSESE2 timer siden
  • haaaaaaaaaaaaha

    MrTindosMrTindos2 timer siden
  • me: *names myself no-visor* me: No Visor random person: who are u me: No Visor minecraft: heck u

    The_Crystal_Slime1030The_Crystal_Slime10302 timer siden
  • no-visor no-visor i will make u one of us

    Carol GarciaCarol Garcia2 timer siden
  • I like to think the first time that computer glitched it just *PHUSM* and boom aiden is stuck in the game forever

    Jackson BradyJackson Brady2 timer siden
  • Can you just upload part 19 now?

    ZorLink21ZorLink212 timer siden
  • I love these

    M SheM She2 timer siden
  • Minecraft: Herobrine Roblox: John doe and Jain doe Among us: No-Viser and is this a real glitch

    Gabriel TeosGabriel Teos2 timer siden
  • I love the Mr.Cheese clock😂

    XxDangerUnicorn XxXxDangerUnicorn Xx2 timer siden
  • I think I know What Among Us Logic 19 or 18's gonna be. Probably Something To Do With Player's Sister!

    gem worldgem world2 timer siden
  • Tsgsteugeleh Guydigciufuigd FCC hgjofgoug Vof

    Amine BaboAmine Babo2 timer siden
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    berenice guerreroberenice guerrero2 timer siden
  • İm 20+ Lol

    Osman ÖztürkOsman Öztürk3 timer siden
  • UHHHH Very Creepy 20+ must watch it

    Osman ÖztürkOsman Öztürk3 timer siden
  • Before the show, I would like to give our sponsor- no visor no visor we will make you one of us

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  • Oh you'r bad

    dr. Munadr. Muna3 timer siden
  • yeah agreed

    Tasneem ChoudhuryTasneem Choudhury3 timer siden
  • Whatever happened to new scape pro being kid friendly

    Jaxon BlogsJaxon Blogs3 timer siden
  • I have an idea: Roblox Logic

    SamuelSamuel3 timer siden
  • Do not watch this at midnight,or No Visor will come in your dreams,saying like-7:49

    Rohan HulliRohan Hulli3 timer siden
  • Hey i am gonna be serious but is it just me or is game toons losing ideas of another game toon animation cause NO VISOR the character became viral on youtube among us players after it was published in game toons

    Rai Zahid KhyzerRai Zahid Khyzer3 timer siden
  • 7:07 Too Close to home

    carealoo744carealoo7443 timer siden
  • No _visor

    Kiran DhakalKiran Dhakal3 timer siden
  • I remember when I had hope to be a college student before the pandemic

    carealoo744carealoo7443 timer siden
  • Ok i get shocked 😱😱😱😱It is just perfect 👍👍👍i lovr it 😍😍😍

    Γιώργος ΚλεώπαςΓιώργος Κλεώπας4 timer siden
  • I saw him

    chaopeng chenchaopeng chen4 timer siden
  • I Love this video

    Zoey AckermanZoey Ackerman4 timer siden
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    ayesha lodorayesha lodor4 timer siden
  • 9:11 oh no oh god oh no oh noooooooooo

    YuukinaYuukina4 timer siden
  • This is the best horror story ever! Like and reply if u agree and are a true fan of gametoons or gametunes

    Ibrahim Abdul - QayyumIbrahim Abdul - Qayyum4 timer siden
    • And yes I replied and liked my own comment :)

      Ibrahim Abdul - QayyumIbrahim Abdul - Qayyum4 timer siden
  • Cool

    E.C.E.C.4 timer siden
    • I agree

      Ibrahim Abdul - QayyumIbrahim Abdul - Qayyum4 timer siden
  • How did Aiden know about tasks and stuff if he was new? Creepy

    Louise Calle HuddlesonLouise Calle Huddleson4 timer siden
  • Why does player say spoopy instead of spooky?

    Louise Calle HuddlesonLouise Calle Huddleson4 timer siden
  • 😭😭😭😭😭 I’m getting hack from him I saw himmm 😭😭😭😭

    Pikachu girlPikachu girl4 timer siden
  • No-Visor

    Tails Crying with cosmoTails Crying with cosmo4 timer siden
  • minecraft:has herobrine roblox:has last guest among us:no visor

    Harley Roo AllenHarley Roo Allen4 timer siden
    • creepiest of all comment = no visor like = herobrine subscribe = last guest

      Harley Roo AllenHarley Roo Allen4 timer siden
  • 6:58 Mr cheese clock

    Marvin MartinezMarvin Martinez4 timer siden
  • aww, shoot. watching this from my new computer

    Aiden LearnedAiden Learned4 timer siden
  • Plot twist: he only took them to hide from the others.

    Monica MoggMonica Mogg4 timer siden
  • Ya know among us was actually created in 2018 so it makes sense that they said that he wanted a pc in 2018 (the ghost when he was human)

    Crystal RussellCrystal Russell5 timer siden
  • Halloween was last year.

    ToblobsToblobs5 timer siden
  • Yay

    Sarah ASarah A5 timer siden
  • No visor

    SFT gamingSFT gaming5 timer siden
  • deez nutz

    Helping HandsHelping Hands5 timer siden
  • that was cool and why and aiden's clock MrCheesee?

    Helping HandsHelping Hands5 timer siden