Amazing Nose Job Transformation! #shorts

22. april. 2021
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Watch this beautiful woman count down to her rhinoplasty and see how she looks after!

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    Anthony Youn, MDAnthony Youn, MD19 dager siden
    • You were so sweet to her. (✿◠‿◠)

      LordFluffFluffLordFluffFluffDag siden
    • Stfu no one care only bumbe asses like these guys down here

      Mr.yologg 05Mr.yologg 05Dag siden
    • Lmao that shits still big!

      Jay RevJay RevDag siden
    • How much does a nose job even cost I've broken mine twice and just wanna breathe out of the damn thing

      David FloresDavid Flores2 dager siden
    • Will she do the surgery for her kids ? And the kids of the kids ? It would be more judicious to learn to live with it ! And make it a trump !

      Aa MezherAa Mezher3 dager siden
  • I have such mixed feelings on stuff like this. On the one hand, I understand that it's probably really hard on her and she probably has a hard time dating, and it for sure weighs on her emotionally. But on the other hand, her new level of beauty isn't real, and so her husband is gonna end up having a bunch of kids with crooked noses and whatnot. In the end, do what you're gonna do. Idk what the right thing is. It's easy to judge when you don't deal with the same issue, but like I said, I have conflicting feelings about it

    Lurien the WatcherLurien the Watcher2 minutter siden
  • Wow super

    Undertale EROUndertale ERO2 timer siden
  • That shit still big as fuck

    DeityJinXxXDeityJinXxX3 timer siden
  • Meo peazo de ñata!

    Arth FerneArth Ferne3 timer siden
  • Those smiles can cure cancer 😉

    Baka SenpaiBaka Senpai3 timer siden
  • Dads going to be shocked when baby has a 6 inch honker

    RussellRussell3 timer siden
  • Ca-CAW!! 🦤

    cj hcj h4 timer siden
  • i really need a nose job bruh but mostly cuz my septum causes me chronic sinus pain

    HumanureHumanure4 timer siden
  • She ia gru s gf

    MikiMiki4 timer siden
  • "she's a beautiful young woman she does not need anything done" Do you tell that to *your* customers, bro?

    David DurkeeDavid Durkee4 timer siden
  • 😍😍😍

    barbiegotTeabarbiegotTea5 timer siden
  • Jesus saves

    carmin ackercarmin acker5 timer siden
  • Shes annoying... keeps turning her head like an idiot

    Tristan RauchTristan Rauch5 timer siden
  • Was she Jewish? I’m glad she got better 🙏

    Jose RamosJose Ramos6 timer siden
  • She looks great

    Jamar MartinJamar Martin6 timer siden
  • Shes pretty either way but i can see how her nose can make her a bit self conscious. Looks amazing.

    Random OutsiderRandom Outsider6 timer siden
  • ur the only medical professional online that DOESNT TRY TO GIVE SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATIONS OF UGLY or tel people they need it if they don’t have a certain ratio. a king .

    Alaina ThompsonAlaina Thompson6 timer siden
  • Her nose is still too big

    Arturo ZaherArturo Zaher7 timer siden
  • She looked like Phineas..

    Dion SamuelDion Samuel7 timer siden
  • Some of these comments are a bit back handed so this is what you are supposed to say (along the lines of this) "she looked beautiful both before and after however she feels more comfortable now and that's the goal!! she didn't need the surgery but she wanted it and that's what matters, glad she had a safe and good recovery :)"

    MushroomgirlMushroomgirl7 timer siden
  • Imagine after all that some jealous bitch comes along and punch her right in the nose.

    hydnt mainhydnt main9 timer siden
  • Just do get plastic surgery

    River VanderklootRiver Vanderkloot11 timer siden
  • Hi Dr. Anthony, I just want to ask something. What if the person will get there nose job/rhinoplasty that didn't needed to break or Crack the bone of nose, is it still gonna affect the eye area? Thus the person still gonna get a black eyes?

    Dlare ECDlare EC12 timer siden
  • Her kids are gunna be PISSED

    SheeshSheesh12 timer siden
  • What a kind man!

    Nabz GamingNabz Gaming13 timer siden
  • Meine Nase juckt

  • She has a mean all tweak beek

    snuffs lopezsnuffs lopez13 timer siden
  • Good thing she got surgery that nose was just way too fucking long

    ツSlougeeeツSlougeee14 timer siden
  • She looks like The Weeknd fr after hours with those tapes. Weekhours

    Mihir TalgaonkarMihir Talgaonkar14 timer siden
  • Are you Han?

    ElCuervoProductionsElCuervoProductions15 timer siden
  • She was beautiful no matter what. But I don't have to tell her. She could smell my thoughts about her beauty.

    boredvet1286boredvet128616 timer siden
  • Bro this girl really needed that nose job.. I had to duck down every time she swang that shit around... that beach had a weapon as a nose..

    Don ChekoDon Cheko16 timer siden
  • People really need to be less diplomatic and more realistic please. I am 1000% sure that the ppl who said 'oH sHes beaUtiFuL bEfrOre thE SurGERy toO' are the same ppl who would bully her about her nose lol so please ppl keep your bullshit to yourself. I personally prefer her after the surgery

    Ian LeeIan Lee16 timer siden
  • Dude her nose was fucking MASSIVE before holy shit... she most def needed that thing fixed, glad the surgery went so great for you miss lady

    Cody TjadenCody Tjaden17 timer siden
  • Still looks like MoMo

    Comrade DyatlovComrade Dyatlov17 timer siden
  • 😂😂😂 dam

    Casino DollazCasino Dollaz18 timer siden
  • I’m getting pinocchio vibes

    TDG Gaming And UnboxingTDG Gaming And Unboxing18 timer siden
  • She looked better before.

    Thaddæus EckardThaddæus Eckard18 timer siden
  • Honestly she looked amazing preop too

    chubb chubbschubb chubbs18 timer siden
  • I really like that he suggested arnica to reduce bruising. Natural remedies for the win!

    samantha cislersamantha cisler18 timer siden
  • Bts

    Min YoongiMin Yoongi19 timer siden
  • she somehow looked like Gabbie Hanna for a second there lmfao

    Hadlie RoseHadlie Rose19 timer siden
  • Arnica is the shiiiiiiz!

    The Chrononaut’s WifeyThe Chrononaut’s Wifey19 timer siden
  • Yeah, but can she drink from a cup?

    Isaac SaganIsaac Sagan20 timer siden
  • I wonder going to work with that nose bandages

  • Imagine cavemen back in the day wanted to change their physique so they broke their bones and looked so pretty 😍. Looks good tho

    JoshinitJoshinit21 time siden
  • Her eyes are so sparkley and she has a beautiful smile. Shes stunning. I know she turns heads.

    Kariann RussoKariann Russo21 time siden
  • Shes naturally stunning!!

    Kariann RussoKariann Russo21 time siden
  • This dude talk to much

    1300 Ghost1300 Ghost21 time siden
  • She looks like Pinnochio🤣

    Dino IbrahimovicDino Ibrahimovic21 time siden
  • Don't get plastic surgery unless it is reconstructive, like after an injury. You are good just the way you are.

    KimaShinKimaShin21 time siden
  • She definitely needed work done and I'm glad for her.

    SydicalSydical21 time siden
  • Está igual de gigante jajaja

    Kike KingKike King21 time siden
  • She is a cute girl but that nose did kinda look less attractive imo. But after the surgery she is stunning for sure. Looks great.

    NiGHTMARENiGHTMARE22 timer siden

    gudi lessgudi less22 timer siden
  • Smfh didnt even need it. Her and mia🙄

    KingvenderoseKingvenderose22 timer siden
  • Why can't we learn to accept The way God has made us? I don't understand why so many people think they need to look a certain way for someone to love them or care about them or look twice their way. I think its about so much more than that. Its about your soul and who you are on the inside not getting plastic surgery. You can get all the plastic surgury you want it ain't gonna matter if you have a ugly mean nasty personality in general. This world is so shallow anymore.

    Amanda BowersAmanda Bowers23 timer siden
  • No one should have to have surgery, society should accept that bodies and face features come in all different shapes and sizes

    Nathan AdamsNathan Adams23 timer siden
    • Society here. We don't have to accept shit. Everyone can have their different standards. What I like, you might not like. What you like, is probably shite. But it's your shite. Deal? Society out 😎

      boredvet1286boredvet128616 timer siden
  • This is so well done, her nose still looks like it belongs to her! Bravo!!

    MamaBearEliaMamaBearElia23 timer siden
  • She be looking like Gru from despicable me

    Banks BerniardBanks Berniard23 timer siden
  • I liked toucan sam more!

    Dustin PocheDustin Poche23 timer siden
  • Le toco un viernes de ahorcar rucas y creo que estaba en una fiesta

    POKE-SAIYANPOKE-SAIYAN23 timer siden
  • Looks exactly the same

    Richard SharpeRichard SharpeDag siden
  • No entendí ni un choto, no hablo ingles

    UzumakiUzumakiDag siden
  • Am I the only one who doesn't see a difference

    Captain AxlerodCaptain AxlerodDag siden
  • Lol still looks the same 🤣🤣🤣 her nose is still big doesn't make her ugly though

    Stephan NietoStephan NietoDag siden
  • Cosmetic surgery depresses me

    Sterling BenevolentSterling BenevolentDag siden
  • Lol she needs alot done to her nose

    DeprimatDeprimatDag siden
  • jew removing her warning signs lol

    brogbrogDag siden
  • Looks painful

    SammylevereSammylevereDag siden
  • Vanoss is a surgeon?

    G H O S T B O IG H O S T B O IDag siden
  • The Army Bomb at the bottom

    ForeberAmiForeberAmiDag siden
  • 😅

    Vik SVik SDag siden
  • Looking like a witch

    MurderPigMurderPigDag siden
  • That was definitely an improvement

    Lucas JensenLucas JensenDag siden
  • It's Gabbie Hanna

    Crochet CakeCrochet CakeDag siden
  • I would have dated her with the long nose. As long as she had a great personality and liked allot of the stuff I like and vice versa.

    Leon DavisLeon DavisDag siden
  • Stil a big fucking nose

    StreetSmartStreetSmartDag siden
  • i literally see no differences

    FM gaming🥶🥶FM gaming🥶🥶Dag siden
  • Her Noses 👃 STILL BIG ASF😂😂😂😂💀💀

  • A già comunque Dio e un porco don

    Z3yr0XGam1ngZ3yr0XGam1ngDag siden
  • Could you do a video or either a reaction video talking about top surgery?

    Noah Nathaniel M. StukalskyNoah Nathaniel M. StukalskyDag siden
  • Her nose still big asf 😭

    ShootXCxmp YTShootXCxmp YTDag siden
  • Did she paid for that nose?

    Lex CastilloLex CastilloDag siden
  • I see it same

    Roy Abel Callohuanca MamaniRoy Abel Callohuanca MamaniDag siden
  • She has a great attitude.

    LalealynLalealynDag siden
  • She's a beautiful ...... da fuk! Betch look like big birds twin ffs.

    Luis RamosLuis RamosDag siden
  • Did they even do anything?

    gabriel milagrogabriel milagroDag siden
  • Why just Why Will she do that to her nose!!?

    Louis MartaengLouis MartaengDag siden
  • Nothing like mutilation for the sake of vanity. Sick people.

    biggreenblobbiggreenblobDag siden
  • Wtf her nose is still kinda big

    MrDk23221MrDk23221Dag siden
  • 뭐래는거야

    3212윤태훈3212윤태훈Dag siden

    NappyRoots GirlNappyRoots GirlDag siden
  • Had some serious sniffing gear prior

    Marty hotdogMarty hotdogDag siden
  • When i first looked at her i thought of pearl from steven universe bc of her nose

    Jojo CherryJojo CherryDag siden
  • Still bigger than my nose

    دال Dدال DDag siden
  • Her nose looks the same size🙄🙄🙄

    Apache GuevaraApache GuevaraDag siden
  • Still long as f tho

    Matt harrisonMatt harrisonDag siden