Airbag off Bridge Launch!

4. april. 2021
4 195 709 Ganger

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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    Danny DuncanDanny Duncan12 dager siden
    • I watched 1 of your videos for the first time n got hooked 😂 if you dont have a security gaurd n are looking for someone im for hire. I have my gun license n will protect you bro please stay safe out there Danny we need you to keep dropping these banger videos 💪

      C JC J7 timer siden
    • @Maximo Duke awesome! Took like 20 mins but it worked!

      London TrevorLondon TrevorDag siden
    • dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn account hacker if you wanna try it yourself

      Maximo DukeMaximo DukeDag siden
    • Danny please let me smoke with my brother rosco

      king keeseking keeseDag siden
    • Danny is it in a kid small or adult small

      Manz WalterManz Walter3 dager siden
  • How is papa Jim doin

    Hockey ProHockey Pro5 minutter siden
  • I can simply love the fact Danny gives no fucks

    AutoZoneAutoZone6 minutter siden
  • When the guy hit the bridge hahaha

  • Yo that’s lowkey dangerous don’t you think

    Julian ValleeJulian Vallee3 timer siden
  • he really dont give af

    Christone YoungChristone Young6 timer siden
  • This guy has more freedom than The whole USA

    icyicy6 timer siden
  • 4:51 “This is *private* property belonging to the *county* ”

    EclipseEclipse6 timer siden
  • "its an xbox they're indestructible I think" *blows the living shit out of it*

    majmaj6 timer siden
  • holy shit so many old ass angry people lmao

    XER 369XER 36912 timer siden
  • why ???

    LS RyzoxLS Ryzox12 timer siden
  • Let's drink.. it's going to be a night

    David NimmoDavid Nimmo13 timer siden
  • why that black litle boy fly

    Toni SahalahtiToni Sahalahti13 timer siden
  • Hi Karen

    CheefCheef15 timer siden
  • 10:00 bros ice cream down into the water 💀💀

    Sean HoaglandSean Hoagland17 timer siden
  • *THIS IS VIDEO IS CRAZY!!* 🤯🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥

    •DINO PUPPET••DINO PUPPET•18 timer siden
  • 10:40 Really had to do my guy Keewan like that

    FilthyFeens TVFilthyFeens TV18 timer siden
  • They’re playing GTA in real life

    Sammy RoblesSammy Robles18 timer siden
  • Crazy what he would do for the community he’s amazing

    Jazz YTJazz YT19 timer siden
  • 11:49

    PxttyupNextPxttyupNext19 timer siden
  • danny “it’s an xbox, there indestructible...i think” 😂😂

    PxttyupNextPxttyupNext19 timer siden
  • This is GTA irl

    Ifaz AliIfaz Ali20 timer siden
  • Classic shake and bake

    Alex KruerAlex Kruer20 timer siden
  • To me, Kewon flew gracefully like a black swan

    Asey 139Asey 13920 timer siden
  • I feel bad for the side characters in this videos

    Valorantcurios_day_15_of asking_sova_abilities_onlyValorantcurios_day_15_of asking_sova_abilities_only21 time siden
  • -2:41 🤣🤣🤣

    MrTop Hunter245MrTop Hunter24521 time siden
  • I swear to god this kid got the BEST lawyers

    zisforziggenszisforziggens22 timer siden
  • 8:06 he said “c ya Brenda” like if nothing happened😭

    Andrea PonceAndrea Ponce22 timer siden
  • at 7:36 it said 19 11 hmm?

    JustKyle4LifeJustKyle4Life22 timer siden
  • Lmfao ts to funny 😂😭😭😭

    David MorenoDavid Moreno23 timer siden
  • this is the kind of crazy shitt i want to do with danny man its like a vary long lost brother but in everything we have in common doing some fucked up shit all day and all night long...

    Haden JohnsonHaden Johnson23 timer siden
  • Every person in that county is a Karen

    BleakingsBleakings23 timer siden
  • 5:47 😂😂

    DRILLA 51DRILLA 5123 timer siden
  • I'm not from US, but after this vid I realize how much Keren there are there

    OriOri23 timer siden
  • What was up with that bus

    Chevy Lover765Chevy Lover765Dag siden
  • 10:40 😂

    Tdog RockTdog RockDag siden
  • JiDion x Danny😼😻

    Samuel OrozcoSamuel OrozcoDag siden
  • Who else laughed so hard 🤣 when the guy hit the thing

    Tanner priceTanner priceDag siden
  • 10:38 look at that miata

    ThatKidClipzyThatKidClipzyDag siden
  • His grandpa tho look cool

    Road To GrandPlatRoad To GrandPlatDag siden
  • my dad owns the police and the county and that phone

    jason linconjason linconDag siden
  • Man!!! Im so glad I found this channel! I laughed so hard man 😂😂

    Duilio GarciaDuilio GarciaDag siden
  • You can’t cancel someone who doesn’t care

    Obaidah AlshamiObaidah AlshamiDag siden
  • So many pissed off old white people in florida

    Raphael LaufRaphael LaufDag siden
  • "You don't care about us" ROSCOE THE SAILOR MAN

    Raphael LaufRaphael LaufDag siden

    Louis O'NeillLouis O'NeillDag siden
  • how is this fucking legal ahahahahah

    Jasper spillerJasper spillerDag siden
  • Josh needs his hair back didn't know he was so ugly

    Michael MurphyMichael MurphyDag siden
  • Idk if he’s annoying or funny. Probably a little of both. More annoying tho

    Bas GorterBas GorterDag siden
  • will the savage respond

    Cristobal SanchezCristobal SanchezDag siden
  • i also ❤️ hot moms

    Jordon BrownJordon BrownDag siden
  • I wish Danny Duncan was the president.

    Corey ElliottCorey ElliottDag siden
  • Hi

    YT_ Tch_999YT_ Tch_999Dag siden
  • Thats waht you call a spoiled kid

    StokbrotStokbrotDag siden

    Dante MacchesneyDante MacchesneyDag siden
  • yurrr

    Tyvon WilkersonTyvon WilkersonDag siden
  • That grandpa boat montage gave me it

    Jimbob weJimbob weDag siden
  • rip that mans grill

    Alexis atriangleAlexis atriangleDag siden
  • Lol dwl wtf I can’t stop laughing

    Shadows cannabis GrowShadows cannabis GrowDag siden
  • Bro your grandpa is so cute ! These videos are gold

    joel perezjoel perezDag siden
  • 7:57 "Are we good to go?" "No, you gotta leave" ... k

    FlowStateGGFlowStateGGDag siden
  • 10:40 I never laughed so hard in my life

    Young JojoYoung JojoDag siden
  • 10:40 lmao 😂

    Peter ParkaPeter ParkaDag siden
  • Why did he call the old fat guy in makeup ma’am?

    Johnny SolomonJohnny SolomonDag siden
  • 11:50 famous last words

    Gavin GerryGavin GerryDag siden
  • The bus 💀💀💀

    Ricardo TalenoRicardo TalenoDag siden
  • I haven’t watched danny in 2 years and now here I am

    Epic gamer styleEpic gamer styleDag siden
  • Yea the boat is solid after it falls

    Amymouse2011 ExoticAmymouse2011 ExoticDag siden
  • I was holding in my my laugh so hard with the cop car scene

    Memes_RBLXMemes_RBLXDag siden
  • Is this how you like spending your days whiskey mysteries and parties and Plays it’s a song

    Snowstrike and DragoniteSnowstrike and DragoniteDag siden
  • Somebody get mad at Danny and they say I’m gonna go inside and kiss my wife Danny says I own your wife’s Lips

    Cameron HuertaCameron HuertaDag siden
  • This man stopped the bus for no reason😂

    Manuel EspinozaManuel EspinozaDag siden
  • I started laughing so damn hard when Kewon got launched by that airbag 😂

    No Face No CaseNo Face No CaseDag siden
  • Subscribed

    Dakota JohnDakota JohnDag siden
  • Classic poppy jim

    TjFreshhh gotchaTjFreshhh gotchaDag siden
  • I fuckin love this dude lmao! Videos are legit funny as hell man I love all the Karen’s 😂😂👌

    Justin KnottsJustin KnottsDag siden
  • It’s an xbox there indestructible I think

    Aharon AskAharon AskDag siden
  • The Xbox🤣🤣🤣🤣

    king keeseking keeseDag siden
  • I wanna smoke with rosco

    king keeseking keeseDag siden

    Nekum BeamNekum BeamDag siden
  • I absolutely loved this video. Laughed the entire time. Great content!

    Dan HenDan HenDag siden
  • What is this jackass 2.0?😂

  • He should put 1 under each tire of the car

    KruzKontrolKruzKontrolDag siden
  • We need more youtubers that do illegal stuff like this

    PumaPuma2 dager siden
  • Make a compilation of papajim going BUMBUMDABUMBUM.

    Jesse G7Jesse G72 dager siden
  • Danny down there terrorizing Florida🤣

    Big 50Big 502 dager siden
  • 5:00 that’s a man

    Collin HCollin H2 dager siden
  • Is it just me or is it every time he laughs he sounds like he’s ding

    Landon GentryLandon Gentry2 dager siden
  • 5:00 that’s a man

    XmasXmas2 dager siden
  • youre my new favorite person no cap

    Chris DavisChris Davis2 dager siden
  • Should of took him to the punta gorda bridge 😂😂

    Ben BoyGamesBen BoyGames2 dager siden
  • jackass 2.0?????????? its a show btw

    Jesus MontesJesus Montes2 dager siden
  • Danny should have his on reality show

    Daddy JonjayDaddy Jonjay2 dager siden
  • 4:53 KARENNNN

    ItzDRTItzDRT2 dager siden
  • wth... is this ?

    MartinsleepMartinsleep2 dager siden
  • was brenda a man?

    will middletonwill middleton2 dager siden
  • how ignurt

    Jimbo SliceJimbo Slice2 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂 bro i wish I was danny's friend

    Cesar ChavezCesar Chavez2 dager siden
  • I love how there’s like three cops in his whole city

    Jonathan ShrewsburyJonathan Shrewsbury2 dager siden
  • Bro has all the freedom of America in his pocket

    Xxlv_vlxX TVXxlv_vlxX TV2 dager siden